THIS might be the FUNNIEST Oil Change on the Internet!!!

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Today the wife steps in the shop to see if she can change the oil in her own car. Check it out to see if she gets it done!
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  1. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats16 days ago

    Get your official MERCH HERE!!!

  2. Aaron Mcconnell

    Aaron Mcconnell11 days ago

    I fixed my comment wrote Jamie and ment Michelle lol

  3. phantom walker

    phantom walker12 days ago

    AND ANOTHER THING,TO DO WITH WIERD COMMENTS FROM POSSIBLY,PERSONS.. they dont like your laugh.?? they dont like stevie nicks,either id say,,sad persons..

  4. phantom walker

    phantom walker12 days ago

    is there a way to do this without it being messy.??...yeh,,get the misus to do it. i stay footy...drink beer,,,,pretzils. my x,told me,she topped up the oil,,down the dipum stikum....its a world wide in aus..

  5. Jonathon Mason

    Jonathon Mason16 days ago

    Pretty soon she gonna be a mechanic.😁

  6. Free America2020

    Free America202016 days ago

    💯 loved the comment reviews and love your laugh.

  7. P an

    P an2 days ago

    That was indeed funny! And keep the nice camera lady/wife, she‘s great!-)

  8. aaah tex

    aaah tex3 days ago


  9. Mantis Garage

    Mantis Garage3 days ago

    No bad comments about Darwin? House rules must be survival of the the fittest. Btw people complaining about your camera work or the laughter are prob just jealous because you have a life worth living and your not just some poor schmuck stuck inside watching other people live there lives on a screen. Keep up he great work all- and don't bother getting a tripod

  10. Luke Bowen

    Luke Bowen4 days ago

    I love you guys, keep up the good work! I don't care who you are, that's good stuff right there!

  11. Kayla K

    Kayla K4 days ago

    Paul you and your wife are awesome people and yes she can laugh all she wants because I don't see anything wrong with her laugh and I watch all of your videos on your channel along with watching Matt's channel. I also love Taco your Toyota truck it's awesome.

  12. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 hours ago

    Thanks so much for watching!!

  13. Jimmy Zamp

    Jimmy Zamp4 days ago

    I'm a new subscriber from Matt's channel and Michelle makes the videos more fun to watch.Love the laugh.The fact that she can even laugh at the mean posts shows her great attitude toward life.Hope to see her in more videos.( But no castrations please!) My wife is quick to jump in on my builds when I run out of hands. Let's teach her to weld next.Family Business is family fun.

  14. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 hours ago

    Thank you!!

  15. Dan Wood

    Dan Wood4 days ago

    The laughs, bellies, boasting and weird bits are what mashes Fab Rats and Matt's channels so enjoyable. Keep laughing, goofing, eating, building and fetching! Thanks for the great channels!

  16. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 hours ago

    Thanks for watching!!

  17. Cathy Moore

    Cathy Moore5 days ago

    Great video & oil change lesson! I had ONE of these lessons once upon a time 😂👍 17mm wrench & the creeper thing. Pulling the car up on the ramps was enough for me. 🤣 You two are great. Keep doing what you do!!

  18. hittman2005

    hittman20055 days ago

    Your channel and Matt’s channel are better than any garbage I’ve ever watched on tv where they’re either yelling at each other or creating fake drama. I really enjoy watching you figure out how and what you’re going to fabricate. I would really like an in depth tour of that old monster lathe you have.

  19. hittman2005

    hittman200510 hours ago

    @Fab Rats wow that was really cool. Man it pays to have friends with heavy equipment lol

  20. hittman2005

    hittman200510 hours ago

    @Fab Rats awesome thanks

  21. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 hours ago

    You’re in luck! Here’s the day we got it!!

  22. Wardukw10

    Wardukw105 days ago

    Hell its your wifes laughter which is why your guys vids are so damn entertaining and as for the oil change ..ive done thousands of those over the years but this one by far is in my top ten 😁

  23. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 hours ago

    Thank you!!

  24. TM P

    TM P5 days ago

    Whoever said he's getting a belly from sodas is just wrong. Also, I don't mind her laugh, it's entertaining, plus she's got some pipes. She can probably sing good.

  25. Nathan Monahan

    Nathan Monahan5 days ago

    If anyone doesn't know the Cars movie then they must live under a rock. And Sheriff was one of my favorites, the backfiring when chasing McQueen got a good laugh out of me.

