Live Chat with Jess and Miah


  1. Jk S

    Jk S4 days ago

    Off grid w Doug and Stacey have a great outdoor kitchen, have u seen it? Also note that solar panels aren’t that eco actually, but they do make u more independent!!

  2. Brewster King

    Brewster King5 days ago

    We want to know how tall and who was closer lol 3.2 dad omg lol

  3. Erin

    Erin6 days ago

    Feeling your pain about the barn. "This is why we do things ourselves," has mine an ongoing quote in my household. We have taken on so much because the follow through of others. Watching your videos and seeing how proud you are about things you've made myself motivates me to push forward and just get it done.

  4. Katie Mclain

    Katie Mclain7 days ago

    Just an idea on the camper / space issue. Maybe get a cheap, small camper for the 2 older kids and Con. I've seen people use small storage sheds for their washer and dryer. You could also do that for your canned food and freezer. We are looking at land now and having a camper until we can build a home.

  5. L Costantino

    L Costantino8 days ago

    Jess LOL I wouldn't argue with the carpenter..... LMAO

  6. L Costantino

    L Costantino8 days ago

    Living like my grandparents.... Good food fresh air kids enjoying running free.... Love u.... Saving my sanity.

  7. Marilyn Chase

    Marilyn Chase8 days ago

    Go easy on businesses: lots of companies are having problems keeping employees at work because they are using Covid as an excuse to miss work …and I suppose some actually have been sick.

  8. Whitney Brown

    Whitney Brown8 days ago

    Could miah do a very in depth video or videos on the feed and diet of yalls animals

  9. 49testsamiam49

    49testsamiam498 days ago

    right on Jeremiah someone told me about an underground plastic freezer I;m eating ugggggggggggh Alpaca spit

  10. Victoria Bautista

    Victoria Bautista8 days ago

    I'm collecting empty toilet paper rolls too use as seed starters I got spinach and tomatoes started .I regrew Bok choy I bought from the grocery store.

  11. Victoria Bautista

    Victoria Bautista8 days ago

    Nice Roots and Refuge shirt

  12. Miranda Heidelberg

    Miranda Heidelberg8 days ago

    OMG! If I don’t get a goat granny tshirt I’m gonna die!

  13. Connie Stevens

    Connie Stevens9 days ago

    Your pic is so bright.

  14. Mirianna Carter

    Mirianna Carter9 days ago

    OMG. dying at the alpaca story! 😂

  15. Brittany

    Brittany9 days ago

    3 dads tall. Americans will measure in ANYTHING but metric 😅 love you guys.

  16. Susan Turner

    Susan Turner9 days ago

    The new stewards will be “Formally Known As 🍅🌻🐐🌿” 😂

  17. Haley G

    Haley G9 days ago

    Now Im even more excited that I bought the Where The Wild Things Are shirt!!!

  18. Phoenix and the noms

    Phoenix and the noms9 days ago

    i suggest you cancel the barn because you are being strung along.

  19. Malea Ann

    Malea Ann9 days ago

    Ya'll are so cute and funny! I'm a bit more like Jeremiah when it comes to throwing out numbers. My son always knows if my numbers are just bogus statements though because they always start with a 4 or 5 or have multiples of 4s and 5s in them (400, 550, 5055, etc). Does Jeremiah have a similar tell in his numbers?

  20. Tammy Provost

    Tammy Provost9 days ago

    I hope you all aren't quitting USlikes I got y'all through Justin Rhodes Channel and I actually enjoy this channel very much and you're wonderful people God bless you

  21. Sugar Grits & Co

    Sugar Grits & Co9 days ago

    Replay!!! I am excited for you guys! A new home is something to look forward to each day is a day closer to achieving your goals! Loved all the plans you have!

  22. Nancy D.

    Nancy D.9 days ago

    I love watching your old videos. 🌹

  23. Sandra Rilea

    Sandra Rilea9 days ago

    If you haven't found a new property you should look in southern central Tennessee. Similar growing zone, low regulations, good property prices with increasing property values. Very rural with small local community but big cities & airports only 1-1 1/2 hours away.

  24. Mindy Schultz

    Mindy Schultz9 days ago

    I bought the kindle version of the book and am LOVING it!!!! Thanks for being my teacher!!!! I can’t wait to get a copy in my hands 😁 You guys are my favorite people ever!!!

