Shocking Finish To WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 - NEW Champ

Shock finish to WWE Elimination Chamber 2021!
Intro: 0:00
0:37 Mustafa Ali vs. John Morrison vs. Ricochet vs. Elias
1:21 Elimination Chamber Match: Number One Contender
2:26 Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan
3:48 Bobby Lashley vs. John Morrison vs. Matt Riddle
4:56 Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair
5:30 Elimination Chamber Match: WWE Championship Match
7:06 Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz
7:40 The Good
9:57 The Bad
12:15 The Downright Ugly
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  1. Eric Perez 265

    Eric Perez 2657 days ago


  2. Savas

    Savas9 days ago

    Why I always late...

  3. demarco adkins

    demarco adkins10 days ago

    Regardless of Lacey Evans not being able to compete Asuka should have gotten a replacement, and Daniel Bryan should have not had to compete so soon after the elimination chamber match this show was a 2/5 at the most.

  4. Stanley Terlumun Ugah

    Stanley Terlumun Ugah11 days ago

    Someone needs to deal with lashley

  5. Glo ria

    Glo ria11 days ago

    I have to disagree with you on putting The Miz in the bad section

  6. Kabeer Ahmed

    Kabeer Ahmed11 days ago

    6:57 Drew counters with a brogue kick?

  7. Dejon Igori

    Dejon Igori11 days ago

    Who heard the mistake when they said Drew hit AJ with a broge kick

  8. Chandrasekar S

    Chandrasekar S11 days ago

    Suddenly the women division is looking way too bad with poor booking. There has been no challengers for Asuka since Becky's departure. This is simply unacceptable for a company with so many women wrestlers. Is this the same company which arranged a dedicated women's pay per view? Can't imagine how such a big and experienced company like wwe don't have a proper creative team or any direction.

  9. ADARSH.M.S 32

    ADARSH.M.S 3212 days ago

    Not Brouqe it's CLAYMORE

  10. João Pires

    João Pires12 days ago

    6:57 'Brogue Kick' Oops


    EUROPEAN GOLD12 days ago

    The Miz as champion makes WWE worth watching again

  12. Al Ala

    Al Ala12 days ago

    Now Drew has sheamus,lashley and miz. And Orton still have Drew,fiend and Keith Lee.

  13. Pizza Man

    Pizza Man12 days ago

    I thought Daniel Bryan retired? How do people keep retiring and then returning? That's not retiring lol

  14. Pizza Man

    Pizza Man12 days ago

    Wait a second, are there two of the same super bland looking WWE champion belts, just one red and one blue?

  15. Robert Vantine

    Robert Vantine12 days ago

    The Miz is the best heel of his generation, and you can argue that is a reflection of his generation, but he is entertaining and he can generate incredible heat. That's what a heel does and the Miz is perfect at it.

  16. Kenneth Tilton

    Kenneth Tilton12 days ago

    Ever since the WWE decided to "toughen up" their image, the viewer is treated to shaky cameras and an album of close up with.quickly alternating wider angles. But you would think they'd cut it out for a ppv.

  17. Kurt Padilla

    Kurt Padilla12 days ago

    Damian priest is getting buried ... Being a body guard of bad bunny (whoever he is)

  18. another guy from mother murder

    another guy from mother murder12 days ago

    WWE is scripted and fake 🤬😠

  19. Kakuni .J. Moose

    Kakuni .J. Moose12 days ago

    At 6:59 Drew does a Claymore Kick. What you mentioned here is used by Shamus

  20. Gabe x

    Gabe x12 days ago

    u know the deal mvp did with the miz will be bobby helps miz in exchange for for a title shot so miz defends the title against lashley. the match at mania miz & morrison vs priest & bad bunny still might happen. i'm surprised asuka didn't defend her title against charlotte.

  21. Jason Tate

    Jason Tate12 days ago

    There IS a "Downright Ugly" for this year's "Elimination Chamber"-Pay-Per-View: No Women's Elimination-Chamber-Match for either the Smack-Down-Women's-Championship nore the RAW-Women's-Championship this year! Seriously! They made a women's Hell-In-A-Cell-Match and a women's Royal-Rumble-Match. But no women's Elimination-Chamber-Match this year, but last year they had one? What's wrong with Vinnyboy?

