ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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  1. You've been Googled

    You've been Googled8 minutes ago

    Why do Floyd keeps talking for Davis? I mean, come on now, let the kid have a say, cuz he's the one fightin'.

  2. Aron Carvajal

    Aron Carvajal23 minutes ago

    It doesn't matter what the topic is floyd always wants to talk about him

  3. Xx Bay Boy Xx

    Xx Bay Boy Xx31 minute ago

    Another Black vs. Brown fight . ✊🏾✊🏽 either way it’ll be a good one . Blacks and Mexicans are the best fighters in the world . 💯

  4. Juanhammadali Mancillas

    Juanhammadali Mancillas43 minutes ago

    What’s the song Leo Santa Cruz starts off with ?

  5. PrimeTime

    PrimeTime54 minutes ago

    Win or lose I love seeing my latinos become successful 👏🏼

  6. Tommy Herrera

    Tommy HerreraHour ago

    Both humble fighters may the best man win!!

  7. Jayson Colbert

    Jayson ColbertHour ago

    Boxing titles are so confusing. You can be 3 time world champ but still not really champ? How many belts are there

  8. Snipers Range

    Snipers RangeHour ago

    Broner would beat his ass



    Funny Floyd wasn't even born with that mayweather last name...but always going thru it with his pops from time to time

  10. Vaquero Vegano

    Vaquero Vegano2 hours ago

    Come on Leo✊🏿

  11. Vaquero Vegano

    Vaquero Vegano2 hours ago


  12. Say Mercy Battle League

    Say Mercy Battle League2 hours ago

    I got Davis In 4, Leo 2 much of a Runner, when it comes to matching power wit good punchers... remember u heard here first💯 #SayMercy👑

  13. Lacky McFarland

    Lacky McFarland2 hours ago

    Leo needs to use his length and stay behind the jab and stay moving to the left. That’s the only he will be competitive, he can’t get caught mixing it up with Davis, or else it will be a short night.

  14. Wale Total FitnessCP

    Wale Total FitnessCP2 hours ago

    Tank, keep Coach Calvin to continue your growth. I see you already know that.

  15. mtres Garcia

    mtres Garcia2 hours ago

    Im mexican but gervonta is a killer davis wins by knock out no doubt !

  16. Big Edd

    Big Edd3 hours ago

    Floyd always finds a way to make it about him self ! Like let the kid have is time ! All this we we we me me me we undefeated! 🙄

  17. Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez3 hours ago

    I love Leo Santa Cruz but I got a feeling that he is getting knocked out.

  18. Willie Jeanfrancois

    Willie Jeanfrancois4 hours ago

    Give it your best both!

  19. Rommel Marley

    Rommel Marley4 hours ago

    I fought him too, I’m just a fighter at heart. 😂

  20. Jerry DeLoza

    Jerry DeLoza4 hours ago

    Floyd's boxing IQ is second to none and often doesn't get the credit he deserves for both having one of the greatest work ethics ever and being a genius of the sweet science!

  21. Jonathan Legg

    Jonathan Legg4 hours ago

    Reading these comments I'm always surprised how so many people kiss the Mayweather ass. 😟

  22. Abel Flores

    Abel Flores5 hours ago

    Leo has gained some weight. Those Mexican tacos give strength🤣💪

  23. Jay M. R

    Jay M. R5 hours ago

    He needs to fight more black niggas he scared

  24. DangerousTv1

    DangerousTv15 hours ago

    U guys play way too many commercials! Thumbs down and EFF YOU!!

  25. ChrisssCruz

    ChrisssCruz5 hours ago

    What was the Mexican song that played when the Cruz scene started ?

  26. Cortez Samuels

    Cortez Samuels6 hours ago

    I was a Leo fan before tank, this should be nice

  27. LLG LLC

    LLG LLC6 hours ago

    Why aren't more fighters following Mayweather? He seems to really want to get them paid.

  28. Jerry God

    Jerry God6 hours ago

    I wish santa cruz had got this light a xouple years back but fuck it, my heart is in between both in this one hope they give us another great fight.

  29. Oleg Duchenko

    Oleg Duchenko6 hours ago

    this is a finish for santa cruz. unfortunately. for human point, he deserved to win due to all arrogance of may-per-view selfish pack. but for boxing, there is zero chance against davis.

  30. Tye Must

    Tye Must7 hours ago

    Leo has no honour....Frampton gave him a rematch even though it wasn’t in his contract but then Leo refused to go a third time.....I liked the guy until then..

