Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
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If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Sienna Loftus

    Sienna Loftus10 minutes ago

    this hits different when you have seen her documentary

  2. Abhimitra Karreddula Bhaskara

    Abhimitra Karreddula BhaskaraHour ago

    Hi Demi Lovato. I am Demi-God. Wanna Dance? ( omg lol, tell me if it isn't the lamest joke/pickup line ever)

  3. MoonNight

    MoonNightHour ago

    Lucifer 👹

  4. Eduarda Maranhão Fontes

    Eduarda Maranhão Fontes2 hours ago

    Come on Lovatics, let’s put Demi in the top 10 in Spotify! We can do it, 40 places to go, but we can do it. If you can, listen to her every day. Thanks, biiii ❤️

  5. Amar 99

    Amar 992 hours ago

    song trash and Dance With The Devil - Immortal Technique did it better no cap

  6. Ronaldo Bergonio Valdez

    Ronaldo Bergonio Valdez4 hours ago

    Hi miss demi lovato im one of your fan from the philippines i like your all music like heart attack,this is ,etc i hope you will notice me from the philippines

  7. Ksharles Gzhames

    Ksharles Gzhames4 hours ago

  8. Tawer Zadok

    Tawer Zadok4 hours ago

    Didn’t she berate a store on Instagram for selling diet cookies?

  9. hellokitty98

    hellokitty985 hours ago


  10. saoirse

    saoirse4 hours ago


  11. Luciano Mendoza

    Luciano Mendoza6 hours ago

    It like what does she not see what I see beatiful beyond talented but I get it to shake that demon is a bitch

  12. Washington luis Barbosa

    Washington luis Barbosa8 hours ago

    Estarei ao seu lado e Te Tratarei Muito bem e voltará Linda aos Meus braços Te carregarei em meus braços e voltará andado e feliz para casa 🏡

  13. Maggie Clark

    Maggie Clark8 hours ago


  14. Dayana Mainardes

    Dayana Mainardes11 hours ago

    Eu ainda vou num show dessa mulher incrível!

  15. Holasoynico1

    Holasoynico113 hours ago

    WTF this title is from breaking benjamín

  16. The Beaver

    The Beaver13 hours ago

    Tbh this is something I thought I wouldn't see. But truly, this is Demi's clean moment. I'm calling it now, she gonna be the best artist of our time

  17. karasanqel

    karasanqel14 hours ago

    stan demi for putting a trigger warning at the beginning

  18. Genna Kline

    Genna Kline14 hours ago

    I love Demi! I love this song and her song sober. While everyone is singing about drugs and how great they are she’s singing about the bad side that everyone that did drifts/alcohol can definitely relate to. Love you Demi! Thank you for this!

  19. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique14 hours ago

    Perfeita ❤️😍

  20. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique14 hours ago

    Maravilhosa ❤️😍

  21. YulitzGaming

    YulitzGaming16 hours ago


  22. saoirse

    saoirse4 hours ago

    @YulitzGaming literally every singer uses autotune for the studio version of a song

  23. YulitzGaming

    YulitzGaming14 hours ago

    @Gracie Garnsey partially true

  24. Gracie Garnsey

    Gracie Garnsey15 hours ago

    Every singer does

  25. Cassie Borneman

    Cassie Borneman17 hours ago

    The lines you see in her neck; one of the worst things in the world. Every time you swallow you feel it move. Every time you breath you can feel that shit pull. It's anchored with stitches in three different places. I would have nightmares about ripping it out and bleeding nearly to death. Those lines are the worst...

  26. Lily Carmack

    Lily Carmack18 hours ago

    We love you demi stay strong!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  27. Army Blink 2000

    Army Blink 200019 hours ago

    Quando canto essa música acabo é desafinada mas vale apena pq é muito boa.

