Reacting to James Charles Impressions!

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I reacted to people doing James Charles Impressions. I announced a contest on Tik Tok asking my followers to do their best impression for $1000 and the chance to be in today's video and the responses were... interesting. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. XxPixel_Shot Xx

    XxPixel_Shot Xx10 minutes ago

    The sound cut off for the first one

  2. Unicorn Ayda

    Unicorn Ayda15 minutes ago

    I meant 2:06

  3. Unicorn Ayda

    Unicorn Ayda16 minutes ago

    12:06 it went quiet-

  4. Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson26 minutes ago


  5. Olivia Slagle

    Olivia Slagle33 minutes ago

    hi shisters

  6. Cheyenne Weyandt

    Cheyenne Weyandt39 minutes ago

    Hiii James charles

  7. Caramelized Sunflower

    Caramelized Sunflower52 minutes ago

    *laughs in sister*

  8. Warlord gaming

    Warlord gaming53 minutes ago

    what are you...

  9. Aimee Ranne

    Aimee Ranne55 minutes ago

    My friend said that you have no brain. Sorry not my words it’s hers

  10. Clinton Oney

    Clinton Oney55 minutes ago

    R u a boy or a girl

  11. Neha Subhash

    Neha SubhashHour ago

    did anyone else have the audio cut out for the first impression? cuz i did

  12. Watermelon World!

    Watermelon World!Hour ago

    I did to

  13. Watermelon World!

    Watermelon World!Hour ago


  14. Ohcako Uraraka

    Ohcako UrarakaHour ago


  15. Birthday BOI

    Birthday BOI2 hours ago

    6:30 that guy cheated btw

  16. Jason Matthew

    Jason MatthewHour ago

    Yeah we know :/

  17. 100% Prisca

    100% Prisca2 hours ago

    Is ur real name James Dickinson Charles I was watching a Tik Tok just wanted to know if it's true

  18. Jamie Bazzrea

    Jamie Bazzrea2 hours ago

    Hi sisters 😀😀😀

  19. kenner pinto

    kenner pinto2 hours ago

    One of the boys cheted

  20. IiGamingVannyiI

    IiGamingVannyiI2 hours ago

    He never gets old 👌

  21. Miles is a Pickle

    Miles is a Pickle2 hours ago

    2:22 when I actually get a good grade on math 😐

  22. Life in the reborn world

    Life in the reborn world2 hours ago

  23. ඞSwêēt-Bøbå ඞ

    ඞSwêēt-Bøbå ඞ3 hours ago


  24. Zaxcty Gamer

    Zaxcty Gamer3 hours ago

    The guy that sound perfect is actually a USlikesr and what he did is he went at your intros and found one and put it on him

  25. Cleetus isn’t FAT

    Cleetus isn’t FAT3 hours ago

    lol one of the people u reacted used one of ur videos and lip synced it oop-

  26. Xx Cassidy Side xX

    Xx Cassidy Side xX3 hours ago

    “Someone call peta” Me who for a spilt second thought he meant Peeta Mellark from the hungers games: 0-0

  27. Amiss R

    Amiss R4 hours ago

    Why am I watching this

  28. Usapyon Bunny

    Usapyon Bunny4 hours ago

    Hate mean comment

  29. Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia4 hours ago


  30. NEYTRAA Moe

    NEYTRAA Moe4 hours ago


  31. Bluebxrry Popcxrn

    Bluebxrry Popcxrn4 hours ago

    Me:~says do you have any James Charles in go fish~ Me currently: how could I say that when I haven’t subbed yet... oh right I’m shy.

  32. ElenaTheGreat 41

    ElenaTheGreat 414 hours ago

    When ever you don't have tictok: **PAIN**

  33. IsabellaAaliyah

    IsabellaAaliyah5 hours ago

    CONGRATS!!! #3! And James Charles your so AMAZING

  34. kiandra Fredericks

    kiandra Fredericks5 hours ago

    that goes like you he took his of boys

  35. lookatdisdude_official

    lookatdisdude_official5 hours ago

    Dear James Charles,YOU ARE MY IDOL-

  36. Paula

    Paula5 hours ago

    The "hi shishters" thing was started by Ethan Dolan right? Also, I wish that the sister squad will reunite one day...