  22. Khalid Syed

    Khalid Syed12 days ago

    Vince decides who wins. So dont say I wish cesaro , Orton should have win E chamb

  23. Rhett Rissmiller

    Rhett Rissmiller12 days ago

    WTF Riddle really? The guy's a freaking joke!!! Same with the the Miz. Both of them are what Bobby Heenan used to call some wrestlers - Ham and Eggers.

  24. radstorm

    radstorm12 days ago

    What's WWE gonna bring in next.. Hanna Barbera characters? oh well, maybe the Cartoon Network will give them a better deal than Fox..


    BLACK BEAST12 days ago

    Moroson sud turn face

  26. simon edwards

    simon edwards12 days ago

    So hang on ... McIntyre, Mahal, the fn Miz have a go as champ! Wtf Slater needed a go...he's got kids

  27. YaBoy Drew

    YaBoy Drew12 days ago

    The Hurt Business got it all planned out, they helped Miz win the championship so that way Bobby Lashley can get an easy win for the championship, mind you he just lost the US title

  28. kayskreed

    kayskreed12 days ago

    What happens if Bugs Bunny pins the Mix for the championship? :D Or will it be claimed by someone else instead?

  29. steve keener

    steve keener12 days ago

    The miz why does he have to be the champ


    LEISURE BUSTER12 days ago

    Bro thax for the updates

  31. Victor Ronandez

    Victor Ronandez12 days ago

    It was an awesome show I couldn't tell what would happen next and that's awesome since most times things are so predictable. The matches flowed perfectly and there were very little mistakes. My only issue was that the show was short I expected the Raw Women's championship and IC to be defended too. Overall though last night's show was every bit as good as advertised

  32. Jose Luevano

    Jose Luevano12 days ago

    I'm gonna focus on a few things: The Miz's win should've been a great moment. 2-3 years ago he was one of, if not the best part of Smackdown. The company made the stupid decision to turn him face. If the company had kept him one of the top heels his cash in could've been great. But sadly he is just irrelevant now. I wanna just switch gears quickly. Back when Miz won his first world title it was too soon but I felt the company missed an opportunity to really tell an underdog story about a guy who wasn't wanted in the locker room, doubted on the indie circuit due to him coming from reality TV. But this was the John Cena era so he was just another sacrificial lamb as opposed to one of the rare times Cena could've used his status to elevate a guy who is one of the most underrated performers the company has had the last 10+ years. Next the Miz's cash in proves that the MITB stipulation has not only jumped the shark, but that shark has been dug up and reburied over and over. The company needs to just go the New Japan route and guarantee the winner a world title shot at Wrestlemania. Either that or just eliminate the concept. Next why does the WWE like having dominant world champion ls lose their titles before Wrestlemania? I know that Wrestlemania is supposed to be the culmination of the wrestling year. So like a book the hero triumphs in the end. But can't a guy like McIntyre who has reigned as champion during a once in lifetime pandemic just walk into Wrestlemania against his next challenger and just win. A champions greatness isn't just defined by how many times he lost the title, only to regain it. But by how many times he turned away every new challenger. Whwther they were faster, younger, stronger, etc Finally and this one is going to draw alot of heat. While some may love Edge winning the Rumble and love the idea of Edge/Reigns. I still think the company is missing out on what could potentially be an incredible feud in Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns. This feud should be built around the company's i.e. Vince McMahon decision to push Reigns over Bryan back in 2015. For those who do not remember, Bryan was still red hot. The Yes chants were still heard from every corner of the arena's but at that years Rumble the company made the decision to push their golden child Roman Reigns. Which of course did not sit well with fans. Bryan could use that and say he had to sit at home and watch Reigjs fail time and time again. He has to watch guys become sacrificial lambs at the altar of the almighty Rawman Reigns. He could even go as far as to ask Reigns to ask Strowman how that heel turn worked out. Bryan can say what we've been saying for years. Reigns can counter by saying the company wasn't gonna put their faith in a guy whose body couldn't hold up. I think there promo work coiled really resonate and allow Reigns to really finally express his frustrations with fans, management but also show that he wasn't gonna turn down the brass ring. While Bryan can talk about how he once again had to reprove himself, how people gravitate towards him because he is the ultimate underdog. Again Edge/Reigns should be a solid feud but Reigns/Bryan could be much better.

