Here’s Why PS5 Joysticks Drift (and Why They’ll Only Get Worse)

Mere months have passed since the PS5’s hotly anticipated launch, and already there’s a class-action lawsuit brewing over joystick drift on Sony’s high-tech DualSense controllers. Who could have seen this coming? Well, as it turns out, everyone. Everyone should have seen this coming. Because for all its exciting new tech, the DualSense uses off-the-shelf joystick hardware with a long history of predictable, preventable issues. And now we’ve investigated those issues in excruciating detail.
Sony isn’t the only company to use off-the-shelf joystick modules, but, like Microsoft, they’ve made it difficult to repair this consumable component. Joysticks have a known life expectancy-it’s listed right in a product sheet from the manufacturer. In this video, we head back inside a DualSense controller to see what is failing, and how.
You can read more about joystick drift in our blog post on
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  1. iFixit

    iFixit14 days ago

    A few notes: We started this investigation due to reports of PS5 DualSense controllers drifting, but as we mention at 0:58, these findings apply to most modern joysticks! 3:14 that carbon pad has been scratched with a dental pick. The actual wear to the pads will look different, this was a demonstration since we didn't have a drifting DualSense. 3:50 sprinkling goldfish crackers into your joystick will not fix drift. Don't try this at home. Don't miss Margot the puppy desperately trying to eat Cheez-Its at 5:47

  2. Cay9s

    Cay9s2 days ago

    Im going to stick to the Ps4 controllers mainly because there arent any good mods for ps5 controllers yet. The transparent ps4 controller is a good mod and once a transparent ps5 controller mod comes out I will be looking foward to getting that instead because its cool to see all the circuitry and components from the inside.

  3. OneSwitch

    OneSwitch2 days ago

    Would love to know what quality of heat-gun you're using. I've tried SMD291 solder, heat-tape, and blasted it with a 2000watt heat-gun until the thermal fuse kicks into the gun. The solder will not budge for me. Would really appreciate some guidance. I'm looking to lighten these sticks to help disabled people with weak muscles.

  4. jbulmer

    jbulmer4 days ago

    @jub8891 They're just focusing on Sony so internet nerds can direct their irrational rage at someone.

  5. Artimenner

    Artimenner4 days ago

    @Etrigan Slaves to be fair. 1st generation xbox (im talking xbox classic) always had a broken right trigger problem

  6. Marcos Mendoza

    Marcos Mendoza5 days ago

    What kind of dog is Margot at the end?

  7. Gayatri Verma

    Gayatri Verma5 hours ago

    My controller is not drifting but i am seeing the video :)

  8. kyotheman69

    kyotheman696 hours ago

    old tech is better i never had drift issue ever with PS2 or PS3 controllers they still work today, its terrible that new consoles have this dam issue

  9. Chocolate Ice Cream

    Chocolate Ice Cream11 hours ago

    Xbox Series X controller >

  10. Thepotato _iso

    Thepotato _iso11 hours ago

    A ps2 controller works better than this wth is happening to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

  11. Its_only_ Karma

    Its_only_ Karma12 hours ago

    This is why you don't buy a brand new console, there will always be problems and bugs and at the end of the day you could very well spend 500-700$ for a console that can catch fire as soon as you turn it on,, just wait a while. The price will drop and the bugs will be squished and any other problems will be resolved

  12. AndiRAin1

    AndiRAin112 hours ago

    Mine isn’t drifting but now that I saw this video I bet it is.

  13. Da_Boss_3807

    Da_Boss_380713 hours ago

    Mine has drift

  14. Flaze Derg

    Flaze Derg14 hours ago

    I mean, seems like crappy joystics are at fault lol. They could fix the crum issue by isolating the inner workings better, prevent sensor rub by using hall effect sensors and prevent drift from wear by using metal parts or simply different, higher grade plastic. Its probs intentionally made like crap to both promote more replacments and make manufacturing cheaper.

  15. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas14 hours ago

    Great glad that the future of video games is controllers breaking after a month

  16. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy15 hours ago

    and somehow my Gamecube controller from 2003 still works flawlessly after 17 years and thousands of hours of Smash Bros. abuse

  17. RDB

    RDB17 hours ago

    I hope the class action lawsuit nails sony to the wall. The controller should last for decades.

  18. vadim negru

    vadim negru23 hours ago

    so all controllers are affected but why people does not care on other platforms?

  19. vadim negru

    vadim negru18 hours ago

    @Fox McFog sooo if i want good gamepad for my PC i should buy Logitech or Razer?

