Shawn Found A Bucket List Car...Time For An Adventure To Go Pick It Up! Part 1!

In part 1 of this adventure series, we hop on a plane to nothotlanta to pick up one of Shawn's bucket list cars...Things Don't go quite as planned though...
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  1. david fuini

    david fuini18 hours ago

    Bloody hair plugs I nearly shit myself laughing so freaking hard😂

  2. JJ from Texas

    JJ from TexasDay ago

    Wouldn't the VIN have told you if it was an Impalla SS vs. just a Caprice?

  3. JJ from Texas

    JJ from TexasDay ago

    good, you guys confirmed the VIN on the second one

  4. Cody Sanders

    Cody SandersDay ago

    Have y’all ever heard of arrow machine? prospeed uses them for white rice, Godzilla and wasabi. I’m getting an engine built there pretty soon.

  5. Thomas Baldwin

    Thomas BaldwinDay ago

    Shawn an phantom have to say really enjoying the channel nice to see both tho the og and the new one doing there thing. Keep up the content.

  6. Thomas Baldwin

    Thomas BaldwinDay ago

    Just seen this episode I know lil behind the head liner has to go thats. Ughhhhhhh.

  7. William Stamper

    William StamperDay ago

    Dang man, i remember looking at these cars new at the dealership. Livonia Michigan, test drove a black cherry whatever color it was called... Service drive i-96 and farmington, stopped at top of ramp off service drive, off the foot brake at about 2500 the car marked the road about 6 feet pulled down the ramp and hit maybe 70...i was expecting more. I mean, it pulled nice and i knew how much junk in the trunk being hauled, but still the smiles per dollar didn't flow. Nevertheless i was there...and still like the cars. My 87 GN was much more fun.

  8. RoosterFPV

    RoosterFPVDay ago

    Cannot believe you took it to Jiffy Lube, Lol. That's the LAST place I would take a car. I worked for them for a very short time. They trained me how to rip people off. You never get what you pay for.

  9. Chris Yarzab

    Chris Yarzab2 days ago

    If you are interested in 52-53 Willys sedans my brother has four of them that we need to give away. If you are interested then please let me know. Located in Los Angeles.

  10. Eric Butler

    Eric Butler2 days ago

    Would make a really cool ride for Aiden...

  11. Chris Mccroskey

    Chris Mccroskey2 days ago

    JW why they have nail polish on

  12. Eddie de Vries

    Eddie de Vries2 days ago

    Hey guys I'm from New Zealand and i watch you guys all the time and love everything about you guys, you guys are so down to earth

  13. Steven Neal

    Steven Neal2 days ago

    I'm fuckin dying at yall saying yall left the dam ball in the pro charger. 😂😂😂😂😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  14. Osage Longbow

    Osage Longbow3 days ago

    That headliner was way tooo much !! Hahahaahaha

  15. SevenT1 GTO Judge

    SevenT1 GTO Judge3 days ago

    Good thing is if you guys get tired I’m sure you can pull the seats and find enough crack for the rest of the trip...

  16. Joe Leonard

    Joe Leonard3 days ago

    Bag it!

  17. KelseyBoyTv

    KelseyBoyTv3 days ago

    The headliner is 🔥


    PLEAZ TOWNSLEY3 days ago

    Whipple charger it for a fun daily donk

  19. Kurtis Lavigne

    Kurtis Lavigne4 days ago

    Only homosexuals want rims like that

  20. Kurtis Lavigne

    Kurtis Lavigne4 days ago

    @187 Customs after you come up with some original content your videos have a boosted boys look to them you have been the little fallow along puppy since this street outlaws has started

  21. 187 Customs

    187 Customs4 days ago

    So when you coming to pick these up?

  22. Carl Vester

    Carl Vester4 days ago

    Put factory rims back on, new headliner, clean up engine bay, just clean and reliable factory is clean enough, no reason to molest the vehicle. Maybe change the muffler..

  23. Ray Parker

    Ray Parker4 days ago

    I love little sleepers

  24. Ray Parker

    Ray Parker4 days ago

    My bucket list car include an Omni GLH, 1978 Ford Capri 3.0, and an EVO IV

  25. promodracer

    promodracer4 days ago

    Cool you mentioned Mike Brink. I use to work for Mike Building Chassis.

