Khabib Crashes The Schmo’s Interview with Matt Serra & Din Thomas

The Schmo interviews Din Thomas & Hall of Famer Matt Serra in the W Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Topics include:

- Watching fights with Khabib on Lookin’ For a Fight
- GSP fight with Matt Serra
- Khabib vs GSP
- Matt Serra vs Diego Sanchez Trainer
- Dana White Behind The Scenes
- Breaking Down UFC Title Fights

Graphics: @jamescdzn
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  1. Yellow Hello

    Yellow Hello8 days ago

    if Matt Serra says Khabib is the GOAT.... Khabib is the GOAT! Don't forget the fact that Serra beat GSP, so his opinion actually matters.

  2. Fai Zee

    Fai Zee17 days ago

    3:50 Khabib Entrance

  3. Tj Lance

    Tj Lance19 days ago

    Khibib has such class.

  4. Raja Fawad

    Raja Fawad20 days ago

    3:50 thanks me

  5. philip gray

    philip gray22 days ago

    best interview ever so funny

  6. Maximillion

    Maximillion23 days ago

    I disagree with Serra that Conor was the most accurate striker. Lyoto Machida was the most precise striker ever.

  7. Ramzi Yousef

    Ramzi Yousef23 days ago

    Khabib Time

  8. c'est la Vie

    c'est la VieMonth ago

    3:49 is what you probably are looking for 😉

  9. lennyhipp

    lennyhippMonth ago

    I hate it when people put on a fake persona for interviews. f'n annoying

  10. Nosmalija Yunos

    Nosmalija YunosMonth ago

    speak to the devil.. matt just say khabib n few sec khabib came out

  11. John Wulf

    John WulfMonth ago


  12. mikeychapps

    mikeychappsMonth ago

    Khabib is not the 🐐

  13. Nature Baker

    Nature BakerMonth ago

    Serra is a goddamn clown xD ahaha

  14. Avery Parks

    Avery ParksMonth ago

    I love this guy. hahaha

  15. Merc Enum

    Merc EnumMonth ago

    Khabib didn't crash the interview, he blessed it.

  16. Entrepreneurr

    EntrepreneurrMonth ago

    Hanging out with Matt is always a laugh fest.

  17. wrexshunt

    wrexshuntMonth ago

    The smo is the balance

  18. t w

    t wMonth ago

    Just watched that movie lol

  19. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyMonth ago

    The Schmoe got so excited when he saw Khabib he broke character 🤣

  20. David Darmondi

    David DarmondiMonth ago

    Matt is right, oculus quest 2 is the truth

  21. Anthony Rosen

    Anthony RosenMonth ago

    The Schmo is amateur hour with the one mic. Get some lapel mics Schmo. Come on man.

  22. Ivan S

    Ivan SMonth ago

    Dana white executive order “DONT FLIPPIN TALK ABOUT CAIN VELASQUEZ”!!!!!


    DIE SCHOLLEMonth ago

    matt serra is funnier than joe rogan. shake my mind.

  24. Rock girl

    Rock girlMonth ago

    Damn! the Schmo forgot how to speak when he saw Khabib!

  25. ABA SA

    ABA SAMonth ago

    whos the freak in the middle wt

  26. Steve Schmidt

    Steve SchmidtMonth ago

    Great interview I like all three of you guys. And on a personal note I think khabib vacates the belt and fights GSP at 165 possibly 170 that will be khabibs last 30 for 30

  27. Rock girl

    Rock girlMonth ago

    Serra is so cringy in this.

  28. Serjohn

    SerjohnMonth ago

    helen yee is jealous on how schmo looked at khabib

  29. libbs schmidt

    libbs schmidtMonth ago

    Serra looking like Sean sherk/ frank trigg mutation

  30. Betta Babe Pilipinas

    Betta Babe PilipinasMonth ago

    Very fun interview, good job Schmo

  31. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseMonth ago

    “I’m gonna come back, I’m gonna come back, say hello to GSP”

  32. Integrity Builders

    Integrity BuildersMonth ago

    Ariel has a yeast infection, glad schmo is here and ariel isnt.

