Kodak Black - Every Balmain [Official Audio]

Kodak Black - Every Balmain
‘Bill Israel’ OUT NOW!
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  1. Kodak Black

    Kodak BlackMonth ago

    "Every Balmain" out now 🎯 Stream/Download: kodak.lnk.to/EveryBalmainID

  2. Zemora Smith

    Zemora Smith6 hours ago


  3. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez2 days ago

    Make more new music videos

  4. The Real King James

    The Real King James4 days ago

    It's my Bday 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  5. Erick Youte

    Erick Youte5 days ago

    @iFrxsh-_ _ ?

  6. Darnell Davis

    Darnell Davis7 days ago

    @Weswes023 q

  7. MusTyy

    MusTyy42 minutes ago

    Bars were so hard he ended up behind them

  8. Oliver Encinas

    Oliver EncinasHour ago

    Marinating the toilet foo

  9. Mariyah Baxter

    Mariyah Baxter3 hours ago

    Kodak ❤️

  10. ALEX ndndjdsn

    ALEX ndndjdsn6 hours ago


  11. ALEX ndndjdsn

    ALEX ndndjdsn6 hours ago


  12. ALEX ndndjdsn

    ALEX ndndjdsn6 hours ago


  13. Adobe flash

    Adobe flash7 hours ago


  14. Babull 98

    Babull 988 hours ago

    Kodack black I need your help please I hope you read this comment 😫

  15. Blessed Addiction

    Blessed AddictionDay ago

    Blessed Addiction I need 100 bands asap

  16. J- Khalid

    J- KhalidDay ago

    🔥🔥🔥 j-Khalid ain’t know that #youtube

  17. Nate Riley

    Nate RileyDay ago


  18. XO dAbS

    XO dAbSDay ago

    Future: Kodak belongs to the streets!

  19. saj Production 12

    saj Production 12Day ago

    Kodak Black Ft Wendy 🙏👑👑

  20. Abe Raham

    Abe Raham2 days ago

    Kodak 🇭🇹 Check this guy on USlikes. Wendyyy_ Sil pa nou li pa bon ( official video) S1. E2 dude had 1 million views in 23 hours no cap. I dead ass never met this young Rapper from Haiti in my life but he's poppin. He did the video in Dubai. He got Haitians from all over liking his songs. Check him out kodak he's nice and got a fan base. He's the best in Haiti no capp bro.!🇭🇹

  21. Unordinary Barbie

    Unordinary Barbie2 days ago

    This shit still hit 🇭🇹🇭🇹

  22. Angry Customers

    Angry Customers2 days ago

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  23. NoJumper Ent

    NoJumper Ent3 days ago


  24. Ananaaas Ss

    Ananaaas Ss3 days ago

    Clip officiel ??

  25. ramon gutierrez

    ramon gutierrez3 days ago

    Need lyrics can’t understand this nigga

  26. Game Academy

    Game Academy3 days ago


  27. Marquea Jones

    Marquea Jones3 days ago


  28. Lil Guzih

    Lil Guzih3 days ago

    Hype máster 🎧

  29. Nicky Sibisi

    Nicky Sibisi3 days ago

    bro dop track much love from Africa Zambia 🇿🇲

  30. FunnyAtItsFinest

    FunnyAtItsFinest4 days ago

    on repeat.

  31. Casey Kemmerling

    Casey Kemmerling4 days ago

    Should all look up upside down triangle meaning with the 90. Kodak letting the people know we have the power. Stop believing the rich people do

  32. 3Minutes No Gimmicks

    3Minutes No Gimmicks4 days ago

    This shit fire af can't stop playing this, salute from the bronx newyork, we bumping this out here

  33. Roxanne Rowe

    Roxanne Rowe4 days ago

    “All my fingers got super bowl rings. How you, how you gon sleep on these?.. LIL NIGGA I DO BIG OL TIINGS” “IM GLLRRIOOUSS THEY CUURIOUUS”

  34. The Real King James

    The Real King James4 days ago

    It's my Bday 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  35. The Random Rotsen

    The Random Rotsen4 days ago


  36. No Chaser

    No Chaser4 days ago

    This clown rapping to send the Feds kids to college for free. No cosign.