  26. john wick3

    john wick34 days ago

    Murder nova good seeing you at the track supporting my buddy Hot rod from kut da check racing. Ur a cool down to earth dude👍

  27. Kenneth Gibbs

    Kenneth Gibbs4 days ago

    I would say you guys are going to give it a new paint job change the inside yeah i can see a few things you are going to do with it already.

  28. RTZ RTZ

    RTZ RTZ4 days ago

    I love those ss impalas But WTF is up with that back axle being off centered on both I probably would have put new tires on the stock rims then put the rims on the car and got rid of those big ass 22s or whatever they are they’re too damn big

  29. Mike Lichtman

    Mike Lichtman4 days ago

    Ok I'll bite...what's with the red toes??

  30. Hunt Gaming/Productions

    Hunt Gaming/Productions4 days ago

    17:56 fuck a ferrari i want that cuda

  31. Hunt Gaming/Productions

    Hunt Gaming/Productions4 days ago

    I swear shawn dont own shoes🤣

  32. Zach Trekas

    Zach Trekas4 days ago

    is that mike walters blk n orange 10.5 outlaw camaro???

  33. Brandon Davis

    Brandon Davis5 days ago

    I say keep it don't race car it but get it where you can run it at the next daily meet. Put some bump in it and cruise it.

  34. JesseFpv

    JesseFpv5 days ago

    Lol Shawn hit me up, I'd love to help in shop. Don't care about no camera lol I just wanna see shit go fast, I'm ocd when it comes to parts and clean shops will work for sum cool shirts haha lol keep up the cool content man, TN local

  35. Lomsome's Garage

    Lomsome's Garage5 days ago

    Man I wish I knew you guys were in town would have bought lunch for you guys

  36. Bill Jordan

    Bill Jordan5 days ago

    Sean never wear shoes 😂

  37. 3madeamps #3 in nc

    3madeamps #3 in nc5 days ago

    6.2 sc

  38. Jake Maricle

    Jake Maricle5 days ago

    Leave it 100% alone and raffle it lol

  39. yup yup

    yup yup5 days ago

    383 ,pro charger , intro wheels

  40. jamesthebosssmith ballin

    jamesthebosssmith ballin5 days ago

    put some bump in the trunk lol

  41. Andrew Stroud

    Andrew Stroud5 days ago

    2nd car was in east cobb/roswell?

  42. Arthur Mastrangeli

    Arthur Mastrangeli5 days ago

    see it and get the 96

  43. Aj Miami

    Aj Miami6 days ago

    Oh yeah 1 more thing, we are not old we are vintage lol

  44. Aj Miami

    Aj Miami6 days ago

    Good video thanks for sharing. I would rebuild the motor cam heads headers exhaust tune paint then leave it be

  45. Donnie Young

    Donnie Young6 days ago


  46. Adam Mullinger

    Adam Mullinger6 days ago

    Boom 187 movie time

  47. Jamie Duckworth

    Jamie Duckworth6 days ago

    Make it a 454 pimpala

  48. Shawnonsens3

    Shawnonsens36 days ago

    one of my bucket list cars too. great vid!!

  49. Chris Seymour

    Chris Seymour6 days ago

    Great video. Very informative. And dumbed down to a level a moron like me can understand

  50. Don Schaus

    Don Schaus6 days ago

    Not offended!

  51. Milton Ferreira

    Milton Ferreira6 days ago

    Eita porra que esses brazuca tão representando 🇧🇷 PARABÉNS👏👏 O Cara ficou igual criança na loja de doces impressionado com o trampo dos caras. Dêem mais valor pra galera daqui.

  52. Scott Keeton

    Scott Keeton6 days ago

    I would like to send shawn a 96 black impala ss where can I send it



    Change out that steering column is throw in a nice lil Ls1 with a 4L80e . Just something better than that LT1. Throw a lil bit bigger than a stock cam and paint that car black you maybe be able to get that floor shifter from a 96 and just cruise it ! It’s sweet as is.

  54. g1bb5y

    g1bb5y7 days ago

    "it's an endearing term" Love it 👌 Legends! 👍

  55. Kelvin Kitchens

    Kelvin Kitchens7 days ago

    96 Green Impala SS for sale on Autotrader. 1 Owner, looks stock. Its located in Hartfield, VA

  56. Douglas Vines

    Douglas Vines7 days ago

    I would like to see it with some awesome paint

  57. Nic Sanchez

    Nic Sanchez7 days ago

    Please put a T56 in it. LS engine would be good too. The T56 gets you better gear ratios than the 4L60.

