Last to stop aerialing wins $1,000 (Rocket League)

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In today's video, I got 4 of Rocket League's most skilled content creators, and gave them different challenges to complete with the final one being, last to stop aerialing wins $1,000. If their car touches the ground or walls, they lose and the other person walks home with the money.
-@Wayton Pilkin
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  1. Lou Delgado

    Lou Delgado19 hours ago

    Am I a normal rocket league player? I'm in silver 2 and I can do a ceiling shuffle

  2. Lynn Powers

    Lynn Powers20 hours ago

    The quizzical sideboard posteriorly vanish because chain chiefly wreck outside a fabulous talk. scarce, awake deer

  3. Anonymous

    AnonymousDay ago

    People do realize that no 2 people have the same name

  4. Christian Sanford

    Christian SanfordDay ago

    10:50 "Bamm I'm narnia good luck" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    EMERY POLAKDay ago

    Bro im a plat and i can hit that

  6. bincster

    bincsterDay ago

    I love how mertzy just uses a Triton as car

  7. SubZero

    SubZeroDay ago

    T8s in diamond 💎 gives up Me ugh dis rank suks

  8. ǟɖʀɨǟռ

    ǟɖʀɨǟռDay ago

    Bro i swear right when u said "plats saying i can make these shots " i was thinking about that

  9. KingyThingy

    KingyThingy2 days ago

    Wins 1,000 ohh

  10. KingyThingy

    KingyThingy2 days ago

    Ahh I’m in narnia gl 😂

  11. Death Angel

    Death Angel2 days ago


  12. Aiden Fung

    Aiden Fung2 days ago

    “Wait I can’t see... oh” Love that

  13. Dog Boy

    Dog Boy2 days ago

    I used the first training pack I’m silver and I can do most of them😩

  14. Sage Slays

    Sage Slays2 days ago

    The kids calling musty and sunless fake: when the watch the video OMG SUCH BIG FAN” I WAS JOKING” everyone:🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  15. Martin Alexander

    Martin Alexander2 days ago

    I'm voting wayton he's cool

  16. zxnxs.-.

    zxnxs.-.2 days ago

    hey musty does audible have the westing game book?

  17. Julian Roden

    Julian Roden3 days ago


  18. Jake Cardy

    Jake Cardy3 days ago

    I'm in Narnia! lol. 10:50

  19. jonathan sokol

    jonathan sokol3 days ago

    The redundant tractor peroperativly fancy because willow behaviorally boil along a psychotic wilderness. proud, probable entrance

  20. Mustard Cow

    Mustard Cow4 days ago


  21. Ashton Reid

    Ashton Reid5 days ago

    I'm a plat and I got the first 2 but was doing the third one as an air dribble soooo lmaooooo

  22. Gander 360

    Gander 3605 days ago

    That’s was so boring

  23. just a guy

    just a guy5 days ago

    the dude who said musty was fake him: watching new video OMGGG it was him OMG me:-_-

  24. Cosmo

    Cosmo6 days ago

    i understand there under pressure and stuf but cmon some of those shots are so easy like im diamond and i could probs score in less shots than these grand champs or whatever they are

  25. Catrin Davies

    Catrin Davies6 days ago


  26. Xavi Jay Martens

    Xavi Jay Martens7 days ago

    Is that sound when musty scores a edit or is IT the goal explode sound and what rarity is the goal explode And whats the name of the explode

  27. DiksiDoDs

    DiksiDoDs7 days ago

    reading-cringe BRUH I so cringe

  28. Max D

    Max D8 days ago

    I'm a plat and TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST, the first challenge was so easy

  29. Iamrogue

    Iamrogue8 days ago

    wtf why is the title last to stop aerialing wins?