  26. langwaydpful

    langwaydpful5 days ago

    It was Doc Hudson from Cars

  27. J Time

    J Time6 days ago

    I say keep laughing! I love all of your laughs!!!!

  28. Sherri Wright

    Sherri Wright6 days ago

    Wow, some people need to lighten up. I think your laugh is just fine, in fact when you laugh I am usually laughing too. People need to look at their own lives and quit making bad comments. I like you guys and I like Matts vids. They are the best out of all the vids I watch. Just keep being yourselves, laugh and have fun while you are young.

  29. D B

    D B7 days ago

    What are all those trophies for Paul? Champion wife scarer ! LOL

  30. Fab Rats

    Fab RatsDay ago

    Our demolition derby channel!

  31. Leroy sosa

    Leroy sosa8 days ago

    I'm about a week late but I watch the other video before so I had to come back to this one watch it to you guys are amazing I don't know why people leave dumb comments like that you guys are enjoying yourselves best time of your lives helping people and fixing cars and rescuing people them comments like you just did laugh Adam God bless you guys love your channel watching all the way from Spain peace out

  32. Fab Rats

    Fab RatsDay ago

    Thanks for watching!!

  33. From Drive To Coast

    From Drive To Coast8 days ago

    You folks are Baaad Asss just the way you are, keep up the good work.

  34. Cargo Nomads

    Cargo Nomads9 days ago

    Awesome guys!!

  35. js Vallee

    js Vallee9 days ago

    i just discover your channel yesterday and i watched every single video on it great channel can wait to see more !!! keep up the good work cheers from quebec canada !!

  36. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats5 days ago

    Welcome to the channel!!

  37. Jesse James

    Jesse James9 days ago

    No not fram! You couldn't pay me to use their junk. Otherwise nice vidja!

  38. phlanjo

    phlanjo9 days ago

    I saw you guys on Matt's channel, came to yours to watch this and I like your common thread of being completely normal - being isolated at home can be hard, but joining ppl like yourselves on YT helps alot. Cheers!

  39. Nick M

    Nick M9 days ago

    I feel like you should post the next cantakerous comments segment then just have it cut to a loop of your wife laughing for like 5 mins.

  40. 920ron

    920ron9 days ago

    Rotate tires and don't use fram filters


    BLYFACTOR9 days ago

    14:30 didn't run the engine for 5 minutes. No reset of oil counter. Or paper saying what mileage it'll need changed next.

  42. Jeremy Jensen

    Jeremy Jensen9 days ago

    I am going to leave a cantankerous content right now. I love your videos.

  43. Higgins 811

    Higgins 81110 days ago

    Lol that was a good vid and I like the comments section do that more often haha your a good family reminds me of when I was young like your kids used to have dump days right next door old man make us take all or old bike parts and as we got older our field bombers but we always brought back more then what we took. To make better stuff. And your laugh is part of the vid they don't like it f*** em. Think that's the best thing I've seen a USlikesr do is take time in there vid to make fun of the morons that try to make fun of you.

  44. 4x4Scout

    4x4Scout10 days ago

    Some of those comments were unbelievable. On another unbelievable note, I can't believe you used a shi#@$ Fram filter. :)

  45. Uncle Rick

    Uncle Rick10 days ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Not as much the content, as the interactions between the characters. Nothing wrong with Michelle’s laughter. Keep laughing girl. Also enjoyed the comments partway through the video. It was a nice way to break up the video.

  46. Preston Rich

    Preston Rich10 days ago

    I don't think there's anything wrong with her laugh. People need to lighten up.

  47. Vinko Franicic

    Vinko Franicic10 days ago

    If any of you want to see a woman good at working on her own and friends cars then search for 'Kirsties Karz' cos she's impressive! Especially as she aint a trained mechanic, mainly self taught.

  48. Vinko Franicic

    Vinko Franicic10 days ago

    Really like when women learn basic maintenance. Might stop them getting ripped off if they ever have to use a garage doing some repair.

  49. Studio23 Media

    Studio23 Media10 days ago

    4 Torx bolts just to get the air filter out? My goodness GM 😂


    DAVID RUPPEL10 days ago

    Yep funnest oil change ive ever seen.👍

  51. Coy Jackson

    Coy Jackson10 days ago

    Hey, she can laugh all she wants. Don't make me come out there, I'd probably get a kick out of it.