  37. mamba4ever 24

    mamba4ever 244 days ago

    Got dammit, another one Kodak, keep em coming like blam blam blurrrt glit!

  38. Silk Milk

    Silk Milk4 days ago

    2:43 new ringtone

  39. Keith Witherspoon aka grape

    Keith Witherspoon aka grape4 days ago

    I duc wit d at da long way swagg swagg on em them nigga zach

  40. Keith Witherspoon aka grape

    Keith Witherspoon aka grape4 days ago

    I fuc wit yomuzus and I broke my phone dis joint rid fuc up I no what im sayin yeah doeim cool in coolim it aint sbit to. boss I just went to go get a not her joint like rite lile headed rite there rite no now Co nap we on we go get it c what I m say in d at way yeah

  41. Keith Witherspoon aka grape

    Keith Witherspoon aka grape4 days ago

    I fyc

  42. Michael Greene

    Michael Greene5 days ago

    Play this in 1.25

  43. 9Mill MFBL

    9Mill MFBL5 days ago

    "She luv kodak so she feelin' GLEEFUL😇" MFBL MILL -Left Cheek Right Cheek

  44. Undizputed

    Undizputed5 days ago

    Been waiting for da day he home.. listening to this confirms why everybody looked forward to his release... killa with music

  45. La Shane

    La Shane5 days ago

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  46. Slug RobertHorry

    Slug RobertHorry5 days ago


  47. Modern Layna

    Modern Layna6 days ago

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  48. Calvin King Jr.

    Calvin King Jr.6 days ago

    Lil boo pac

  49. FBrenes90

    FBrenes906 days ago

    Nobody noticed this really similar to the ending song of satsuriku no tenshi

  50. NK_Dalotaz YT

    NK_Dalotaz YT6 days ago

    kodak hates trump why would trump let him out

  51. Only-_Jevon

    Only-_Jevon6 days ago

    On GaNG

  52. Wiktorrg

    Wiktorrg6 days ago

    This ainy the real kodak

  53. Goddess Makayla

    Goddess Makayla7 days ago

    High key banger


    I AM LEGEND7 days ago


  55. oneny Bad .aka47.

    oneny Bad .aka47.7 days ago

    Bro move smart than before who feel it's know it fr 🎯

  56. DJ3z3s Triple3Official

    DJ3z3s Triple3Official7 days ago

    This aint it bro

  57. Chicken Fingers

    Chicken Fingers7 days ago

    I’d listen to this over 69

  58. Mr BoJack

    Mr BoJack7 days ago

    It’s obvious y’all don’t really listen to music. I caught that Brady (12) line off rip! Nevertheless it’s hard so i ain’t mad y’all caught it late I’m just glad u caught it 😂

  59. Hay Google

    Hay Google7 days ago


  60. Hay Google

    Hay Google7 days ago

    With three o

  61. Hay Google

    Hay Google7 days ago

    My bad here's the right One $Googloplex

  62. Cruz Viera

    Cruz Viera7 days ago

    Who’s Stell her in 2029

  63. George Patrick

    George Patrick7 days ago

    Successful people dont become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  64. Moistbean604

    Moistbean6048 days ago

    this goes hard

  65. Ziz Dog

    Ziz Dog8 days ago

    nice song bill

  66. robert cordova

    robert cordova8 days ago

    Shawty got me woozy

  67. Georgiana's Melodies

    Georgiana's Melodies8 days ago

    I'ma stand up nicca I'll take me a sit!!! Forget da Tom Brady line he wreck dat bar

  68. zerlox

    zerlox8 days ago

    Is kodak still in prison?

  69. Mikey Doe

    Mikey Doe8 days ago

    Before Trumps Presidency ended he pardoned Kodak .

  70. Rusu Andrei

    Rusu Andrei8 days ago

    We want more!!

