Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut

We asked moms to determine if strangers are under the influence of marijuana. Here are the results.
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Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut
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  1. Tabitha Rippy

    Tabitha RippyMinute ago

    i felt for the girl in green 😭😭 she probably didn’t eat after that lady said that

  2. mallory mcwhorter

    mallory mcwhorter6 minutes ago

    i say the word vibe and I've never smoked anything or done any kind of drugs so

  3. Ana Sofia R. Martinez

    Ana Sofia R. Martinez31 minute ago

    I should be in one of these. People love to say i sound high all the time, having small eyes and talking slow doesn’t help them change that perception.

  4. myah torres

    myah torres39 minutes ago

    these moms are so insensitive and uncultured 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. yes

    yesHour ago

    "You know people who say the word VIBE? People who smoke weeeeed." The generation right now: *b* *r* *u* *h*

  6. Lauren Isabel

    Lauren Isabel2 hours ago

    why are these moms all narcs wtf

  7. Dalanie Taylor

    Dalanie Taylor2 hours ago

    “try not to have children, they’re gonna run over you” uhhh...? that woman was rude the whole time. i love that the girl just walked off though, bc same

  8. Nick Farley

    Nick Farley3 hours ago

    Sav if you want a good Christian boy, I’m that guy.

  9. Intisar Kazumi

    Intisar Kazumi3 hours ago

    My mans gives me seth rogen vibes 😂

  10. Amanda Carrion

    Amanda Carrion3 hours ago

    The sweater mom is so ugh, drug testing her kids? Really? That’s the quickest way to get them to not trust you at all

  11. Jessica Brock

    Jessica Brock3 hours ago

    Omg waiting for Cody to react to this

  12. Darrell Dunmore

    Darrell Dunmore4 hours ago


  13. Claire Elshaw

    Claire Elshaw5 hours ago

    literally none of these people looked high to me

  14. Hallee Johnson

    Hallee Johnson6 hours ago

    Dante manifested Seth Rogan


    MONTANA HARRIS6 hours ago

    First dude was a vibe

  16. Kamilah Brown

    Kamilah Brown7 hours ago

    They think everyone is high

  17. Izzy V

    Izzy V8 hours ago

    ugh cheetah girl giving me candace owens vibes

  18. elizabeth

    elizabeth8 hours ago

    i cant smoke with other ppl, i get really bad anxiety and will start shaking profusely and the feeling of throwing up, but when im alone its great

  19. Harry McDermott

    Harry McDermott8 hours ago

    Dante sounds like Seth Rogen wtf

  20. alex

    alex9 hours ago

    i hope cheetah sweater mom is reading these comments and rethinking her existence

  21. Leoscott Karendi

    Leoscott Karendi12 hours ago

    The black mom scares me😂

  22. Nyxie

    Nyxie14 hours ago

    All I did was read the title of this video and I'm already disappointed in humanity...

  23. Dominika Chwast

    Dominika Chwast15 hours ago

    no.1 is gay not high

  24. Hal

    Hal16 hours ago

    How is no one talking about the way she pronounced “MariJUANA”?

  25. Niharika Mishra

    Niharika Mishra16 hours ago

    I like the green girl so much she is super cute

  26. Emily Lyn

    Emily Lyn20 hours ago

    I love curtis

  27. CupcakeKhali

    CupcakeKhali20 hours ago

    dante sounds just like seth rogan hahahha

  28. Verica Lisanin

    Verica Lisanin21 hour ago

    The lonely odometer pathomorphologically snatch because farmer bacteriologically unlock in a gleaming pig. better, torpid periodical

  29. Big homie cam

    Big homie cam21 hour ago

    bro swear ive never had a bad experience being high and im always high😂

  30. Samantha Pierce

    Samantha Pierce23 hours ago

    They were rude to the guy I don't like that

  31. Sara Foyle

    Sara Foyle23 hours ago

    It’s a shame most of them based it on stereotypes. . . Most of the people who were high came out there talking about how much it benefited them, how much it doesn’t effect who they are as a person (Dante being the real MVP) , and yet, they still bitched about it in the end and cheetah mom was offensively rude to them. There was so much room for growth and understanding, a real conversation, but nope.

