Using Numbers To Find The Most Similar NBA Player to Michael Jordan

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  1. JxmyHighroller

    JxmyHighroller9 months ago

    This video wraps up our MJ series. Thank y’all for tuning in over the last few weeks and taking a deep dive into the dominating, fascinating and obsessively competitive career of Michael Jordan. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Much love brothers 🙌🏽

  2. ese kay

    ese kay8 days ago

    This is complete garbage. How is lebron most like jordan when he has no midrange just shot? Jordan was a shooter and driver. Brown is just a drive/kick. And how over kobe and he literally plays the same. Lebron plays nothing like mj

  3. Hockeydude 97

    Hockeydude 9711 days ago

    Do tacko fall but per 36 minuets

  4. Sopht kid101

    Sopht kid10112 days ago

    were did you find the Stats for this Video, I'm looking to to get into the Advanced Stats but can't find many Stats that correlate to the Stats in this Video

  5. bruno epins

    bruno epins23 days ago

    Zach lavine

  6. Darion Charles

    Darion CharlesMonth ago

    Lets be honest DeMar DeRozan is probly the person that represents Jordan . He could do everything but shoot the 3 like Jordan

  7. Movin Bala

    Movin Bala20 hours ago

    Jxmy: This isn’t a GOAT debate, no MJ vs LeBron here Jxmy after intensive researching.. Jxmy: LeBron is the closest thing to MJ

  8. Backspace Ninja

    Backspace Ninja23 hours ago

    But MJ said he would have a tough time doing a 1v1 with Kobe because he’s copied everything from MJ. I’m just 2 mins in.

  9. Tim Schuerger

    Tim SchuergerDay ago

    Kawhi is closest. 4 minutes into the video.

  10. Shclurk

    ShclurkDay ago

    I actually guessed 1 2 and 3

  11. Tim Woten

    Tim WotenDay ago

    Yeah was gonna say, Wiggins was on quite a few charts, unexpectedly to me.



    Age old question Ahh yes cos on the 5th day god said let there be Jordan and there was Jordan

  13. anthony Phung

    anthony PhungDay ago

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  14. Đăng Khương Nguyễn

    Đăng Khương NguyễnDay ago

    Do this but for LeBron

  15. Papa zelf

    Papa zelf2 days ago

    James harden prolly

  16. Daveyboy 330

    Daveyboy 3302 days ago

    No one in today's game makes me think MJ. MVP D Rose did that one year in terms of wow factor. But Kobe started right where Jordan left off and kept his legacy goin into the 2000s.

  17. Tobie Tambunan

    Tobie Tambunan2 days ago

    I mean Kawhi was the actor in Like Mike

  18. Yong Le

    Yong Le2 days ago

    I actually think mvp russ is the closest to mj in today's nba.

  19. wustin

    wustin3 days ago


  20. DumpsterrDog

    DumpsterrDog3 days ago

    Devin booker

  21. Nemsz

    Nemsz3 days ago

    Does this mean that there all Jordan’s kids

  22. Franek Smith

    Franek Smith3 days ago

    What about comparing Kobe on this list? Inbetween Lebron and Kawhi?

  23. Boi Get good

    Boi Get good3 days ago

    D rose

  24. Trevdawg48

    Trevdawg484 days ago

    Lebron's and Jordan's stats, athleticism, and leadership are very similar. Kawhi's hands and defense are similar. When I saw the title of the video, I first thought Kobe, Lebron or Kawhi. Guess I was right.

  25. Handlz

    Handlz4 days ago

    I think its Devin Booker and Jimmy butler that resemble Jordan the Most

  26. John Seifi

    John Seifi3 days ago

    Did you wachted the video



    Tier 1 tier 2 and Harden should be the only ones in the list

  28. the bet

    the bet5 days ago

    D rose in his prime would be top 10

  29. Mr. Get Righhttt

    Mr. Get Righhttt6 days ago

    Kawhi has wayyy better footwork than Derozan. I knew it was Kawhi all along. He’s the only player in the league that resembles Jordan honestly. And he worked with Kobe before.

  30. Nah Son

    Nah Son6 days ago

    Kawhi all day

  31. Johannes Leth

    Johannes Leth6 days ago


  32. Noah Rahimi

    Noah Rahimi7 days ago

    Ngl I predicted Russel Westbrook before he showed the MJ clip

  33. ExposedHomes

    ExposedHomes7 days ago

    DeRozan and Leonard... absolutely! Love the work put into this! Well done! #Spursfan

  34. darkmatter

    darkmatter7 days ago

    Those damn hands are the deciding factor oddly enough. Michael said it himself in an interview. Interviewer asks what made him so dominant and he immediately points to his hand and discusses the gap between his thumb and index finger. Turn 1 step into 100. It really is an unfair advantage in a way. So many of his iconic moves involved those incredible fakes. Kawhi needs to focus on more of that!

