The Amazing Spider-Man Cheating On MJ With Black Cat Scene 4K ULTRA HD - Spider-Man Remastered PS5

The Amazing Spider-Man Cheating On MJ With Black Cat Scene 4K ULTRA HD - Spider-Man Remastered PS5
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  1. GameClips

    GameClipsMonth ago

    Undies Spider-Man Cheating On MJ -

  2. Mario Camugao

    Mario Camugao28 days ago


  3. Za'kariah Jones

    Za'kariah JonesMonth ago

    @PaddingtonSavage v🤠🤠

  4. 就马

    就马Month ago


  5. Akinbobola

    AkinbobolaMonth ago

    Thumbs down for mislabeling.

  6. Ohana Rezantes

    Ohana RezantesMonth ago

    @PaddingtonSavage why three bruhs?

  7. P. Cux

    P. Cux41 minute ago

    admit it guys you clicked for 🍑

  8. raida do

    raida do45 minutes ago

    only boys know why he keeps sitting after the cutscene with black cat....

  9. Not Nightcore

    Not Nightcore8 hours ago

    8:04 Felicia : Why are you webbing me? *I DONT LIKE WHERE THIS GOING*

  10. Johannes Von malos

    Johannes Von malos13 hours ago

    How curious

  11. Yep That’s me

    Yep That’s me15 hours ago

    Kinda jealous

  12. Justice kenneth Ezinne

    Justice kenneth Ezinne18 hours ago

    This is great

  13. Haydz

    HaydzDay ago

    Respect for using the Amazing Spiderman suit, best design in my opinion

  14. Orlandope Dealer

    Orlandope DealerDay ago

    Spider-Man puts some spiderwebs into the black cat

  15. José Manuel de la Cruz Flores

    José Manuel de la Cruz FloresDay ago

    Me encanta 😊😍😃

  16. Esther

    Esther2 days ago

    I don't know. I just like this MJ more.

  17. Jesuschrist Itschris

    Jesuschrist Itschris2 days ago

    Fuck mj she b playing wit peters feelings black cat was there for him trying to start a relationship and stuff

  18. emperor bliss

    emperor bliss3 days ago

    "bye Felicia" - Spiderman

  19. gamechangersingh

    gamechangersingh3 days ago

    16:23 Smoke Bombs!

  20. VicenDipa17

    VicenDipa174 days ago

    Pause at exactly 20:16

  21. Uncreative name

    Uncreative name4 days ago

    0:50 Spidey🥜

  22. Throwback JTT

    Throwback JTT4 days ago

    I still trying to figure out how she survived that explosion

  23. Scream

    Scream4 days ago

    Pause at 16:24 at .25 speed

  24. Anthony BCI

    Anthony BCI5 days ago

    This dlc was so sexual

  25. Berry

    Berry6 days ago

    How they catch you in 4k?????

  26. Araknan Ninja

    Araknan Ninja6 days ago

    Felicia and Selena, The 2 most perfect "Kitties"

  27. Aluda with big love

    Aluda with big love8 days ago

    This cartoon is watched by children. Pigs!

  28. Rybo

    Rybo9 days ago

    I mean can you blame him😈

  29. Fanel Fabien

    Fanel Fabien9 days ago

    Her name Blackarian she mold in this looking too much not beautiful

  30. kindersupplies

    kindersupplies9 days ago

    Felicia is 1000 times hotter than the flat ugly MJ in this game

  31. Devin Stratton

    Devin Stratton10 days ago

    I wish that mj didn't get back with Pete that slot should be filled with felicia.

  32. Kohlman Thompson

    Kohlman Thompson8 days ago

    MJ Loves Peter, Felicia only loves Spiderman. That's why he's with MJ

  33. Istvan Fodor

    Istvan Fodor10 days ago

    MJ who?

  34. Sd Gamerz and vlogging

    Sd Gamerz and vlogging10 days ago


  35. ClickPause

    ClickPause10 days ago

    When she commits destruction of priceless art pieces but she kinda bad though.