  52. Randy Travis

    Randy Travis11 days ago

    Michelle keep doing what you always have been doing great videos ,, don't change anything

  53. Pic4le

    Pic4le11 days ago


  54. Ed Lill

    Ed Lill11 days ago

    How much i put in.....just the tip baby i promiss...lmao

  55. Paul Gassler

    Paul Gassler11 days ago

    I can't believe you put a piece of garbage Fram filter on her SUV. Shame on you.

  56. Jordan Pitman

    Jordan Pitman11 days ago

    Gotta use AcDelco on them GM's, fram is bad to collapse, from my experience anyway 🤷‍♂️

  57. mr magoo

    mr magoo11 days ago

    All of a sudden I'm really liking that camera lady. That was freaking hilarious folks, i laughed through the whole thing. Thanks i needed that... ☮️!

  58. zack 101

    zack 10111 days ago

    Since no one said anything bad about Papa Dar I have to!! quit pretending like your arms hurt and get to work !! Lmbo I love all you guys keep up the good work !!

  59. Merlin Cult Official

    Merlin Cult Official11 days ago

    Everyone loves Dar, Lizzy, and Ed they are untouchable 😂

  60. Tim Grogan

    Tim Grogan11 days ago

    I love your show I keep telling my that we're moving to Utah . Do y'all need some good neighbors 😆 . Keep laughing I the world needs more happy people . God bless y'all

  61. f250superduty76

    f250superduty7611 days ago

    Ignore the Trolls People who are so critical of others do so to feel better about how pathetic they are. They are not paying you for this content. If they don’t like it they can go somewhere else. You don’t owe them anything. You are providing informational entertainment and most of us appreciate it.

  62. MICHAEL Caldwell

    MICHAEL Caldwell11 days ago

    Good job on the oil change ! Your laugh ain't bad laugh it up if they dont like it they are on the wrong page !

  63. Johnny V

    Johnny V11 days ago

    (Matt) Everyone's built older Jeep is bad "A". My Jeep's are definitely bad "A" Don't pay attention to these haters in their new JL's that turn off every time they stop but don't always turn back on when it's time to go. My daughters Chinese scooter is more reliable. Weight = Traction.... Since XJ's are light you need to eat that junk food to keep it pulling. (Momma Fab Rat) Laugh all you want just stop hitting deer in the Yukon. I can't say much though I hit an Acura with mine in an Ice storm. (the dude in the Acura was drinking coffee at the time) Yes "you're lookin' for a hole to unscrew so stuff can come down".... "it's one of these thing except smaller".... "Oh it's're not there yet keep turnin" An oil filter wrench is only a "castration tool" when you took you rig the the quick lube and they tightened it so much that the oil filter wrench crushes the filter before it comes off. (Paul) All these young bucks have Small Cox, us older folks had to get the Vaccine to make sure we didn't get it. Stop buying Fram filter, just cut one open and compare it to just about anything else. (or watch a video on here where someone does it)

  64. setiabudhy setiawan

    setiabudhy setiawan11 days ago


  65. james malm

    james malm12 days ago

    Stop buying Fram even if there a sponsor, sorry, they are junk.

  66. james malm

    james malm12 days ago

    Love the laughs Jamie

  67. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats8 days ago

    Jaymie is Matts wife. This is Michelle.😉

  68. Jon Erlandson

    Jon Erlandson12 days ago

    i don't think she cackles more than normal?...

  69. ihdieselman

    ihdieselman12 days ago

    Smokey and the bandit was the movie she referred to.

  70. Murphy

    Murphy12 days ago

    F... those's Haters . Awesome video's ......

  71. Jussi Kuusela

    Jussi Kuusela12 days ago

    DUDE you've got yuorself a SWEET wife!

  72. LittleofLife

    LittleofLife12 days ago

    Lol you guys are good sports with all the negative comments. I’ve really enjoyed the videos. From cedar city 👍🏻

  73. Our Bossi Adventures

    Our Bossi Adventures12 days ago

    Girl.. love tour laugh and I was dying with this video because it is what would happen if my hubby had me cha be the oil. He just kept looking at me the entire video! Awesome

  74. Bushrat Beachbum

    Bushrat Beachbum12 days ago

    Love the negative comments bit, it's amazing how crappy keyboard warriors are! Good work mrs rat, you'll be welding next! The tool bag looks pretty cool, the knife, only if you're stickin pigs!