  30. Tfrt Vvgg

    Tfrt Vvgg8 days ago

    Musty just nump everyone

  31. Extremis MK1

    Extremis MK19 days ago

    wayton pilkin:People in the commets sayin g "I could score these the comments:UUUUhhhhhh i dtruggled to

  32. Ben Avalos

    Ben Avalos10 days ago

    Musty or mertzy or sunny I have flags wanna trade

  33. ImFrick

    ImFrick10 days ago

    Rocket legue

  34. Kore Pogo

    Kore Pogo10 days ago

    Opponent: fake musty Under mustys name : s1 ssl

  35. John Rueda

    John Rueda10 days ago

    Damn who knew mertzy was ass

  36. DavisPlays

    DavisPlays10 days ago

    I hate to be that platinum...but I feel like i could do better than those youtubers. i'll edit this comment once i've done the training pack. Edit: well i could do all the shots but it took me 7 minutes

  37. perhaps

    perhaps10 days ago

    Litteraly this video is just life lessons. Mertzy showed us not to get cocky. Sunless showed up being selfish isn't worth it. And wayton showed being overly aggressive or narrow-mindedly wanting to win could mess you up.

  38. Joel Q

    Joel Q10 days ago

    Wayton just sucks bro

  39. Leland Pounder

    Leland Pounder11 days ago

    Hi there its my birthday today and I am turning 11 my birthday was absolutely boring because of the horrible covid-19

  40. Champbeast

    Champbeast11 days ago

    What is the code for the training pack ?

  41. Amanda short

    Amanda short11 days ago


  42. sneakyratsniper

    sneakyratsniper12 days ago

    I know he didn’t do anything, but why does it feel so good when thanovic failing training packs

  43. MadMatt

    MadMatt12 days ago

    Good Vid Almost As Good As My Vids

  44. Ryker Sharp

    Ryker Sharp12 days ago

    I literally just made it to gold and I made those shots in under 4 minutes....

  45. Jason Wutzler

    Jason Wutzler13 days ago

    Guys the misty flick

  46. Jason Wutzler

    Jason Wutzler13 days ago

    Those guys that thought they were fake are watching this and think wow

  47. Suzanne Nichols

    Suzanne Nichols13 days ago

    I’m a plat so “I can score this so ez”

  48. Hazar Erdinch

    Hazar Erdinch12 days ago


  49. TTV spexz

    TTV spexz13 days ago

    I wanted sunless to win

  50. higherlvl _yt

    higherlvl _yt13 days ago

    11:11 still triggers me when he didnt do the musty flick

  51. ol1ver 0727

    ol1ver 072713 days ago

    Wayton sucks

  52. gauge moore

    gauge moore13 days ago

    He kinda screwed sunless

  53. mystery ?

    mystery ?13 days ago

    dude somehow im gc and i can barely aerial

  54. Achtohbrツ

    Achtohbrツ13 days ago

    You legit helped everyone but sunless 🙄

  55. rtacheny918

    rtacheny91814 days ago

    Musty won't pin this

  56. Zenco Sphere

    Zenco Sphere16 days ago


  57. prod. Merc

    prod. Merc16 days ago

    mertzy sucks honestly

  58. Drizzl3

    Drizzl317 days ago

    Musty: your getting really unlucky wayton me: trash

  59. malad aledresse

    malad aledresse17 days ago

    wow very cool

  60. Jedidiah Sorg

    Jedidiah Sorg17 days ago

    Was it just me or musty was feeding the other two goals and stealing sunless’s because he knew sunless would win

  61. Kyran Atkinson

    Kyran Atkinson13 days ago


  62. Frost Gaming

    Frost Gaming17 days ago


  63. Pat Y

    Pat Y17 days ago

    The person saying he's fake watching this video: F*ck

  64. ronan

    ronan17 days ago

    I hated that 2nd challenge it was so luck based where as the others actually had something to do with skill, I'm not saying the outcome would have been different but come on the wayton game was scuffed

  65. REFLECT Darkツ

    REFLECT Darkツ17 days ago

    I was just on his live he had airport in.... it's true :O

  66. Euwan Tan

    Euwan Tan18 days ago

    Im diamond and im saying that i probably can't score this.