  37. Victoria Wiginton

    Victoria Wiginton5 hours ago

    This video is hilarious! Please give me a shout out in a future video it would mean the world coming from you! -A 10-year-old supporter and follower.

  38. Aubrei Smith

    Aubrei Smith5 hours ago

    I just called you right now

  39. notemelio

    notemelio6 hours ago

    I think the jacaicai dude lip synced it 🤯

  40. Bacon king

    Bacon king6 hours ago

    The guy that sound so much alike you cheated i just saw the video he said he cheated

  41. BATPUP _

    BATPUP _6 hours ago

    Thiq Betty commented on this!

  42. Deeds

    Deeds6 hours ago

    Frick james charles

  43. blueberry wolf xoxo

    blueberry wolf xoxo6 hours ago

    Hey sisters

  44. iiEnqrxpted

    iiEnqrxpted6 hours ago

    Thanks Dougmar

  45. Creepie GTPS

    Creepie GTPS7 hours ago

    That guy who sounds just like you he got it from your videos

  46. Efrain Duran

    Efrain Duran7 hours ago

    My son cuzin say ya sister’s

  47. Amaya Hauss

    Amaya Hauss7 hours ago

    Say that things are so the best

  48. Amaya Hauss

    Amaya Hauss7 hours ago

    I love you

  49. BehnkesWhitetailTV

    BehnkesWhitetailTV7 hours ago

    Guys I saw that the guy who copied him aka james charles he copied ...

  50. Weekly Random

    Weekly Random7 hours ago

    The winner cheated. I saw his tiktok video and then I saw that he took one of your intros and put it in his video.

  51. saharagames

    saharagames7 hours ago

    What abt doughs impression-

  52. Cherry Berry Gaming

    Cherry Berry Gaming8 hours ago

    Okay there can be some people who can sound like you but there will be no people that will be as the same personality as you

  53. Pokie_ii

    Pokie_ii8 hours ago

    Actually the guy who sounded like you cheated. He used your intro.

  54. Joel Quintana

    Joel Quintana8 hours ago

    I saw someone who was on tik tok and they did what you said and they got one part and put his tik tok the part you when you looked at jacks tik tok 😚 love you sis😃😆

  55. Arsen Wey

    Arsen Wey8 hours ago

    Where is the rapping one🙄🙄🙄

  56. Diana Prince

    Diana Prince8 hours ago

    "Try and copyright me I dare you" - James Charles

  57. Lyla De La Torre

    Lyla De La Torre9 hours ago

    LMAO the first one tho

  58. Luna malfoy

    Luna malfoy9 hours ago

    James: oh hes cute Me: boi this is why a 4 year old said its the new bf every week for me 🤣🤣

  59. Izzy Rendell

    Izzy Rendell9 hours ago

    They just videos with the back print of u saying it he posted it on USlikes him self

  60. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight10 hours ago

    Matt’s automatically wins

  61. Marciya Pinto

    Marciya Pinto10 hours ago

    Let me say a really true fact The person who won cheated

  62. ・《Slєєρу Ƒяσg єclιρѕє》

    ・《Slєєρу Ƒяσg єclιρѕє》10 hours ago

    HOI james

  63. Nate

    Nate10 hours ago

    The winner should get a prize??

  64. 42x1 _

    42x1 _10 hours ago

    He changed his name to yours lol

  65. Madi Welty

    Madi Welty10 hours ago

    One of the people cheated lol

  66. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer11 hours ago

    I love “daddy chill”

  67. starupixles

    starupixles12 hours ago

    *when he finds out 2 was litterly him*

  68. carter_toxiccc

    carter_toxiccc12 hours ago

    Who gets made fun of for watching james? 😭

  69. Nicole Macwhirter

    Nicole Macwhirter12 hours ago

    I watched the among us video on yellow’s (Gloom’s) account just before this ! Lol!!