  31. Josue Cuevas

    Josue Cuevas7 hours ago

    Let’s gooooo Cruz!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  32. crypto streamers

    crypto streamers7 hours ago

    Floyd taking Gervonta money he cant even afford bluetooth headphones

  33. Corey Reeder

    Corey Reeder8 hours ago

    Tank a dog 💪🏿



    he likes his own picture lol

  35. Arqum Abdullah

    Arqum Abdullah8 hours ago

    2:40 reminds me of a certain Morgan Wallen song🤪

  36. Dilraj Gill

    Dilraj Gill8 hours ago

    both these fighter are likeable af

  37. Shaneworld 9

    Shaneworld 99 hours ago

  38. showsen_ few

    showsen_ few9 hours ago

    Please someone knows that track starting at 26:50

  39. J C

    J C9 hours ago

    It’s all about hunger

  40. Pablo Llega

    Pablo Llega9 hours ago

    I’ve seen Davis’ for years and he really works hard. That boy is the next big thing

  41. Bankboyz Slimee

    Bankboyz Slimee9 hours ago

    Floyd like Diddy ... all in the videos ... talkin ! 😒

  42. blast 713

    blast 71310 hours ago

    Much respect for both fighters!!

  43. Anatniuq Leba

    Anatniuq Leba10 hours ago

    Tank is already punch drunk at 25. What a shame

  44. Dan Torr

    Dan Torr10 hours ago

    Leo all the way fk tank trash

  45. El Singon

    El Singon10 hours ago

    Is it just me... or his voice and way of talking sound like Mike Tyson ??... just Listen @2:58

  46. Shakiem Jean Joseph

    Shakiem Jean Joseph10 hours ago

    Santa Cruz’ threw 1350 punches in one Fight at the Vacant IBF bantamweight Title 2012-his first title Shot 🥊🥊🥊🥊

  47. Laimar Williams Sr

    Laimar Williams Sr10 hours ago

    He gets unknown people every time in the ring this nigga ain’t had no competition

  48. HoratiuYT

    HoratiuYT10 hours ago

    Song from the final: Ruelle - Madness

  49. TheRideVibe

    TheRideVibe10 hours ago

    Davis is a GOAT

  50. Ismail Roslan

    Ismail Roslan11 hours ago

    if flyod decide to comeback n fight pacquiao i think he will easily bank 200m .. come on floyd just 1 more.

  51. 🐓

    🐓11 hours ago

    I have so mutch respect for those 2. Its amazing where they came from. Greethings from the netherlands 🇳🇱.

  52. Uli

    Uli11 hours ago

    How will compare with Ryan Garcia 🔥

  53. TheWiseGuy

    TheWiseGuy11 hours ago

    Santa Cruz 🇲🇽

  54. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez11 hours ago

    Asta que ban a poner una pela buena 👍 suerte a los dis tanke y sants cruz son chingones que gane el mejor

  55. vicente orona

    vicente orona11 hours ago

    Davis is Floyd’s son is this all access Floyd vs Santa Cruz or Davis vs Santa Cruz I don’t get it Floyd telling Davis what to say the whole show no bueno reminds me of AB and now look at him 😂😂😂 smh Floyd old ass needs to get out their way

  56. Charles Douglas

    Charles Douglas11 hours ago

    Cruz is more Humble and more focus Davis is a complainer

  57. oscar james

    oscar james12 hours ago

    Still beats women 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  58. Claudio sosaa

    Claudio sosaa12 hours ago

    Mal ahí show time ....

  59. Claudio sosaa

    Claudio sosaa12 hours ago

    Y los subtítulos apá? 🙄 mal ahí, hay gente en Latinoamérica que necesita los subtítulos!

  60. Chem Fon

    Chem Fon13 hours ago

    please for song at 9:11

  61. Fredy Figueroa navarro

    Fredy Figueroa navarro12 hours ago

    Justin Morales desde morro

  62. True Kash

    True Kash13 hours ago

    Boxing use to be real now its more about money & bad judgements thats why UFC is gaining followers day by day.

  63. seiom jvony

    seiom jvony15 hours ago

    both fighters are very likeable characters with a very humble upbringing, wish both of them the best

  64. Dolla Billz

    Dolla Billz15 hours ago

    Good fight Tanks biggest challenge thus far

  65. "Rawdogg"

    "Rawdogg"16 hours ago

    Leos gonna box the 💩 outta Tank.

  66. Cancio M Freitas

    Cancio M Freitas16 hours ago

    Where are AB now?

  67. Harry J

    Harry J16 hours ago

    I like them both, hope this is a good fight!

  68. seiom jvony

    seiom jvony15 hours ago

    best of them at 130 and 135 your boy Tank ain't fighting the best of them i pasa on this ppv

  69. Sak Maestro MNDNW

    Sak Maestro MNDNW16 hours ago

    Leo Sta Cruz looks like a young margarito

  70. tokio

    tokio16 hours ago

    14:25 ... TMT

  71. joeh2401

    joeh240116 hours ago

    He stopped running, he stopped hitting the bag. He can’t control his temper. He’s not ready.