  35. Joshua Shaw

    Joshua Shaw7 days ago

    Lowry not on the list but Oubre is????

  36. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas7 days ago

    Wow, that is so cool. As soon as I read the title that is immediately who I thought of. However, I agree is personality is nothing like Jordan, but I think it stops there

  37. Dontia Vang

    Dontia Vang7 days ago

    Zach Levine of the Chicago Bulls is my pick!

  38. Shawn Ramey

    Shawn Ramey7 days ago

    Kawhi plays a lot like Kobe did.

  39. Ligiday Kurin

    Ligiday Kurin7 days ago

    The CLAW

  40. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor7 days ago


  41. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard7 days ago

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  42. Main Channel

    Main Channel7 days ago

    Watching this video really make you see that MJ is the all-time best NBA player

  43. Mykah Bileck

    Mykah Bileck8 days ago

    4:26 idk I’ll take a random guess Donovan Mitchell ...Well I was very wrong

  44. Angel Gonzalez

    Angel Gonzalez8 days ago

    Terry Rozier ????

  45. Colin Ritter

    Colin Ritter8 days ago

    Jaylen brown

  46. Guillaume Wolf

    Guillaume Wolf8 days ago

    I would Love to see how Kobe would rank using this quantitative method.


    HUMAN PERSON8 days ago

    Im guessing Kawhi before we get into it


    HUMAN PERSON8 days ago

    MJ was Kawhi with twice as much athleticism

  49. 318 BDN

    318 BDN8 days ago

    To me jayson Tatum was the most common to mj

  50. Heir Gaming

    Heir Gaming8 days ago

    Jimmy Butler or KD but it will always be Kobe

  51. Elvis A McGhee

    Elvis A McGhee9 days ago

    This is truly great stuff. Appreciate the work that went in to this. I’m going to have to say that Kawhi reminds me more of Dr J than Mike. No disrespect to your work. I get it. But there is one attribute not accounted for precisely. That’s heart and a LOOSING IS NOT AN OPTION killer mentality. So it’s LeBron for me with of course breaking your rules the REAL CLONE: Kobe RIP....BTW, wouldn’t you all love to see Mike and Kobe in TODAYS game at 29 years old? Dudes would be putting up 45-50 a night

  52. Myles Drew

    Myles Drew9 days ago

    D rose

  53. money_maker_man

    money_maker_man10 days ago

    Kawhi Leonard

  54. quo oar

    quo oar10 days ago

    There is only one answer and according to Michael Jordan.... it's KOBE. The End

  55. Gaurav Dubey

    Gaurav Dubey10 days ago

    Jimmy buttler is the current guy but kobe holds his throne

  56. Rosannexo1 Cantubpp7

    Rosannexo1 Cantubpp710 days ago

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  57. Gabriel Aguilar

    Gabriel Aguilar11 days ago

    He needs to do this video again

  58. Chandler Rodgers

    Chandler Rodgers11 days ago

    I predicted Booker to be higher than tier 5, but in your charts I trust.

  59. Mören style

    Mören style11 days ago

    paulg and kawhi

  60. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean Hernane12 days ago

    9:52 Why tf does Kawhi look like he walked in a room and realized he's lost 💀😭

  61. Exotic_PhazeYT

    Exotic_PhazeYT12 days ago

    I thought Klay am i dumb for that

  62. Tabitha Wagers

    Tabitha Wagers12 days ago

    Ja morant

  63. Phil Barengolts

    Phil Barengolts12 days ago

    I got it exactly correct bam

  64. Phil Barengolts

    Phil Barengolts12 days ago


  65. Ryan Adams

    Ryan Adams12 days ago

    Donovan Mitchell

  66. Will McDavid

    Will McDavid12 days ago

    I feel like we only have his at rim finishing stats from 1997 on, which is kind of misleading. But all in all really cool vid.

  67. Isi Mendes

    Isi Mendes12 days ago

    DeRozan maybe??

  68. norain bagilad

    norain bagilad12 days ago

    Today Jordan Clarkson, not only close but the same in spelling

  69. Kenneth Pan

    Kenneth Pan13 days ago

    demar derozen

  70. Fabi Segura

    Fabi Segura13 days ago

    Prediction, bulls sg will be bulls sg

  71. Red Herring

    Red Herring14 days ago

    Love Jimmy Butler being so high on the list

  72. The holy Peanut

    The holy Peanut14 days ago

    Before I watch i say Jimmy butler

  73. Muhammad Reza Yusuf

    Muhammad Reza Yusuf14 days ago

    Maybe its only me but for me Demar derozan is IS THE ONLY PLAYER reminding me of MJ ( only playstyle ) derozan is a mid range sniper and derozan also had a great finishing. Jimmy butler + demar derozan + russel westbrook = is close to MJ

  74. DaeDaDemon

    DaeDaDemon15 days ago

    James harden minus da dunks💯🤷🏽‍♂️just like him

  75. Casey White

    Casey White16 days ago

    Should have taken years

  76. Souvik Dey

    Souvik Dey16 days ago

    I listen to his videos whenever I am doing my homework.