  71. Akbar Zaidi

    Akbar Zaidi8 days ago

    " My name ain't Louis but I Strongarm a Ni&&@" seeeessssshhhhh

  72. davis buttt

    davis buttt8 days ago


  73. Realrytesport_yt Realrytesport_yt

    Realrytesport_yt Realrytesport_yt8 days ago

    Yak never disappoint me he always on point that's my heart love Yu jet🤞🏾💤💤💤💤

  74. Apolinar Howell

    Apolinar Howell8 days ago

    This gon be a top tier track for 2021

  75. Apolinar Howell

    Apolinar Howell8 days ago


  76. Apolinar Howell

    Apolinar Howell8 days ago

    Mans spazzed out ‼️‼️‼️

  77. Yung Wave

    Yung Wave8 days ago

    Kodak Superstar 4Ever💀🌟🦅🩸🕳♾

  78. Don Neville

    Don Neville8 days ago

    I'm curious,They're curious 😂

  79. Modified World

    Modified World9 days ago

    Sub to me if you love kodak

  80. James L

    James L9 days ago

    She aready know i got meth in my piss ? I know he didnt say that wtf

  81. Movie World

    Movie World9 days ago

    Chief keef dropping new music 🎶 🌞🚦😈

  82. AnthonyGame Playz

    AnthonyGame Playz9 days ago

    dasgasdom3, yessir. love you kodak. no homo

  83. LtSupreme

    LtSupreme9 days ago

    Use Code : GODDKERZX if you want $25 off gopuff

  84. Ill Struggle

    Ill Struggle9 days ago


  85. Holder Ugenia

    Holder Ugenia9 days ago


  86. Flip Kills

    Flip Kills9 days ago

    Kill bill grrrr glick i felt thag shit in my chest

  87. Mike Peckham

    Mike Peckham10 days ago

    We jamming this in Memphis..... dust on the countertop..... dust on my Pinocchio

  88. Sosa Baby

    Sosa Baby9 days ago


  89. VezzoLimit Ddai

    VezzoLimit Ddai10 days ago

    "Fuck wat da paper say dat ain't my jit"🔥🔥

  90. Sosa Baby

    Sosa Baby9 days ago


  91. Caleb Edwards

    Caleb Edwards10 days ago


  92. John Moody

    John Moody10 days ago

    So nobody gonna say anything about him saying he got meth in his piss 🤔🤔🤔😩

  93. 121pmJacob Truett

    121pmJacob Truett10 days ago

    kodakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lets goooooooooooo

  94. Audre Jennings

    Audre Jennings10 days ago

    lil shawty luv to give my mater top

  95. Andre Smith

    Andre Smith10 days ago


  96. Lynn Cuzzo

    Lynn Cuzzo10 days ago

    just enjoy the song

  97. Mark Morrow

    Mark Morrow10 days ago

    Yak RUN 2021..............BET wateva

  98. Much Love Gambine

    Much Love Gambine10 days ago

    Yak is back

  99. Yrn Sam5k

    Yrn Sam5k11 days ago

    Wym fuck wat the paper say that ain’t my jitt

  100. MTE 561

    MTE 56111 days ago


  101. Scorpio D.H Musiq Update

    Scorpio D.H Musiq Update11 days ago


  102. Blue Seal

    Blue Seal11 days ago

    garbage low iq voice

  103. Cochise Seals

    Cochise Seals9 days ago

    I know

  104. Lal Vedant N Shah Deo

    Lal Vedant N Shah Deo11 days ago

    how am I so late?!!

  105. Jay G

    Jay G11 days ago

    Man kodak need to drop some shit with jackboy

  106. Realrytesport_yt Realrytesport_yt

    Realrytesport_yt Realrytesport_yt11 days ago

    We love Yu all the way from nyc jet yu sumthing special 😷🤞🏾💤💤💤

  107. 901Filmz

    901Filmz11 days ago


  108. Hazeryl Aiman21_

    Hazeryl Aiman21_11 days ago

    Where is your Glee bruh!😭❤️

  109. Tavael Pierre

    Tavael Pierre11 days ago


  110. juan velazquez

    juan velazquez11 days ago

    kodak black the goat

  111. kelvin carter

    kelvin carter12 days ago

    brady pull up that ain't my stick