  32. Aerick Rodriguez

    Aerick Rodriguez23 hours ago

    Hold on so no one is gunna comment on the lady that says she's 26 with a 17 year old?!?!?! Uhh???? MATH?!?!

  33. Imani Payne

    Imani Payne23 hours ago

    Curtis is my favorite 😂☺️

  34. Jayla Melton

    Jayla Melton23 hours ago

    im a natural high so i never get caught 😎

  35. J Michele

    J MicheleDay ago

    these moms def didn’t pass the vibe check...

  36. Lil P2kapikk

    Lil P2kapikkDay ago

    You said the word VIBE, high people like to vibe, you high, you know what, GROUNDED, GO TO YOUR ROOM

  37. Adri

    AdriDay ago

    “The Doritos are missing” 😂😂

  38. Isabella Forth

    Isabella ForthDay ago

    Amalia was on another planet XD

  39. mere

    mereDay ago

    bruh my mom wouldve found out within seconds lmfao

  40. syby dooby

    syby doobyDay ago

    I have social anixiaty and I wonder is it worth trying cannabis to as a treatment ?

  41. Trippy Little Hippy

    Trippy Little HippyDay ago

    Omg that guy dressed in all black and the hat reminds me SO MUCH of my old roommate..

  42. Nick Sullivan

    Nick SullivanDay ago

    Donte is literally Seth rogen

  43. Lynn Nieuwenhuis

    Lynn NieuwenhuisDay ago

    Honestly I'd laugh at anything I see

  44. Dima Green

    Dima GreenDay ago

    hard Seth Rogan vibes from that one guy

  45. Sophia Farrell

    Sophia FarrellDay ago

    these- these moms are kinda uh, they seem high. I mean i've never smoked or used any drugs and i use the word vibe and also sometimes put my arms behind me wtf lol

  46. Marcel

    MarcelDay ago

    that woman in the cheetah sweater needs some action asap

  47. Orion

    OrionDay ago

    8:50 the most guttural hehe I've ever heard

  48. Nick Chaa

    Nick ChaaDay ago

    Curly dude sounds like Seth Rogen when I closed me eyes

  49. TNT Gamer

    TNT GamerDay ago

    yall advertising weed rn which completly mess up

  50. Rasmilie Carrion

    Rasmilie CarrionDay ago

    All these moms are annoying asf

  51. Diksha Kankaran

    Diksha KankaranDay ago

    They all are so mean 😭

  52. Jennie Cooper

    Jennie CooperDay ago

    guest starring seth rogan

  53. ppuddling

    ppuddlingDay ago

    the amalia girl was so cute aw

  54. lindsay east

    lindsay eastDay ago

    Y’all should do stoners guess whose high 😱

  55. Wavy Baby

    Wavy BabyDay ago

    Dante remind me of Seth rogan the second he said a word I knew

  56. Macc D

    Macc DDay ago

    why are these mums so judgemental

  57. free mind

    free mindDay ago

    Doritos it is and bunch more😁 420🙌🏼

  58. k m

    k mDay ago

    These moms scare me

  59. RojoPanda

    RojoPandaDay ago

    Master roshi, that you?

  60. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuDay ago

    LMAO the fact that she told someone that has ADHD or ADD that she was just going on and on must’ve been really fucking hurtful to the girl

  61. glickityglick

    glickityglickDay ago

    We knew amolia was high in every other video shes bouncing off the walls

  62. Lily Litwinko

    Lily LitwinkoDay ago

    These moms are annoying, especially the one in the Jean jacket

  63. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuDay ago

    “i think he’s hi-“ “i’m higher then a kite”

  64. Odd Disconnect

    Odd DisconnectDay ago

    My mom would be high while geussing who’s high

  65. Lauren Williams

    Lauren WilliamsDay ago

    The mom in the denim jacket is 26 and has a 17 year old? that would’ve made her 9 when she had them 🥺

  66. Jacob Ysiano

    Jacob YsianoDay ago

    "When the Doritos are missing".