  36. Donte Bryant

    Donte Bryant10 days ago

    Not Koo Spidey not

  37. Dominique Edward

    Dominique Edward12 days ago

    Spider man really love this girl


    YELL0W WIEN3RS VL0GG1NG CH4NNE113 days ago

    21:03 bai Felicia

  39. Christian Hernandez

    Christian Hernandez13 days ago

    Peter and black cat would be good partners😉

  40. El ReaL G4 LiF3

    El ReaL G4 LiF313 days ago

    Your ability to dodge those electrical shield bombs are critical.

  41. alamin

    alamin13 days ago

    what u came for: 0:21 2:43

  42. Sekanwagi Abrar Lukonge

    Sekanwagi Abrar Lukonge13 days ago

    But why did he cheat

  43. محمدرضا موسایی

    محمدرضا موسایی14 days ago


  44. Toe Daddy

    Toe Daddy14 days ago

    Why is this in my recommendations

  45. Matt Sanchez

    Matt Sanchez14 days ago

    Ummm saskue

  46. Lolgetouttahere

    Lolgetouttahere15 days ago

    i would cheat too

  47. Clout Exotic

    Clout Exotic15 days ago

    Is she dead ?

  48. Mark F

    Mark F16 days ago


  49. Mark F

    Mark F16 days ago


  50. hai trieu nguyen

    hai trieu nguyen17 days ago

    I remember spider-man shattered dimension, game of the year 2010

  51. Pin

    Pin17 days ago

    Me: Wanna watch something Algorithm: how about THICC Black Cat in 4K Me: Thanks bro

  52. Jordan Maille

    Jordan Maille18 days ago

    How’d you get the suit?

  53. Duncan Self

    Duncan Self18 days ago

    Her hips and ass are scene stealers! 🤤

  54. lordoffrickinasgard

    lordoffrickinasgard19 days ago

    19:37 hentai alert

  55. Kase O

    Kase O19 days ago

    Is this extra gameplay from the next gen console? I don't recall some of these being in the PS4 game...

  56. E_T_ HUGS

    E_T_ HUGS20 days ago

    5:52 yeah, she raised that son alone didn’t she 🤣

  57. Emyr Thomas

    Emyr Thomas21 day ago

    I hope there are playable black cat segments in the sequel like Catwoman in Arkham City

  58. Maiel Hakiem

    Maiel Hakiem21 day ago

    mcm citer Cicakman siakk,pstu ngn ada rama-rama tuu

  59. Bluewillow _Prime

    Bluewillow _Prime21 day ago

    Why does Hammerhead sound like Hawkmoth from The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

  60. Calvin Howard

    Calvin Howard21 day ago

    That was nothing but a bunch of harmless flirting

  61. thatbroke artist

    thatbroke artist22 days ago

    "Hang on, I am coming" "I want to go deeper" Imagine steve carell watching this video🤣

  62. DissonantWhisper

    DissonantWhisper22 days ago

    Wtf is this on my recommended

  63. RIPLV

    RIPLV22 days ago

    Dang watched all this to find out he wasn’t cheating ....

  64. Nighthawk Viper

    Nighthawk Viper22 days ago

    Always go with yo Catwoman. Sistus Pandemonium occurs instead.

  65. Tom

    Tom22 days ago

    I wonder if Peter did the delicious with his mask on XD

  66. Andrea Vendetti

    Andrea Vendetti23 days ago

    Marvel Spiderman 😍

  67. Dizaster Day

    Dizaster Day23 days ago


  68. Fanzey 232

    Fanzey 23223 days ago

    When did he cheat on mj cuz all I didn’t see them kiss

  69. wagner editor

    wagner editor23 days ago


  70. Lil Fabio

    Lil Fabio23 days ago

    why she got that dump truck tho


    DEATHBOLIKUS JO24 days ago

    Not to be mean, but it looks like your web swinging is lacking. You skip the rest of the game or something?

