$NOT - Whipski ft. Lil Skies (Directed by Cole Bennett)

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LENNY ~ a hidden character representing happiness & good energy


  1. AlxoFn

    AlxoFn10 minutes ago

    Guys I had a concussion and everybody and bro I’m glad lil ski is here bro 😃😃 what changed guys😃😃

  2. RA10fingerboard Unboxing

    RA10fingerboard UnboxingHour ago

    Lil Skies back on top, let’s go!!!

  3. KjustMe

    KjustMe5 hours ago

    This go HARRRRD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    JASONS_WRLD8 hours ago

    That shit do be bustin

  5. luxuriøus

    luxuriøus8 hours ago

    fucking horrible

  6. Amp Skies

    Amp Skies9 hours ago

    is hit 🔥

  7. WNL

    WNL9 hours ago

    I don't get why people hate on Lil skies so much he my favorite rapper I just don't get it

  8. Toxikzz-_-

    Toxikzz-_-11 hours ago

    1:36 Landon bruh😂😂😂😂

  9. wakingup sad

    wakingup sad11 hours ago

    i turn up alone in my room when I watch this YEAH

  10. Frankito YUP

    Frankito YUP13 hours ago


  11. Jamen Muxworthy

    Jamen Muxworthy14 hours ago

    this is the best lil skies verse and flow i have ever heard man needs to pull up like this to more tracks

  12. Lynn Whylly

    Lynn Whylly14 hours ago


  13. James Harden

    James Harden15 hours ago

    guys... I think I broke the replay button

  14. kendrill225 officiel

    kendrill225 officiel17 hours ago


  15. kendrill225 officiel

    kendrill225 officiel17 hours ago

    One clip

  16. ᴀᴢʟᴀᴍ lo7 _

    ᴀᴢʟᴀᴍ lo7 _21 hour ago

    do you notice london cube near the tree?

  17. Carson Strawbridge

    Carson StrawbridgeDay ago

    I just don’t like the flow of the harmony

  18. Jack Paddock

    Jack PaddockDay ago

    lenny at 1:08 on the graffiti wall

  19. MLNHED

    MLNHEDDay ago

    Skies carried ngl

  20. Marco Martinez

    Marco MartinezDay ago

    I never heard skies sound like that

  21. John Fisherman

    John FishermanDay ago

    this is awful he is so off beat

  22. Charles McNamara

    Charles McNamaraDay ago

    Why does the beginning of Lil Skies' verse sound like Justin Bieber's voice?

  23. LUPO?

    LUPO?Day ago


  24. Davi Nakamura

    Davi NakamuraDay ago


  25. Marcus McCray

    Marcus McCrayDay ago


  26. Marcus McCray

    Marcus McCrayDay ago


  27. Oax

    OaxDay ago


  28. jacob_aha haaa

    jacob_aha haaaDay ago

    Ok if imma be honest if lil skies wasn't in the song I wouldn't have liked it

  29. Antonio Armijo

    Antonio ArmijoDay ago

    Lil skies went hard on his part lil skies part was fire 🔥 💪

  30. Tr3y

    Tr3yDay ago


  31. Runn1t4.e

    Runn1t4.eDay ago

    3:30 that part go hard asf no cap

  32. Speoky

    SpeokyDay ago

    Getting famous off Comments day 1. So i can have trust in my channel. So i can upload more

