Stephen A.: Damian Lillard is underappreciated | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss whether Portland Trail Blazers PG Damian Lillard is under-appreciated following Dallas Mavericks PG Luka Doncic being named as an NBA All-Star starter over Lillard.
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  1. Jack B

    Jack B5 days ago

    most underrated player ever don't @ me

  2. IrvSauce

    IrvSauce7 days ago

    There's a lot to talk about in the NBA. Fans appreciate Lillard, we did long before this awkward campaign Stephen is on. He's a baller, he's a household name among NBA fans. No one, NO ONE is questioning that. Luka just has a whole nation of voters behind him, and that is not a bad thing. We love our fellow fans across the world. Move on, Stephen A.

  3. Ted Logan

    Ted Logan10 days ago

    Funny thing is that Dame is averaging close to or better is some categories as Kobe did in his MVP season....

  4. Jesse W

    Jesse W10 days ago

    PG is underrated!!!

  5. ClipperTown In LA

    ClipperTown In LA12 days ago

    Rudy gobert. Leonard, james. Mitchell, dame. Curry on the bench jokic on the bench might be Rudy's career yr this yr

  6. Tomislav Badurina

    Tomislav Badurina12 days ago


  7. Bobby Walsh

    Bobby Walsh12 days ago

    Max did you say the blazers don’t make playoff runs? Lol.

  8. Bobby Walsh

    Bobby Walsh12 days ago

    Why are they asking if lillard is under appreciated still??? Lolololol. It’s widely known, and considering these are NBA analysis... it’s completely silly and even more disrespectful to bring up this question now. We’re passed that. And all Lillard will continue to do is use this as medicine to flourish more. It’s all he ever does! Dame time is 24/7 365.

  9. Jason Au

    Jason Au13 days ago

    Dame is not under appreciated at all. Yall sucked him to no end all of last year. And every time he gets swept or loses in the first round yall make excuses.

  10. Jason Au

    Jason Au13 days ago

    Since when did we care so much about starters? When we say 6x all star we don’t say 3x starter. It’s just starter. Dame should be starting over Luka but as long as he’s an allstar he’s good.

  11. Ricoda Boss

    Ricoda Boss13 days ago

    lol dame lilliard is shooting 41percent from 30 ft away from the basket. Insane.

  12. Michael Kaneko

    Michael Kaneko13 days ago

    @stephen A; Curry is the greatest shooter God has ever created lol

  13. Rog Schuerman

    Rog Schuerman13 days ago

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  14. vondior

    vondior13 days ago

    Aside from bball Dame can spite some crazy bars, him and shumpert

  15. bob bib

    bob bib14 days ago

    he might be more clutch shooter but is he a better PG then luka overall?

  16. robel tsegaye

    robel tsegaye14 days ago

    Damien is a demon! 😈🏀🔥

  17. Alex Caruso Junior.

    Alex Caruso Junior.14 days ago

    This is same argument why Lebron James who is clearly the best player every year doesn’t win MVP.... because he is UNDERAPPRECIATED

  18. Amman Michael

    Amman Michael14 days ago

    “He is among the most respected superstars in American team sports” MAX STOP CAPPIN BRUH🤣

  19. Gordoh20

    Gordoh2014 days ago

    Who is having a better year? Curry 29.9ppg 5.4rpg 6.2apg /lillard 30.0ppg 4.5rpg 7.9apg /doncic 29.1ppg 8.6rpg 9.4ppg . The answer is luka I believe he’s leading his team in points, rebounds, and assist So the fans have it right

  20. John Doe

    John Doe14 days ago

    This the same dude that was telling ppl to pump the brakes when they were praising him 😂😂😂 this dude is a hypocrite fr

  21. The Big Knicka - Boka

    The Big Knicka - Boka14 days ago

    I think its the market dame is in

  22. Lonnie Knight

    Lonnie Knight14 days ago

    James Harden in the east is being disrespected also!