  77. that rugrat nashia

    that rugrat nashia16 days ago

    Dame dolla

  78. D1390

    D139016 days ago

    If this was 9 years ago I’d say Kobe, basically a copy and paste

  79. MyBrotherJudy Beats

    MyBrotherJudy Beats16 days ago

    Kawaiis like a stiffer, less great MJ

  80. Thenewname E

    Thenewname E17 days ago

    Terry Rozier

  81. Parsa Motamed

    Parsa Motamed17 days ago

    K leonard

  82. MarkieD

    MarkieD17 days ago

    Easy, Brian Scalabrine

  83. V R T X

    V R T X18 days ago

    I’m thinking Derrick rose

  84. V R T X

    V R T X18 days ago

    But I’m talking about play style

  85. Nigel Mills

    Nigel Mills18 days ago

    So many comments to read but I understand this is only for active players in the NBA but I'm sure Kobe would have been even higher

  86. A'Jahni van Heynegen

    A'Jahni van Heynegen18 days ago


  87. First Amendment

    First Amendment18 days ago

    Javale McGee

  88. Jacob Dennis

    Jacob Dennis18 days ago

    He didn’t even put the mvp on there smh

  89. Darian Scrogham

    Darian Scrogham18 days ago

    Where's Tatum in my option he's most like jordan

  90. Daveyboy 330

    Daveyboy 3302 days ago

    He's in there

  91. Psychopathic Poro

    Psychopathic Poro18 days ago

    The answer is obviously JR Smith

  92. Al Gorhythm

    Al Gorhythm18 days ago

    Derrick Rose

  93. Jayden 11

    Jayden 1119 days ago

    Lebron is the goat

  94. Vonte Benford

    Vonte Benford19 days ago

    It’s Kobe

  95. Eric daniels Benavidez

    Eric daniels Benavidez20 days ago

    Dude, i get demar's OFFENSE resembles Jordan. But The man plays lilttle to no defense. Unlike jordan. Now Kawi he plays all ends of the game and can dominate at any time and can hit in the clutch at the end of game's like Jordan. It's Kawi hands down.

  96. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross20 days ago

    Down by 50 give me your ring

  97. hmd Omr

    hmd Omr20 days ago

    100% playoffs jamal murray is the most similar player to jordan

  98. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard22 days ago

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  99. Troy Erin

    Troy Erin23 days ago

    So you exclude Kobe because he’s retired and dead ? Lol. I don’t agree with this. Super wack.

  100. Mr. Mush

    Mr. Mush21 day ago

    do you pay attention, he said today’s nba obviously it would be kobe otherwise

  101. Troy Erin

    Troy Erin23 days ago

    Kobe had 5 rings , Jordan had 6. BOTH were coached by Phil Jackson. Both were 6’6” shooting guards. Both were mid-range, explosive , and competitive as fuck. Kobe had the edge from 3 point line. Jordan was obviously a little more explosive. I seriously can’t believe you hated on Kobe this much to exclude him from the discussion. What’s up G ? You all there ? 🤔

  102. Mr. Mush

    Mr. Mush21 day ago

    your dumb like actually dumb i don’t think your all there

  103. Troy Erin

    Troy Erin23 days ago

    In other words , you’re a Kobe hater. Lol

  104. Mr. Mush

    Mr. Mush21 day ago

    dummy boy

  105. Troy Erin

    Troy Erin23 days ago

    I don’t care what “data” you present , Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan. EVER. Debate me now 💜🏀

  106. Mr. Mush

    Mr. Mush21 day ago

    do us a favor, stfu

  107. certified human

    certified human22 days ago

    He literally specified 10 times in the video that he was talking about today's NBA...

  108. Sopht kid101

    Sopht kid10123 days ago

    @JxmyHighroller were did you find the Stats for this Video, I'm looking to to get into the Advanced Stats but can't find many Stats that correlate to the Stats in this Video

  109. UND3RCUT 53

    UND3RCUT 5323 days ago

    when we said jimmy butler was jordans son we weren't joking

  110. איש לא חשוב

    איש לא חשוב24 days ago

    the number 23 [dude, watch that movie]

  111. junior ochoa

    junior ochoa24 days ago

    I would of loved to see kobe included in this

  112. Tyler Tran

    Tyler Tran24 days ago


  113. YT_Jypsi

    YT_Jypsi25 days ago

    I think it’s pg13 before I watch the vid

  114. JoeVSWrld

    JoeVSWrld25 days ago

    duh it’s anthony bennett