NCT U 엔시티 유 '90's Love' MV

NCT's 2nd album "NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2" is out!
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01 90's Love
02 Misfit
03 Raise The Roof
04 Volcano
05 백열등 (Light Bulb)
06 Dancing In The Rain
07 My Everything
08 Interlude : Past to Present
09 Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
10 무대로 (déjà vu; 舞代路)
11 月之迷 (Nectar)
12 Music, Dance
13 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)
14 From Home
15 From Home (Korean Ver.)
16 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)
17 Interlude: Present to Future
18 Work It
19 단잠 (All About You)
20 I.O.U
21 Outro: Dream Routine
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NCT U 엔시티 유 '90's Love' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  1. inggris inggris

    inggris inggris2 minutes ago

    gaskeunlah 80 M

  2. mark lee

    mark lee17 minutes ago

    Semangat buat yang lagi streaming^^~

  3. 黃捷欣

    黃捷欣27 minutes ago

    Haechan is amazing 🤩

  4. s.

    s.44 minutes ago

    100M cmooon

  5. Yamin Eain

    Yamin Eain46 minutes ago

    *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album* *nctdream* *full* *album*

  6. Neo Zone

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  7. Neo Zone

    Neo Zone48 minutes ago

    Deym 🔥

  8. nicole zei

    nicole zei53 minutes ago

    Stream czennies come on we can make it 100m stream stream stream!

  9. Patty Jira

    Patty Jira54 minutes ago

    As far as I see, we spent 3 days to get every 1 M views in average during January. If we can keep the streaming rate like this or higher, we will get 80M in Feb, 90M in March and this MV will surpass 100M views within April. Please let's stream it!

  10. Aditia Luluk

    Aditia LulukHour ago


  11. Cherbe Oasan

    Cherbe OasanHour ago

    Anyone who came here to see if they can follow mark's ig after watching 90's love hihi 👇

  12. moon capricorn

    moon capricornHour ago

    Mark instagram! @onyourm__ark

  13. moon capricorn

    moon capricorn30 minutes ago

    @Wark Lee yes!

  14. Wark Lee

    Wark LeeHour ago

    Omg legit?

  15. rahmat thea

    rahmat theaHour ago

    fighting !

  16. Farah Sanjana Rahman

    Farah Sanjana RahmanHour ago

    This song is a complete package of amazing choreography, amazing vocals,amazing rap and ofc the high notes. For me its SOTY! Oh I forgot to add visuals!



    Mark make IG account!!! Go follow him guys!!

  18. doctor nowhere

    doctor nowhereHour ago

    Felt happy when they mentioned "new kids on the block"😍😍


    SANDI BENGKULU2 hours ago

    tolong bgt ya gais str3am mv2 wayv juga!!

  20. Lâm Anh Dân

    Lâm Anh Dân2 hours ago

    NCT U 90s Love

  21. Lâm Anh Dân

    Lâm Anh Dân2 hours ago

    Mark Lee

  22. Lâm Anh Dân

    Lâm Anh Dân2 hours ago

    Hey hey hey hey hey hey hoo hoo

  23. korworlor

    korworlor2 hours ago

    71 แน้ววววว เย่ เย่

  24. Up 24

    Up 242 hours ago

    guys im not liking all your comments for free in return do come back here again lets str33m together make this 100M

  25. yan ayanami

    yan ayanami2 hours ago

    Cant get enough for silver hair mark lee

  26. Nades Jaemin

    Nades Jaemin2 hours ago

    Vote NCT in mubeat award and we must focus in category artist of the year, fightingg