  23. Jon Mays

    Jon Mays14 days ago

    The fact that every single sports channel is talking how he's under appreciated shows that he's not. You want to talk about under appreciated then talk about Donovan Mitchell. Lillards team is 5th in the west..Donovan Mitchell's team is 1st in the whole dang NBA. Smh.

  24. tai. McDonald

    tai. McDonald14 days ago

    Luca or steph shouldn’t have made it over dame this year for back court

  25. Юлия Васик

    Юлия Васик14 days ago

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  26. Kobe_b

    Kobe_b14 days ago

    I swear the media says this every year. The media always talk about dame getting snubbed. If its anyone's fault for Dame being snubbed it is the media. They control the narrative unfortunately.

  27. Nix 41

    Nix 4114 days ago

    Dame is not underappreciated, nor disrespected. He's just not that popular as compared to the starting 5 of the west.

  28. Eric Bilodeau

    Eric Bilodeau14 days ago

    The Warriors know it? 😂😂😂😂😂 Lillard is the one who blew 4 straight 15pt 4th quarter leads to the Warriors in last years playoffs. As great as a closer as Lillard has been in general, he's been just as spectacularly atrocious of a closer against the Warriors. That was a historically bad result. Game after game after game pissing away a massive lead in the 4th quarter and getting swept. Not really what a great closer does. Not only did he not mount a single come back. He didn't win a single game. And he actually faceplanted 4x in a row 😂

  29. Ethan Turner

    Ethan Turner14 days ago

    i think currys averaging thurty

  30. TONEakaSHOW

    TONEakaSHOW14 days ago

    This isn't nothing new, in the early 2000s rasheed Wallace and Chris Webber use to hoop every year. They rarely made all stars due to Duncan and KG being in the west. Dame is in a PG packed conference, sucks but it is what it is.

  31. Art Junior

    Art Junior14 days ago

    He’s actually not under appreciated, part of his shortcomings is coming up short in every playoffs they’re in.

  32. KNK Yeung

    KNK Yeung14 days ago

    This is like you have the best record on NBA2K but the AI don't consider your player for All stars, MVP, DOP....and the only thing you got is Coach of the year.

  33. Kentucky Fried Children

    Kentucky Fried Children14 days ago

    If everyone says he's underrated then he is not underrated.

  34. Jack B

    Jack B8 days ago

    he is underrated. No one has accutally talked about how great dame accutally is. Dmae is a top 10 pg scorer of all time. the 2nd player in nba history with 3 60 point games in history and he might be the first because wilt did not have to much comp. 2nd best scorer at his height behind ai. a hofer

  35. Thandie Brynard

    Thandie Brynard14 days ago

    Stephan A thank you for acknowledging that Dame is under appreciated, clearly Max has no idea like always

  36. Vince Bliddack203

    Vince Bliddack20315 days ago

    Steph numbers are not better

  37. Ian Samuel

    Ian Samuel15 days ago

    closing? anyone remember when luka caught a ball in the air going out of bounds and drained a 3 for the game? dude was a rookie.

  38. Cameron No

    Cameron No15 days ago

    I'm with Max, and I don't see how this is a question anymore. "Under-appreciated" with the biggest contract in NBA history, a well-known phrase in "Dame-time," and with consistent mentions of your accolades? Dame is an elite player, but he gets his money, his attention, and everything else. Chill.

  39. Charles Murray

    Charles Murray15 days ago

    Stars are lost in Portland

  40. Theophilus

    Theophilus15 days ago

    I'd rather see the starters from the East and the West go at it rather than do a draft.

  41. Golden Eye

    Golden Eye15 days ago

    Not so long ago Skip said he wasnt a superstar smh , they need to start putting some respect on dame dolla

  42. Trevon Ricks

    Trevon Ricks15 days ago

    @Bobby Hill since I know you can't read.

