Popular vs Nerd Student / How To Become Popular in College

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What is more important - knowledge or popularity? Watch funny ideas and life hacks how to get cool in college in our new video!
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  1. Troom Troom Trick

    Troom Troom Trick15 days ago

    Nick and Jim are two very nerdy brothers. Their life is pretty boring and full of trouble and sadness. But everything changes when their cousin Fred comes to visit.

  2. Jordyn Hargrove

    Jordyn Hargrove2 days ago

    the boy who was in eagle gang was like omg he was cute and bad and crazy


    JAYA TRIPATHI2 days ago

    Please do Q/A

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    Damain Wright6 hours ago

    Videos USlikes

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    Brinda Rajesh10 hours ago

    My favorite character was JIM

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    Dahabo MohamedDay ago

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  15. Marriah Lyka Gimutao

    Marriah Lyka GimutaoDay ago

    I like Jim ❤️💜

  16. Most Elevated Deepness

    Most Elevated DeepnessDay ago

    Ya guys have no idea what it was for me lol omg was a day for me omg was the time to send you the home of food for you guys lol omg

  17. tymonica smith

    tymonica smithDay ago

    I love your videos

  18. Anan 21

    Anan 21Day ago

    Come on

  19. Giorgi Pertaia

    Giorgi PertaiaDay ago

    Jim is too good He got 2 girlfreind

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  21. Seenamma S

    Seenamma SDay ago

    I liked Nick more

  22. Kheng Phanhavat

    Kheng PhanhavatDay ago

    Cobra and eagle


    HANI ZAMEERDay ago

    I love you kyli

  24. Alicia Kosinski

    Alicia KosinskiDay ago

    I’m not a teenager dumb dumb

  25. Vishal Pujar

    Vishal PujarDay ago

    Being a nerd doesn’t mean ur a loser not that I am a nerd just saying

  26. theseed22

    theseed222 days ago

    You video’s are the best thing ever!!!!!!!!😍

  27. Sarah Alyssa

    Sarah Alyssa2 days ago

    Jim and Nick but Nick was scary😬😬😖

  28. estefany montano

    estefany montano2 days ago

    my mom is serching for troom troom high for my casene

  29. Erika Gonzalez

    Erika Gonzalez2 days ago


  30. Rosalie Cardoza

    Rosalie Cardoza2 days ago

    Just noticed that the. Bully at the beginning has fake muscles

  31. tamara dekeyser

    tamara dekeyser2 days ago


  32. Ben Allam

    Ben Allam2 days ago

    I love your videos

  33. Leppery Kanungu

    Leppery Kanungu2 days ago

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    Sebastián y Alejandro fortnite duo2 days ago


  35. anne regis

    anne regis2 days ago

    I love all of them but i wish i was in the video to

  36. Habiba Hafsa

    Habiba Hafsa2 days ago

    R additional reporting by 🤘

  37. Aaria Sh

    Aaria Sh2 days ago

    Kily can like one ☝️ only

  38. Clayton Pitts Jr (Student)

    Clayton Pitts Jr (Student)2 days ago


  39. Kira Fediuk

    Kira Fediuk3 days ago

    Umm hello🤣🤣🤣😂😅

  40. Gypsie Thread

    Gypsie Thread3 days ago


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  42. Jhoanna Marie Chua

    Jhoanna Marie Chua3 days ago

    I like jimmy


    MISHRARY ABDUL3 days ago

    the dupang dupang

  44. Sunil Mhatre

    Sunil Mhatre3 days ago

    i feel bad for fred

  45. DaniellaDoesYoutube

    DaniellaDoesYoutube3 days ago

    sooooooooo cool

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  47. Kaylyn Messer

    Kaylyn Messer3 days ago

    Troom Troom high 😂


    AMIIRA HUSSEIN3 days ago

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    THE LIFE OF KAMRA3 days ago


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  51. Neil Sharp

    Neil Sharp3 days ago

    Mikes muscle look totally fake and stupid

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  53. lone loyal welshman

    lone loyal welshman3 days ago

    The entire comment section had botched brain surgeries.

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    Chezel Aguilar4 days ago

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    Cindy Giles4 days ago

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  58. WinterRose Rangel

    WinterRose Rangel4 days ago

    Can I be cool with you please

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    Diane Barefield4 days ago

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    Arman and nabeel gaming4 days ago

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    DJ Adrrefj4 days ago

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    Ela Haroku4 days ago

    Is soft boy

  64. Audra Mulholland

    Audra Mulholland4 days ago

    How fake were them muscles 😂😂😂😂

  65. Lotti Carr

    Lotti Carr4 days ago


  66. Bby_ Piper xoxox

    Bby_ Piper xoxox4 days ago

    You shouldn’t have to change to be cool the was fine the way the were and if people don’t see that then we kiss the goodbye

  67. Kedumetse Manyemba

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    MS MARKETING ZONE4 days ago

    If you are a nerd when you grow up then nerd will be the popular because popular will be the nerd

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    Isabella the Gamer Gurl5 days ago

    It’s a really cool tattoo 😝

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    Dr.touseef Jamal2 days ago

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    Tee Rehman5 days ago

    I have a crush on jim I think that is his name

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    Kandyland UK5 days ago

    Copied The Movie Cobra Kai

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    Salama Salem5 days ago

    his mom and cobra team

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    junes joseph6 days ago

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    Gagan Mittal6 days ago

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    Lawi Kawa6 days ago

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  99. Aliyah Winfrey

    Aliyah Winfrey6 days ago

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  100. Cristina Alina

    Cristina Alina6 days ago

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