How Many Bottles of Nail Polish Can I Lift?

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  1. Ashlynn Volkland

    Ashlynn VolklandHour ago

    Please do more nail art

  2. Sallie Brittain

    Sallie Brittain2 hours ago

    😇wow! you have so much ,can you plz send me any free Birthday gifts of your products

  3. Angie L

    Angie L15 hours ago

    Video idea: make the waits holo

  4. Cate Porterfield

    Cate Porterfield16 hours ago

    How much nail polish does Christine even own?!?

  5. aly afnan

    aly afnan54 minutes ago


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    Laura22 hours ago


  7. Nemo and Stitch plus more

    Nemo and Stitch plus more23 hours ago

    Holo! I'm new here and catching up on videos. I found your podcast first and love it! Anyway, I need some help on a couple of your recurring jokes: why do you call yourself a sock? What is the "what do you think" clip? Thanks!!

  8. Nemo and Stitch plus more

    Nemo and Stitch plus more49 minutes ago

    @aly afnan thank you!!!

  9. aly afnan

    aly afnan51 minute ago

    she calls herslef a sock as she is an introvert and she once dressed up as a sock for vidcon and Cristine was a child actress so that was a ad she did in which she said what do you think so it became a meme on her channel and now she has launched a new Nail Polish Collection and one of the polish is called “What do you pink” ( as its a pink shade) i hope this helped x

  10. Liekki

    LiekkiDay ago

    i was literally just about to ask about the arched back :D

  11. Nikita Gujral

    Nikita GujralDay ago

    Where can I sign to get Beyyn to be my hypeman?

  12. Alivia Christensen

    Alivia ChristensenDay ago

    This is awesome

  13. Alivia Christensen

    Alivia ChristensenDay ago

    I love all your nail polish.

  14. Adeline Gomez

    Adeline GomezDay ago

    How long is the wait list for Ben the hype man?

  15. Dory

    Dory2 days ago

    Ok but, how do you lift and have Nice LONG nails at the same time??? I’m gonna need a whole ass video about thay

  16. Saffiyah La-Page

    Saffiyah La-Page2 days ago

    can you do the three colour nail polish challenge please! 2 time asking

  17. Pandi Q

    Pandi Q2 days ago

    The thought of having to put them all back again 😱

  18. Simply Samantha

    Simply Samantha2 days ago

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    Ketchup_Rat2 days ago

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    Linda Wade2 days ago

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  22. Jordin Roach

    Jordin Roach2 days ago

    Is Ben balding!!???

  23. ssonjaa

    ssonjaa2 days ago

    I found your channel maybe 5 years ago, when I tried to search for a tutorial video on how to make water marbell nails. Funny. 😂

  24. Hannah Brunton

    Hannah Brunton3 days ago

    I just realized I’ve been watching simply since her face wasn’t in her videos 😂😂

  25. scarylion.roar

    scarylion.roar3 days ago

    You've heard of the Mench on the Bench, now get ready for the Zyler on the... *bleep*, nothing rhymes with Zyler

  26. Molly Wood

    Molly Wood3 days ago

    I got here when I was 4 and I’m 10 so 6 years

  27. mia

    mia3 days ago

    The way she kinda slips under the bar seems really fun. Like when you were a kid and hung underneath fences

  28. Molly Wood

    Molly Wood3 days ago

    I got here from Sofia

  29. mia

    mia3 days ago

    Jokes aside she could probably qualify for the world record of lifting/benching nail polish

  30. xX_Mr. Dino_Xx

    xX_Mr. Dino_Xx3 days ago

    Don't mind me just waiting for her back to go **cRaCk** 👀👄👀

  31. aly afnan

    aly afnan49 minutes ago

    here you go simply another comment😂😂

  32. Mz Clementine

    Mz Clementine3 days ago

    Oh just hearing you yell out Ben's name makes me miss my husband. What's precious is he knows exactly who you are when he hears Ben...

  33. MeeMoo111

    MeeMoo1113 days ago

    How I got here: I was trying to figure out how to watermarble.....that’s how

  34. Kathleen Arnold

    Kathleen Arnold3 days ago

    Was this our first sneek peak at the new cotton candy unicorn dream blue and pink polish at 2:02 ?

  35. aly afnan

    aly afnan48 minutes ago

    not the first she was wearing it on the podcast everyday and even before that she first showed in her 1 video of 2021

  36. aileen sandoval

    aileen sandoval3 days ago

    oooh Cristine, what has this channel come too.. 😂

  37. Baylee Brown

    Baylee Brown3 days ago

    I thot you loved tea

  38. April Richardson

    April Richardson3 days ago

    Simply encourages me to be myself lol

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    Iveta Stripeikaite3 days ago

    Thank you SO MUCH for making this video! What a motivational piece of content!!

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    Katryna Juliana3 days ago

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    iiVixian4 days ago

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  43. Sane Insane

    Sane Insane4 days ago

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    Lucy McDonald-Garrity4 days ago

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    Keeley Weist4 days ago

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    aly afnan48 minutes ago

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  47. The Child

    The Child4 days ago

    Simply swole I also now wanna weight lifting but I already wanted to do that so I can hold my girlfriend better

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    Lucy D.4 days ago

    Next video: Making my home gym HOLO💿

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    Clarisse Santos Nogueira4 days ago

    Here we have Christine spoiling again the new collection on her nails,hahahah

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    Dru4 days ago

    I got here from Safiya following to your tutorial

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    BabzieJean4 days ago

    Ben being your hype man was all I needed in this video.

