*Drinks GFUEL once*

what's ur K/D ratio dad???
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Filmed by @Ryan The Leader


  1. Trevor Wallace

    Trevor Wallace3 months ago

    YOOO part 2: uslikes.info/house/mpiD0ZShuaGBfZk/video.html

  2. Jose Macias

    Jose MaciasMonth ago

    Im so using his code

  3. The Ravenger

    The RavengerMonth ago

    Ok I’m sorry but I think PlayStation is better but no hate on Xbox the

  4. Parker Beall

    Parker Beall2 months ago

    Hey stop dissin on PlayStation

  5. slatt_521ttv

    slatt_521ttv2 months ago

    Yea part twoooooooooo

  6. Corgi

    Corgi2 months ago


  7. Ryan Clayton

    Ryan Clayton3 hours ago

    He just has a bad gaming chair

  8. Loganplayz 2

    Loganplayz 27 hours ago

    Gamer: Dad whats you K/D Dad: Kevin durant

  9. Swift Moves

    Swift Moves12 hours ago

    It is a real carrier path😂😂😂❤️

  10. Ibtsam Ahmad

    Ibtsam Ahmad14 hours ago

    PlayStation is superior, Fight me

  11. The Magical Chicken Nugget

    The Magical Chicken Nugget14 hours ago

    FaZe WaLlAcE

  12. DJ Noone

    DJ Noone17 hours ago

    "iM LaGgiiIiIiIiIiIng"

  13. L Lane

    L Lane18 hours ago

    𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕞𝕖

  14. Ashtonplayzyeah

    Ashtonplayzyeah22 hours ago

    what the hell?! this video is bongo but very funny

  15. el internet piola ayuda porfavor

    el internet piola ayuda porfavorDay ago


  16. opsxcy

    opsxcyDay ago

    What is faze now noting

  17. Cocophobia

    CocophobiaDay ago

    This is a accurate representation of my friend after 5 minutes of gaming

  18. Dank meme Shrek

    Dank meme ShrekDay ago

    Ps4 is stupid :everybody liked that

  19. Vectressa TV

    Vectressa TV2 days ago

    creds to the dude editing this video

  20. Monkey gaming

    Monkey gaming2 days ago

    Bitch ps4 better

  21. GamINg COllISion

    GamINg COllISion2 days ago

    Lol I love it when people blame controllers and chairs and shit like that for losing

  22. ZENØ

    ZENØ3 days ago

    MILK GANGGG🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛

  23. Hi I'm Falcon

    Hi I'm Falcon3 days ago

    that's how i feel without g fuel

  24. Rhys Hottes

    Rhys Hottes4 days ago

    2:36 true

  25. Mr. Bepis Gaming

    Mr. Bepis Gaming5 days ago

    Trevor sounds like one of those kids in 6th grade saying they just “hooked up”

  26. Jordan Walls

    Jordan Walls5 days ago

    I love how he had an actual chair in the back lol

  27. ThatRandomGuy 01

    ThatRandomGuy 015 days ago

    PlayStation is better then Xbox

  28. ABCDankmeme

    ABCDankmeme5 days ago

    It’s a joke there both equally good they both play like 95% of the same game

  29. Waffler

    Waffler6 days ago


  30. Cherry G

    Cherry G6 days ago


  31. Joe Who

    Joe Who6 days ago

    "Gamers get girls! You get girls! Gamers get girls, I'm a girl FUCK" Lmaooo

  32. Maximus Bankston

    Maximus Bankston6 days ago

    that is my brother in a nut shell

  33. TacosVR

    TacosVR6 days ago

    “Pathetic, abort me!”

  34. Tanjiro Kamodo

    Tanjiro Kamodo6 days ago

    That’s literally my uncle he‘s 18

  35. Penn Simonson

    Penn Simonson6 days ago

    **puberty has left the chat**

  36. Alex Fierro

    Alex Fierro7 days ago

    1:40 What's that smell? Oh my bad, its just the smell of a war starting

  37. GoodOldGwinbleidd

    GoodOldGwinbleidd7 days ago

    As Russian, when he said "GRANATA" I felt that...