    Yes!!!! Collect beats and create many accounts

  28. dea f

    dea f2 hours ago

    70M done 80M soon keep str34m

  29. Amada Vidaurre

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  30. aya ctzen

    aya ctzen2 hours ago

    Indo mana likee nyaa

  31. poto pata

    poto pata2 hours ago

    mark mi varón

  32. starrynight

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  33. spaceships.s

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  34. nukel

    nukel3 hours ago

    komen apaan yaa bingung

  35. dkfmegpfldk

    dkfmegpfldk2 hours ago

    sama euy

  36. day nim

    day nim3 hours ago

    Haechan-ah, you did very well

  37. minggus neoworld

    minggus neoworld3 hours ago

    can't believe this song was 2 months ago 😔

  38. Sakinah Mufidah

    Sakinah Mufidah3 hours ago

    Entah kenapa suka banget banget banget sama lagu ini

  39. haha facts XD

    haha facts XD3 hours ago

    I have more lines than WINWIN🙃

  40. Nashwa Nawra Adisti

    Nashwa Nawra Adisti3 hours ago

    75M let's go~~


    DIMITRA AKRITIDOU3 hours ago

  42. DMCHANNEL 2704

    DMCHANNEL 27043 hours ago

    Ayo ayo 100m bisa nih

  43. Prasitha Muthukumaran

    Prasitha Muthukumaran3 hours ago

    They called us lazy fandom and all other stuff. Most NCT mvs wouldn't even be near 50M. Now, look at us guys...we reached 70M in just a span of 2 months. Lets love and support all the neos guys...To 100M!!💚

  44. Nao Nao

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  45. Blue Cassie

    Blue Cassie4 hours ago

    1:30, who?

  46. Blue Cassie

    Blue Cassie2 hours ago

    @Aeri Zizi thanks

  47. Aeri Zizi

    Aeri Zizi3 hours ago

    Sungchan new nct member

  48. 젠젠이제노

    젠젠이제노4 hours ago

    100M LET'S GET IT!!!

  49. mnil chan

    mnil chan4 hours ago

    71M go 100M

  50. mnil chan

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  51. Edelweiss Saskia Ramadhina

    Edelweiss Saskia Ramadhina4 hours ago

    best song ever

  52. gaby

    gaby4 hours ago

    ga pernah bosen sama lagunya 😭

  53. h3ll0 bAby's

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  54. 韦林

    韦林4 hours ago

    75M let chuuugoooo !

  55. Stan Rapunhenk

    Stan Rapunhenk4 hours ago

    maybe I was listened to this song over than 200 times cz everyday JUST this song that I played. but I never feel boring wtf:"

  56. María Lugo

    María Lugo4 hours ago

    80M let's get it

  57. Natcha M

    Natcha M4 hours ago

    26.01.21 👌🏻

  58. Aina Batrisyia

    Aina Batrisyia5 hours ago

    Guys let's help this handsome boys's MV hit 100M views

  59. Na Jaemin

    Na Jaemin5 hours ago

    Jangan lupa str34m mv WayV. Sayangi WayV seperti kalian menyayangi NCT 2020. Karena WayV juga bagian dari NCT

  60. Aida Nourinta

    Aida Nourinta5 hours ago

    Semangat semangat buat 100M!!!

  61. beenpurpled.

    beenpurpled.5 hours ago

  62. Jihoon Jihyun

    Jihoon Jihyun5 hours ago

    semangat sijeunniii >_

  63. Nurlita Sari

    Nurlita Sari5 hours ago

    NCT U - 90's Love

  64. 韦林

    韦林5 hours ago

    kalian udh makan ges?

  65. 韦林

    韦林5 hours ago

    let's go komen komen biar para bujang kita is happy ^^ stop talking talking ya, you bacot tai

  66. Nyi Siti Laila

    Nyi Siti Laila5 hours ago

    1:25 winwin sweetie are u okay?

  67. keyshakey

    keyshakey5 hours ago

    yu 100M yu bisa yu

  68. Nadia Sofía Sánchez Rodríguez

    Nadia Sofía Sánchez Rodríguez5 hours ago

    let's go for 80M

  69. Amelya Amanda

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  70. untuk nctdream

    untuk nctdream6 hours ago

    jeno you are the best!!

  71. innie

    innie6 hours ago

    Sungchan sounds kinda like jaemin, so when i first hear it i thought he was jaemin

  72. innie

    innie6 hours ago

    It's so cool

  73. Miow Park

    Miow Park6 hours ago

    Let's reach it 100m all

  74. Mwoyaaa wae irae

    Mwoyaaa wae irae6 hours ago

    Aku tak butuh pacar, yang ku butuhkan mv ini 100M v13ws nya hehe Tapi kalo pacarnya kek echan aku mau ^^ wkwkwk, apalagi kalo emang echannya bukan cuma kayak echan

  75. Rmdn Bzz

    Rmdn Bzz6 hours ago

    Inget haechan udh punya daegal wkw

  76. Jovanni Tio

    Jovanni Tio6 hours ago

    C'MON 100M WE CAN DO IT!!