  75. Bushrat Beachbum

    Bushrat Beachbum12 days ago

    Ps, laughing is the key to keeping happy! Laugh it up!!

  76. T

    T12 days ago

    I remember when I made my ex-girlfriend do her car's oil change for the first time and she was using the air ratchet and it grabbed and she punched yourself in the jaw funny stuff I did good though I didn't laugh at her

  77. Matt Lentz

    Matt Lentz12 days ago

    I agree more Michelle. The oil change video is the best! She's a ton of fun. Great job Michelle!!

  78. sggiro

    sggiro12 days ago

    When I opened USlikes today I had no plan to watch an oil change .. but that’s exactly what I did and I enjoyed it 🤩 Don’t listen to the cantankerous comments ... just read them and make fun of them, but don’t change anything based on what they say. Keep adding content *you* think is interesting/fun and I’m sure I’ll like it.

  79. odfarmboy

    odfarmboy12 days ago

    Loved cantankerous comments. Its great you can laugh at them.

  80. Beagle Dad

    Beagle Dad12 days ago

    Really!?!!? People make dumb ass comments like those!!! You and Matt's channels are my favorites and you just take whatever comes as it is. Tell em all they can go to H E double hockey stick

  81. Shaun Pearce

    Shaun Pearce12 days ago

    Love the way you guys handled the negative comments !! It was Hilarious😂

  82. Earl Leighton

    Earl Leighton12 days ago

    I'd rather have Michelle laughing, than hear her "bi ching , I hear that enough at home. Lol

  83. Steen Pedersen

    Steen Pedersen12 days ago

    When someone laughs, it often means that they are having fun. What's wrong with that? Keep laughing, it's healthy.

  84. Mad Dog Jodie

    Mad Dog Jodie12 days ago

    I love watching your content. I’m disappointed that y’all use Fram filters. They make the worst filters ever made. Cheap garbage. 1st step on how to ruin a motor

  85. Xelnah

    Xelnah12 days ago

    Thumbs up for the so called "diarrhea laugh", Michelle's laugh and commentary is great!

  86. TB

    TB12 days ago

    It depends what side of the wrench your facing/looking at ?.... Righty tighty , lefty loosey !!!!.... When you are facing/looking at the wrench it's left for tightening and right for loosing and when you are looking from the back of the wrench ( As in certain circumstances as changing oil ) you well be turning left to loosen and right too tighten .... Confused yet !!!!..... What Paul should of told you is a bolt or a nut will only tighten too the right and loosen too the left .... Hence Righty Tighty , Lefty Loosey .... Unless it's a left hand thread , and that's a different story .... Pushing and pulling will be covered in the next segment .... Just remember too look at the nut or the bolt and not the wrench tor tightening or loosing .... Truly confused ????....

  87. Rudy Mondragon

    Rudy Mondragon12 days ago

    YEP !!!!! If it is an 8 cylinder GM engine, it usually requires 6 Quarts of oil...

  88. Elbert konold

    Elbert konold12 days ago

    Where can i get a plastic pan like you have on your oil tank ?

  89. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 days ago


  90. Elbert konold

    Elbert konold12 days ago

    Thank you for making me laugh !

  91. superczech69

    superczech6912 days ago

    So....FRAM? Really? SMH

  92. Thomas Dobrenick

    Thomas Dobrenick12 days ago

    What ever happen to wing nut air filters. Know you have to have a socket to get to it.

  93. Matthew Rhodes

    Matthew Rhodes12 days ago

    You guys are great. Love the channel.

  94. Thomas Dobrenick

    Thomas Dobrenick12 days ago

    I think machell is great. To bad if complainers don't like it.

  95. Nate Kelly

    Nate Kelly12 days ago

    I liked the cantankerous comments.

  96. Tim Twitch

    Tim Twitch12 days ago

    Laughter is always welcome , the more the merrier 🙂😁👌

  97. Dan Dingfelder

    Dan Dingfelder12 days ago

    Now Paul has to go into the salon and do nails and hair.

  98. baloghlcb

    baloghlcb12 days ago

    On my F250 I always punch a hole in the filter to drain it, otherwise I end up wearing 2 quarts of oil lol. Guessing that's why you went ahead and just took the filter off haha.