  28. Jacek Zaremba

    Jacek Zaremba20 hours ago

    I listen to this when i drunk wine cuz...thats when my douchter died

  29. Jacek Zaremba

    Jacek Zaremba20 hours ago


  30. Jacek Zaremba

    Jacek Zaremba20 hours ago


  31. Aisha a

    Aisha a20 hours ago

    The lyrics are soo powerful and her voice is amaizing

  32. Guilherme Carandina

    Guilherme Carandina20 hours ago


  33. Ally Lopez

    Ally Lopez20 hours ago

    i’m mad this hasn’t gotten more views

  34. Nay2wiice Here

    Nay2wiice Here21 hour ago

    But why did I cry like I just watched her do everything in her doc 😭

  35. Aaron Anello

    Aaron Anello22 hours ago

    What a powerful song! Wow!

  36. Dose of Inspiration

    Dose of Inspiration23 hours ago

    I became an addict at 15, had an overdose and got clean. Been clean for almost 8 years now. This song really hit home

  37. Kimberly Potter

    Kimberly Potter23 hours ago

    It will happen again. She thinks drinking and smoking weed is gonna keep her off hard drugs but it won't.

  38. yulanda S

    yulanda SDay ago

    We love you Demi ❤️❤️❤️

  39. Sabrina

    SabrinaDay ago

    Que forte essa letra , esse clipe Deus .

  40. Serenity Robbins

    Serenity RobbinsDay ago

    She is stronger than she knows.

  41. TheStarrInMe

    TheStarrInMeDay ago

    I can’t stop crying this is real life I just wish people could see what it’s doing this song is it!!

  42. Eliannah Nguyen

    Eliannah NguyenDay ago

    Ok but she’s so pretty

  43. Miguel Williams

    Miguel WilliamsDay ago

    This is a cry for help you hear.... Remember I said that.

  44. Sovannatouch

    SovannatouchDay ago

    I Hope she’s okay she’s our queen😞🥺

  45. Unicorn famous Horn

    Unicorn famous HornDay ago

    What is it about the song

  46. amber sauer

    amber sauerDay ago

    First Off Demi has always been my number 1 and have always listened to her music but this song is a whole nother thing! I listen to this song everyday and it hits me every time. I’m a recovering addict and started very young but I knew If I kept living like the way I was I wouldn’t see 21. Went to so many treatments I can’t even can’t and out patients and med treatment and anything else that was available for help. I’m now 28 with some clean years under my belt there will always ALWAYS be that little devil at the back of my mind and I and we addicts will carry that with us till the end. #prayingforbetterdays #dancingwiththedevil

  47. lilac blue

    lilac blueDay ago

    Hi demi I hope you're okay..

  48. Veronica Rodriguez

    Veronica RodriguezDay ago

    Damn.....this video got me teary eyes. She's been through a lot 😥

  49. Sqrq Đulkic

    Sqrq ĐulkicDay ago

    Were are Lucifans?

  50. Enrique Bezerra

    Enrique BezerraDay ago

    Uau muito incrível esse clipe

  51. Husky Boos

    Husky BoosDay ago

    This Was The Saddest MV That I Saw 10/10 Bravo

  52. Edits God

    Edits GodDay ago

    Wow just imagine the next generation will first be just listening to this and we're over here making til toks of it 😂😂

  53. Heath Andrews

    Heath AndrewsDay ago

    coming back to say I love you and thank you again

  54. Bryan Vega

    Bryan VegaDay ago

    Soy un lovatic fiel y loco que le encanta hacer streaming para que los números sean favorables para Demi, pero no puedo más, siempre que miro este video me rompe el corazón y me pongo a llorar, perdóname Demi pero revivir el día de tu casi fallecimiento es muy difícil para mí por más que te quiera ayudar 😣😣

  55. Confessions of a single mom

    Confessions of a single momDay ago

    Demi is my inspiration. I can relate so much not only to this song, but so much of her music. It's honest, raw, and has content that many wouldn't be brave enough to share. What she creates for the world is so special and I commend her for being strong enough to share her heart and soul with those of us that need to know we are not alone with our own demons. Her music has helped me through some really hard times. I hope the best for Demi and that she knows she has people who are proud of how hard she fights her own demons. 💜 ; survivor

  56. Ana Silveira

    Ana SilveiraDay ago


  57. João Paulo Costa

    João Paulo CostaDay ago

    A Lexa é a atriz do clipe?