  77. Maknae Line

    Maknae Line6 hours ago

    Yokk semangat bentar lagi 80M

  78. mari_an _r.

    mari_an _r.6 hours ago

    Str34n please please str34n

  79. zefa _aa•

    zefa _aa•6 hours ago

    Eyooo nctzen jalur 90's love checkkkk :D

  80. indhcahya

    indhcahya6 hours ago

    AYO 71M!!!!!!

  81. 02superkid

    02superkid6 hours ago

    maaark leee

  82. Mha Rni

    Mha Rni6 hours ago

    Apa cuma gue yang berasa winwin dapet dikit bagian dia:")

  83. Nahda Amirah Firdani

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  84. Sun D Full Sun

    Sun D Full Sun6 hours ago

    lagunya candu banget , sayang NCT DAN NCTZEN BANYAK2

  85. Sun D Full Sun

    Sun D Full Sun6 hours ago

    Kuy luruszen,,, BISO YOK 100 M JUGA

  86. Nevaeh in yo face

    Nevaeh in yo face6 hours ago

    I really like this song. Can y’all nctizen put me on some more please. I know nothing about them or their music. I’m new to kpop but I like them all I know is that one of them is named Mark

  87. Neo zone 127 squad

    Neo zone 127 squadHour ago

    Watch NCT daily to know more of NCT

  88. tukangsapu sm

    tukangsapu sm6 hours ago

    sungchan udah jarang update di tiktok wee (╥﹏╥)

  89. Nurul Annisa

    Nurul Annisa6 hours ago

    Haaecchhhhaaaanmnnnnnnnnnnn 🤩👌💚

  90. tukangsapu sm

    tukangsapu sm6 hours ago

    ga ada yang kangen gw apa :((((((

  91. tukangsapu sm

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  92. tukangsapu sm

    tukangsapu sm7 hours ago

    Hai aku kembali lagii

  93. taeyonglee _byubyu

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    100M lets get it

  94. fardina siska

    fardina siska7 hours ago

    People : Bangun pagi, mandi, sarapan, sklh onlen, bljr, nugas, makan, tidur lgi Me : bangun pagi, ambil, hp, str34m, vote, scrol sosmed, makan, tidur lgi

  95. woozie

    woozie7 hours ago

    yall vote on mubeat???

  96. tukangsapu sm

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  97. tukangsapu sm

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  98. tukangsapu sm

    tukangsapu sm7 hours ago

    P aku kembali lagii

  99. tukangsapu sm

    tukangsapu sm7 hours ago

    Haiii tukang sapu sm lewat

  100. hannah natasya

    hannah natasya7 hours ago

    im still obsessed with this song ohmygod

  101. Hening Estiningtyas

    Hening Estiningtyas7 hours ago

    eyo listen ap

  102. Idk

    Idk7 hours ago

    The 7th sense is less than 3M away from 100M please stream if you can

  103. sophia cy

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  104. injeolmies nctzen

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  105. injeolmies nctzen

    injeolmies nctzen8 hours ago

    Awal awal ni mv baru di rilis ,nih lagu paling susah masuk ke hati dan otak gw ,walaupun udh berkali kali str34m tapi tetap ga masuk. sekarang jadi candu banget

  106. Na Jaemin

    Na Jaemin5 hours ago

    Nah kan jalur karma

  107. The Forgotten Superhero

    The Forgotten Superhero8 hours ago

    Look at my lil Canadian boi on a Zamboni wearing that red and white yes Mark

  108. injeolmies nctzen

    injeolmies nctzen8 hours ago

    Oleng dh gw ke jeong Sungchan

  109. Meika Marcha

    Meika Marcha8 hours ago

    im into sungchan :*

  110. spaceships.s

    spaceships.s8 hours ago

    Best choreo of 2020