  58. Gavin S

    Gavin S7 days ago

    Such a great video

  59. David Bowen

    David Bowen7 days ago

    That Pro-Charger is the size of the rear wheels with out the rubber on it

  60. josh staley

    josh staley7 days ago

    That’s his dream car? Fck bub you should have came to Ohio I would have gave you a 96 impala. As far as the optie spark you just swap it out for torque head system run a 411 pcm. It has ss in the vin in its real

  61. 187 Customs

    187 Customs7 days ago

    Ss in the vin doesn’t make it a real ss

  62. Jay Noble

    Jay Noble7 days ago

    my dream car is a 7 second 1/4 mile Nova, that is streetable I have a high 10 second Nova that's streetable, "if I put street tires and exhaust on it" I also have a mid 9 second Nova with a 555, here's a video

  63. Hank Messinger

    Hank Messinger7 days ago

    That takes a real asshole to say some serious shit like wanting u to hit a wall at 200!! I'd like to know who it was and this moron right here would go take care of his ass for ya!! He'd be wishing he hit a wall by the time I got done with him!! That's just some serious shit that u just don't say to someone. Love ya shawn 😀

  64. Matthew Varnam

    Matthew Varnam7 days ago

    Come on yall get with the program. Kicker audio is Texas made. Digital Design audio is made right there in your home town OKC 405 They are world record breaking and world record holder...I believe they hit a 182 SPL db's. They are the loudest and and they sound amazing and last a very long time...Trust me the Digital Design subwoofers will out do Kicker audio any day (OKC 405 style Digital Design)

  65. OTG Mechanic

    OTG Mechanic7 days ago

    I specialize in building 94-96 impalas. My channel is dedicated to keeping these big beautiful cars in the road !

  66. Henry Farias

    Henry Farias7 days ago

    On a Capris the rear quarter panel window goes to a point..on an Impala SS the quarter panel goes into a curve ..

  67. Scott Clark

    Scott Clark7 days ago

    Drive it. Lol

  68. Ken Williams

    Ken Williams7 days ago

    Moron that’s me love you guys

  69. Codey Holland

    Codey Holland7 days ago

    I know now why I relate you guys I’m a fucking MORON lol

  70. Phill Black

    Phill Black7 days ago

    Man honest to God that is what the hell the headliner oh my God I'm 35 years old I'm God I guess I'm an old man take that headline around and give it to your son lol That looks like he tried to make it a pimp wagon I mean like I don't know if I want to sit in that thing without having like a hazmat suit on because there's probably like nut everywhere and I'm not talking about in a good way I don't know it's just I don't know nowadays you don't know if the gay or not who gives a shit but that's just creepy to me

  71. Phill Black

    Phill Black7 days ago

    Honestly if it was me I would engine refresh motor maybe put a cam in it but put a little lick in it just have a little fun redo the trans give it a little bit take your rear end if it needs to be done do it breaks shocks get rid of the rims please throw the rims burn them then paint and also I would find me a SS column in the year you like and find you a center console in the SS in the year you like Bam You have your car get your shifter all that

  72. Phill Black

    Phill Black7 days ago

    You have already bought it probably but that's chrome steering wheel things about that super cold place y'all just left from Oklahoma Texas you know where it got balls cold imagine touching it wheel on a super cold day while you're running late to go somewhere

  73. Phill Black

    Phill Black7 days ago

    You have already bought it probably but that's chrome steering wheel things about that super cold place y'all just left from Oklahoma Texas you know where it got balls cold imagine touching it wheel on a super cold day while you're running late to go somewhere

  74. Karl Kiefhaber

    Karl Kiefhaber7 days ago

    damn bro wish i knew u were looking for n ss. just got rid of my 96 impala. definitly was my bucket list car. its a led sled for the lil horsepower it has

  75. Backwoodspits

    Backwoodspits7 days ago

    They are made for ls swap, guy out here has one he swapped and put a six speed behind it

  76. Marlo Breding

    Marlo Breding7 days ago

    Have a "Remove Before Flight" ribbon about 3" wide and 36" long attached to the Nerf Ball. Maybe you Morons will remember.