  33. Sal A

    Sal AMonth ago

    Dana and all these people are asking the wrong person if Khabib will come back to fight. You have to convince the mother lol

  34. Philippe Poulin

    Philippe PoulinMonth ago


  35. nobody

    nobodyMonth ago

    So this is Colby Covington's real job.

  36. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseMonth ago

    Matt calling khabib, Habib, lol priceless. I'm a long islander, the verbiage is real lol

  37. I'm Tom Cruise

    I'm Tom CruiseMonth ago

    Matt is the best ... Im Tom Cruise

  38. Антон Брюханцев

    Антон БрюханцевMonth ago

    WTF they are all wearing this BLACK RING &&

  39. iskandar mohamed

    iskandar mohamedMonth ago

    khabib has answer it : " i will come back"...

  40. spafro101

    spafro101Month ago

    Matt Serra neck is crazy

  41. peeteerpaan

    peeteerpaanMonth ago

    Schmo got starstruck by Khabib and broke role a moment 😂

  42. The Kyzitemelos93

    The Kyzitemelos93Month ago

    Why isn't Dean Thomas a Hall of Famer?

  43. Adelina Rodriguez

    Adelina RodriguezMonth ago

    Serra is so cringy in this.

  44. Richard Truesdale

    Richard TruesdaleMonth ago

    Why is this guy talking like a dummie

  45. JF FA

    JF FAMonth ago

    I enjoyed this one....keep it up schmo....

  46. Kunstizz

    KunstizzMonth ago

    Matt Serra is so Long Island it’s nauseating.. lol

  47. World Elite

    World EliteMonth ago

    Someday, i would love to see Khabib work with RIZIN or Bellator

  48. Scott Schipper

    Scott SchipperMonth ago

    The Schmo tried to give Khabib the old "Scmope a dope" and get an interview on the spot but Khabib wasn't having it.



    If Han catches izzy, it's over. Them polish dudes are a different bread. I'm a iron worker, my boss is polish, this dudes fingers are like sausages, he is a big tree, the steel this dude picks up, his strength is crazy, makes me never bet against the polish lok



    Matt calling khabib, Habib, lol priceless. I'm a long islander, the verbiage is real lol

  51. Neon Thunderbird

    Neon ThunderbirdMonth ago

    The Schmo rules.

  52. Tiddy Sprinkles

    Tiddy SprinklesMonth ago

    Best episode ever, minus when that Cuban beast was singing lol

  53. Yasser786

    Yasser786Month ago

    Schmo pls u have to get the khabib interview 🦅

  54. YoungNBoosted

    YoungNBoostedMonth ago

    00:01 I didn't know dana had a son?

  55. Luke Samuel

    Luke SamuelMonth ago

    The Schmo is the best interviewer.

  56. Victor Barajas

    Victor BarajasMonth ago

    Matt Sarah HOF !!?? One lucky hit ,one hit wonder champ!! That's debatable in my opinion.

  57. Bav the man

    Bav the manMonth ago

    lol Khabib the only one to make Schmo break his character.

  58. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanMonth ago

    OMG, the look on Schmos's face when he thought he could get a Khabib Interview. He wanted it so bad, can't blame him tho.

  59. libbad

    libbadMonth ago

    People want to see khabib vs Conor 2, not GSP. He's past it. Dana wants the rematch aswell it seems...

  60. Mattington Beh

    Mattington BehMonth ago

    this guys like the Nardwuar of UFC

  61. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanMonth ago

    Does the schmo talk and act like that off camera

  62. abdulhameed amin

    abdulhameed aminMonth ago

    It's funny people may comment trash on Khabib but they all would drool crossing paths with him. Khabib truely is another LEVEL!

  63. محمد آزم

    محمد آزمMonth ago

    The Most Watched video of schmo around here I mean fight island 8🔥🔥🔥

  64. hassan Waleed

    hassan WaleedMonth ago

    Schmo used to talk shit about Khabib with Tony, in person "Khabib you're the GOAT" 😂

  65. jeremy812

    jeremy812Month ago

    Schmo, you're interviews are very engaging. Thank you for the content.

  66. Asekelokop

    AsekelokopMonth ago

    Wow khabib said he wana comeback bruh.