  43. grandmaster3211

    grandmaster321115 days ago

    Nah Forget that. He can't beat steph. Never finishes top 3 in standings. The year he did he got BOUNCED by anthony davis. Never led the league in anything. Chose to stay in Portland and promotes his albums more than recruiting any 1. He's rightly appreciated.

  44. parker1981xxx

    parker1981xxx15 days ago

    Doncic is there with euro votes. I guess anyone with lil basketball knowledge wouldn't vote him to the top 25 in West...

  45. Hayski G

    Hayski G15 days ago

    No he’s not, just the west is stacked

  46. Joseph Ramos Flores

    Joseph Ramos Flores15 days ago

    I take dame over luka heck I had dame and curry in the starting line

  47. _ Certified

    _ Certified15 days ago

    even Doncic agreed that Lillard should be starting


    ORA ORA ORA15 days ago

    Lol fans shouldn’t have 50% of the votes. Most “fans” don’t even watch the games unless it’s the finals.

  49. Jack B

    Jack B8 days ago

    also if media and player rank is two you should be 2nd

  50. Cameron No

    Cameron No15 days ago

    ASG is a fan service game...

  51. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres15 days ago

    This might be the first time i heard stephen a say chicago bulls this season

  52. Carlo D

    Carlo D15 days ago

    I love Luka but Dame should have gotten that spot.

  53. Aramis A. Smith

    Aramis A. Smith15 days ago

    Media been selling luka like he's Larry Birds Off-spring So Im Not Suprised that luka got The Fan vote! + Da fact Of The Matter Is Dat Luka-Doncic A killa Aswell

  54. Adrian Jacinto Cortez

    Adrian Jacinto Cortez15 days ago

    But who did you vote for, Stephen A???

  55. Doctor Too-Much

    Doctor Too-Much15 days ago

    lillard is lethal, but way too cool for the masses. they want people clowning on others on the court.

  56. Black White

    Black White15 days ago

    They have to put their Great White Hope in there.

  57. AtlantaHawksFan8

    AtlantaHawksFan815 days ago

    All the Netflix watchers didn't vote for Lillard

  58. andrew gillard

    andrew gillard15 days ago

    the fan vote is a complete joke haha

  59. Paul Escamilla

    Paul Escamilla15 days ago

    He's already made 5 all-star teams, and he'll make another. And he was rookie of the year. That's not underappreciated.

  60. hlu#senpai

    hlu#senpai15 days ago

    Where's luka stats

  61. Raghuveer Dubagunta

    Raghuveer Dubagunta15 days ago

    A few months back people started saying Dame is a better player than Steph. How tf is he underappreciated?

  62. PDX 503

    PDX 50315 days ago

    Did he just say "the games are on very late?" lol like the rest of the starting 5 are all from the east coast-- Dame is the best and it pisses me off being a local there is a problem with getting Dame in this all star game year after year-- like they dont want him in the game or something.. well its all good every1 from the northwest knows who the best is.. put 3k on dame for mvp

  63. Tory Reddin

    Tory Reddin15 days ago

    Now That He Has The Largest Contract Ever That Name Dame Dolla Make Alot More Sense

  64. makeouthill

    makeouthill16 days ago

    He needs to leave Portland

  65. DPadio

    DPadio16 days ago

    Overall its a popularity contest, not an appreciation contest. Besides, both media and players picked Dame, so it’s hard to say he is under-appreciated.

  66. Brian Ofori

    Brian Ofori16 days ago

    Dame is really just the Gilbert Arenas of this era. Yes he strikes fear but he’s just a notch under the legendary players of the era, and just low enough to be overshadowed by the soon to be legendary players of the next era. At least he’s better than Westbrook though

  67. Sofa KinHot

    Sofa KinHot16 days ago

    Let's get something straight, The FANS are the customers, not the media or the players. The FANS are the ones who are paying to watch. For those who don't understand... No FANS = No $$. I don't want to hear people complain about how fans are voting. It's our right to vote for who we like, regardless of time zone.