  20. Fox McFog

    Fox McFog19 hours ago

    You've been living under a rock, people are pissed at Nintendo and Xbox too

  21. balta lou

    balta louDay ago

    I don’t have drift but I do have a loose R2 😡

  22. Diego Lopez

    Diego LopezDay ago

    Ohh thank you I was wondering why it was drifting I mean it isn’t bad bad but I notice it


    SIIIOXIDEDay ago

    Microsoft and Sony missed a big opportunity not making modular controllers.

  24. President Trump

    President TrumpDay ago

    Speak english nerd.

  25. President Trump

    President TrumpDay ago

    Thanks for this I will be getting Xbox for this gen instead of PS5

  26. Thepotato _iso

    Thepotato _iso11 hours ago

    Xbox has this problem too

  27. President Trump

    President TrumpDay ago

    PS4 had drift too

  28. Kageus

    KageusDay ago

    Me, a nintendo fan; Ha! Jokes on you, I'm already used to it

  29. Polo Polaroid

    Polo PolaroidDay ago


  30. a fruit medley

    a fruit medleyDay ago

    Given its omission in the video, is it safe to assume the Xbox series x controller uses better analog stick components?

  31. Draco Garcia

    Draco GarciaDay ago

    I got a extra controller w mine the first controller is very bad with the drifting atm. Scared on how long I got with the secondary I got rn.

  32. King Maraxus

    King MaraxusDay ago

    Seeing goldfish dust stuck in that joystick hurt my soul

  33. kismet

    kismetDay ago

    Really great work on your part guys!

  34. Sky Walker

    Sky WalkerDay ago

    Just sent my 4th Dualshock to Sony for drift repair, knowing i would still go through multiple controllers 🤮

  35. Cool Down031

    Cool Down0312 days ago

    So not even Third-party controllers are drift free 😩

  36. TheReal Yoda

    TheReal Yoda2 days ago


  37. Ed Mcdanza

    Ed Mcdanza2 days ago

    This is why I don’t touch people. Let your dog lick your controller then touch your face then shake me hand? Yeah I’m alright mate, cheers.

  38. Cader Locke

    Cader Locke2 days ago

    Sony is gonna be pissed when they see this.

  39. Austin Anthony

    Austin Anthony2 days ago

    Haven’t had that problem with my ps5 controllers yet however my PS4 controllers had a terrible drift problem

  40. bipolar diaries

    bipolar diaries2 days ago

    Your a simp¥

  41. KoKane

    KoKane2 days ago

    The PS4 drift is just as bad. Games like warzone don't help. Having to press the stick with all your might just to tac sprint.

  42. Max Pain

    Max Pain2 days ago

    Pity ya cant use the old controllers 👌 Xbox if it ain't broke don't try fix it !

  43. Dio

    Dio2 days ago

    Finally encountered drift on PS5 after almost 4 months

  44. Conrad Moreno

    Conrad Moreno2 days ago

    That’s why I buy controllers from Lifetime Controllers. If anything breaks, they fix/ replace it for life.

  45. James Purcell

    James Purcell3 days ago

    @ifixit Are the new EU Right to Repair laws going to cover this?

  46. Thought Criminal

    Thought Criminal3 days ago

    Usually the fix is to increase the dead zone.

  47. Tech & Komsan

    Tech & Komsan3 days ago

    How to FIX PS5

  48. Remi Temmos

    Remi Temmos3 days ago

    and yet my old ps2 and ps3 and ps4 controllers all keep working after years of intensive play. majority are still doing fine I believe, just have to accept to be the unlucky one sometimes.

  49. Wavy Lone

    Wavy Lone3 days ago

    And this is why I switched to pc man consoles are going down


    JUSTIN CREDIBLE3 days ago

    I’ve had it since the release and never had any Problems. My brother did too and still works perfect. Lmao go to Xbox

  51. TheDerpyDolphin

    TheDerpyDolphin3 days ago

    This is just sad, not just for PS but for the whole industry. Remember when controllers could actually be reliable? I still have my original GCN and Wii controllers and the joysticks work great on them after years of use

  52. Derpster

    Derpster3 days ago

    SEGA, we beg you to make a Dreamcast 2.

  53. Monsieur Dupond's Companion

    Monsieur Dupond's Companion3 days ago

    PS5 gamers: Why is this happening? Switch gamers: first time?

  54. nick_313

    nick_3133 days ago

    This guy is going to be the reason everyone break's their controller. Unless you are tech savvy please don't take your controller apart. You'll have a lot more to worry about than stick drift. Id recommend people start purchasing insurance with they're controller.

  55. Justin Y's 1,000th clone

    Justin Y's 1,000th clone3 days ago

    me before video: *expects a simple explanation* me after video: *Master's degree in robotics*

  56. Daniel Nieves

    Daniel Nieves3 days ago

    Could you fix my joystick 🕹 it’s out control. I would pay 💰

  57. Mimi420K

    Mimi420K3 days ago

    I had this trouble with xbox since the 360 two of my one's controller have this problem

  58. LegacyRXT

    LegacyRXT2 days ago

    at least they repleace it easily

  59. B B64

    B B643 days ago

    Put them in the dishwasher once a month.

