We Become Babies In Brookhaven RP... (Roblox)

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  1. • Demon •

    • Demon •3 hours ago

    Why can’t I marry Levi 😔

  2. fuffy_04848285

    fuffy_048482855 hours ago


  3. arianne

    arianne11 hours ago

    Who is adopted here tell me TELL MEEEE!!!! REEEEEEEEE😜😜😜🤪🤪😜

  4. chanie the elf

    chanie the elf20 hours ago

    did anyone notice the toy ball on the cover of the video (it's obama :D)

  5. Alma Medina

    Alma MedinaDay ago

    I love you alex

  6. The Miller Family

    The Miller FamilyDay ago

    ♡ the fact that Levi is kind and Alex is a brat sometimes lol `✿

  7. Marta Huckstep

    Marta HuckstepDay ago

    Me. Sees Thumbnail* me. Poor Charlie. Video. Has nothing to do with Charlie. Me. Why did they put Charlie in the cover

  8. Emma Puolakka

    Emma PuolakkaDay ago

    Levi + Alex = BlackPink


    WARES RAUFIDay ago


  10. Miriam Huinac

    Miriam HuinacDay ago

    Alax Love you

  11. Steph Hyde

    Steph HydeDay ago


  12. Ayrese Calderon

    Ayrese CalderonDay ago

    Why you say matter not matter but sword of mother

  13. Ps4 Gameplay

    Ps4 GameplayDay ago

    Hi Alex

  14. Hugoboss

    HugobossDay ago

    It's soo funny when he drives car and saying *hahahaha and also okay because he messed up 😂😂😂😅😂😭😭🤗😭🤣🤣😭

  15. Gachalife. Kaniyce

    Gachalife. KaniyceDay ago

    Nobody can see Obama in the Ball

  16. Jenteel Austin

    Jenteel AustinDay ago

    Omg I was in a video 😱

  17. cookie_demon_ puff

    cookie_demon_ puffDay ago

    alex is a stubborn child

  18. -ShadowGlitcher23-

    -ShadowGlitcher23-Day ago

    Me: wait my mom found me at the club Alex: now we have two Mudars Levi: even when you are a baby you need a big closet

  19. Refugia Serrano

    Refugia Serrano2 days ago

    Aleya aiiNm

  20. Niicolette32

    Niicolette322 days ago


  21. Angeles Rodriguez

    Angeles Rodriguez2 days ago

    Did you not see Alex has a gun in her inventory lol

  22. Jack Latham

    Jack Latham2 days ago

    Levi's a goth

  23. Shoto Todoroki the cat

    Shoto Todoroki the cat2 days ago

    Ignore fact that Obama is a ball

  24. Hamster cult

    Hamster cult2 days ago

    Wait why is the ball has Obama face?

  25. InquisitorMaster

    InquisitorMaster2 days ago

    Me watching vids while eating mc donalds* Levi:I WANT ICE CREAM Me just started eating ice cream*

  26. Aneah Cuevas

    Aneah Cuevas2 days ago


  27. •śůňfłøwėř•

    •śůňfłøwėř•2 days ago

    Obama's in the thumbnail

  28. FNP

    FNP2 days ago

    I see Obama toy 🧸😅😂

  29. Ara Manalili

    Ara Manalili2 days ago

    Ya'll- i- the thumbnail is like tpn- (The promised neverland) btw i love your videos very much ! keep foing the good work! hope you live a great life may god bless you 😇🙏🏻

  30. Darcy Horn

    Darcy Horn2 days ago


  31. Madeline Palma

    Madeline Palma2 days ago

    A-K-A LeVi is BEBEEE CORPS😩🤌

  32. •QxeenEdits&Vlogs 23•

    •QxeenEdits&Vlogs 23•2 days ago


  33. Skyla Betts

    Skyla Betts2 days ago

    Does light have a motor

  34. Helen Scott

    Helen Scott2 days ago

    Uhhhhhhhhhh why is levi a grown guy but still said Mommy like dude really


    ERNEST ADU-ANSONG3 days ago


  36. menaka nanda

    menaka nanda3 days ago

    And I love 💕 food oh man and don’t forget boys ruuules

  37. xxx cookie_Wolfe xxx

    xxx cookie_Wolfe xxx3 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the Obama ball?-

  38. Kala Cosma

    Kala Cosma3 days ago

    hay Livy can you please give me a little bit of info about you

  39. Maribel Sanchez

    Maribel Sanchez3 days ago

    Alex I love your hair

  40. christina montano

    christina montano3 days ago

    Wth she adopted a man 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂

  41. Alysha Cole

    Alysha Cole3 days ago

    r.i.p levi eyes >.< lol

  42. Torichoco Chibi

    Torichoco Chibi3 days ago

    levi: we just left the daycare 5 minutes ago and we already have a mom me: gets adopted from the daycare 5 seconds after going outside and telling my backstory

  43. vCqss1dy sm1th

    vCqss1dy sm1th17 hours ago

    While I was reading it he said it-

  44. Michelle Patricia

    Michelle Patricia3 days ago

    Why is on the yellow ball on the video its obama 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Alejandra Martínez