  70. cringey gurl ;-; . help me

    cringey gurl ;-; . help me12 hours ago

    2:08 tge audio cut off

  71. AndreaPease

    AndreaPease12 hours ago

    oh my copyrite

  72. Gerry Walsh

    Gerry Walsh13 hours ago

    I'm subed

  73. Gerry Walsh

    Gerry Walsh13 hours ago

    Pls reply

  74. Gerry Walsh

    Gerry Walsh13 hours ago


  75. Gerry Walsh

    Gerry Walsh13 hours ago

    I'm trying to work you

  76. Gerry Walsh

    Gerry Walsh13 hours ago

    Pls I saw the Tiktok

  77. Gerry Walsh

    Gerry Walsh13 hours ago

    It was the one that had the best impression

  78. Simoneta Micheni

    Simoneta Micheni13 hours ago

    Y u a girl brooo

  79. Lazy•• Larry

    Lazy•• Larry13 hours ago

    -4:30 *caG mE*

  80. Mr diamond

    Mr diamond14 hours ago

    I watched that tiktok video of hi sisters use code James Charles for whatever persent off haha I watched it😭😭😭😭🤣😂😂🤣

  81. Peta Peta

    Peta Peta14 hours ago

    I'm here

  82. A Von

    A Von14 hours ago

    I keep watching james's hair bounce

  83. Kenneth STEPHEN Manait

    Kenneth STEPHEN Manait14 hours ago

    Turn your intro to hi sistors please

  84. Gooby and beigo 123 Benavides

    Gooby and beigo 123 Benavides14 hours ago

    James I I want to do this come on please😢 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭🙏🏻🤕🤕🤕 James I am hurt

  85. Nicole Brizza

    Nicole Brizza14 hours ago

    Why do you even say hi sister's

  86. Priyanjana Nandi

    Priyanjana Nandi14 hours ago

    Who called him shister at first I wanna knowww

  87. Baz Baz

    Baz Baz15 hours ago

    The Starbucks guy was so good!

  88. XxPyroXx Gaming

    XxPyroXx Gaming15 hours ago

    Someone cheated oof

  89. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma15 hours ago

    Sound stopped at 2:07 and came back at 2:16🤭

  90. kk1511

    kk151115 hours ago

    What I didn’t see Doug’s one-

  91. Daven Levi Zamoras

    Daven Levi Zamoras16 hours ago

    hi sisterss

  92. Amy Cadwell

    Amy Cadwell16 hours ago

    Your my idle

  93. Cassi Ravxn

    Cassi Ravxn16 hours ago

    6:32 the doubt he had before hand😭🤣

  94. Anastaja

    Anastaja16 hours ago

    I can do a good one ☝️ me : hi boys. James . : nooooooooooooooooooooooooope



    Shishers is so funny when James said that!😂🤣😂🤣

  96. Princess SNIM8

    Princess SNIM818 hours ago

    The best one cheated I saw it on a USlikes tiktok

  97. Erisa Gashi

    Erisa Gashi18 hours ago


  98. Vincent Peterson

    Vincent Peterson19 hours ago

    I can't hear it

  99. Riley Campbell

    Riley Campbell19 hours ago

    Ha this is funny

  100. Rylee Bøø

    Rylee Bøø20 hours ago

    The best impression is when the sound cut off

  101. Mr Sushi

    Mr Sushi21 hour ago


  102. Foot Site

    Foot Site21 hour ago

    The agonizing pink firstly dare because neck bareilly heal underneath a six separated. robust, abhorrent tractor

  103. Erandy Mendez

    Erandy Mendez22 hours ago

    I love this🤣