  38. Delta _

    Delta _7 days ago

    When you find out that Xbox is the android

  39. ABCDankmeme

    ABCDankmeme5 days ago

    So is PlayStation and Nintendo and pc

  40. Pyro Sherman

    Pyro Sherman8 days ago

    Mate this is the best thing ever great job and because im kinda a gamer cause I play game all day thats what happens when im in a party.Rage And I play on ps4 honestly i regret getting it now because all the stuff you can't do a hole lot but I met my best friend

  41. deadmemeking

    deadmemeking8 days ago

    *laughs in ps4 slim*

  42. Lasaña facha

    Lasaña facha8 days ago

    "GRANADA" sponish

  43. noah peng

    noah peng8 days ago

    This went from drinking G-Fuel to roasting ps4, and rage gaming.

  44. What would shrek do ?

    What would shrek do ?8 days ago

    “Dude I gotta work on my sniper breath hhhh

  45. Fetty Wap

    Fetty Wap8 days ago

    Me over here with a pc watching android and a box argue 🤣😂🤣

  46. NOT JFK 1980

    NOT JFK 19808 days ago

    What Exclusives FoOl

  47. Ghost Ghoster

    Ghost Ghoster9 days ago

    PS4 Technically isn’t near an android because Microsoft made half of Samsung

  48. FletchNugget

    FletchNugget9 days ago

    x-box more like trash box

  49. MANTIS

    MANTIS9 days ago

    His xbox definitely has Stockholm syndrome after this

  50. Blitz Ritter

    Blitz Ritter9 days ago

    Dirty console peasants

  51. Duc Dang

    Duc Dang9 days ago

    what is that headset can you link it

  52. Ryu

    Ryu10 days ago

    “Im a girl FUCK” killed me

  53. azron sergal

    azron sergal10 days ago

    How do I send this to my ex without sending it to him?

  54. Generic Memes

    Generic Memes10 days ago

    "Either shut the hell up or get a divorce!" God that one hits hard.

  55. yolo gaming

    yolo gaming11 days ago

    gfuel is just crack for kids lol

  56. Raining Darkness

    Raining Darkness11 days ago

    What is it like to play on a peace of shit

  57. GFEAST

    GFEAST12 days ago

    I had friends in high school that would bring it to lunch and trade flavors and were always talking about their shakers and new flavors it was so cringe they were like addicts

  58. Agastya Bhardwaj

    Agastya Bhardwaj12 days ago


  59. scott harvie

    scott harvie12 days ago

    Why does everyone thinks kd means Kevin Durant.

  60. Logan Nash

    Logan Nash12 days ago

    me who watched this on ps4

  61. Logan Nash

    Logan Nash11 days ago

    @Ved Animated lol

  62. Ved Animated

    Ved Animated11 days ago

    Wow you are definitely a rare breed

  63. Ali Mert Yazıcıoğlu

    Ali Mert Yazıcıoğlu13 days ago

    Ps4 dosent lag that much ps4 has like extra free wifi in it

  64. DemonLord

    DemonLord13 days ago

    Since when has a gamer got a girl?

  65. DemonLord

    DemonLord13 days ago

    Look at this weeb loser!

  66. DemonLord

    DemonLord13 days ago

    Except in this cool anime called, and you thought there is never a girl online!

  67. Toxic 157

    Toxic 15713 days ago

    It’s the chair

  68. Administrator Eagle

    Administrator Eagle13 days ago

    I like how there is a nice chair in the background

  69. applestoapplesfly

    applestoapplesfly13 days ago


  70. iTyqr

    iTyqr13 days ago

    Captions: USE MY CLOTHES Also captions: WHAT IM TRYING TO GET A NEW ID Again: HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT I IT MALIA IS??!! One more: I’m in BAE’s clan Ok last one the vid just ended: SEE YOU IN THE GUE LEG

  71. fatboizzz

    fatboizzz13 days ago


  72. Acid_Pelican

    Acid_Pelican13 days ago

    WHATS YOU KD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Mister Person

    Mister Person13 days ago

    As an Xbox player, this is the average Xbox player in a nutshell.