  58. ngoc du Phan

    ngoc du PhanDay ago

    You have a white line in your body

  59. axel bonizec

    axel bonizecDay ago

    et du contenu utile tu as? Bordel tu sers a rien....

  60. Jay Dobbins

    Jay DobbinsDay ago

    Pain makes for good music

  61. Danielle Meicenheimer

    Danielle MeicenheimerDay ago

    I love this song. I been there n truly Understand is still struggling w it ❤️😞.

  62. Mariana

    MarianaDay ago


  63. Really Grealy

    Really GrealyDay ago

    In hospital with full head and makeup

  64. Miya Bennis

    Miya BennisDay ago

    Wow, this is the kind of music that renders me speechless. I'm just so amazed by everything; lyrics, music, video, and of course just how strong she is. It takes a lot for someone to not only survive this, but especially to share it, talk about it, and do whatever it takes in order to help others, to inspire people to keep going. I'm astonished, and to be honest, although I always knew she had amazing talent, an amazing voice and musical background, an inspiring story (although there is more to her story than just being inspiring), I just have to say that this song, and the series "Dancing With The Devil" are what made me consider myself an actual fan. Beautiful, please keep going.

  65. Sarah S

    Sarah SDay ago

    Part of me wants to sympathize and part of me sees her enjoying this identity too much

  66. Joeann Maillo

    Joeann MailloDay ago

    😭😢 thank you. You're so brave.

  67. Nikky McFaul

    Nikky McFaulDay ago

    I hope you're well and so fucking proud - incredible video. ❤

  68. Alex Silva

    Alex SilvaDay ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ perfeito

  69. Ethon TV

    Ethon TVDay ago

    will cover this song soon

  70. Dana Fernanda R.

    Dana Fernanda R.Day ago

    Nunca había escuchado una canción de Demi Lovato. Estoy sin palabras.

  71. its.emmalody

    its.emmalodyDay ago


  72. Andreea

    AndreeaDay ago

    AMAZING !!!!! Thank you for doing this for us. Hoping that you realize how much you mean to people!

  73. AiikaB

    AiikaBDay ago

    O mais incrível é a sua força pra superar tudo isso, você não é perfeita, ninguém é, mas você é perfeitamente imperfeita, humana, única! Uma mulher muito forte e inspiração SIM. Que música, que clipe, que artista, que SER HUMANO!

  74. Akai Ika

    Akai IkaDay ago

    Go od again demi, nobody likes you.

  75. Anand Ravi

    Anand RaviDay ago

    How many of you want this song on Netflix's Lucifer👆

  76. Onelipe

    OnelipeDay ago

    I love you Demi 💙☺️

  77. P L

    P LDay ago

    This should off made it too number 1 in the charts this is a very powerful song hopefully will save some lives in the future brilliant song xx

  78. Jaja Gomes

    Jaja GomesDay ago

    I love you

  79. Neptune Tim

    Neptune TimDay ago

    Love ya Demi, ur passionate music, and ur messages

  80. Georgie Morgan

    Georgie Morgan2 days ago

    So upset to hear that she “California sober” What a load of shit


    SHRIYA VAISHNAW2 days ago

    I dont know what to say...I just am glad you are here with us demi. Depression is not a one day struggle its for every single day , you are strong and i hope will always be...a lot and lots of love just Thank you for everything and for the honesty💖💖

  82. Nabila Nabila

    Nabila Nabila2 days ago

    Arabic comments 🎀🎀🎀🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

  83. Tuti Frutti

    Tuti Frutti2 days ago


  84. Jente Dockx

    Jente Dockx2 days ago

    This is mind blowing go listing to Adele: Skyfall its nearly the same tune that's crazy but overall this one is very good.