  77. Marlo Breding

    Marlo Breding7 days ago

    MORON! I resemble that remark.

  78. silkysixx

    silkysixx7 days ago

    Broken steering wheel - classic sign of past brake failure.

  79. Steven Bryan

    Steven Bryan7 days ago

    fix the headliner, get rid of the 22's, clean it up and make it a cruiser.

  80. Robert Martin

    Robert Martin7 days ago

    NEVER BUY A GREEN CAR or a Race Car with the number 13 on it!

  81. Alexandre Guimaraes

    Alexandre Guimaraes7 days ago

    I want to see Shawn try fit inside the Ferrari hahah take the seat out and open the top. Hahahah

  82. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams7 days ago

    Fix it up and Drive it then sale it not a bad chevy

  83. TWA Motorsports

    TWA Motorsports7 days ago

    The fact you eat Steak and shake and in and out like you do makes me think we may be long lost brothers lol. Hit me up if you guys are ever in sw Missouri

  84. Ronnie Scaplen

    Ronnie Scaplen7 days ago


  85. 91Mustang LX

    91Mustang LX7 days ago

    I take it as a compliment when you call us morons LOL

  86. 91Mustang LX

    91Mustang LX7 days ago

    Sick!!!!! Awesome car!! Can't wait to see it with the 187 customs treatment #murdernovaislegend

  87. larry upton

    larry upton7 days ago

    Shawn's Morons should be your fan club name! LOL

  88. Donnie Porter

    Donnie Porter7 days ago

    Shit 16 and at the drive inn them lights would of been on lmao..

  89. Danny Chovan

    Danny Chovan8 days ago

    All I want to know is how long did the steering wheel install really take? I mean it’s all sunny when y’all start. It’s dusk at the end.

  90. sailormoonhavyn saliormoon Delaney

    sailormoonhavyn saliormoon Delaney8 days ago

    Heck yea b body nation check out inc impala and caprice

  91. david gough

    david gough8 days ago

    restore the paint, body, interior to stock.... put a mild motor in it and drive it.

  92. larry upton

    larry upton8 days ago

    If it was a Caprice the C pillar windows would come to a point where the Impala emblems are. Impalas are upswept to look more "sporty" (chevy's term). Not easy to fake.

  93. Camilo Roa

    Camilo Roa8 days ago

    Oh no big fan I have a 96 please save that car, especially the head liner PLEASE.

  94. Michael lemons

    Michael lemons8 days ago

    There a green 96 ss in harrisburg pa its got 127689 on it nothing done to it but its forsale

  95. Merlin Kuder

    Merlin Kuder8 days ago

    29:25 ‘’I’m not gonna mention names but I’ve seen ALOT of MORONS go fast with Pro-chargers” 😎 *cough cough* SwanIDIOTS😂🤣

  96. Tom Mitchell

    Tom Mitchell8 days ago

    Bag the Imp, fix the paint and black out the windows...make it sinister.

  97. Dougie Fresh

    Dougie Fresh8 days ago

    Slammed on 22s with air ride

  98. Randy & Kraig Brother's

    Randy & Kraig Brother's8 days ago

    Tilt columns have bolts that loosen and you can tighten them with out pulling the columns apart through the tilt spring hole

  99. Randy & Kraig Brother's

    Randy & Kraig Brother's8 days ago

    We got In and out, come see us Medford Oregon

  100. Caleb shuey

    Caleb shuey8 days ago

    Fifteen advertisements.... I bet you make more money off youtube than discovery at that rate lol. As long as the content is as good as this im okay with it. In addition to that it is an 1:20 minute video so props on that.

  101. juan montejano

    juan montejano8 days ago

    I got a 96 in cali black just rolled 20k miles 30k takes it

  102. barrie Haslam

    barrie Haslam8 days ago

    Can I be OGMORON #1...

  103. Christopher Seaton

    Christopher Seaton8 days ago

    Put a nice ls in the car and paint it and keep it

  104. michael chatham

    michael chatham8 days ago

    Rebuild the engine and repaint and get rid of that God Awful headliner . Put some bucket seats, see if you can get the center console from a 96 impala and put that in just make new old stock!!