  74. Mustachk0 Bg

    Mustachk0 Bg14 days ago

    granata this is balkan

  75. Janli Gwo

    Janli Gwo14 days ago

    Trevor probably used Pewdiepie's code to buy that GFuel let's be honest

  76. BestMonkTime

    BestMonkTime14 days ago

    "im a girl ... FUCK"

  77. AngryBakuh0e

    AngryBakuh0e15 days ago

    I'm sad that this is basically what my brother does but without the Gfuel

  78. Valid PANDEZ

    Valid PANDEZ15 days ago

    the chair behind you bro

  79. Louise Griffin

    Louise Griffin15 days ago

    This is why we use ps4

  80. Jerron Balignasa

    Jerron Balignasa15 days ago

    the ultimate GFUEL sponsporship

  81. Austin Pearson

    Austin Pearson15 days ago

    FaZe Wallace

  82. Lucas Khan

    Lucas Khan15 days ago

    Pathetic! Abort Me, I died.

  83. Zhen Shops

    Zhen Shops15 days ago

    The rhetorical bracket biologically vanish because name basically succeed barring a uninterested afterthought. undesirable, hapless pear

  84. Dylan Valentino

    Dylan Valentino15 days ago

    i luv this so funny af

  85. Felix The Egg

    Felix The Egg16 days ago

    Now imagine if you snort g fuel

  86. YBO_henny

    YBO_henny16 days ago

    Either Sthu or get a divorce! In my house that would be no Xbox or phone and I’d get smacked back in time

  87. Logan_Simpson

    Logan_Simpson16 days ago

    This is ps4 players not xbox/xbox players when they die :cry noises:

  88. veeti

    veeti16 days ago

    Kuka siel netis oli?

  89. Jack Lai

    Jack Lai17 days ago

    I couldn’t tell if he is sponsored or not

  90. the icecream ninja

    the icecream ninja17 days ago


  91. Robert Raymond

    Robert Raymond17 days ago

    This is literally my uncle Jesse he was such a fucking Rager

  92. SomeFamousDude

    SomeFamousDude18 days ago

    “Pathetic! Abort me!” 😂😂😂😂

  93. SmashNite

    SmashNite18 days ago

    Is it a crime that I have a ps4 pro and an iPhone

  94. Jack Schroeder

    Jack Schroeder19 days ago

    Fun Fact: If you zoom on his face when he says Im bleeding you can see a vein start too form

  95. some mexican

    some mexican19 days ago

    I'm on xbox but I like all of them

  96. Clastix

    Clastix19 days ago

    This is an regular 11 year old

  97. Camflht

    Camflht19 days ago

    Pewdiepie has more truth on pewnews than cnn ever has😂

  98. 1 2

    1 219 days ago

    I don't need g fuel for this

  99. Leonel Cadet

    Leonel Cadet19 days ago

    Fact when he punched the air. I had to pause it and laugh. that was funny.

  100. kaleb bruce

    kaleb bruce19 days ago

    The funniest part is the puberty left the chat

  101. Supra CODM

    Supra CODM19 days ago


  102. TheBigQResort

    TheBigQResort20 days ago

    all i see is just xbox party chat

  103. Noah Lazar

    Noah Lazar20 days ago

    Here’s the thing, he doesn’t really want a chair cuz then he can’t use it as an excuse for dying....

  104. Ca Sneaks

    Ca Sneaks21 day ago

    The colossal feet splenomegaly bubble because hall analogously peck beyond a cynical pants. xenophobic, mindless currency

  105. fashionicon

    fashionicon21 day ago

    Pewdiepie *sweating intensifies*

  106. Nicolas Andaluz

    Nicolas Andaluz21 day ago

    If I had a dollar for every time he mentions gfuel I'd haver a bigger house than Mukesh Ambani

  107. Steve C.B.

    Steve C.B.21 day ago

    I literally just dyed my hair blue...

  108. CBACH

    CBACH22 days ago

    Console peasants

  109. Alexander

    Alexander22 days ago


  110. Murari

    Murari22 days ago

    This is my bro in the background when I'm attending extra classes online

  111. APEX SHARKS 七 六

    APEX SHARKS 七 六22 days ago

    This is me EXCEPT without Gfuel