  25. Kristin Neathery

    Kristin Neathery9 days ago

    The barn is probably behind because they are waiting for the price of lumber to go down. Or all the employees are enjoying unemployment right now.

  26. Erin

    Erin6 days ago

    Ugh...lumber prices are breaking me right now

  27. Cynthia Jordan

    Cynthia Jordan9 days ago

    Go back to your regular side, you speak with your right hand a kept putting in Miah's face.

  28. J B

    J B9 days ago

    ...3.2 dads..... LOL!!

  29. Gregory Dye

    Gregory Dye9 days ago

    Hearing the debate on how many dads tall the roof is, I'm just hearing that Sweet Miah may be eating another tomatoe...

  30. Denise Martin

    Denise Martin3 days ago


  31. Blessilda Joy

    Blessilda Joy9 days ago

    You might consider selling growbags.

  32. Sheryl Wright

    Sheryl Wright9 days ago

    Get a toy hauler. freezers/food and dogs can fit in there....In addition to the trailer you already have.

  33. Chelsea Tarr

    Chelsea Tarr9 days ago

    Can you please make these chats a podcast? I’d love to just listen!

  34. Mini Farm Wife

    Mini Farm Wife9 days ago

    Catching this late, so someone may have mentioned this already but my husband mentioned he would definitely wear a shirt with the Miah sticker design on it. :)

  35. Verree Doiron

    Verree Doiron9 days ago

    Check out granger smiths USlikes channel “the smiths”. They have been living in a rv inside a shop and they have dogs. They have been living like that while they build their home. Maybe you can glean some ideas from them

  36. Heidi Weinert

    Heidi Weinert9 days ago

    Everything is backed up. Our infrastructure is fragile. It took 3 weeks for my repair man to get the part twice. 6 weeks to repair.

  37. Missy Horvath

    Missy Horvath9 days ago

    Love Ezra!

  38. Sab L

    Sab L9 days ago

    As a longtime musician who recently took up gardening, I can appreciate you contributing to an album! I was just thinking yesterday how many gardening metaphors are in the Bible and how I would love to blend that into a Southern gospel music project eventually. Also, why are y'all moving? Pardon me if that is too nosy - just curious. My husband and I are moving from the Pacific Northwest to the South, 1) my family is down South, 2) West Coast politics are only getting crazier.

  39. Liliet Cardoso

    Liliet Cardoso9 days ago

    Great vision! Our next Martha Stewart/Magnolia Farms. 😉

  40. Rhythmn Sin Mews

    Rhythmn Sin Mews9 days ago

    I chase squirrels and rabbits all the time 😅😹

  41. Annmarie Watkins

    Annmarie Watkins9 days ago

    You literally had me cracking up on the alpaca spit and describing it as the pits of hell and it was like God made it so that we could have a taste of hell LOL I am still cracking up about that and that you’ll never forgive her LOL

  42. Angela D.

    Angela D.9 days ago

    For the chive seed. A few suggestions would be to chill the seeds in the fridge for a couple days before planting. You can even try the wet paper towel in a Ziploc method for germinating the seed and then plant them in little pots before putting them outside. If you are in a warmer climate, it would be better to plant the seed in the fall and you can even give them a partial shade scenario to keep them cool. They really do like cooler weather. I am in a USDA zone 4 up here in Canada and chives freely germinate all over my yard. I love using the blooms in salads, very tasty. Also keeps the spread of them down! XD

  43. James Neidlinger

    James Neidlinger9 days ago

    Fun Episode. I chuckled frequently. I luv how you two work thru your unmatched opinions. Doesn't matter if Jess is right or wrong - I'm not betting against her .. (She is in charge of the kitchen knives) lol

  44. Roots and Refuge Farm

    Roots and Refuge Farm9 days ago

    Hahahahaha Thanks for the chuckle!

  45. Mary Kapla

    Mary Kapla9 days ago

    Zip up hoodies pls.😊

  46. Toni Jurkones

    Toni Jurkones9 days ago

    Good Morning 👋❤️💜💚👍🌹

  47. My heart is in the mountains

    My heart is in the mountains9 days ago

    I laughed and wah wah wah played in my head after Miahs joke. I had the same issue two years ago ordering one of those metal buildings to have put up to use as a garage to put my car in. Ordered in October and they were here in January and finished the day in the snow. My parents are dealing with the same right now on a car port. I think it's par for the course on those metal buildings.