  60. fisch mustafabal

    fisch mustafabal3 days ago

    My ps 2 Controllers never got broken My ps 3 Controllers got rarely broken My ps 4 Controllers got a bit more broken but the charge for the ps 4 Controllers got broken so many times

  61. Seabass

    Seabass3 days ago

    i never thought i could feel this much sympathy for a console i dont own, but i own a switch.

  62. Ryan F

    Ryan F3 days ago

    While the focus shifts to Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft is somewhere in the background inconspicuously trying to scoot the Elite Series 2 out of our peripheral vision.

  63. snae

    snae3 days ago

    This mean I should be replacing my old DS4 with another DS4, or still go for the Dual Sense?

  64. Chase Cantees

    Chase Cantees3 days ago

    I have ADHD and have been hyper focused of this type stuff for like 2 weeks straight now. Good video.

  65. Stickurai

    Stickurai3 days ago

    I got a ps2 with no other consoles, but my controllers still work perfectly.

  66. brett20000000009

    brett200000000093 days ago

    how about using an optical encoders instead of potentiometers ?

  67. barkley128

    barkley1283 days ago

    Learn soldering. If there's a time when it's worth it - it's now. No really, It's inexpensive and not that hard, why waste your time with "I don't want to solder, but want a magic trick" bullshit?

  68. Joe Shmo

    Joe Shmo3 days ago

    Sony already publicly admitted they cut corners for quality just to be able to sell it at the price they are and even then they're still technically losing money for every ps5 sold. Look it up.

  69. Cameron G.

    Cameron G.3 days ago

    they dont make it better so that people will buy more controlers which means more money in their pockets

  70. Joseph

    Joseph3 days ago

    Yes I'm big smart console gamer I know how saw der ang I big brains and do know smarts it big brain time.

  71. White Pines

    White Pines3 days ago

    As long as you don't play any souls games you should be fine.

  72. saitojharry

    saitojharry3 days ago

    Doggo desperately trying to get some cheezits. 😄❤

  73. Reiana E. Smiley

    Reiana E. Smiley3 days ago

    Well, does that change my decision of getting a PS5? It doesn't. I'm gonna be very careful with the DualSense Controller.

  74. Nezalu

    Nezalu3 days ago

    "its bizzare that console makers dont consider.."" blah blah you can't be that naive can you :) if it breaks and cant be easily fixed consumer will have to buy a new one bringing more profit. why you think there is such a fight back against right to repair bill ? why apple devices are not designed to repair failed components but rather expect you to buy new device ? it is same with everything, squeeze as much money from consumers as possible coz shareholders expect growing profits year by year and this is a fact for any and all companies.

  75. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverse3 days ago

    I'm wondering if the Sony tards will call this out and protest it just like y'all did to Nintendo. At least Nintendo is replacing joycons for free and joycons actually last longer than these ones.

  76. akhtar razzan

    akhtar razzan3 days ago

    PS5 : Formula Drift

  77. Skullet

    Skullet3 days ago

    These companies have pushed greed too far. I think it's obvious the ideal situation for them is that your device fails shortly after the warranty period expires so you have to pay for a new one, but clearly they pushed it too far and they are failing much sooner than expected for some people.

  78. Sarge Scum

    Sarge Scum4 days ago

    My interest in the PS5/XoneX is predominantly low. Historically low. Still happy with my PS4 and X360

  79. Ronaldo_ Slayer21

    Ronaldo_ Slayer214 days ago

    Now this is bs just trying to make us buy more Controllers

  80. RigoloWeb

    RigoloWeb4 days ago

    *laugh in dualshock 2*

  81. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex4 days ago

    It isn’t looking good for Sony that 1.2 million people needed to watch this

  82. Iskren

    Iskren4 days ago

    bruh i am still using a 5 year old ps4 controller and its just fine

  83. Sander Evers

    Sander Evers4 days ago

    See here, all joysticks can have this issue. Sadly the video only notes how to repair it not how to fix it. Because repairing it only works until it starts drifting again.

  84. Yung_Grouch

    Yung_Grouch4 days ago

    People in the comments with revisionist history thinking old tech controllers were immaculate as if we all didn’t go through multiple controllers with previous generations.

  85. mrk107

    mrk1074 days ago

    The People that paid twice as much for a PS5 from a scalper? LOL!

  86. NlGACHU

    NlGACHU4 days ago

    yet another reason why PC is better. If your current controller is bad just buy different type. Do not want to be stuck with one faulty controller type.