  33. da boi Andre

    da boi AndreDay ago

    The way Skies was in this song might as well just have it be his song

  34. yt ops

    yt opsDay ago

    ultamate wiskiy power

  35. stabby toaster

    stabby toasterDay ago

    Amazing song

  36. Chris Perez

    Chris PerezDay ago

    I’m vibing


    NINNI ANANDDay ago

    1:43 to 2:09 -This is my favourite part


    HACK SQUADDay ago

    This is on all my playlist keep making music together 🔥🔥

  39. Noah camron

    Noah camronDay ago

    at first, i thot Landon was a girl skies sounds so weird @1.45

  40. 7 S 2G Coleman

    7 S 2G ColemanDay ago

    He say he a DEMON and twisted fo sho oh 👌🏽 Bcuz ⛑️👸🏽🩺H🚁PE is a GODDESS and SAM-EL yall 📞him 😈LUCIFER is m¥ Big Brutha he resurected Me the Creator Mother healed our Dying Creator brokenhe💔rt 👑G🥺D,🤴🏾Jes🛡️s Chr🐏st Yeshu💝 most powerful gr♠️ce resurected the other most powerful gr♠️ce 👸🏾MEr¢¥ so that left 🥉not only in 3rd last place but stuck out all together! When my 👑ABBA P😐ppa's🧎🏽‍♀️🩺⛑️💬(Pappa?) health started failing I'm a Healer I was ¢lininging to m¥ Pappa in fright "BUT!" when m¥ Pappa started getting I'll,& then DYING I didn't care I was a B⛑️B¥ GR♠️CE CRE⛑️✝️ION HE⛑️L🍀R and He wAs a FULL GROWN DYING( Mercy get Hope. Hope you can't heal Father 👁️‍🗨️)CRE♠️T😑R🧎🏽‍♀️💬 It's 👌🏽 Pappa I'm a Healer,& i'll give you all my gr♠️ce to help 👸🏾Mer¢¥ is in shock Pappa she can't think straight right now it's 👌🏽 give her some time she needs it then 🤴🏾YESHU💝 why has thou FORSAKEN me 😭👸🏾💭? turned around I was deceased,& Pappa was barely hanging on. 👸🏾MERCY "D🚫NT PLAY THAT!" a DYING 👑F♠️✝️HER G😑D🧎🏽‍♀️🩺------------- deceased B⛑️B¥ SISTER 👸🏾😤🤬 🤴🏾YESHU💝 may have thought the W🌐RLD was worth allowing F♠️✝️HER'S HE💔RT to break & start D¥ING "B🛡️T!" ✝️HEE BEG🌐✝️TEN D♠️💔GH✝️ER would've fk.'d y'all Hoz OFF!!!! She gave up her GR♠️CE to sustain F♠️✝️HER 🤴🏾YESHU💝 I gave up my GR⛑️CE for HIM! When Pappa got healed,& 👸🏾MER¢¥ got resurected from "THE BLIVIN"(Oblivion) the N☁️THING by 🤴🏾¥ESHU💝 that left 🥉 ⛑️👸🏽🩺H🚁📡E a** out! R⛑️PH⛑️-EL tried ✝️HEE da¥ I passed to bring me back but(again clear------------call it!) w/no success so He was even more distraught that there wasn't a CRE⛑️✝️OR ,nor 🔋-FUL BEGO✝️TEN GR♠️CE either trying to 😓THINK m¥ other 🔋-FUL VICE BIG BRUTHA 👿LUCIFER LOST IT!!!! He started 😭COMPLAINING,asking what the PR🤷🏽‍♀️BLEM IS R⛑️PH,then blew a G😤SKET,& then started 🤬 Threatening R⛑️PH⛑️ he better find something just as powerful as ✝️HEE CRE⛑️✝️ORS, or EQUALLY to ✝️JEE MOST🔋-FUL as the BEGO✝️TEN GR♠️CES and that's when R⛑️PH⛑️ said "TH👿T'S IT!"💡👉🏾 ¥😈U MOST🔋-FUL VICE so this is why ⛑️👸🏽🩺🚁📡E usually comes out of a dire grim situation,despairing moment,or desperate act something G⛑️👸🏽D out of something B😈D because m¥ BIG BRUHTA SAM-EL was used to ressurect ME KEE📡 ⛑️👸🏽🩺H🚁PE AL🛰️VE 👁️CU🚒

  41. Fullsendornosend

    Fullsendornosend2 days ago

    The fact that they let skies spit for a whole minute makes me smile

  42. VorteX 9

    VorteX 92 days ago

    1:36 i know that ain’t landoncube taking a mean leak chilling

  43. Minecraft Demi god

    Minecraft Demi god2 days ago

    We need more $NOT on lyrical lemonade 💯

  44. JustKing

    JustKing2 days ago

    Bro my question is how is this nigga snot not hot all the damn time lmao

  45. Toxicvlxne

    Toxicvlxne2 days ago


  46. Sup GA Girl

    Sup GA Girl2 days ago

    So we not gon talk abt how there isn't gravity in space?

