NFL Biggest Hits of Week 6 || HD

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  1. Rich Rodgers

    Rich Rodgers2 days ago

    You know these linemen LOVE cracking the little guys when they’re lead blocker on a screen😂

  2. Joe

    Joe8 days ago

    2:33 more like absolute dick

  3. Random Builds

    Random Builds15 days ago

    4:50 you know your big when it takes 5 people to stop you


    TYLER KIM18 days ago

    Austin hooper was just getting thrown around like a ragdoll on Sunday

  5. 19pascha87

    19pascha8718 days ago

    hello ding productions - wanted to let you know that i like your videos! pls keep it going! greetings and support from germany!

  6. Nick Moore

    Nick Moore18 days ago


  7. Steve Beck

    Steve Beck20 days ago


  8. Biggie Crackz

    Biggie Crackz23 days ago

    Should do a derrick Henry theme

  9. 丂ㄒㄚㄥ乇丂卂ᘜ卂尺

    丂ㄒㄚㄥ乇丂卂ᘜ卂尺24 days ago

    Dupree is the best player in my fantasy lmao

  10. Rylan DatKid

    Rylan DatKid26 days ago

    It’s just Washington vs giants Steelers vs browns and panthers receivers vs bears

  11. Toast Man

    Toast Man29 days ago

    The Steelers defense is so lethal this season

  12. Vintage Ty

    Vintage TyMonth ago


  13. Kaden Schaefer

    Kaden SchaeferMonth ago

    Austin Hooper had a rough day.

  14. Joseph Walker

    Joseph WalkerMonth ago

    I swear the eagles are the worst. And their fans.

  15. tanner floyd

    tanner floydMonth ago

    Holy shit poor Aaron Rodgers. That blocking is atrocious

  16. gavin hayes

    gavin hayesMonth ago

    You need to make a whole compilation just for Austin hooper getting laid out

  17. Kurtis Postma

    Kurtis PostmaMonth ago

    the Kyle Fuller hit was brutal and actually very clean, look at the slo-mo replay

  18. John Sippel Jr

    John Sippel JrMonth ago

    What i took from this video is Teddy 2 Gloves loves to throw his receivers into hits

  19. BEAT MAN

    BEAT MANMonth ago

    So these are the biggest hits nfl is weak

  20. Siraad Said

    Siraad SaidMonth ago

    This not my youtube channel

  21. Ashton Thomas

    Ashton ThomasMonth ago

    0:52 - 55 madden hit-stick be like......

  22. Darian Moss

    Darian MossMonth ago

    If you haven’t already you could do NFL loudest hits

  23. treyvion reese

    treyvion reeseMonth ago

    wow jordan malita ain' have to do that extra stuuf

  24. Levi Berg

    Levi BergMonth ago

    My man just got suplexed tho😂

  25. Carlos Cervantes

    Carlos CervantesMonth ago

    bridgewater stay throwing hospital passes

  26. mustafa mohiuddin

    mustafa mohiuddinMonth ago

    jordan mailata literally flicked chuck clark and he bent backwards

  27. Mike Corley

    Mike CorleyMonth ago

    Nasty hit on mayfield.

  28. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaMonth ago

    That Colts player hit was pretty funny

  29. G Fernández

    G FernándezMonth ago

    Hooper was abused by Pittsburgh haha, Buddy Dupree!!!

  30. joey anderson

    joey andersonMonth ago

    This is great. Subscribed fasho.

