The Prince Family Kids Got Stuck In Snow Storm **They Froze**
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    THE PRINCE FAMILY5 days ago

    This Was Filmed A Few Days Ago Before Our Pipe Busted & Power Went Out. Update: Our Power Is Back On But Our Pipe Is Still Busted. Thank You Guys For All The Prayers πŸ™πŸΎ Subscribe & Turn On Post Notifications ❀️

  2. Jabria Williams

    Jabria Williams9 hours ago


  3. Jareece Gray

    Jareece Gray11 hours ago

    Bianca you are Jordan

  4. Koolkidz Nick

    Koolkidz Nick5 days ago


  5. Marissa Houston

    Marissa Houston5 days ago

    Hi can u say it back and happy late bday damen

  6. Trina Unicorn

    Trina Unicorn5 days ago

    Of course Prince fam iam gald all our prayers worked

  7. Dominique Connell

    Dominique Connell35 minutes ago

    Hair bubbles😭

  8. Dining With Shan

    Dining With Shan2 hours ago


  9. Kody_channel Roberts

    Kody_channel Roberts3 hours ago

    Daman you Dum

  10. Melvin Walker

    Melvin Walker3 hours ago


  11. Aiyana Ddings

    Aiyana Ddings3 hours ago

    Chrimp better and fish

  12. Melvin Walker

    Melvin Walker4 hours ago

    How old is NovaπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’β™₯β™₯β™₯

  13. tj Thomas

    tj Thomas4 hours ago


  14. Ny'Kail Outlaw

    Ny'Kail Outlaw4 hours ago


  15. Eman1Goat

    Eman1Goat5 hours ago

    bru in texas the power went out during the storm

  16. Zeniya Wright

    Zeniya Wright5 hours ago

    Damien: The cold πŸ₯Ά followed us!!! Me: But it didn’t follow y’all socials πŸ˜† tsk

  17. Nataley Veasley

    Nataley Veasley5 hours ago


  18. Keona Crawford

    Keona Crawford5 hours ago


  19. Thunderchuu

    Thunderchuu5 hours ago


  20. Mary Shaw

    Mary Shaw5 hours ago


  21. Adrian Lowe

    Adrian Lowe5 hours ago

    move to guyana

  22. Anthony Lowe

    Anthony Lowe6 hours ago

    Prince family is the best

  23. Jordy Juarez

    Jordy Juarez6 hours ago

    Tilapia is fish from a lake

  24. Diamond Hampton

    Diamond Hampton6 hours ago


  25. Darryl Middleton

    Darryl Middleton6 hours ago


  26. Brooke Lauta

    Brooke Lauta6 hours ago

    I love you I’m your biggest fan omg!!!!!

  27. chell boogie

    chell boogie7 hours ago

    Y'all about too cook it up

  28. Suky Kin

    Suky Kin7 hours ago

    She gonna get sick with them shorts

  29. bryan snyder

    bryan snyder7 hours ago

    10/10 My dude

  30. Joselynn Krause

    Joselynn Krause7 hours ago

    A copter is the private part

  31. Ney Mutiya

    Ney Mutiya8 hours ago

    for Bianca cooking it a 10 and 5 star wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  32. Zuri Sanders

    Zuri Sanders9 hours ago


  33. Jaden weaver

    Jaden weaver9 hours ago

    y’all should give kyrie sum dreads

  34. Jabria Williams

    Jabria Williams9 hours ago


  35. Jabria Williams

    Jabria Williams9 hours ago

    yellow. and. Moana

  36. lifeaz._janiyah

    lifeaz._janiyah9 hours ago

    i hope they are okay

  37. Jose Torres

    Jose Torres10 hours ago

    Lime is green and lemon πŸ‹ is yellow

  38. Dbd Plays

    Dbd Plays10 hours ago

    They called pegs

  39. Thomas Lve

    Thomas Lve10 hours ago

    Can y’all just do a video without Damien talking

  40. Adrianna Gibson

    Adrianna Gibson10 hours ago

    Team Bianca everyday

  41. Keoni Barnes

    Keoni Barnes10 hours ago

    Bruh new kid and they grown

  42. Natasha Johnson

    Natasha Johnson10 hours ago

    Prince Little Transformer in Texas please pray Forme

  43. Kenneth Payne

    Kenneth Payne11 hours ago

    Damion:we was in the bath together

  44. Kenneth Payne

    Kenneth Payne11 hours ago


  45. Khyree Glenn

    Khyree Glenn11 hours ago

    I have that Jacket That Dj Got

  46. T.I.N.K

    T.I.N.K11 hours ago

    " Its literlllay ice on the ground!" And Damien wears slide, smh Its all love tho!!πŸ₯° Love y'all and prying for y'all

  47. Alexis Washington

    Alexis Washington11 hours ago

    praying for y'all

  48. Bre Cam

    Bre Cam11 hours ago


  49. Tara Hood

    Tara Hood11 hours ago

    say thanks to me i prayd for snow

  50. curlyhead_mira

    curlyhead_mira12 hours ago

    They was called pegs.

  51. Foaann Plays

    Foaann Plays12 hours ago

    some people aren't suppose to rhythm ur and one of them

  52. Danielle Bennett

    Danielle Bennett12 hours ago

    the pegs

  53. Jonah Applegarth

    Jonah Applegarth12 hours ago


  54. Janice Cunningham

    Janice Cunningham12 hours ago

    Some lemons are green damien

  55. Carmen Proctor

    Carmen Proctor13 hours ago

    Why he eat like that

  56. Jahsarah Lara

    Jahsarah Lara13 hours ago

    Oooooo oooooo they got omg btw I love you GUYSSSSSSSS !

