Baby Orangutan Bursts Into Tears On The Climbing Ropes | Meet The Orangutans

Peanut was rescued from a palm plantation and now has to learn how to survive in the Jungle by himself. Luckily the team at Sepilok is there to show him the ropes.
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  1. Carole Cook

    Carole CookHour ago


  2. Forster Shults

    Forster Shults2 hours ago

    A group of Orangutans should be called Orangugang. That is all I have to say.

  3. Joshua Corrington

    Joshua Corrington5 hours ago

    Without its milk bar its utterly lost .. as if they are any less feeble with a mother that wasn't poached. He just really needs something to cry about.. make him climb the ropes in the dark. With hungry pythons and lions below him.. that'll motivate the little entitled tit monster!!

  4. Joshua Corrington

    Joshua Corrington5 hours ago

    Highhorse elitist vegans preaching against palm oil while likely eating coconut from Asia LOL!!!

  5. Joshua Corrington

    Joshua Corrington5 hours ago

    Menopause Mafia founder/President 0:01

  6. Jaimie Mcphee

    Jaimie Mcphee5 hours ago

    I would die for peanut. No cap.

  7. trans_ sadness__

    trans_ sadness__6 hours ago

    am i the only one who th inks Peanut's face looks a bit like Tony Stark's-

  8. jj.rpxoxo

    jj.rpxoxo16 hours ago

    this comment section is literally a group of comedians😭

  9. Terance F

    Terance FDay ago


  10. Paul 197

    Paul 197Day ago

    My heart is melting

  11. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff CalvinDay ago

    Dazuan azu. TaPpA TapPA

  12. Kelly Niu

    Kelly NiuDay ago

    peanut looks like homer simpson

  13. Jude COOPER

    Jude COOPER2 days ago

    Well that was an anti-climb-ax. Sorry, I had to.

  14. Anakin

    Anakin2 days ago


  15. theecologist10

    theecologist102 days ago

    They should hug him the way his mum would have! Its essential for their psychological development

  16. LG

    LG2 days ago

    his flu came through stress.

  17. Kate Rose

    Kate Rose2 days ago

    He might've been thinking about how his mother was swinging and got shot by a hunter or he was just thinking about his parents death 😖

  18. Jean-Claude Dancing

    Jean-Claude Dancing2 days ago

    I wonder how many Millennials have tried to have this nice lady canceled for child abuse.

  19. Deby Kalush

    Deby Kalush2 days ago

    Beautiful, thank you 😊

  20. amber stell

    amber stell3 days ago

    Why don’t baby human cries sound that cute orangutans are like eeee iiiiiii humans are like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYEYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. Morgan Phillips

    Morgan Phillips3 days ago

    I would die for Peanut

  22. ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ3 days ago

    oh my goodness i sobbed my heart out when he was crying for his mummy how can humans be so evil! Palm oil plantations and the Destruction of their homes is the most barbaric act! I pray for this angelic precious gentle little soul and hope he has the best happiest life! he deserves the whole entire world! 💕😭

  23. Andrew Sparks

    Andrew Sparks4 days ago

    literally cuter than human babies

  24. Monkey Media

    Monkey Media4 days ago

    He looks so tired

  25. Nina Balawejder

    Nina Balawejder4 days ago

    i would die for peanut

  26. Menka Sharma

    Menka Sharma4 days ago

    i looove monky

  27. Bob Silver

    Bob Silver4 days ago

    Cute little guy!

  28. E m m a

    E m m a4 days ago

    his little face🥺🥺

  29. One out of the ninety-nine.

    One out of the ninety-nine.4 days ago

    He is so cute!🥰🥰💖💖🤭😇😘🙏🙏

  30. Jesline Rene

    Jesline Rene4 days ago

    i swear after he was done crying and they kept trying to get him to climb, i busted out laughing, Peanut is such a MOOD, he is like" y'all want me to climb this rope...nah fam i'm good swinging".

  31. Turtle

    Turtle5 days ago

    1:45 Idk why, but the way they were carrying him was funny to me.

  32. Denny Brady

    Denny Brady5 days ago

    Bro that thing is adorable.