  31. Dr Krazzy

    Dr KrazzyMonth ago

    Poor hooper lol

  32. Titan Teczxa

    Titan TeczxaMonth ago

    I miss when bam bam Kam was on here😢

  33. fluffy fluff

    fluffy fluffMonth ago


  34. ThatGuy_Official

    ThatGuy_OfficialMonth ago

    Man, steelers were fuckin up hooper, jesus

  35. ClawKilla

    ClawKillaMonth ago

    yo poor Austin hooper

  36. Boys clubhouse E

    Boys clubhouse EMonth ago

    That wrestling guy was crazy 😝 when he did that

  37. Yes Night

    Yes NightMonth ago


  38. RJ 23

    RJ 23Month ago

    Why were the Steelers bullying Austin Hooper

  39. Samo dramo 324

    Samo dramo 324Month ago

    0:39 oof

  40. Chaquancey Murphy

    Chaquancey MurphyMonth ago

    Why my boi Austin hooper gotta keep getting hit like that😭

  41. Vorteximus_Fleximus

    Vorteximus_FleximusMonth ago

    "WWF style" 💀

  42. not Sauer

    not SauerMonth ago

    You missed a couple Lions hits. 1. The one I thought would be here for sure, D’Andre Swift trucked the shit out of a Jags defender 2. DJ Chark got sandwiched by two Lions defenders on one of his catches

  43. Aidan Wanner

    Aidan WannerMonth ago

    bridgewater with those hospital passes

  44. vincent wolker

    vincent wolkerMonth ago

    that jordan maylata tackle was his routine before

  45. John Doe

    John DoeMonth ago

    60 secs left in video: Me: I made it through without an ad! 50 secs left in video: USlikes: AD! Me: sigh

  46. John Doe

    John DoeMonth ago

    On that incompletion he was "bobbling" it when he touched the out of bounds line. So I believe it was properly called incomplete.

  47. Lion Football57

    Lion Football57Month ago

    I literally got an ad for one of those 24hr emergency rooms right at 2:50 lol

  48. Rex1524

    Rex1524Month ago

    Hit Stick

  49. Team Starry

    Team StarryMonth ago

    Why were half of these from browns vs Steelers

  50. Luke Watkins

    Luke WatkinsMonth ago

    Me watching: flag flag flag flag flag

  51. Zach Krawitz

    Zach KrawitzMonth ago

    Im a giants fan but imagine getting trucked by dj a QUARTERBACK

  52. Professor Fantastic

    Professor FantasticMonth ago


  53. john wayne

    john wayneMonth ago

    So weak compared to football 15 yrs ago

  54. Joshua Pomare

    Joshua PomareMonth ago

    I love this show, if you call it that

  55. Maky

    MakyMonth ago

    I thought 1:38 was dirty. Held up completely and went helmet to helmet. Haven't heard anyone else talk about it though

  56. Jayshaun Jamison

    Jayshaun JamisonMonth ago

    all of these hits are weak my guy

  57. Caleb MacKay

    Caleb MacKayMonth ago

    It’s funny how much the Steelers were on there

  58. B2wavvy

    B2wavvyMonth ago

    I’d hate to be a receiver for the panthers😂bridgewater tries to kill everyone

  59. Gren Ninja plazys

    Gren Ninja plazysMonth ago

    That suplex was the best suplex

  60. District 18

    District 18Month ago

    Missed the truck stick by DeAndre Swift though..

  61. MuthaFukin Khechaun J. Ward

    MuthaFukin Khechaun J. WardMonth ago

    antoine winfeild jr. is already making a name for himself. that flip tackle got me outta my chair on sunday lol.

  62. Kaleb Tapuloa

    Kaleb TapuloaMonth ago

    Lmao Deebo ate that

  63. Tyler Smith

    Tyler SmithMonth ago

    It’s funny how a colts guy got a penalty for his tackle but the chiefs can do it twice against the bills and not get called

  64. Jared Fitzpatrick

    Jared FitzpatrickMonth ago

    Good videos, but your thumbnails suck soooo bad

  65. William Rodriguez

    William RodriguezMonth ago

    Or can you do people getting flipped

  66. William Rodriguez

    William RodriguezMonth ago

    Can you do people breaking there bones who agrees

  67. Poo Poo

    Poo PooMonth ago

    Teddy Brigdewater was just trying to get his receivers hurt

  68. Josiah Cross

    Josiah CrossMonth ago

    Big bears hits two weeks in a row let’s go bears😈



    7:10 WWF ?