  68. Zach

    Zach16 days ago

    Thank you Max. Borderline over-appreciated. His career accomplishments to this point? A couple of (albeit incredible) game winners, some all star games, aaaaaaand that's about it.

  69. Damian Lillard

    Damian Lillard16 days ago

    If blazers end with a better record than the warriors then dame is first team all nba

  70. Jack B

    Jack B8 days ago

    you should be in the mip convo.

  71. Daniel Giustini Perez

    Daniel Giustini Perez16 days ago

    0:13 I love how Giannis always gets a smaller font-size when he shows up in charts

  72. Gage 878

    Gage 87814 days ago

    No it’s the text adjusting to fit inside the box of text but yeah it makes it smaller

  73. drew johnson

    drew johnson16 days ago

    Fans didn't vote for Dame because the Media doesn't cover him the way they cover Luka / Curry / LeBron. Give this man more attention and more fans will notice him.

  74. CortoMaltese

    CortoMaltese14 days ago

    No, not the case here. If Luka in POrtland, Lillard in Dallas, same outcome. Luka has much bigger fanbase.

  75. Body Soul Spirit

    Body Soul Spirit16 days ago

    I take it back. Top disrespected superstars in the league. #1. DAME TIME. #2. The claw. #3 Pg13 #4 The Beard

  76. Owo Char

    Owo Char16 days ago

    Dame Time = Lame Time.

  77. DEZN94

    DEZN9416 days ago


  78. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith16 days ago

    Couldn’t care less about Dame hitting game winning shots in meaningless games . He may be the best closer but he can’t get you over the top so does it even matter. And stop comparing him to Steph. “He’s hit more game winners than Steph” ok and Steph wasn’t even playing 4th quarters for over a year because the game was already over so what’s your point?

  79. Dalton Weidman

    Dalton Weidman16 days ago

    Dallas a bigger city than Portland not too much of a surprise sadly

  80. Jacob J.

    Jacob J.16 days ago

    Lillard's entire career has been driven by him proving those who have underappreciated, overlooked, and disrespected him. If Lillard wanted more nationwide attention, he would've left portland the first chance he got. Portland has been very unlucky with missing out on some of the best players of all time They didn't draft Jordan because they already had Drexler They selected Oden over Durant They had one of the brightest stars in Brandon Roy but knee injuries prevented him from being that long term player for portland In 2012, Portland could've easily passed up on Lillard yet they saw something in him that no one else did. Lillard has repaid them by reviving portland and making them a relevant team these past 5-6 years.

  81. X P85

    X P8516 days ago


  82. Tee M

    Tee M16 days ago

    Can you guys imagine this lineup of guys who never won a ring Lillard Nash Barkley Prime dwight howard Shawn marion I know there not huge names like most fantasy made starting 5s but I bet they would win alot of games ..they have shooting defense toughness iq

  83. James Glimco

    James Glimco16 days ago

    I still think Dame should’ve started over Doncic but Mavs fans are gonna disagree

  84. Ovando Graham

    Ovando Graham16 days ago

    Damian lillard has the worst winning percentage in the playoffs for the superstars today. Lillard has hit 2 first round game winners. CJ beat the nuggets and they got swept by Steph curry. Soo he’s not underrated he’s great but he don’t win

  85. John Williams

    John Williams16 days ago

    It’s annoying that real ones like Dame get slighted, and he doesn’t even want to abandon POR. It’s sad that society thinks that the size of the market determines a players greatness.

  86. Ville Johansson

    Ville Johansson16 days ago

    Back it up then Stephen A.!! Give Dame your actual vote for MVP!!!

  87. De'Armond Mitchell

    De'Armond Mitchell16 days ago

    Portland is in the same time zone as the Warriors, lakers, and clippers. There’s no way that they can constantly be on prime time games and it’s not “too late” but the blazers games somehow are.

  88. sniper666hell

    sniper666hell16 days ago

    Fan vote shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Fans can very due to population. Stupidest thing the league has done. This is all catering to people who are already fans of the sport instead of drawing new fans to the sport. Should be fan vote is 1\3, media vote is 1\3 and player vote is 1\3. Simple and sensible.