  72. RuthlessBeats

    RuthlessBeats17 hours ago

    Santa Cruz will break Davis to fit, throws to many punches head 1st will walk him down, big heart and tank will tire last 6

  73. Movie World

    Movie World17 hours ago

    Chief keef Dropped Lola the Bunny

  74. 5thward houstontx

    5thward houstontx18 hours ago

    Cruz looks a lil slow doesn’t he? Tank will knock him out in 7

  75. SSChicago73RD

    SSChicago73RD18 hours ago

    Why is a girl in a suit in the promos🤮

  76. David Sullen

    David Sullen19 hours ago

    Love this video

  77. Hathspider

    Hathspider19 hours ago

    Who are these two nobodys?

  78. Michael Medina

    Michael Medina19 hours ago

    What’s that 1st corrido ?

  79. Philip Cecil Reichenbach

    Philip Cecil Reichenbach20 hours ago

    Everything is possible 🙌🏽 work hard play hard !

  80. galileo Antonio

    galileo Antonio20 hours ago

    what happened to "the problem" he aint in the team no more?

  81. Ant

    Ant20 hours ago

    Both these cats come from the mud😤...gotta respect the work they put in. Should be a good 1!🥊


    H-MONEY BROOKLYN DON20 hours ago

    Well this did not sell me on buying the PPV Floyd Mayweather trying to sell Tank but what Mayweather forgot was when he was coming up Mayweather was fighting some of the best of them at 130 and 135 your boy Tank ain't fighting the best of them i pasa on this ppv

  83. Jason orozco

    Jason orozco20 hours ago

    Better not gas out little tank

  84. Mr Community

    Mr Community21 hour ago

    Brothers getting money together! "May"- perview style! I'm with it! I want in!!!

  85. Ancient Technique

    Ancient Technique21 hour ago

    Floyd is trippin allowing Showtime to put two men kissing in front of his video. Wtf Floyd? Don’t do that

  86. Jay P

    Jay P21 hour ago

    Got mad respect for both...

  87. SomethingWitty1987

    SomethingWitty198722 hours ago

    Well, this just sold me on the PPV. Can't wait.

  88. Ausaf Khan

    Ausaf Khan22 hours ago

    Khabib the real deal 🦅🦅🦅🦅

  89. Chris Belanger

    Chris Belanger22 hours ago

    Davis vs mcnuggets...... make it happen floyd.. I wanna watch Connor get lit up again!!!

  90. Mr No Name

    Mr No Name22 hours ago

    Floyd is a Legend.

  91. Alexiz Reyes

    Alexiz Reyes22 hours ago

    Im mexican and ama be really honest with you all i see tank davis winning this fight for real....😂

  92. John John

    John John22 hours ago

    I got my last 30$ on tank. It shall be a good one..

  93. Boxing Zay

    Boxing Zay22 hours ago

    “U can’t have one foot in boxing and one foot in the streets,u gotta be fully focused ” ~gervonta Davis

  94. Tawn Joans

    Tawn Joans23 hours ago

    Who won the Lemchenko fight . I'm not sure if that's how his name is spelled but it's close enough.🤷🏽‍♀️

  95. Tawn Joans

    Tawn Joans22 hours ago

    @dean almanza well that's who Tank needs too fight if he wants to call himself a CHAMPION. Fight the winners and stop dodging the taste of blood.

  96. dean almanza

    dean almanza22 hours ago

    Lopez won it

  97. Bro498s

    Bro498s23 hours ago

    You know he’s serious when Gervontas runnin in wired headphones

  98. delvin hamilton

    delvin hamilton23 hours ago

    O yea i was a street fighter coming up was beating alot of guys asses fight a light weight champion with 10 belts i was killing him in the beginning of the fight but he had the experience over me so he turn the fight around and i lost it was a great fight

  99. delvin hamilton

    delvin hamilton23 hours ago

    Floyd gone make u that champion dont lose force Davis u could be that next Mike Tyson dont for get Floyd a genius to the game of boxing he knows the in & outs of the game i watched him to long

  100. Brandt

    BrandtDay ago

    Baltimore LEGEND! Let’s Go TANK

  101. dakidjahsiah

    dakidjahsiahDay ago

    23 year old Teofimo just beat Loma. a guy Tank avoided for 5 years.. bad look

  102. Justin Jay

    Justin Jay17 hours ago

    Why he avoided him because they didn’t fight they know what they doin


    H-MONEY BROOKLYN DON20 hours ago


  104. M.A.I.A !!

    M.A.I.A !!Day ago

    The only reason I think leo has a chance is because tank did take out an older beat up injured gamboa..

  105. R Lopez

    R LopezDay ago

    The Mexican is gonna get his ass beat.He's lucky he has that house and the money.Not even that good.

  106. Travis R

    Travis RDay ago

    Both are good guys