  48. Melissa Jones

    Melissa Jones9 days ago

    I live in a motorhome right now until my house is done. Hopefully this year. You can make a separate room in the covered carpool that you can include. For food storage. It you can get ahold of a trailer that you can turn into food storage until house is done even better. That's where mine is. I have 2dogs inside and a kitten. My great pyrenees has a comfy place in garage with alot of straw. I live in far north missouri. We made it work with 8of us. So excited for you guys. Love your videos.

  49. Linda Foster

    Linda Foster9 days ago

    Insulated shipping container. Sorry that was so short but my Internet was totally fried for a while. If you can get a sea container that is insulated and has room to put an air conditioner in you can keep all of your containers in there for your food. It’s also a pretty good storm shelter I think.

  50. Heather Mayfield

    Heather Mayfield9 days ago

    You are the US version of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

  51. Shana Beach

    Shana Beach9 days ago

    I'm glad you hit on the racism areas. My family is in Northern and I'm half black. I love my family but I will stay in Wisconsin. I do love those beautiful mountains though.

  52. Linda

    Linda9 days ago


  53. lotus

    lotus9 days ago

    Words of wisdom: When in the barnyard, keep your mouth SHUT!! lol

  54. Sandra in Ontario

    Sandra in Ontario9 days ago

    BARN-DOMIMIUM part living space part for all that stuff you need then later shop!

  55. Sandra in Ontario

    Sandra in Ontario9 days ago

    I told my husband they got a lot of snow in Arkansas and he said how are the baby goats haha I have converted him! 😂❤️

  56. Linda

    Linda9 days ago

    How about bobblehead Miah??

  57. Sandra in Ontario

    Sandra in Ontario9 days ago


  58. Julie Scott

    Julie Scott9 days ago

    Love the book thanks Jess, i’ve been enjoying it for over a week now. Regards Julie in Australia

  59. Zoe Shorthouse

    Zoe Shorthouse9 days ago

    Just started following you since I saw you on Justin Rhodes' vlog. My husband and I are on missionary assignment in Cambodia.

  60. Rachael Cowan

    Rachael Cowan9 days ago

    Miah is all sorts of worked up lol

  61. Terri Dunning

    Terri Dunning9 days ago

    Jessica we have a horrible time with chives being invasive. We started with one plant out by the garage and now they are around the house in the flower beds and they have gone into the back yard and spreading. We dig them out and tried a few ways to get rid of them but we don’t want to use chemicals. We freeze completely in the winter but come spring they are one of the first plants up. Freezing temps here can be as low as -30 C. Up to -40 C. So if anything was going to die from the cold I would have thought chives would. Hope this helps with your chat. Have a great week.

  62. Laura Gadd

    Laura Gadd9 days ago

    What are your views or have you done this of selling flower and veggie plants at the beginning of the season?

  63. Laura Gadd

    Laura Gadd9 days ago

    OMG 🤢 yuck! You guys cracked me up. I'm setting my alarm for next Sunday. Send a reminder when y'all are doing a live.

  64. Laura Gadd

    Laura Gadd9 days ago

    I had the same problem with receiving my garage. We purchased it in the end of July and received the end of October. Though they were warned us they had a wood shortage. We started asking our money back when they said possibly November. We said "NO"

  65. carrie strongman

    carrie strongman9 days ago

    i live in new zealand

  66. carrie strongman

    carrie strongman9 days ago

    mum kept hers in the safe we had it on school lunch in 1950s we never had a friidge until 1954 beef broth chicken broth was also part of our life home kill wild birds fish my dad had a 5oo acrea dairy farm we milked 2012 cows lived by the seasons big garden bottling pickles jams preserves i smile when you make connections

  67. Sarah Koeneman

    Sarah Koeneman9 days ago

    Best live ever!! Love seeing sweet Miah get mad and threaten to throw things!

  68. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    Do yall sell aprons

  69. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    I'm in 7a and just started my seeds 2 days ago and have about 2 days to go to be finished.

  70. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    Yall are 2cute!

  71. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    Goat soap is awesome for the skin.

  72. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    Wow that would be so kewl

  73. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    Would yall be coming to Georgia maybe?