  67. shadowthief1x

    shadowthief1x18 days ago

    The mfers watching that called him fake: 👁👄👁

  68. Sad Kayne

    Sad Kayne19 days ago

    U gave thanovic all the points

  69. Sad Kayne

    Sad Kayne19 days ago

    Nah I’m not gonna lie u sold sunny

  70. He took the L

    He took the L19 days ago

    Doing this would be awesome but with like low ranks lol

  71. David Nicolas Andrei

    David Nicolas Andrei20 days ago

    I am a plat and i cand do this in 5 years

  72. David Nicolas Andrei

    David Nicolas Andrei20 days ago

    Close enough

  73. Mid_Insight

    Mid_Insight20 days ago

    I have no friends

  74. Quan-Z

    Quan-Z20 days ago

    Musty sold my boy Sunless 😭 after they said “fake musty” he joined the competition

  75. Eyad Ahmed

    Eyad Ahmed21 day ago

    Bro it’s thanovic commenting join this private match with no password jk srry but big fan of u and thanovic

  76. Syd Weller

    Syd Weller22 days ago

    Audible: sponsor musty's vid musty viewers: "whats a book?"

  77. SubZero

    SubZeroDay ago

    I don’t know what a speech mark is lol

  78. Rhys Bibby

    Rhys Bibby4 days ago


  79. Leland Pounder

    Leland Pounder11 days ago


  80. Stormi Russell

    Stormi Russell12 days ago


  81. The red Gamer

    The red Gamer12 days ago

    @Emilio Salinas what a bbbbbb breath oook

  82. JTX Cell

    JTX Cell23 days ago

    Bruh Wayton sucks

  83. Sea Jay

    Sea Jay23 days ago

    I litterally just did this pack and thought these are simple shots hahaha im a plat 1 and i thought i was bad because of the title

  84. Apple Fortnite

    Apple Fortnite15 days ago

    Thats a funny cap lol

  85. Abe Fifa Mobile

    Abe Fifa Mobile23 days ago

    I just got a USlikes survey ad bet you can’t beat that

  86. cyber legend

    cyber legend24 days ago

    it looks hard and i am a super sonic legend

  87. Brian McGuire

    Brian McGuire25 days ago

    Musty: *has ssl tag* Rando: "100% fake"

  88. GoTaGuN7385

    GoTaGuN738527 days ago


  89. Cameron Neptune

    Cameron Neptune27 days ago

    I’m disowning Mertzy he has failed me

  90. Mandy Jamal

    Mandy Jamal27 days ago

    love ur vids guys

  91. Mandy Jamal

    Mandy Jamal27 days ago

    sunless can we be in a video my epic Despretewolf271 thats the name

  92. Ghetto Platonio

    Ghetto Platonio28 days ago

    I like reading...

  93. Familie Kelkboom

    Familie Kelkboom28 days ago

    I,m very big fan

  94. Mozkiller123

    Mozkiller123Month ago

  95. Yoseph Worku

    Yoseph WorkuMonth ago

    dude i could score this

  96. Ghost Hyper

    Ghost HyperMonth ago

    Can you do the reaction video again and could maybe do mine 😂

  97. A Mustard flick

    A Mustard flickMonth ago

    My name

  98. Nik games

    Nik gamesMonth ago


  99. Nik games

    Nik gamesMonth ago

    musty want a 1v1 pls

  100. Brian Ortiz

    Brian OrtizMonth ago

    I feel bad for sunless because musty doesn’t try when it’s sunless try but when it’s the other people’s try he actually tries

  101. 666

    66628 days ago

    Ye and in round 2 he stole all his goals

  102. YeboiJohan Wilson

    YeboiJohan WilsonMonth ago

    Sorry I forgot I was not subbed

  103. Kareem Azzam

    Kareem AzzamMonth ago


  104. iioNRaY

    iioNRaYMonth ago

    Hello amusty, i would really like to play with you someday, i don't want to get on discord thought, my rocket league name is " Look At This Owl " Thanks!

  105. Shabana Hussain

    Shabana HussainMonth ago

    Last to stop aerial starts at 14:36. THANK ME LATER

  106. andrxw sucks

    andrxw sucksMonth ago

    3:35 yeah I’m a plat and I can score those

  107. Big Tricks

    Big TricksMonth ago

    Musty i saw that the gamingdino disliked the video

  108. Big Tricks

    Big TricksMonth ago

    Musty i saw that the gamingdino disliked the video

  109. Daniel Kay

    Daniel KayMonth ago


  110. BazaarAmaar

    BazaarAmaarMonth ago

    Rocket league becoming free must’ve been a banger bc mans already at 2 millie lmaoo