  67. Aeryn Lee

    Aeryn LeeDay ago

    They were all so cute

  68. Amira Sandoval

    Amira Sandoval2 days ago

    dayum she said if u got money to smoke weed you got money to pay bills... no lie there lol

  69. Christian Franco

    Christian Franco2 days ago

    That one guy with glasses looks like black Seth rogen.He even sounds and laughs like him.

  70. sheepy leepy

    sheepy leepy2 days ago

    about a week ago week ago

  71. Thia Beb

    Thia Beb2 days ago

    I loved black Seth Rogen

  72. Jaylynn Williams

    Jaylynn Williams2 days ago

    Her face at 7:10 made me laugh! XD

  73. Dominika Wilczynsks

    Dominika Wilczynsks2 days ago

    sooooo judgemental

  74. Kylie Vanstraten

    Kylie Vanstraten2 days ago

    Dante is literally Seth Rogan lol

  75. Kayla Scott

    Kayla Scott2 days ago

    “she looks nice and well dressed” do you expect people who smoke to look like homeless people? like tf

  76. chloe bailey

    chloe bailey2 days ago

    “Does your mother say you smoke too much” lady??? That is a grown man, who gives a fuck what his mom thinks.

  77. chloe bailey

    chloe bailey2 days ago

    I would love to see this video done with younger people because these moms Lowkey irritating

  78. n o

    n o2 days ago

    “i think he’s hi-“ “i’m higher then a kite”

  79. Atticus Torchwood

    Atticus Torchwood2 days ago

    That talk she had with her kids was hitting a fat bong rip

  80. Wumbee

    Wumbee2 days ago

    7:11 _her face though_

  81. Andrea Guerrero

    Andrea Guerrero2 days ago

    I’m watching this high and laughing my ass off 🤣

  82. uck You

    uck You2 days ago

    Idk why people feel like their brain stops moving and that they're sluggish. I feel like everything has more color and I can articulate my thoughts and emotions more rationally when I'm high. Weed to me is like sunlight to a tree.

  83. Olive G

    Olive G2 days ago

    Dante sounds exactly like seth rogan

  84. Lecia Kade

    Lecia Kade2 days ago

    I say vibe and have never smoke weed

  85. StoneCold Sweden

    StoneCold Sweden2 days ago

    It's never ok to smoke weed or do drugs. I mean fucking hell if you don't actually need to take them for medical reasons then why the fuck would you use them? When did people become so weak.

  86. blake duffy

    blake duffy2 days ago

    The all black dressed guy sounds like Michael Cera

  87. linah리나

    linah리나2 days ago

    Woman: Do you know who says the word "vibe"? People who are high My 10 year old sister: vibe me: 👁👄👁

  88. Vanda Szekely

    Vanda Szekely2 days ago

    7:15 Mhhh... idk maybe like a fking orange wtf is that question

  89. I hate myself

    I hate myself2 days ago

    All of us knew dante was high as a kite when he walked in

  90. Jana

    Jana2 days ago

    7:11 this is pure comedy ahahah

  91. fef fEfes

    fef fEfes2 days ago

    that man sounds like Seth Rogan

  92. Laura Ferguson

    Laura Ferguson2 days ago

    dante sounds like seth rogen

  93. Squeebles

    Squeebles2 days ago

    i got 5 wrong. Also that last girl was adorable

  94. Jade

    Jade2 days ago

    The cheeta lady had a total superiority complex.

  95. Lily Halter

    Lily Halter2 days ago

    The whole comment section are teenagers who don’t understand why older generations are the way that they are

  96. I

    I2 days ago

    " this is hard because she looks super nice and well dressed" ... right because weed stops people from being able to get showered and dressed... totally

  97. I

    I2 days ago

    meanwhile me and my mom get ripped together

  98. Shelbdreher

    Shelbdreher2 days ago

    Dante speaking facts tho

  99. Gabriel Parker

    Gabriel Parker3 days ago

    I was going to be mad if all the moms only said they all were high.

  100. Athena

    Athena3 days ago

    The judgement tho

  101. anna

    anna3 days ago

    why tf did she act like she wasn't surprised when he said he doesn't talk to his mom.. like just because he smokes everyday