  70. General of the DSSA

    General of the DSSAMonth ago

    Hooper Made It to this 3 times. He had a rough week 6

  71. obwilly

    obwillyMonth ago

    "Bucs and Austin Hooper hits"

  72. Richard Turner

    Richard TurnerMonth ago

    Another week another terrible unnecessary flag against Kyle Fuller for a hard perfectly legal hit. He never hits anyone in the head so keep your fucking yellow hanky in your pockets refs.

  73. Þórarinn Snorrason

    Þórarinn SnorrasonMonth ago

    Not an Eagles fan but this vid may have made me a fan of that Mailata guy :)

  74. Colton Craft

    Colton CraftMonth ago

    You gotta love a downfield lineman block!!

  75. Synyster2040

    Synyster2040Month ago

    6:05 That was a HUGE collision 😳

  76. Payson Morgan

    Payson MorganMonth ago

    Can you do "Players who really shined when they got to their new team"?

  77. Synyster2040

    Synyster2040Month ago

    0:41 The most PERFECT FORM TACKLE 👌🏽💪🏽🔥

  78. jlawlah

    jlawlahMonth ago

    Austin hooper was getting lit up 😭

  79. 3dgar Alcoser

    3dgar AlcoserMonth ago

    this is just a Hooper highlight reel

  80. Isaiah Rodriquez

    Isaiah RodriquezMonth ago


  81. Aarshaun Moozoun

    Aarshaun MoozounMonth ago

    You should do NFL "How are you here" moments

  82. J Mowitz

    J MowitzMonth ago

    Do worst passes

  83. KAZAZ Playz

    KAZAZ PlayzMonth ago

    Wilson still got the tackle

  84. Lance Allen

    Lance AllenMonth ago

    Half the hits were just Aaron Rodgers getting destroyed

  85. William Kelly

    William KellyMonth ago

    Hey man, you forgot that solid tackle from Terry McLaurin after that sad ass pick Allen threw in the Giants - Football Team game. Love the vids man.

  86. The Emperor

    The EmperorMonth ago

    First hit man turned into Brock Lesnar with a suplex

  87. Zahir Rodriguez

    Zahir RodriguezMonth ago

    Si papi

  88. Joseph Mackey

    Joseph MackeyMonth ago

    Do best "didnt see that coming" plays (like so he can see)

  89. Maxwell Taylor

    Maxwell TaylorMonth ago

    The giants do so many check downs

  90. Ian Moore

    Ian MooreMonth ago

    Let’s just say Austin Hooper didn’t have the best day

  91. Bart Burdick

    Bart BurdickMonth ago

    1:25 was just damn embarrassing. Packers were horrible.

  92. glad and sad

    glad and sadMonth ago

    But Suh had 3 controversial hits, still don’t know how he’s in the league

  93. Charkyy Tarkk

    Charkyy TarkkMonth ago

    The steelers were just violating the browns.

  94. Josh Lynch

    Josh LynchMonth ago

    Missed two or three huggee lions hits

  95. anonymous white circle

    anonymous white circleMonth ago

    Comments: This is just an Austin Hooper compilation Me: or is it just a Steelers Defense compilation 🤔

  96. Kyle Bye

    Kyle ByeMonth ago

    Do a "Fastest QB Pass, slinging that ball in tight coverage or likewise"

  97. Jared Grainger

    Jared GraingerMonth ago

    Like 10 of those plays were from bridgewater getting his players killed on late throws 😂

  98. YEE

    YEEMonth ago

    dis channel dope!

  99. YEE

    YEEMonth ago

    :54 dat hit was nice!

  100. Harber1202

    Harber1202Month ago

    I feel kinda bad for hooper this week🥵

  101. CRLOZWZHR or not

    CRLOZWZHR or notMonth ago

    What did Kenny Klark do to deserve these hits from the linemen