MOD SUN - "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) - OFFICIAL VIDEO

MOD SUN "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) available on all platforms now
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Directed by Mod Sun + Charlie Zwick
Executive Producers
Charlie Zwick
Colin Randall
Creative Producer
Daniel Provenza
Justin Floyd
Connor Gould
Production Company
Feed The Wolf
Taylor Randall
Thor Wixom
Jordan Avtal
Production Designer
Chris Beltran
Anthony Delzio
Post Production Company
Zwick Post
Charlie Zwick
Assistant Editor
Nick Alvarez
Loren White
Daniel Provenza
Coleman Mason
Nick Alvarez
Coleman Mason


  1. tavix87

    tavix8752 minutes ago

    al fin buena música hello mtv pura vida!!!

  2. OfficialTeamBlueSG

    OfficialTeamBlueSGHour ago

    Ahh sounds like early 2000s poo rock! And The song is too short , more of these pls

  3. D Sumie

    D Sumie2 hours ago

    No more Hello Kitty stuff Avril! Stay like this!! :D

  4. Ezekielle Manansala

    Ezekielle Manansala2 hours ago

    This song reminds me of Daphne and Simon from Bridgerton ik its rock bt i think it fits

  5. David Tapia

    David Tapia4 hours ago

    Que buen temaaa!!!!!!

  6. Nikolas Paulo

    Nikolas Paulo6 hours ago

    Avril ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Poxa Hanna

    Poxa Hanna8 hours ago

    Avril eres perfect 😍😍

  8. Poxa Hanna

    Poxa Hanna8 hours ago


  9. Sandra Rosa lamas

    Sandra Rosa lamas9 hours ago

    Adorei essa música é lavínio bem romântica

  10. Jael Dub

    Jael Dub9 hours ago

    This goes good in rock playlist & rap playlist!

  11. ZiggityZwoopZwap

    ZiggityZwoopZwap10 hours ago

    when she hasn't aged a single bit

  12. Tone Corleone

    Tone Corleone11 hours ago

    Back again a month later should see regular radio rotation this summer this my sh!t 🙌🏼

  13. GMH Rocks

    GMH Rocks12 hours ago


  14. Mazlum Akman

    Mazlum Akman12 hours ago

    The Queen is back

  15. Marius Ciuchete

    Marius Ciuchete12 hours ago

    i was like :OOOOOOOO

  16. angelika t

    angelika t13 hours ago

    Hot Avril but Chad is more sexy than this 😘

  17. daniel oquendo

    daniel oquendo13 hours ago

    Solamente nostalgia viendo a la reyna del Punk 💚

  18. Rifaldi Dwi Putra

    Rifaldi Dwi Putra14 hours ago

    Feels the real Avril vibes! Miss her to rock n roll

  19. Madd Maxx

    Madd Maxx14 hours ago

    Great song! Stirs up some feelings...

  20. AvrilLUKFan

    AvrilLUKFan14 hours ago

    Still can’t stop playing this song 🎵


    ADRS ADRS14 hours ago

    She is damn

  22. MOROSE

    MOROSE14 hours ago

    She never gets old

  23. Suu Ramos

    Suu Ramos14 hours ago

    She's back tho

  24. suheet barua

    suheet barua14 hours ago


  25. ignitor4000

    ignitor400015 hours ago

    Rantaro and Kaede

  26. Courtney Thomas

    Courtney Thomas15 hours ago

    Dude this is a DOPE ass song. 👏👏👏

  27. Ishu

    Ishu15 hours ago

    I still burn FIREEEEEE🌚

  28. Yosiro Castañeda

    Yosiro Castañeda16 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español

  29. David Tapia

    David Tapia4 hours ago


  30. andydas

    andydas16 hours ago

    Wow it sounds realy good.

  31. Admin Business

    Admin Business17 hours ago


  32. Kira haruoko

    Kira haruoko18 hours ago

    Avril and Modsun is my new favourite thing now

  33. Faradila Md Shukor

    Faradila Md Shukor18 hours ago

    Real vampire alive 😲

  34. Avril's little Black Star

    Avril's little Black Star18 hours ago

    my biggest inspiration in life... avril 💕💕💕💕💕

  35. QozmiQ

    QozmiQ19 hours ago

    I'm in my 30's but Avril Lavigne is aging in reverse 😅👌🏻




  37. mam nars

    mam nars22 hours ago


  38. mam nars

    mam nars22 hours ago

    oh my!! i got goosebumps!! it's really avril the original!