  74. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    🤮🤢ewww I would have died

  75. Kahala Morse

    Kahala Morse9 days ago

    🌺 Aloha Jess & Maya from Hawaii! I learn soooooo much from you all! 🌺😊🤙

  76. Cheryl Anderson

    Cheryl Anderson9 days ago

    Since the company hasn't delivered your barn as contracted, maybe you should cut them loose, since you have a bad feeling about them. You might be better off with another company.

  77. Wanda Turner

    Wanda Turner9 days ago

    I hear there are Sasquatches in Kentucky. 🙃🙄

  78. Cheyenne McKoy

    Cheyenne McKoy9 days ago

    Can y’all cancel the barn?

  79. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    They are hungry. Growing kids

  80. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Wow no alpechas

  81. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Hard to give up ur nice house & all y’all put into it. Where will y’all move to as far as state or town ???

  82. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Put the kids in the camper. Ha ha

  83. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    And live in the Barn.

  84. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Just build a big barn. Ha ha

  85. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    I understand. Had a big shed built & took 4 different times to fix a leak after insulation foam. A window area. Took a year to fix cause they didn’t want to come fix what we paid for. Since not lots of rain 🌧 had to wait until it rains omg 😱

  86. Echols2009

    Echols20099 days ago

    Every time I've heard the alpaca story I fall out laughing🤣

  87. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    You guys are amazing. I love ❤️ ur faith in God. ❤️🙏🏻

  88. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Bumble bee 🐝 Hills

  89. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Call it Honey Bee 🐝. I grew up on a ranch called Bumble Bee 🐝. Very famous in Hunt Texas. Lots of hunting & ranches & wildlife. Has many cabins in property called. Queen bee, king bee, would bee, d Should bee, 3 bee & could bee. Ha ha

  90. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Sorry 😞 if I sound nuts 🥜. But really there is so much more to learn. God blesses us all. We are one with God in the end. No judgement

  91. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Sorry revolution in the Bible. Most people don’t Even understand they are living it now. No judgement. Just saying. It’s a shame that we are sooo asleep 😴 we aren’t aware of what’s going on. But doesn’t matter we all go home to God no matter what. Just sharing sorry if I offended anyone. I will return after this lifetime to continue the evolution of Christ consciousness. And a beautiful better world 🌎

  92. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    We should of had such better weather than u guys & sooo many less problems in South Texas. But I’m sure you guys aren’t int conspiracy therorys. I love ❤️ Jesus & I’m a devoted Christian but there is sooo much going on in the world 🌎 right now. But that’s a subject I can’t concave to others that don’t look into a bigger picture of reality at this time. If u really Beleive in revolutions. It’s happening but very sublet. So people don’t even want to intertain the idea of it. It’s not black & white. Things are manipulation of weather & many other things like 👍🏼 the health system of vaccines 💉. It takes a lot of research. But my neice is stout Christian Bible that’s the law & won’t even consider it. Line all my family. But their lives aren’t so great. Just saying lots to learn about the last days of evolution of this planet 🌎. I know I should 🥜 to most people who love ❤️ this channel as me. But there is lots of things going on that people won’t consider or look at. I love u all a. Many blessings. One of my favorite channels. Hopefully 🙏🏻 ur kids will understand more then the parents as we all do as we evolve ❤️❤️🙏🏻👍🏼

  93. Linda P

    Linda P9 days ago

    May I suggest Pilgrim Road Studio for your recording

  94. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    I don’t live in La la land. The world 🌎 is changing drastically unfortunately I

  95. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    The weather is changing all over the world 🌎 & I believe that’s going to increase unfortunately. So how do we adjust to a new inviroment?????🙏🏻❤️😞

  96. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago


  97. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Not just Texas

  98. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Heat. Not heart 💜

  99. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    U have to look at the whole situation.unfortunately it’s been awful. Lots of law suits. Hopefully 🙏🏻 they can win. Cause soo many people have died or without heart ❤️

  100. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Just lots of clothes & bundle up. No lights. No water 💦. Lots of people suffering & lots died. Shame & can’t get upgraded for another year cause of government politics. Unfortunately

  101. Debbie Duggan

    Debbie Duggan9 days ago

    Just finished watching the replay. Extremely entertaining & funny banter tonight. Always a pleasure to watch you guys.

  102. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    Texas is not prepared for 🥶 cold. Lots of busted pipes

  103. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon9 days ago

    We had a week without electricity ⚡️ & water 💦. Line cave people. & stores out of everything