  85. Stacey Wedmore

    Stacey Wedmore2 days ago

    Such a powerful song and very heartfelt, overdosing isn't fun :( and that's when you know when to stop, brave strong woman fair play to her 🥰

  86. Helen Vieira

    Helen Vieira2 days ago

    Faço questão de vir todo dia dar stream nesse hino

  87. TOM🎵

    TOM🎵2 days ago



    DARSHIT GOUR2 days ago

    Auto tune girl

  89. Lynard Abitria

    Lynard Abitria2 days ago

    Thats why u use autotune and i Donttr

  90. Dash120z

    Dash120z2 days ago

    old joke, come with something better hun

  91. nick ampongan

    nick ampongan2 days ago

    "Thats why you use autotune and i don't"

  92. Zero Two

    Zero Two2 days ago

    abt to comment it HAHAHA

  93. Caitlyn Swisher

    Caitlyn Swisher2 days ago

    My brother just died from an opiate overdose, he was given fentanyl. It was the day after his birthday, he was a marine. It happened on base. My mother also struggles with addiction, I fear for her everyday. I was an addict myself and overdosed while in school. It’s a horrible thing to deal with.

  94. hideris

    hideris2 days ago

    Oh crap that is autotune

  95. Danielle Nicea

    Danielle Nicea2 days ago


  96. Jenna Queen

    Jenna Queen2 days ago


  97. Lex Wohler

    Lex Wohler2 days ago

    This is so empowering thank you 💕

  98. An angel Vane

    An angel Vane2 days ago

    No te hagas mas daño por favor 🙏 eres muy linda 💖✨🤍🌷

  99. susie martin

    susie martin2 days ago

    I HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR THIS AMAZING YOUNG WONAN, than anybody in my life. I see her! I love her! I have faith in us recovering addicts! She is NOT shoving real truth under the rug, she is putting her life in the eyes of society!!! #SUPPORTRECOVERY

  100. jellyjamz

    jellyjamz2 days ago

    1:18 shes even using the iPhone model from 2017!

  101. Dash120z

    Dash120z2 days ago


  102. Ana Radojkovic

    Ana Radojkovic2 days ago


  103. Juniko X

    Juniko X2 days ago

    I just lost my best friend of 16 years yesterday ....he would jam to her and was addicted to this song....bestie why you leave me!I wish you just stayed a bit longer!I’m sorry I couldn’t save you best friend!IM SORRY!!!!!I failed you!you tried you best babe I don’t care what the world says!you did your best!im not mad bestie....I’m just sorry....forgive me🥺😭

  104. Miranda Wyrick

    Miranda Wyrick2 days ago

    I lost my sister to a heroin overdose just over a year ago. This song hits home more than anyone can understand. To ANYONE out there struggling with addiction just know as long as you’re still taking breath on this earth there’s time to get better. There is NO shame in asking for help no matter what the circumstances

  105. Miranda Wyrick

    Miranda Wyrick14 hours ago

    @Little Leaf I’m so happy to hear that! You’re doing amazing!!!! I know every single day can feel like an internal battle but you’re such a warrior for pushing yourself through it and staying strong. I’m so motherfucking proud of you and you’re an inspiration to so many others. Thank you so much for your kind words they mean a lot to me

  106. Little Leaf

    Little Leaf14 hours ago

    ​@Miranda Wyrick Thanks. Im six year clean from heroin cocaine meth and extacy. This song breaks my heart to the friends I have lost from drug addiction.

  107. Miranda Wyrick

    Miranda Wyrick14 hours ago

    @Little Leaf thank you love

  108. Little Leaf

    Little Leaf15 hours ago

    Im sorry for your loss and I'm sure your sister is in heaven somewhere wishing to be with you

  109. Daniela Ángulo

    Daniela Ángulo2 days ago

    GOD SAVED ME. God died for all of you, repent and love him. Trust him, turn yourself into him ❤️

  110. The Armenian one

    The Armenian one2 days ago

    Never knew overdose and alcohol was an aesthetic

  111. Aleshia Mellon

    Aleshia Mellon2 days ago

    Thank you for living!!!!!! Love from New Zealand!! Always a friend here

  112. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique2 days ago



    LUCAS MAURENTE2 days ago