  39. Avril Dawn

    Avril DawnDay ago

    Fact Avril doesn’t know how to play guitar OR piano ... why? Lol I still love her though lol

  40. MMM AL

    MMM AL23 hours ago

    What the hell are you talking about? She literally learn how to play guitar by her own. And she also knows how to play piano, drums and she was learning to play bass. If you don't know then shup up, please

  41. EmmanuelxD4

    EmmanuelxD4Day ago

    Billie Eilish & Machine Gun Kelly

  42. Miguel Jenner Music

    Miguel Jenner MusicDay ago

    Avril Consedering Era Under My Skyn Vampire

  43. Abdul aziz

    Abdul azizDay ago

    Orang indo disini ada kah?

  44. B K

    B KDay ago

    I notice Avril voice changes when she gets in a relationship...not the real avril lavigne voice...

  45. Jeffro Beaux Dean

    Jeffro Beaux DeanDay ago

    Where has Avril gone to? Oh! There she is! We missed you.

  46. ROMAN

    ROMANDay ago

    Love you MOD SUN - yes its good because AVRIL is in it but your'e what makes this fire song don't forget it

  47. NvT Cheft

    NvT CheftDay ago

    Thank you to kells for reviving our boys soul.

  48. Athina

    AthinaDay ago


  49. Athina

    AthinaDay ago

    AVRIL IS AVRIL!!!! 💯👑

  50. suzanne da silva

    suzanne da silvaDay ago

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Forever

  51. Athina

    AthinaDay ago


  52. Himi koi

    Himi koiDay ago

    Is it me or she doesn't look like she cares about the obvious lip singing, like she barely opens her mouth. I do like the song, it had potential, but I feel it was barely explored. Just some repetition of the chorus and nothing much to say, nor much variation in rhythm

  53. KeKway Blaze

    KeKway BlazeDay ago

    Avril doesn't lip sync in concert and sings live so it's funny you bring up how bad she seems to be lip syncing in a music video of all things.

  54. Crystal W

    Crystal WDay ago

  55. MrSmokeGaming

    MrSmokeGamingDay ago

    Broooo this is giving me 2000 to 2010 classic rock vibes fuck me where is a time machine when I need one :(

  56. Hector Fernandez

    Hector FernandezDay ago

    I want her secret to remain the same after all these years

  57. tommy lee

    tommy leeDay ago

    I like it.

  58. Jhoy Rockeiro

    Jhoy RockeiroDay ago

    Perfeição 🖤

  59. Mn500mn H

    Mn500mn HDay ago

    I really have to know how old are avril is daaamn she never change

  60. BRIDGES2.1official.non-binding

    BRIDGES2.1official.non-bindingDay ago

    7,7Mio in 2 month IT will let go tomorrow... The complicated international Day...

  61. Darkhippie91 !

    Darkhippie91 !Day ago

    I fell down a MOD SUN rabbit hole after watching this and I'm not mad. XD

  62. starfish 3000

    starfish 3000Day ago

    She look so great💜

  63. Katarína Žgrlíková

    Katarína ŽgrlíkováDay ago

    It looks like they're fans of Bridgerton.. burn for you 😏

  64. Hopper

    HopperDay ago


  65. Hopper

    HopperDay ago


  66. Daniella Mendez

    Daniella MendezDay ago

    I just heard this song on Spotify and you know how they show like a quick video thing on it. I saw her face and I was like on this is an old song but it was released a month ago🤯SHE HADNT AGE OMG

  67. MMM AL

    MMM ALDay ago

    She's coming with a pop punk album soon, stay tuned. Follow her on social media please

  68. Fabiele Lourenço

    Fabiele LourençoDay ago

    Carai essa mulher nunca envelhece

  69. BX De La Garza

    BX De La GarzaDay ago

    Sounds like P.O.D

  70. Büşra Nur Kuran

    Büşra Nur KuranDay ago

    People be asking how she stays so young is she a vampire and stuff ım like duhh??thats MELISA???