  67. Ariel P

    Ariel PMonth ago

    Hahah the Schmo, he’s so crazy. I luv’im!!!!😜😜😜

  68. AKA Compilation

    AKA CompilationMonth ago

    3:50 Khabib entry

  69. AKA Compilation

    AKA CompilationMonth ago

    WOW Matt Serra Is a great guy too.. guy who mauled gsp

  70. Bobby Mulligan

    Bobby MulliganMonth ago

    "I'm gonna come back, I'm gonna come back..." Ok. We're all waiting Khabib.

  71. thetruth 1

    thetruth 1Month ago

    This interview was wholesome

  72. Seth Matteson

    Seth MattesonMonth ago

    The schmo matches the wall paper

  73. Ky Ty

    Ky TyMonth ago

    The nardwar clone

  74. witheredandobsolete

    witheredandobsoleteMonth ago

    Schmo, you're the fuckin man.

  75. Blue 7lvn

    Blue 7lvnMonth ago

    3:30 lol

  76. Wuh Suh

    Wuh SuhMonth ago

    Does the schmo talk and act like that off camera

  77. Tier 1 Gear & EDC Reviews

    Tier 1 Gear & EDC ReviewsMonth ago

    Khabib said it "was #1 bullshit" and I almost died laughing. 🤣

  78. Erikas Savickas

    Erikas SavickasMonth ago


  79. Chris Thrasher

    Chris ThrasherMonth ago

    Matt Serra is at least half-orc

  80. Zeneb Osman

    Zeneb OsmanMonth ago


  81. Walid Films

    Walid FilmsMonth ago

    Matt Sara is the love child of Joe Rogan and Dana White


    ERICK RBDMonth ago

    Grande Khabib

  83. Angelo

    AngeloMonth ago

    you can tell din thomas loves hearing matt sera talk ahhah

  84. The Graceful Savage

    The Graceful SavageMonth ago

    Im just laughing about the premise of GSP calling Matt Serra snookie.

  85. محمد آزم

    محمد آزمMonth ago

    The schmo got hyped looking at KHABIB🔥🔥🔥

  86. Awaited One

    Awaited OneMonth ago

    Khabib ALLHAMDULILLAH HES the baddest end game

  87. Jamie Crespo

    Jamie CrespoMonth ago

    Straight to the point. “You dont want to fight gsp” lol Get it while it’s hot.

  88. hsksksbwksn jwoa

    hsksksbwksn jwoaMonth ago

    Khabib is wearing his mask upside down.

  89. sosickhcdrums

    sosickhcdrumsMonth ago

    Crazy they were just talking about him and he just popped up. Thats wild!

  90. sosickhcdrums

    sosickhcdrumsMonth ago

    Din Thomas has a great smile.

  91. Prospect 86

    Prospect 86Month ago

    Who’s better than Serra

  92. Redds

    ReddsMonth ago

    Khabib is not event fighting in this event but he is the STAR of the event, the spotlight is on him!

  93. mxamiss5

    mxamiss5Month ago

    Khabib isn’t top 5

  94. Jon Correa

    Jon CorreaMonth ago

    Khabob is not the best . And definitely not the goat

  95. allstardesiraja

    allstardesirajaMonth ago

    Schmo wth are u sayin at 4:38 LMAO?? All like a bunch of cheerleaders around Khabib LOL!

  96. Andriy Korobov

    Andriy KorobovMonth ago

    lol i want that suit

  97. Draziw

    DraziwMonth ago

    That Schmo reaction to Khabib just made me a Complete fan, also Matt Serra! This interview was Great!!!!

  98. Gorilla Vines

    Gorilla VinesMonth ago

    04:10 no one paying attention to Fedor.. or maybe his stunt double?

  99. Charles Bronson

    Charles BronsonMonth ago

    Man Shmoo is sooo Cringe

  100. The Schmo

    The SchmoMonth ago

    it's "The" Schmo

  101. Cok Jaga

    Cok JagaMonth ago


  102. Danger Gust

    Danger GustMonth ago

    Khabib would beat Jon jones, change my mind!

  103. John Schmidt

    John SchmidtMonth ago

    What the hell is a Schmo?????

  104. Aaran Addis

    Aaran AddisMonth ago

    He never came back lol