Ariana Grande - 34+35 (official video)

The official “34+35” music video by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:
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Directed by Director X
Official “34+35” Lyrics:
You might think I’m crazy
The way I been craving
If I put it quite plainly
Just gimme them babies
So what you doing tonight?
Better say doing you right
Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
I don’t wanna keep you up
But show me can you keep it up
‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
I been drinking coffee
And I been eating healthy
You know I keep it squeaky
Saving up my energy
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
You drink it just like water
You say it taste like candy
So what you doing tonight?
Better say doing you right
Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
I don’t wanna keep you up
But show me can you keep it up
‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
I been drinking coffee
And I been eating healthy
You know I keep it squeaky
Saving up my energy
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it
I’mma leave it open like a door, come inside it
Even though I’m wifey you can hit it like a side chick
Don’t need no side dick, no
Got the neighbors yelling earthquake
4.5 when I make the bed shake
Put it down heavy even though it’s lightweight
Yeah we started at midnight
Go til the sunrise
Done at the same time
But who’s counting the time when we got it for life
I know all your favorite spots
We can take it from the top
You such a dream come true true
Make a bitch wanna hit snooze ooh
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Means I wanna 69 witcha
Aww shit
#ArianaGrande #positions
Music video by Ariana Grande performing 34+35. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Vishwajeet Singh

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  2. Gurjot Arora

    Gurjot Arora48 minutes ago

    34+35=69 😳

  3. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep Singh50 minutes ago

    She looks like raven from the 100 show (netflix) in scientist coat

  4. Isak Dickson

    Isak Dickson56 minutes ago

    Yes, Ari, aaaaaahhhh shit is right.

  5. Chrisha Simon

    Chrisha SimonHour ago

    The part 2 of Zedd & Katy Perry's "365"

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    que dio pone fornite en la tele tarifa de twiter

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    Kutu kuntul

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    Video:scients Lyrics:p***hub

  10. M'kiyah Perry

    M'kiyah Perry2 hours ago

    She rocking those heels # love outfit and hair

  11. Elly Kilcullen

    Elly Kilcullen2 hours ago

    I love you Ariana Grande you are the best

  12. Junior Mazibuko

    Junior Mazibuko2 hours ago

    Check "1 Corinthians 15 :1-4" when you stand face to face with our creator , and if he ask you why he should let you into his kingdom .. what would you say ?

  13. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande2 hours ago

    AYYY. Ariana fan would copy her, nope!

  14. Jeremi Samuel

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    Indonesia fans???

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  16. Victoria Landeza

    Victoria Landeza3 hours ago

    No one: Litterally no one: Me watching this solving "34 +35"😀

  17. Zilpha Garcia

    Zilpha Garcia3 hours ago

    No one is talking about the guy who fucking KILLED the choreography in HEALS!!

  18. Aulia Maulida

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  19. Aulia Maulida

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  20. Arthur Patombon

    Arthur Patombon3 hours ago

    Ariana is an icon at her age definitely she is...💞💞💞

  21. James Arrap

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    que dios te la pone🍩♻🌉 fornite en la tele 🎃👺👽 tarifa del Twitter👀👅👀

  22. chico kenini

    chico kenini3 hours ago

    No se lo que dice la canción pero la amo

  23. Mariber Ribera

    Mariber Ribera3 hours ago

    Ariana grande i know you sold your sol to the devil so he could make you famous and you are akshaly not famous i know your secret ari because I found a person post a video and you sed you sold your sol

  24. Roberto Miguel 29

    Roberto Miguel 294 hours ago

    No les pasa que: ✨ Qué dios te la pone ✨ ✨ Fortnite en la tele ✨ ✨ Tarifa del Twitter✨

  25. Jenny Woods

    Jenny Woods4 hours ago

    your so good like omg I told my mom and dad I want to see you so bad like your so good I see you. in sam and cat !!

  26. Faval games

    Faval games4 hours ago

    35+34=69 ohhhhh no había entendido ahora sí entiendo a Ariana grande a parte que le gusta grande Le gusta en 69

  27. Jonathan Iván Borroel

    Jonathan Iván Borroel4 hours ago

    0:36 Que dios te la pone, Fortnite en la tele, tarifa del Twitter

  28. Rose T.

    Rose T.4 hours ago

    Is this WAP’s little sister?? 162

  29. TyRhey Jones

    TyRhey Jones4 hours ago

    Yes, you really slay and killing it

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  32. Blake James

    Blake James4 hours ago

    Austin powers much loll 😂😂

  33. Brain Mayor

    Brain Mayor5 hours ago

    I just caught my 9 year old daughter listening to this song and singing the words... My wife and I are disgusted ! Ariana should be a role model. She looks like a Disney Princess and is the complete opposite and has children globally worshipping her. Enjoy the fame and money and.... Ariana this is on your conscience. One day you may understand what that word means.