  71. Gisliana Santos

    Gisliana SantosDay ago

    Que música viciante...😍

  72. inx

    inxDay ago


  73. Lollita Hey

    Lollita HeyDay ago

    Never thought I'd like his music but I dig it.

  74. Code Zero

    Code ZeroDay ago

    please collab with Demi !!

  75. BTSmheciaSB19 Recla

    BTSmheciaSB19 ReclaDay ago

    This song, talks about nasty rumors about avril lavigne being dead and has a dopelganger,

  76. MMM AL

    MMM ALDay ago

    Probably, even tho this is a modsun's song not avril's. She's coming soon with a pop punk album, please stay tuned

  77. Dash120z

    Dash120zDay ago

    Under My Skin Avril is making a comeback 👁️

  78. MMM AL

    MMM ALDay ago

    Probably her next album will be like a mix of The Best Damn Thing and Under My Skin. Stay tuned

  79. Sittie Norhaya Mindalano

    Sittie Norhaya MindalanoDay ago

    our queen never get old. #AvrilfanForever

  80. christhelle cabe

    christhelle cabeDay ago

    lovin' this songgg❤❤❤❤

  81. marian kim

    marian kimDay ago

    I miss you so much Avril



    Это мир авито

  83. Yes ImSmokeCrack

    Yes ImSmokeCrackDay ago

    Espero que siga sacando música! 😔

  84. Yes ImSmokeCrack

    Yes ImSmokeCrackDay ago

    Aspiro a ser Avril Lavigne y no crecer jamás jajaja

  85. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory WilsonDay ago

    Love it. Sounds good

  86. Dwayne Thompson

    Dwayne ThompsonDay ago

    This song's an earworm. I could hear Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone doing a remix on this.

  87. wordwan

    wordwan2 days ago

    Nice Pairing. Both powerful performers. roo

  88. Renda Jameilia

    Renda Jameilia2 days ago

    Avril a beautiful person and singer! 🤩❤️

  89. Kaci Johnson

    Kaci Johnson2 days ago

    AMAZING 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Galadriel Monque

    Galadriel Monque2 days ago


  91. Ellie Morris

    Ellie Morris2 days ago

    Little boy, he will never be as sexy and gorgeous as Chad, her loss !!

  92. Jessica Toyebo

    Jessica Toyebo2 days ago

    The amount of pure fucking nostalgia this gives me

  93. Kimberly

    Kimberly2 days ago





  95. Lost Gurl

    Lost Gurl2 days ago

    if Avril released this song on her channel it would have got 100m views

  96. Absolutely Fab

    Absolutely Fab2 days ago

    The ONE is back!!!!! Go Avril 👏👏

  97. Sarcastica

    Sarcastica2 days ago

    só eu que acho que a voz dela mudou com o passar dos anos? kkkk

  98. Raymond Lineberry

    Raymond Lineberry2 days ago

    Doesn't matter what instrument Avril plays sounds great. I bought her first album when it came out and she is still playing and singing. It's sad about her having that disease I'm glad she's fighting through it.

  99. Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson2 days ago

    I've been gone a while. What happened to my happy hippy music? 🤣

  100. drinkintoomuch

    drinkintoomuch2 days ago

    The return of emo songs Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun & Pale Waves, but maybe I'm wrong and I'm happy about it. More please

  101. Marcel Marshall

    Marcel Marshall2 days ago

    This guy has no originality. He is combining 12 different styles he co-opted from artists in the past.

  102. mariana diaz

    mariana diaz2 days ago

    Why this is sooo beautiful? 🖤🖤

  103. GameAce Plays

    GameAce Plays2 days ago


  104. Sr_ Pool

    Sr_ Pool2 days ago

    Simply The internet killed Avril Lavigne

  105. fizzy

    fizzy2 days ago

    damn, 14 years later and im still crushing on avril

  106. Krizia Romero

    Krizia Romero2 days ago

    I miss this type of music on the radio... love this, their voices OMG!!!