  33. Rick Boutell

    Rick Boutell12 days ago

    At least Boby Lashley would be a more fitting ending to Drew’s Championship run than the Miz! I mean good grief!!!

  34. Jose Reyes

    Jose Reyes12 days ago

    7:00 brogue kick ? 🤨


    ADAM MOORE12 days ago

    yes u did but mvp is finished he's injured and hes a useless wrestler

  36. Rick Boutell

    Rick Boutell12 days ago

    The Miz as WWE Champion, what a joke! Drew McIntyre’s rein as champion needed a more fitting ending than that...

  37. シT00_NED

    シT00_NED12 days ago

    after the 2nd elimination I was like “YEEEEES YES YES YES YEEEEEES” for like a min or too, but after I was screaming “NOOOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO NO I WAS LITETALLY SO HAPPY SECONDS AGO”

  38. Dane Deanova

    Dane Deanova12 days ago

    please, activate that subtitle again. im from indonesia, i can understand when reading than hearing

  39. sexypants1234

    sexypants123412 days ago

    I thought it was funny Edge came out to confront Reigns before the Raw Elimination Chamber was shown, making Edges promo towards Drew completely meaningless

  40. Ayman Ashley

    Ayman Ashley12 days ago

    Asuka deserves better. On the kick off show they could have had a battle royal match

  41. Fear Ghosted

    Fear Ghosted12 days ago

    The wwe title is gonna be miz vs drew and drew winning the no cap

  42. ps1 gamer

    ps1 gamer12 days ago

    Wee only pushes bobby and Sasha and Bianca and such cause of black history month which they should be pushed regardless of month vinny rascist McMahon

  43. Mind Mesh

    Mind Mesh12 days ago

    Friggin lame. An MTV flunkie is champ. Unreal!!!

  44. Mind Mesh

    Mind Mesh12 days ago

    And the Money In the Bank gimmick is wayyy……over. New Japan has been even trolling it!!!

  45. Jordan Cook

    Jordan Cook12 days ago

    Where was Braun and The Fiend

  46. Max Schultz

    Max Schultz12 days ago

    Now it is time you give Cesaro a major push.

  47. Max Schultz

    Max Schultz12 days ago

    It is about time WWE the MIZ has deserved this for a long time now.

  48. Arnold Jones

    Arnold Jones12 days ago

    So.....we not going to talk about how the Miz. Cashed in the mitb briefcase twice?

  49. joextreme

    joextreme12 days ago

    They botched Ortion losing like a jobber last night, maybe have lights go out lol. Then it seemed they killed Sheamus vs Drew feud. Sheamus should have been last guy pinned by Drew. I really think Dolph Ziggler needs to leave Rhode and join a 3 stable with Miz and Morrison.

  50. joextreme

    joextreme12 days ago

    Miz is a shadow of a doubt, the best on MIC promos, best Heel and its a shame that WWE will make him lose his belt tonight. He won't be champ going into Wrestle mania, but Drew was boring and losing interest. Time to move on. Man no tag team Wrassling on the card? Tag titles don't mean squat or IC championships. haha

  51. ham4fun

    ham4fun12 days ago

    the down right ugly part of the PPV was WWE giving the Miz another title. hes sooooooooooo not worthy.

  52. dee zoom

    dee zoom12 days ago

    Drew counter with a claymore

  53. Hatim Quilon

    Hatim Quilon12 days ago

    Miz win was a surprise?

  54. Hatim Quilon

    Hatim Quilon12 days ago

    The camera work sucked

  55. Hatim Quilon

    Hatim Quilon12 days ago

    5/10,2 points for Drew.

  56. Hatim Quilon

    Hatim Quilon12 days ago

    The first chamber was like watching backyard wrestling.

  57. Richard Noble

    Richard Noble12 days ago

    shittin on asuka again as usual!!! fk da miz!!!

  58. TheEmperorHasSpoken

    TheEmperorHasSpoken12 days ago

    1. I can't help but feel like Randy Orton's elimination was accidental. Sure, he was likely supposed to lose, but the way Kofi had him rolled up, he looked like he stumbled trying to fly off of him and both Kofi and Randy looked like they were in complete disbelief. Also, Orton was eliminated what felt like WAY too early. There were only 3 Superstars in the ring at the time. 2. The Miz as champion just gives me horrible David Arquette flashbacks.