    Alejandra Martínez3 days ago

    I love ur vds You look so cute ❤

  46. Yøurimpøster friênd

    Yøurimpøster friênd3 days ago

    May i ask why there is obama at your vids-

  47. Trinity Carpenter

    Trinity Carpenter3 days ago

    At 1:03 it sounds like Levi said all might lol

  48. Fredy Macias

    Fredy Macias3 days ago

    I will just scribe to you USlikesr Alex :Alex: :3 yay🙂

  49. Fredy Macias

    Fredy Macias3 days ago

    Alex: get out

  50. Arlyn Ferrer

    Arlyn Ferrer3 days ago

    levi i scared to ur voice and alex why u together

  51. Karina Reyes

    Karina Reyes3 days ago

    I wish Levi was my friend

  52. Olivia Moreno

    Olivia Moreno3 days ago

    Im a fan of my hero acadamia


    ROBERTS EMMA3 days ago

    I was too lazy to type

  54. Carter Deschamps

    Carter Deschamps3 days ago

    I love the show

  55. Carter Deschamps

    Carter Deschamps3 days ago

    I am your biggest fan

  56. Carter Deschamps

    Carter Deschamps3 days ago

    Alex I want to play with you I am a girl

  57. Melissa Phillips

    Melissa Phillips3 days ago

    Alex:I NeEd A BiG ClOsEIt Levi:....

  58. Saviss Mahmoudi

    Saviss Mahmoudi3 days ago

    It’s the secret Obama in every vid my favorite so far is Obama sun

  59. floofy cupkim 119

    floofy cupkim 1193 days ago

    If Alex had a power I would say the power of the sun

  60. Samall cats Xsatx 2

    Samall cats Xsatx 24 days ago

    uh oh I do not like Chicken

  61. TeaLily

    TeaLily4 days ago

    On the thumbnail it looks like Mama Charli there

  62. Betty Marquez

    Betty Marquez4 days ago


  63. Betty Marquez

    Betty Marquez4 days ago


  64. Betty Marquez

    Betty Marquez4 days ago


  65. Sofia Nikolic

    Sofia Nikolic4 days ago


  66. Jazzy Yang

    Jazzy Yang4 days ago

    Did anyone else see Levi type "MAMA MIA!"

  67. ?Dreamy_ Night¿

    ?Dreamy_ Night¿4 days ago

    I just noticed that Alex looks like a girl version of todoroki

  68. Fumiko & Muzuki

    Fumiko & Muzuki4 days ago

    I got promised never lands vibes from that thumbnail

  69. adalyn gamer

    adalyn gamer4 days ago


  70. Freddy

    Freddy4 days ago

    Alex says: MATHER

  71. Pedro Garcia

    Pedro Garcia4 days ago


  72. Jonni Romano

    Jonni Romano4 days ago



    EUNICE LEE ZI TONG Moe4 days ago

    Wow Alex you play RP me to play RP 😁

  74. Tristian (Ninio) Delubiar

    Tristian (Ninio) Delubiar4 days ago


  75. Sarah wrightman

    Sarah wrightman4 days ago

    I like the way you say Mathers UwU

  76. Squad fan

    Squad fan4 days ago

    Yas levi brota brota

  77. Izabella Vazquez

    Izabella Vazquez4 days ago

    OK so Levi I am I have a Dopp me

  78. Isabelle R. Nevado

    Isabelle R. Nevado4 days ago


  79. Shakirah Wilkins

    Shakirah Wilkins5 days ago

    Hi Alex

  80. Yuyiny Jin

    Yuyiny Jin5 days ago


  81. Alaca Karanlık

    Alaca Karanlık5 days ago

    Genderbend todoroki

  82. Tyasia GObLe

    Tyasia GObLe5 days ago


  83. Mike the puppy A cute puppy

    Mike the puppy A cute puppy5 days ago

    I rilly like livi and Alex frendship I think livi should have a chanel and god bless all

  84. Tsuki

    Tsuki5 days ago

    Omg Alex

  85. Ajwa Khalid

    Ajwa Khalid5 days ago

    Do you now Todoroki

  86. Kyle Anderson

    Kyle Anderson5 days ago


  87. Vikhila Sabeesh

    Vikhila Sabeesh5 days ago


  88. Dhina Pena

    Dhina Pena5 days ago

    Poor Levi. I'd adopt him if I was there

  89. Strxberry gacha cookie uwu

    Strxberry gacha cookie uwu5 days ago

    Obama ball

  90. Felicia Oktaviani Manurung

    Felicia Oktaviani Manurung5 days ago

    Levi want to eat all ice cream until his teeth yucky

  91. Stephh Reyna

    Stephh Reyna5 days ago

    I really want to Die 😌

  92. estasy Seed

    estasy Seed5 days ago

    spoil alex

  93. Jailyn like’s to play Roblox

    Jailyn like’s to play Roblox5 days ago

    Alex can you please friend me I’m its_moreth2

  94. Jailyn like’s to play Roblox

    Jailyn like’s to play Roblox5 days ago

    Promise Neverland


    KREOLE_YT5 days ago

    little does levi know that bigboy seat a baby seat

  96. Rosie Fox

    Rosie Fox6 days ago

    I turned my lips to blood while whatching

  97. K1DC0RE!

    K1DC0RE!6 days ago

    The Obama ball in the thumbnail though🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  98. Hamza Mohammed

    Hamza Mohammed6 days ago


  99. It's Blossom

    It's Blossom6 days ago

    Chat: LeviAckermannsMop: Carry Me

  100. Didka Xristova

    Didka Xristova6 days ago

    Alex has Red hair?!

  101. Stella Park

    Stella Park6 days ago

    The golden ball has a fAcE