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    Adila M.5 days ago

    I need a man like ben!

  58. Madline Quinn

    Madline Quinn5 days ago

    Been here for a very long time started watching when you were just voiceovers, I would watch you with my best friend while we did our nails, and I love how Ben worries everytime it wobbles and Christine does it beautifully and he praises her

  59. Madline Quinn

    Madline Quinn32 minutes ago

    @aly afnan I'm literally turning 21 today soo yea don't assume ages based off whatever you assumed my age from🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    aly afnan46 minutes ago

    your literally like 8 and those voiceover like were 6 years ago

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    Jovan Jones5 days ago

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    Julie Josefsen5 days ago

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    Mariah Virula5 days ago

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    confetti5 days ago

    This makes me miss the gym 😭

  67. Aidyn Erwin

    Aidyn Erwin5 days ago

    safaiya naigard, thats how i got here

  68. aly afnan

    aly afnan46 minutes ago

    did she promote this video or smth

  69. Ava Noelle

    Ava Noelle5 days ago

    You see, i was going to answer how I got here, until I realized that I had no idea.

  70. Sie Renee

    Sie Renee5 days ago

    BEn looks like my dad O_o

  71. CaptainAliciaEff

    CaptainAliciaEff5 days ago

    Cristine: It's about being better than yourself Me who has gotten weaker and less athletic over the years: :'( *I'm just kidding, this did not actually make me sad. Just thought it was funny

  72. Litzalocks

    Litzalocks5 days ago

    I mean I can’t imagine being able to lift anything heavy while laying down with your back being in a relaxed position. I imagine you’d pull something. So having an arched back kinda makes sense to me.

  73. ReSprout

    ReSprout6 days ago

    Ok, oddly, this is how I got here... I don't wear nail polish. And I don't weight lift. However one of the commenters on MY channel said I reminded her of you and that we had the same insane corniness so I had to watch! You are hilarious! The whole concept of this video is hilarious! I'm a martial artist. I could do something similar on my gardening channel. Some sort of martials arts meets gardening fusion video. 😂😂😂

  74. Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller6 days ago

    Cristine is so motivating!! I know she totally does not want to brag, but I'm so glad that she shared this!

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    Alyce Bagnath6 days ago

    I got to this channel because I was looking for manicure ideas. And now I’m a super simply simp 😍

  76. Marta Biso

    Marta Biso6 days ago

    I watched this video when you released it and at the time I could barely bench 35kg. On Monday I did my personal best and got to lift confidently 46kg. I already look up to you in general, for years, for being such a fun but also strong business woman. I also been working out with weights for a couple of months now and I just wanted to say you gave me that push I needed! Thank you so so much!

  77. The wear Side of sulenny

    The wear Side of sulenny6 days ago

    Cristina plz try polygel

  78. Raven Lyss

    Raven Lyss6 days ago

    I can't believe I've been subscribed for 5 years. Here before polish mountain. The longest subscription I have.

  79. Ana Pantoja

    Ana Pantoja6 days ago

    I honestly wasn't that impressed until I realized >I< weigh 109 lbs. Like. I could hold on to that bar sloth-style and Cristine would be able to LIFT ME UP. That is absolutely amazing, she is so strong

  80. רוני שביט ריביר

    רוני שביט ריביר6 days ago

    Today I learned that I weight 500 bottles of holo taco

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    curious wanderer6 days ago

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  84. Makayla Fairbotham

    Makayla Fairbotham6 days ago

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    Spam Musubi6 days ago

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    Shannah Conroy6 days ago

    I got here through Safiya (but I watch you more now 🤫 don't tell)

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    Famishedbat6 days ago

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    siennaPlayz6 days ago

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    siennaPlayz6 days ago

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  92. 0.rainbow.fire0 _

    0.rainbow.fire0 _6 days ago

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  93. Rising Tide

    Rising Tide6 days ago

    Christine has inspired me to start working towards being able to pull myself up off a cliff edge again✨

  94. Cool Girl

    Cool Girl6 days ago

    When she said "How did you guys get here" Me:Polish Mountain🤣

  95. Gia Mae

    Gia Mae6 days ago

    I just realized that she's wearing the two new creme polishes.

  96. Person World

    Person World6 days ago

    Ben is getting bald 😢😧

  97. aly afnan

    aly afnan43 minutes ago

    he had a haircut bcz she was having problem creating the thumbnail of their podcast lolllol

  98. rachmach

    rachmach6 days ago

    What got me here? No joke- Poppen Atelier's doll of you. Got curious, looked you up, here I am.

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    Carro 196 days ago

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  100. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov6 days ago

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  101. Sarah Lynn

    Sarah Lynn7 days ago

    It's funny how "Ven" in Spanish is come here and his name is Ben.

  102. Edith Dull

    Edith Dull7 days ago

    Okay, but you look AMAZING! You are so freaking strong! GO CRISTINE!

  103. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov6 days ago

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    DANIELLE A7 days ago

    if u must know , i was recommended that i click this video

  105. Anna W

    Anna W7 days ago

    My cat eats Royal Canin cat food too! Renal failure but it’s a godsend food for her ❤️!!!!!!!

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    bystlampa7 days ago

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    Saturno7 days ago

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    dont_chew_on_socks7 days ago

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    Cz Luna7 days ago

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    Nails and more7 days ago

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