  99. M C

    M C12 days ago

    Haha when papa dar came on I was dying! of course no one said anything bad about you dar that'd be like saying something bad about Ed

  100. Jai Utley

    Jai Utley12 days ago

    I think its great your wife is involved, laugh on!

  101. klimbíkova bastlírna

    klimbíkova bastlírna12 days ago

    This was cool! I have to do a similar video with my girlfriend! :D Nice!

  102. Spiting Cobra Cobus

    Spiting Cobra Cobus12 days ago

    Paul i loved all jokes off you your family and friends I injoy it altogether I my heart gry that you lets your wife chains oil Yes Michel never shall stand back to do it Thanks For al your video clips Brat is also my friend is from him i meet your clip Thanks

  103. Chris Stevens

    Chris Stevens13 days ago

    Fram is like one of the worst oil filters to use tho lots of bad reviews on fram an I've had luck with fram oil filters love watching you guys tho I hope one day I cud get to meet y'all in person out rock crawling

  104. Thedetails aredark

    Thedetails aredark13 days ago

    I absolutely love those us general carts man. a pleasure to use and they will last a lifetime.

  105. Anthony James

    Anthony James13 days ago

    Paul you must be doing something right, to have such a happy and wonderful wife!

  106. wayne anderson

    wayne anderson13 days ago

    You should google.... "What is a car"?

  107. Paladin of Peace

    Paladin of Peace13 days ago

    Your wife Paul is an absolute sweetheart. You guys are great and funny together. I'm in So. Oregon and went to Hurricane with family last fall. I met Matt and his crew and was there when they first put the new corvair in the shop to begin before anything had been done. I regret not having enough time to meet you as well. Maybe next time. I love real people like you and Matt and your wives. I wish the "blue" cities throughout America 🇺🇸 were filled with people like you all instead. God bless you and yours .

  108. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 days ago

    You’re welcome anytime!

  109. David Blume

    David Blume13 days ago

    More than dozens agree. I miss it when Michelle isn’t filming. The only thing you can do better is post more videos. Love your channel 🥰

  110. MRBLACK947

    MRBLACK94713 days ago

    LAMO Paul you sound like Dana Carvey doing his impression of George Bush Sr at times during this. love it. Michelle's laugh is not a bad thing. Some people.

  111. Cotton Dude

    Cotton Dude13 days ago

    I think she’s hot and love her laugh

  112. Justemptiedeverypocket

    Justemptiedeverypocket13 days ago

    I think you forgot to grease the bottom side of the truck

  113. Justin Begay

    Justin Begay13 days ago

    Quote is from CARS The movie

  114. wubber2chc

    wubber2chc13 days ago

    Name that movie.... “I’ve been feelin a quart low” was from Cars!

  115. wubber2chc

    wubber2chc13 days ago

    Cantankerous comments. 😂Absolutely love it! Keep up the great work Fab Rats, You’re doin’ just fine!!

  116. James Brown

    James Brown13 days ago

    Keep up the laughter and the awesome content guys!!! I really enjoy your feed!!!

  117. pear7777

    pear777713 days ago

    It's obvious ms FAB iz in charge of the merch!

  118. pear7777

    pear777713 days ago

    18/19 years, you started that at 6??

  119. pear7777

    pear777713 days ago

    And the rest after being such a good sport.

  120. pear7777

    pear777713 days ago

    She needs a hug after the prank c'mon!

  121. 19904X4 Vanman

    19904X4 Vanman13 days ago

    I came down with COVID so I’ve been down but not out for a month now. I started watching you and Matt on USlikes on our TV and have been enjoying y’all’s videos. I’ve been into 4x4’s for ever. I was just miles away from Utah on our last adventure but COVID had everything shut down so it’s still on the bucket list. I saw a samurai out side of your shop. What’s the deal ? Keep up the build videos 👍

  122. 19904X4 Vanman

    19904X4 Vanman11 days ago

    @Fab Rats please do a little video of it for us samurai guys Thanks

  123. Fab Rats

    Fab Rats11 days ago

    Get well soon! The samurai is Paul’s dads. 👍🏻

  124. Chris Coulthard

    Chris Coulthard13 days ago

    You should watch Red Greens oil change video so you know how to do it next time. 😉