  57. Meditate and Medicate!

    Meditate and Medicate!13 hours ago


  58. Ariel Maye

    Ariel Maye13 hours ago

    I call them clock-o-baklls lol

  59. Ariel Maye

    Ariel Maye14 hours ago

    We are on a roll we are on a roll aye aye!

  60. Sniper Queen

    Sniper Queen14 hours ago

    I love the motivation that comes from the prince family everyday for their supporters. 🌸

  61. Taniqua Adams

    Taniqua Adams15 hours ago

    Talipia is a fish that lives in swamps it is found in places like trinidad

  62. Taniqua Adams

    Taniqua Adams15 hours ago

    In Trinidad dey are called hoppers the thing for the bike

  63. Taniqua Adams

    Taniqua Adams15 hours ago


  64. johnny sins

    johnny sins15 hours ago


  65. Jah'Zarrah Tribbett

    Jah'Zarrah Tribbett15 hours ago

    I hop you and your fimley is okay

  66. Tunmininu Oyetunji

    Tunmininu Oyetunji15 hours ago


  67. Takiyah Anderson

    Takiyah Anderson15 hours ago

    Foot pegs

  68. Tyrone Whitfield

    Tyrone Whitfield15 hours ago


  69. Tyrone Whitfield

    Tyrone Whitfield15 hours ago

    Limes are green lemons are yellow

  70. Tyrone Whitfield

    Tyrone Whitfield16 hours ago

    Shrimp shrimp

  71. Tyrone Whitfield

    Tyrone Whitfield16 hours ago

    They are called pads

  72. Londyn Harris

    Londyn Harris16 hours ago


  73. anika ibraaheem

    anika ibraaheem16 hours ago

    Nice Car

  74. Danielle Colclough

    Danielle Colclough16 hours ago

    I just made shrimp steak garlic butter tacos last night with cilantro lettuce lemon all that good stuffπŸ˜‹! What y'all cooking look fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.

  75. Montchild Fonvert

    Montchild Fonvert17 hours ago

    at food looks good

  76. YTN_jeremiah

    YTN_jeremiah17 hours ago

    Talipia dat shi stinks respectfully

  77. Sanaiya Daffus

    Sanaiya Daffus17 hours ago

    The fish is man made

  78. R Soley

    R Soley17 hours ago

    Aren't you guys in LA it don't snow in LA

  79. ya fine boy jay muhammad

    ya fine boy jay muhammad17 hours ago

    prince family if yall power get on agian can you do spicy vs cold

  80. Keonique Forde

    Keonique Forde17 hours ago

    I have a crush on DJ

  81. Amai_vlogs

    Amai_vlogs17 hours ago

    its called pegs on the bike

  82. jada harris

    jada harris17 hours ago

    talapia comes from any type of fish talapia is the side of the fish kinds like samin

  83. Sanaiya Daffus

    Sanaiya Daffus17 hours ago

    I call them Bobo

  84. Zenaya Hicks

    Zenaya Hicks17 hours ago

    I love❀❀❀ love youπŸ‘πŸ‘

  85. Jasmine Hestin

    Jasmine Hestin18 hours ago

    They’re called pegsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  86. Dev Pup

    Dev Pup18 hours ago

    they're called pegs.


    ANTHONY LEWIS18 hours ago

    those are pegs

  88. SelectaKrystal

    SelectaKrystal18 hours ago

    it is hoppers

  89. Michael Adeyemi

    Michael Adeyemi18 hours ago


  90. John Canter

    John Canter19 hours ago

    her cooking is one out of 1000

  91. Michael Adeyemi

    Michael Adeyemi19 hours ago

    Meme that's you

  92. John Canter

    John Canter19 hours ago

    shrimp because it my fav

  93. John Canter

    John Canter19 hours ago

    The things that go on the back of the bike they are called pegs

  94. L'Oreal Se'yane'

    L'Oreal Se'yane'19 hours ago

    Khyrie layed right on top of dj 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  95. L'Oreal Se'yane'

    L'Oreal Se'yane'19 hours ago

    I love the socks on the hands my mom did the same thing when I was young

  96. LayLay Curtis

    LayLay Curtis19 hours ago

    Baldyβ€˜s dogs are Ballers

  97. Jamina Deraczin

    Jamina Deraczin19 hours ago


  98. baby kylar

    baby kylar20 hours ago


  99. baby kylar

    baby kylar20 hours ago

    Or stunt peddle

  100. baby kylar

    baby kylar20 hours ago

    Stunt wheels

  101. Abigail Squires

    Abigail Squires20 hours ago

    And we called it bubbly in Guyana lol

  102. maryellen barretta

    maryellen barretta20 hours ago

    Sending you guys love and prayers always ❀ πŸ™

  103. Future Girls

    Future Girls20 hours ago

    Shrimp Fasho!

  104. Z vlogs I love

    Z vlogs I love20 hours ago

    I turned on my notifications and subscribe :) we are on a Roll we are on a roll

  105. Donae RAMSAY

    Donae RAMSAY21 hour ago

    Come to Jamaica

  106. Nehemiah at Cater

    Nehemiah at Cater21 hour ago

    Shrimp is better

  107. Big38rd_cashdiss sd

    Big38rd_cashdiss sd21 hour ago

    The snow crazy at my place