  59. Darwin Ellis

    Darwin Ellis12 days ago

    No Peyton Royce vs Asuka out right sucked.

  60. Leland Lycette

    Leland Lycette12 days ago

    The pay-per- view was too dam short. Not enough matches to worrent a pay-per-view. they should more matches tag team tittles raw and smackdown. It finish at 9:30. Where most pat-per-view last until 10:30

  61. gerry mendoza

    gerry mendoza12 days ago

    As soon as I saw him backstage talking with mvp I knew he was cashing in

  62. Faustina Sanchez Torres Freer

    Faustina Sanchez Torres Freer12 days ago

    I thought the Fiend was gonna show up at elimination chamber but I guess I have to wait until the next pay per view at fastline

  63. SSJ5G_YT

    SSJ5G_YT12 days ago

    I'm just glad we have a new US champion, Lashley never needed the belt. Also I expect Miz to be a transitional champion, just so he can get rid of the briefcase. Also we gonna have the angry Fangirl return and beat Miz at Mania? I would personally enjoy that, book it Vince.

  64. Dr Phot

    Dr Phot12 days ago

    Good or Bad Bunnies should not be wrestling!

  65. Reginald Marsh Jr

    Reginald Marsh Jr12 days ago

    Awesome segment.

  66. Gerald Smith

    Gerald Smith12 days ago

    No no no no nooooo There was something down right ugly about last night no fuckn Bray Wyatt hell is he pregnant to lmao They didn't even scare Randy Orton out match hell that's the main reason alot of us watched it last night...Everything else that happened was predictable lol

  67. ShyDinero

    ShyDinero12 days ago

    I don’t like how they have drew kicks out of everything he kicked out of every finisher and signature from everybody

  68. ps1 gamer

    ps1 gamer12 days ago

    Looks worser then the tribal chief and finally he is not champion again but still will be shoved down everyone's throat like usual

  69. Stephen playz

    Stephen playz12 days ago

    6:59 did anyone else hear (and drew hits the brogue kick

  70. chris barrett

    chris barrett12 days ago

    The fact that they’re setting up a Bobby lashley Drew McIntyre angle is genius. Plus the Miz won’t hold onto the belt that long.

  71. Socrates

    Socrates12 days ago

    Thanks for the result, always saves my life whenever Im out of home and misses any events

  72. That guy from Aggretsuko

    That guy from Aggretsuko12 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I'm not into WWE bookers' head, but having to lose the US Title against Riddle and then driving Miz into cashing the MITB made me think that they are trying to bring Lashley as a contender for the main title at least for Fastlane against Miz (but I doubt they are really trying to work Lashley into Wrestlemania, as a champion or as a contender, with only a month away from the main PPV) Not sure it's a good idea though, but I'm happy for Riddle because I never actually liked his Bro gimmick, but can't deny the guy deserved his first main title after all his work.

  73. MAGMALORD360

    MAGMALORD36012 days ago

    Absolutely Hell yes what an Amazing weekend for The Miz with the workout video for WWE on Friday, 7 Year Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, and finally Miz cashing in and winning the WWE World Championship. Also F U man Miz does deserve it he’s one of the last full time wrestlers of a previous generation, he’s a company man that works hard every day, and he does the one thing that former legends like Goldberg fail to do and help put over younger talent. When Miz held the Intercontinental Championship between 2016 to early 2018 with his multiple runs he did what he set out to do and made the Title prestigious.

  74. 2Sweet

    2Sweet12 days ago

    The Miz always looks like he can't believe he won. I wish he'd stop making those dumb faces.

  75. Dion McCall

    Dion McCall12 days ago

    Riddle thing he's a Von Eric😁

  76. Phillip Young

    Phillip Young12 days ago

    I give the whole PPV a B

  77. stevie D

    stevie D12 days ago

    I agree with cesaro winning. Why does vince continue to give these guys that have had there time in the spotlight give the younger guys some moments edge is old, Bryan is old we have seen them win before. We need shane to take control and bring a new era

  78. TheDrip82

    TheDrip8212 days ago

    Yeah cause CHOOSING MIZ is what everyone wants to see Miz! WHAT A JOKE Wrestling has become!