  33. sexhaver420

    sexhaver4205 days ago

    He's tired of monkeying around.

  34. MoeALkhuzai

    MoeALkhuzai5 days ago

    Sad monke made me cry 😭

  35. Jadeth Name_name

    Jadeth Name_name5 days ago

    Aww he just wants his mummy. That is so heart breaking.

  36. Monica C

    Monica C6 days ago

    when she's saying, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!" when giving Peanut that huge injection... I felt her pain. Poor lil guy...

  37. jasmin chong

    jasmin chong6 days ago

    was anybody else busting into tears when they gave peanut a shot?

  38. Darth Arthur

    Darth Arthur6 days ago

    THAT FACE AT 2:24 ...........LMFAO!!!!

  39. mon ami assisi

    mon ami assisi6 days ago

    The palm oil business is EVIL. It's taking out many animals. Read the ingredients of the foods you buy, you'll be surprised how many things it's in. Then write those companies and ask them to find an alternative, boycotting them until they do. Feeling sorry for the animals on you tube is nowhere good enough.

  40. ArrenEren

    ArrenEren7 days ago

    The beginning is so sad, the way he cried 😢. These people are such a blessing to these many animals’ lives ❤️

  41. zach oren

    zach oren7 days ago


  42. nobaricida freitas

    nobaricida freitas7 days ago

    video de macaco é o bicho

  43. sc000ter000

    sc000ter0007 days ago

    cruel.... shaking and crying.... poor thing🤬

  44. king Western 6969

    king Western 69697 days ago


  45. blastroise hunt

    blastroise hunt7 days ago

    hoyl shit the start of the video scared the sht out of me lol... i\m in a dark room jebus

  46. debbie debbie

    debbie debbie7 days ago

    Why can't you put him with a surrogate mother ?? 😥

  47. Michèle Walther

    Michèle Walther7 days ago

    Heartbreaking 🥺

  48. Cereal_Qilla

    Cereal_Qilla7 days ago

    How do I get a job like that

  49. Mystic Zaru

    Mystic Zaru8 days ago

    Why didn't they just start climbing around with him? They're apes too, did they forget???

  50. Joshua Corrington

    Joshua Corrington8 days ago

    Tree rats don't shed tears.. as much as I wished they did..

  51. Broc Theil

    Broc Theil4 days ago

    I know you want to beat off to animal abuse, but you won't find it here, so leave.

  52. Andrew Riegel

    Andrew Riegel8 days ago

    hes like okay i like this...

  53. Shirley W

    Shirley W8 days ago

    Antibiotic for the flu?

  54. Rev_64

    Rev_648 days ago


  55. Raevyn Halliwell

    Raevyn Halliwell8 days ago

    I would die for peanut

  56. Elza Altmann

    Elza Altmann8 days ago

    Terrible cold cages

  57. Michele SFO

    Michele SFO8 days ago

    What a 🥜

  58. Vito Angelo

    Vito Angelo8 days ago

    Idk why, monkeys are cute, bute i hate em

  59. ThatGirl

    ThatGirl8 days ago

    If rescuers played video in his quarantine quarters regularly, of orangutan babies and communities daily activities, of climbing and playing, he may have had been able to produce some memories that would have alleviated some of the fear he had .

  60. Matsi

    Matsi9 days ago

    Peanut is so cute

  61. pogchamp INeedSelfIsolation

    pogchamp INeedSelfIsolation9 days ago

    peanut is the cutest monkey i have ever seen, hope he's alright!

  62. Kathryn Carter

    Kathryn Carter9 days ago

    Awesome! Many thanks for all you do for these great animals

  63. Kathryn Carter

    Kathryn Carter9 days ago

    Ya, give him something less scary. I'd be scared on that rope for the first time too

  64. Adil Khan

    Adil Khan9 days ago

    damn that is a high temperature... 58.6!!!

  65. alvina reaux

    alvina reaux9 days ago

    aww peanut!! I want to just hug him!! I felt so many emotions watching this..