  34. Franzeska dela Cruz

    Franzeska dela Cruz5 hours ago

    I never heard ariana say cuss words...

  35. Fernanda Vilca quiñones

    Fernanda Vilca quiñones5 hours ago

    Quien ve esto por tik tok y porque ama a ariana grande :v

  36. Darky

    Darky5 hours ago

    69 😳

  37. Biabia B

    Biabia B5 hours ago

    So cute

  38. Nadege Siler

    Nadege Siler5 hours ago

    Them pockie dots. Make my eyes go crazy but the song is fire

  39. your gal hoodie-

    your gal hoodie-5 hours ago

    is this song supposed to be dirty or am i just dirty minded-

  40. James Royer

    James Royer6 hours ago

    Title: 34+35 My brain: Uhhhhhhhhhh 656?

  41. AdoptMeRobloxVideos 4

    AdoptMeRobloxVideos 46 hours ago

    Fun fact: I’m done

  42. Seila Mujkanovic

    Seila Mujkanovic6 hours ago

    wait a minute 34 + 35 = 69 I'm scared

  43. xploit rtzu

    xploit rtzu6 hours ago

    This was not cat sam would be proud

  44. Zeal

    Zeal6 hours ago

    Ariana: i want a 69 Victoria: i think we ALL want a 69

  45. XxGamerGirlxX

    XxGamerGirlxX6 hours ago

    I like math class ;-;


    UMA B-ARMY ILUDIDA6 hours ago


  47. Barth Barreto

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  48. Biswarup Pyne

    Biswarup Pyne6 hours ago

    34+35 = 69 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Is Ariana Grande saying about 69:?

  49. Malaysia Nobles

    Malaysia Nobles6 hours ago

    Is she saying 34 or thirty fucken

  50. sofia torres

    sofia torres6 hours ago

    Quien viene aquí porque namjoon dijo que la oía mientras hacía ejercicio 🤠🤝

  51. preeti katiyar

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    Omg love this song

  52. Clara Classic

    Clara Classic6 hours ago

    I wish ariana Grande never got the plastic surgery and stay natural beauty

  53. Lukinhazz Caldeira

    Lukinhazz Caldeira6 hours ago

    2:55 I thought that the left side of my earpod had broken

  54. nifemi Alabi

    nifemi Alabi7 hours ago

    My friend thinking this is a math problem: 69!

  55. Sofia Olivera

    Sofia Olivera7 hours ago

    Mrs Gomez listening this: oh well 👁💧👄💧👁

  56. LilBrat _

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  57. Elsa Beatriz Lopez Barrios

    Elsa Beatriz Lopez Barrios7 hours ago

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  58. l i z z y

    l i z z y7 hours ago

    If you don’t get what the song title means, just add them together

  59. emmonie

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    It's 69

  60. ???

    ???7 hours ago

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  61. Owen Wraight

    Owen Wraight7 hours ago

    Lol i like how the Hashtags at the bottom are #ArianaGrande and #Positions

  62. Rocio Barraza

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  68. Jqmesii.mp3

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    Plot twist : Ariana got inspired by cyber s*x-

  69. Dayse Fernandez

    Dayse Fernandez8 hours ago

    No les pasa que "Dios te la pone" " Fornite en la tele" " Tarifa del twiter"

  70. Nathan Harris

    Nathan Harris8 hours ago

    34 + 35 = 69

  71. Stephanie Perez

    Stephanie Perez8 hours ago

    Omgg Ariana Grande I’m a fanomgg

  72. Zak Blundell

    Zak Blundell8 hours ago

    This is revolutionary

  73. Zak Blundell

    Zak Blundell8 hours ago

    Not even 100% sure what revolutionary means😅😂

  74. Barbigamer

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  75. Paula Rosales

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  76. · UMA ·

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  77. Sugeily Valadez

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  78. Angie

    Angie8 hours ago

    Literally a whole austin powers reference

  79. caramelito uwu•

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    Yes this song is amazing ariana is a queen💖✨

  82. thot patrol

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    I've never heard someone sing such profane lyrics in such an innocent-sounding way

  83. Shimirwa Berthrand

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  84. Sienna Brogo

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    Me not knowing Arianna can do the splits: :0

  85. Martina Lucca

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    TLB GAMING9 hours ago

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  87. Valeria Diaz

    Valeria Diaz9 hours ago

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  95. Jamian Petty

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    Im 16 I understood 😳

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    She has come a long way since Sam&Cat

  99. M H

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