  72. TheBang

    TheBang24 days ago

    Sasuke is all of a sudden Spider Man

  73. Cupar Wearing

    Cupar Wearing24 days ago

    bye felicia

  74. Frank Einstein

    Frank Einstein24 days ago

    12:32, I’m not sure how the physics of her hair work.

  75. A E

    A E24 days ago

    00:49 C R E A M

  76. Poo poo Pichu

    Poo poo Pichu25 days ago

    Thought cat woman was dc?

  77. Nature Broski

    Nature Broski25 days ago

    I just love the Toby maguire suit

  78. Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman26 days ago

    What.... Big surprise she's a Mom she had a son no😨

  79. jay street

    jay street26 days ago

    Why does mj look fat in the phone call lol.

  80. John Paul

    John Paul26 days ago

    Love black cat my favorite anti hero, if it’s between the cat or MJ I choose the cat

  81. Rolen

    Rolen26 days ago

    She's so hot. 🔥😍

  82. Ethan Irwin

    Ethan Irwin26 days ago

    The moaning millisecond early deserve because guitar congruently hate following a placid era. extra-large extra-small exuberant, concerned snowplow

  83. Jo$h

    Jo$h26 days ago

    Best part of the game and it was a freaking DLC. I need a lot more blackcat in SM2.

  84. Victor Rivera

    Victor Rivera26 days ago

    Do you know that I beat this game three times on my PS4

  85. Bolu Watife

    Bolu Watife26 days ago

    The chase between black cat and spidey reminds me of the mission in infamous second son, where you have to chase Fetch " Chasing the light".

  86. BRIKO

    BRIKO27 days ago

    Why is this in my recommendation's

  87. Hollow time

    Hollow time27 days ago

    "I need to go deeper" That's not the first time i heard this sentence ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  88. The Dredgen137

    The Dredgen13728 days ago

    That was 21 and a half minutes of high sexual tension

  89. Christian Hernandez

    Christian Hernandez28 days ago

    he really clapped her cheeks😂😂😂

  90. Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy28 days ago

    Where was the cheating part???

  91. gibbs615

    gibbs61528 days ago

    I knew Black Cat had to have been lying about the whole son thing.

  92. Tarzanonline

    Tarzanonline28 days ago


  93. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan29 days ago

    Good ol simp spidey.

  94. iam high as f#ck right now

    iam high as f#ck right now29 days ago

    Plot twist: mj is cat woman

  95. Prettyflacko947

    Prettyflacko94729 days ago



    CHEF JWETTMonth ago


  97. Night Wing

    Night WingMonth ago


  98. obrian gayle

    obrian gayleMonth ago

    Is spidy sense wasn't working. And is that new gen Catwoman

  99. Onome Emoefe

    Onome EmoefeMonth ago

    So this is what the remastered version looks like

  100. Dee Haxor

    Dee HaxorMonth ago

    best part of the video when he says "bye Felicia"

  101. Strafoam

    StrafoamMonth ago

    Black cat is clearly a rip off of Cat Woman.

  102. Necromagician

    NecromagicianMonth ago

    He has a ps5..........

  103. priest Ogunmade

    priest OgunmadeMonth ago

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  104. LilCyco223

    LilCyco223Month ago

    "Hang on, Felicia. I'm coming." Probably not his first time saying that sentence.

  105. Cheezebal

    Cheezebal5 hours ago


  106. LilCyco223

    LilCyco22317 days ago

    Never realized how many people feel the need to try to validate their opinions by discrediting something as simple as a joke. USlikes needs an enema...

  107. LilCyco223

    LilCyco22319 days ago

    And they always manage to find a way to try to kill the joke...

  108. Tru3F4ze 1

    Tru3F4ze 120 days ago

    Pffft how about no

  109. LilCyco223

    LilCyco22320 days ago

    @Kayla Hossack there's one in every family, sire.

  110. Cyberdemon Mike

    Cyberdemon MikeMonth ago

    The exaggerated thiccness of a white woman in a black tight suit.

  111. Ryan Shane

    Ryan ShaneMonth ago

    Does Black Cat have powers?