  66. Energy

    Energy9 days ago

    On god he got 4 hands

  67. OonaVaKind Art

    OonaVaKind Art9 days ago

    He probably got sick during his darn check up to go outside 🙄

  68. Queen Lilith

    Queen Lilith9 days ago

    Sweet little baby

  69. Florida Man

    Florida Man9 days ago

    I love peanut with all my heart

  70. Espurrrxd

    Espurrrxd9 days ago


  71. Nethmi .G

    Nethmi .G9 days ago

    They are so ridiculously similar to us 😳😳😳

  72. Robert J. Williamson

    Robert J. Williamson9 days ago

    But we'll all go to the shop and keep using palm oil. I'm not claiming to be any better, I know it is used in many things but I never check. It's destroying the rainforests but it is jus tout of site out of mind for people in the West.


    LINDA MALONE9 days ago



    LINDA MALONE9 days ago


  75. mentari napitupulu

    mentari napitupulu9 days ago

    😢😢😢😢😭kok sedih bangeet..

  76. Just Looking

    Just Looking9 days ago

    Oooh His wittle faaaaaace when she said he had the flu! ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  77. gamanin8

    gamanin810 days ago

    That hanging rope in the middle of nowhere is STUPID. In a jungle they would be surrounded with branches to move to. No wonder he doesn't want to move, doesn't know what to do. Move where???

  78. Marley Moo

    Marley Moo10 days ago

    7:21 No comment

  79. Dead rat 5

    Dead rat 510 days ago

    peanuts eyes are so dark

  80. かわいいアンジェリカ

    かわいいアンジェリカ11 days ago

    animals are so adorable :c

  81. Historyguy 3000

    Historyguy 300011 days ago

    Peanut looked like my nephew when I was teaching him how to climb like that.

  82. ZhanaZee

    ZhanaZee11 days ago

    These babies need the comfort of a mother. I think they are a bit cruel to these babies I my opinion. It takes time to wean a child to be independent. They get there in time but they want to rush the process. It's like teaching a three year old to be a 14 year old.

  83. 360 Fov

    360 Fov11 days ago

    Disobient child

  84. Rashana Beckford

    Rashana Beckford11 days ago


  85. Joni Carter

    Joni Carter12 days ago

    Precious baby😍

  86. playboi zo

    playboi zo12 days ago

    why am i watching this at 2 am

  87. jeje

    jeje12 days ago

    Just asking, if we share 97% of DNA, are they safe from the covid? I hope they are 🥺

  88. Claire Talili

    Claire Talili12 days ago

    4:40 "Ooohh, you angry to me ah" HAHAHHAAH

  89. Carol Sydney

    Carol Sydney12 days ago

    The masks they wear may be frightening to the babies. Why not wear masks that are painted to look like orangutans?

  90. Elijah

    Elijah12 days ago

    How can you watch the behaviors of modern day apes and not believe in evolution lmaoo. It's so obvious when you truly study it.

  91. SN

    SN12 days ago

    Those musics were just perfect when the other baby came to show its done, Im dead haha!

  92. Witty Moniker

    Witty Moniker12 days ago

    Is there something wrong with me that I think Peanut is cuter than most human babies?

  93. Nishanth Suthan

    Nishanth Suthan12 days ago

    Wait, antibiotics on the flu?

  94. Avocado Goop

    Avocado Goop12 days ago


  95. Amaya Simic

    Amaya Simic12 days ago


  96. Amaya Simic

    Amaya Simic12 days ago


  97. Aliqa Rachmadanti

    Aliqa Rachmadanti12 days ago


  98. The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord

    The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord13 days ago

    Nurse: “How are you today, Peanut?” Peanut: “I’d be a lot better if you lot stopped sticking things up my arse!”

  99. Mark Riley

    Mark Riley13 days ago

    Seems he knows they're preparing him for abandonment in the wild, poor thing.

  100. Ahimsa Space

    Ahimsa Space13 days ago

    I love Peanut. I don't purchase products that contain Palm oil. I gave up my beloved Oreos, and I write to the manufacture from time to time on their Twitter page asking them to please use another ingredient.

  101. Face In The Crowd

    Face In The Crowd13 days ago

    He doesn't want to grow up 😭

  102. Vartika

    Vartika13 days ago