  47. Eddie Allen

    Eddie Allen2 days ago


  48. Norman Jefferies

    Norman Jefferies2 days ago

    Cole really got his ways wit that camera

  49. Al.B The Greatest

    Al.B The Greatest2 days ago


  50. F*cking WiTh ShAy

    F*cking WiTh ShAy2 days ago

    bro landon cube got me weak

  51. prxnce007

    prxnce0072 days ago

    the beggining is fye at 1.15 speed

  52. Never Got Saint

    Never Got Saint2 days ago

    He actually hit The Kid Laroy in the beginning😂

  53. CutieFrosty

    CutieFrosty2 days ago


  54. Gavrilis Chrstodoulou

    Gavrilis Chrstodoulou2 days ago


  55. dasean tidzump

    dasean tidzump2 days ago

    dude i like the start of the song dude funny asf but also fire ass song

  56. G T

    G T2 days ago

    Let’s gooo

  57. Andrew Bennett

    Andrew Bennett2 days ago

    should've have dropped right before polo g tho

  58. Jason Delima

    Jason Delima2 days ago

    Da fuck is this fire bruh

  59. Dario

    Dario2 days ago

    Needs more exposure

  60. Rainz

    Rainz2 days ago

    $not looks like juice wrld in the video like bad boy lol

  61. Malik Solomon

    Malik Solomon2 days ago

    My brother listen to him all night

  62. YOSHI

    YOSHI2 days ago

    This song is stuck in my head

  63. Cheyenne Barkley

    Cheyenne Barkley2 days ago

    This video gave me lil boat vibes


    MELLBEATZ2 days ago

    Internet money x Lyrical Lemonade Just make the best combanaition

  65. 0RIG1N

    0RIG1N2 days ago

    this is so underrated

  66. scofield.

    scofield.2 days ago

    pour two cups 🥤...


    K0TTNM0UTHQUEEN2 days ago

    All I could think is damn....I want that truck

  68. Коcтя Николаев

    Коcтя Николаев3 days ago


  69. jack deval

    jack deval3 days ago

    i love men

  70. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman3 days ago

    Juice better have a song with snot coming soon

  71. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman3 days ago

    Needed it

  72. Nicole Asberry

    Nicole Asberry3 days ago

    Snot in lil skies go to hard

  73. juan diaz

    juan diaz3 days ago

    I love these type of melodies

  74. TheBee

    TheBee3 days ago


  75. Arive

    Arive3 days ago

    lil skies flow sheesh

  76. Dysjuan Buckingham

    Dysjuan Buckingham3 days ago

    Brh lil ski's went stupid brb wtf!!!!!!!?

  77. GXRLA Prod.

    GXRLA Prod.3 days ago

    Old lil skies vibes Fr I remember when Lust came out

  78. Anthony Suriel

    Anthony Suriel3 days ago

    $not never makes a bad song and all the ppl that he gets to feature on his songs never drop bad verses either

  79. Josh Vlogs

    Josh Vlogs3 days ago


  80. Keef Lord

    Keef Lord3 days ago

    Why this dude $not look like he be cold asf boii get that hoodie off shi looks stupid as hell 😂🤣

  81. Shiive

    Shiive3 days ago

    aye lil skies mad fine ngl

  82. Fw Delly

    Fw Delly3 days ago

    Bruh trippie should've been on thisssssss

  83. KAIDO

    KAIDO3 days ago

    Dope song 👌

  84. ElectricDreams

    ElectricDreams3 days ago

    That van they driving is so fucking classic

  85. M1 RRP

    M1 RRP3 days ago


  86. U Weird

    U Weird3 days ago

    0:20 he fucking slammed his head wonder if hes ok I mean why should I give 2's


    NINNI ANAND3 days ago

    This song deserve 5 billion views.🤩😍🤩🤩😍🤩🤩

  88. Arthur

    Arthur11 hours ago

    It’s good but not that good

  89. Life Worth Riding

    Life Worth Riding3 days ago

    Got this sh*t on repeat💙💙

  90. Yanky

    Yanky3 days ago

    $NOT starting to grow on me

  91. Nobio X

    Nobio X4 days ago

    Cxdy drums are just 🔥🔥

  92. Nobio X

    Nobio X4 days ago

    Cxdy on the beat ❤️❤️❤️

  93. Royal Gamer

    Royal Gamer4 days ago

    Let’s how many subscribers I can get

  94. Royal Gamer

    Royal Gamer2 days ago


  95. callmexain

    callmexain3 days ago


  96. James P Sullivan

    James P Sullivan4 days ago

    Coach tellem take 5

  97. BulbDrama

    BulbDrama4 days ago

    Lit AF

  98. Amelia Barista

    Amelia Barista4 days ago

    Waiting for the New vlog🔥🔥🔥

  99. Twitch otg_ben

    Twitch otg_ben4 days ago

    0:21 is my favorite part cause its the start to a 10/10 song😌

  100. Kole Willey

    Kole Willey4 days ago

    Yes sir 🔥

  101. Amelia Barista

    Amelia Barista4 days ago

    Waiting for the New vlog🔥🔥

  102. Dawson bergeron

    Dawson bergeron4 days ago

    I showed this song to my wife after I bought her a car🤣😂 sounds cheesy but she loves the song lol

  103. Crush Grunge

    Crush Grunge4 days ago

    I love this song... 🦋

  104. egg

    egg4 days ago

    this is fire