  87. Agata Soda

    Agata Soda4 days ago

    Oh it's broken? BUY A NEW ONE MOOOORRRRTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!! Just another sign that they don't actually care about their customers...

  88. mattrenko

    mattrenko4 days ago

    The DualShock was and is a perfect controller. Why do think everyone is trying to buy a DualShock now? Go into any department store and see if any of them are available. If the DualSense controller is so amazing, why are gamers scrambling to buy the DualShock controllers?

  89. Lawrenzo Green

    Lawrenzo Green4 days ago

    Ooooorrrrr they can make a better controller. We should also demand to see the interiors of the console and controller theyre showing off the tits of these new systems. I'm looking at this video and the board of the controller looks pathetic and fragile.

  90. Dylan Nance

    Dylan Nance4 days ago

    Bruh just an excellent video.

  91. TheOnly Leftii

    TheOnly Leftii4 days ago

    Mine is just fine

  92. Nelson S

    Nelson S4 days ago

    I guess its easier to wait for them to release a 'revision' than to have it replaced or buy a new one. I don't know if I read it correctly, I think I read an article saying you can still use the ps4 controller for ps4 games on the ps5 so theres that. Theres not that many ps5 games yet anyways.

  93. Moribund Phoenix

    Moribund Phoenix4 days ago

    Glad to know they took a problem with the PS4 and made it even worse

  94. Devan Tackett

    Devan Tackett4 days ago

    I have an Xbox series x, and I already have really bad controller drift on my left stick

  95. Seagull KRDB

    Seagull KRDB4 days ago

    I always thought it was my nintendo switch joy on that was off.. apparently, it isn't just me.

  96. Duwang King

    Duwang King4 days ago

    Guys, just in case if Sony manages to Take the video Down, DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO AND REUPLOAD.

  97. infinitydrum

    infinitydrum4 days ago


  98. christian garcia

    christian garcia4 days ago

    I have over 400hrs on my current dualsense, I haven't had any problems, maybe just chill on your joystick pressing.

  99. K F

    K F4 days ago

    Genshin impact, Sfv netcode and now this I think I am done with gaming. Companies are only disappointing me. I don’t want to support any of them.

  100. MonkeyJedi99

    MonkeyJedi994 days ago

    You're lucky though. If Apple made the controller, it would be difficult to impossible to get the parts to repair with, and everything would be assembled with proprietary screws, adhesives, or melted plastic joins.

  101. Vitor Bilharinho

    Vitor Bilharinho4 days ago

    I'm mad this trash costs 60 dolars now should be five or ten doalrs tops

  102. Agent 47

    Agent 474 days ago

    Breakdown of the controller seen first time feels like science proving how magic is impossible. It hurts my heart Put it together !!! Put it together !!

  103. Long John

    Long John4 days ago

    The easiest fix is just replace the bad pot .... For instance I have a two year old Xbox controller with a bad horizontal pot on the left joystick the the other on the left and the two on the right were still good so when my year old Xbox controller I bought to replace is started drifting on the right stick vertical I just unsoldered the pot, just 3 connections and replaced it with one of the good ones I scavenged off the two year controller ..... Now I've been solder and desoldering for 40+ year so I can do it in my sleep but the entire process of tearing the controller apart, desoldering just the bad pot and soldering in the replacement and putting is all back together took about 15-20 minutes and I haven't had any drift problems in over 2 months ..... In my experience it is the pots that go bad not the mechanical part and they pretty much self calibrate if you take them apart and put them back together right ...... Some pots just wear out faster than others because the quality control just isn't that good because it's a 50 cent part ..... A premium Alps pot like in professional mixing boards, and I'm talking about the ones Alps actually makes and not just contracts from some plant in China, will cost you upwards of 50 bucks and I'm not sure they are available anymore ..... Most likely someone in China just bought the Alps name like so many other companies

  104. John Roback

    John Roback4 days ago

    Planned Obsolescence

  105. Ink Rains

    Ink Rains4 days ago

    I’ll keep this is mind when the ps5 actually comes out

  106. jbulmer

    jbulmer4 days ago

    Moving parts wear down over time, big shock. This isn't a new problem and it has nothing to do with Sony. Just about every controller I've owned developed some kind of drift. I only noticed it after years of use. Once again this is just people on the internet with too much time on their hands looking for something to be angry about.

  107. LondenTower

    LondenTower4 days ago

    i just got my dualsense. 😨

  108. Mr. Bongs BurgH

    Mr. Bongs BurgH4 days ago

    Lol noobs buying day one releases

  109. lz

    lz4 days ago

    I never used to have any drift problems but in the last few years my controllers break after about a year