  89. Davide M. Gomez

    Davide M. Gomez16 days ago

    I appreciate him as a player, but you gotta admit it is up to him, he chose to stay in a small market and do the things the hard way, which is admirable but these are the consequences, he would not be getting that much money and opportunities elsewhere also...

  90. Navarre Gallant

    Navarre Gallant16 days ago

    Me in the Alantic thinking it's the weekend and I can watch the Blazers game... yet it's a 11:30pm

  91. chet karwat

    chet karwat16 days ago

    Steph won't take the last shot if he does miss

  92. vince vaughan

    vince vaughan16 days ago

    Dame shld be a starder

  93. Alexia Edwards

    Alexia Edwards16 days ago

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  94. Vytautas Vyšniauskas

    Vytautas Vyšniauskas16 days ago

    It's absurdly shoking that everyone questions Dončić over Lillard but nobody questions Curry over Lillard. All three guys are pretty much on the same level and each one equally deserves to be a starter. Sadly, there are only 2 spots, and whoever is left behind, it's equally unfair.

  95. Patrick Hoey

    Patrick Hoey16 days ago

    Dame really is unappreciated. I’m not putting him above Steph, but if you traded Dame for Steph on the Warriors, he’s the only dude out there who could come close to filling Curry’s shoes

  96. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor16 days ago

    Why is Lebron a captain every single year? Jokic, Curry, Doncic and Lillard all have better stats. It's getting old and I would take Lillard ahead of Lebron.

  97. K WIZ

    K WIZ14 days ago

    He’s the captain b/c I believe whoever gets the most fan votes total gets to be the captain.

  98. Charley Brown

    Charley Brown16 days ago

    Luka should not be starting over dame that's crazy. But what you 3xp3ct the world is looking for the next great white hype in basketball

  99. Justin

    Justin16 days ago

    It's because hes 6'8 - 21 y/o and white. That's what max really wanted to say

  100. Tim Cooper

    Tim Cooper16 days ago

    Wow all this fuss for a game that none of the players wanted to participate in. I like both Dame and Luka, don’t know who deserves the spot more, not sure it really matters. Game is supposed to be for the fans and this is what they wanted.

  101. King T

    King T16 days ago

    Dame time ⏲️

  102. Mic Smith

    Mic Smith16 days ago

    Why vote 5 starters when the top vote getters choose who they want... its stupid... let the 5 start then choose from the reserves

  103. P W

    P W16 days ago

    Only Dame can touch that coffee pot you hear me!!

  104. lifewithjordan

    lifewithjordan16 days ago

    Lol I mean all they doing is pissing Dame off I feel he about to go crazy after all star break

  105. SuperNASCARrocks

    SuperNASCARrocks16 days ago

    He’s averaging 29 PPG and 7 APG on 45% shooting and your telling me he’s not an all star? Come on.

  106. K WIZ

    K WIZ14 days ago

    Luka averaging 29 PPG 9 APG on 47.5% shooting so...

  107. Birhane Diarra

    Birhane Diarra16 days ago

    he is on the allstar team he's just not starting. which is baffling to everyone.

  108. BryTunes

    BryTunes16 days ago

    Unfortunately it is a popularity contest and Dame is just not nearly as cool as Luka

  109. dd Pharaoh

    dd Pharaoh16 days ago

    Dame going to go down in history as the most underrated, under-appreciated super star player of all time .

  110. CG23 Plays

    CG23 Plays14 days ago

    @Deadeye don’t do drugs kids...

  111. Deadeye

    Deadeye14 days ago

    I don’t think he’s a super star lmfao

  112. Ian Samuel

    Ian Samuel15 days ago

    wheeeeeere the ring boi?

  113. kevkeisha

    kevkeisha16 days ago

    Take Luka out of that list and add Dolla Dame!!!