  79. Fortifys _

    Fortifys _12 days ago

    i wonder what the miz girl feels like right now

  80. Krypto animations

    Krypto animations12 days ago

    I was soo hyped when the Miz won yay!wrestlemania miz

  81. sala tulachanh

    sala tulachanh12 days ago

    If you asked someone to describe you the perfect pretend wrestler, it’d be the Miz. Why they though this was a good idea is beyond me?

  82. Marcy-Marc Beats

    Marcy-Marc Beats12 days ago

    As a fellow scotsman, I am way pissed the miz won,,wtf..I would've rathered AJ styles had won

  83. Jace Bogan

    Jace Bogan12 days ago

    They should have had randy about to win and the fiend return and sister Abigails randy so drew wins and then Miz cashes in.

  84. Erick Makhubela

    Erick Makhubela12 days ago

    6:59 a brogue kick!???

  85. Robert Kohnke

    Robert Kohnke12 days ago

    Some of these big guys finishers are so lame. Too many flying kick finishers.

  86. Lord Kunt

    Lord Kunt12 days ago

    I was literally listening to The Miz’s theme song and this happened. I’m shocked and surprised.

  87. AceWolf G

    AceWolf G12 days ago

    The Miz is an excellent worker, he deserves a chance and I hope he doesn't end up being a transitional champion just to get rid of the briefcase. With that being said, I don't understand why the kickoff panel announced someone would step up to challenge Asuka, only go the match to not happen at all. The least they could've done was announce it wasn't going to happen (unless they did and I missed it).

  88. Shelby Khan

    Shelby Khan12 days ago

    Im just shocked that they would stop drews run like this! Hopefully they have a surprise and drew wins his title back before WM

  89. Yanique Andrews

    Yanique Andrews12 days ago

    So edge spears him...does this mean a spear off will be coming between him and roman?

  90. Mic Amazin

    Mic Amazin12 days ago

    Kofi watched his back cuz 10 years ago. Edge blindside him and took his spot in the match.

  91. Gudia kumari

    Gudia kumari12 days ago

    Tasty 🥰😘

  92. Seba Lob

    Seba Lob12 days ago

    6:56 i think you got the wrong move


    ROYAL CHEETAH BOYD12 days ago

    This is my favorite wrestling channel hands down. But the randy Orton spot was horrible! Why does the wwe continually nerf this man...? I understand it probably would be lame to make him top dawg but damn he is getting treated awfully

  94. Crazy ninja Gaming

    Crazy ninja Gaming12 days ago

    Why did Keith lee get remove from the match

  95. Dragon Ball

    Dragon Ball12 days ago

    Idk how yall are okay with this mediocre bullshit? B rated Ppv, Obvious ending, same people getting pushed lol.


    CAPTAIN DEADPOOL12 days ago

    The only thing surprising about the finish was that Miz was actually successful. I knew he was coming out but didn't know if he'd win.

  97. Ricky 101

    Ricky 10112 days ago

    Just putting this out there: The Miz is in the same league as CM Punk with two successful Cash-In. Let that set in.

  98. That guy from Aggretsuko

    That guy from Aggretsuko12 days ago

    Edge too cashed it twice :) And Miz, like Edge, had his second cash-in from a briefcase he took from another winner (Edge took it from Mr. Kennedy), Punk is the only individual that won the MitB twice

  99. Jessica Foster

    Jessica Foster12 days ago

    Riddle is literally the worst wrestler I've ever seen in my entire life and wwe made it to where he took the title from a guy like lashley???

  100. jamie barr

    jamie barr12 days ago

    Why is it a shock he was Mr money in the bank lol you must of seen it coming a did

  101. MysteryMan 021

    MysteryMan 02112 days ago

    Miz cash in looks like a flashback on when Edge cashed in on a beaten Undertaker. Think about it: both champions retained through a grueling cage match, both champions get the tar beaten out of them by a random attacker, both Edge & Miz come out and take advantage of the fallen champion to win the gold

  102. Moneymike6 67

    Moneymike6 6712 days ago

    It sucked

  103. Dennis The DJohn Mustard Johnson

    Dennis The DJohn Mustard Johnson12 days ago

    Easily the 2 down right ugly is The Miz winning the WWE title and 2 no Bray Wyatt