Rocket league pros guess which player they are: Who is the smartest?

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Today, I get 6 professional Rocket League players try and guess the pro players they're watching. Squishy, Jstn, Garrettg, Rizzo, Chicago, and Jknaps work together to try and win $100 each if they all guess themselves correctly. Watch the video to find out how they do!
jknaps: JKnaps
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  1. amustycow

    amustycowMonth ago

    I’ll give away PS5 to one of my subscribers in PLINK app! Download Plink here: Get best teammates for playing Rocket League and other multiplayer games! Use my promo code: amustycow Add me: amustycow#70645 Don’t miss your chance!

  2. CENXUQ77

    CENXUQ772 days ago

    I play on ps4 so my name is CENXUQ77 if you can add me

  3. CENXUQ77

    CENXUQ772 days ago

    Can I play with you I'm a big fan I use your flag all the time

  4. Ryan Rodgers

    Ryan Rodgers13 days ago

    man i wish i had a phone and even if i did it wouldn't be an apple so no ps5 for me lol

  5. Apple Juice Playz

    Apple Juice Playz21 day ago

    Musty can I please have a ps5

  6. Thinesh Surash

    Thinesh Surash28 days ago

    @amustycow i don't want a ps5 i want a musty car!!!!!! :((( please see this comment

  7. Harrison Campbell Lyon

    Harrison Campbell Lyon6 hours ago

    Why doesnt it let me on plink???

  8. Nicklas Reinstrup

    Nicklas Reinstrup7 hours ago

    Musty make a new video when you see videos with almost 0 wievs and try watch best of duckies he is sick and have like 20 wievs

  9. Firewolf K

    Firewolf K16 hours ago

    Hey gamer

  10. Kevin Monroy

    Kevin Monroy18 hours ago

    why isent jstn commentating

  11. sarah Hughes 2020

    sarah Hughes 2020Day ago

    who won NGR or N2

  12. CRAZ Official

    CRAZ OfficialDay ago

    Hey can you do a challenge where you’d see who’d win a supersonic legend vs a bot supersonic legend

  13. Arturo Serrano Torres

    Arturo Serrano TorresDay ago

    What if you do not play on anything

  14. Toprak Aras karabay

    Toprak Aras karabayDay ago

    i wish the ps 5 to be given who needs


    RLFN_GAMING2 days ago

    I did it

  16. R4RE5

    R4RE53 days ago

    iiiiiiiii waaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ps5.

  17. starwarsboi

    starwarsboi3 days ago

    Wow I was scammed and lost interstellar, It will make my day if Musty replies

  18. callum-lee davies

    callum-lee davies4 days ago

    | sudcribed and put all notification even liked and i want to add you on rckt lg

  19. Megan Bennett

    Megan Bennett4 days ago

    Today I went on rl games and told people to sub 2 musty then I left and kept doing it 😂🙂

  20. Felix_Felix

    Felix_Felix5 days ago

    Musty... one day i wish to be as good as you, it’s my dream to play like a pro in RL, and if u see this please like so i can remember this. I hope to be as good as you one day❤️

  21. Mahdi Saifi

    Mahdi Saifi5 days ago

    I’m so sorry for the people that where on garrets team lol they just lost 100 rip

  22. Chattaplayz

    Chattaplayz6 days ago

    one day I will 1v1 you

  23. David J

    David J6 days ago

    14:19 I'm dead XD.

  24. BIGPPMAN 3000

    BIGPPMAN 30007 days ago

    Wow😂rlly garret


    GAMING_ REVIEW7 days ago

    The paying thing not the app


    GAMING_ REVIEW7 days ago

    Also plink is pay to play which sucks and I think it’s pretty dumb tbh


    GAMING_ REVIEW7 days ago

    When it’s 12:00 at night and your falling asleep to his voice because it’s nots that loud but also not that low so it’s like perfect I’m not trying to be sus it’s just a soothing voice and he talks a lot of smart things I would never know in rocket league thanks goodnight😂🤣❤️😆

  28. Chris Beaner

    Chris Beaner7 days ago

    Hey Gamer

  29. ADankDog12

    ADankDog127 days ago

    Hi I’m new to USlikes can you check me out this weekend I will be streaming live close to 6pm Chicago time

  30. Aidan Dunkley

    Aidan Dunkley7 days ago


  31. Septynn

    Septynn9 days ago

    Plink would be good if you didn’t have to pay that’s the gay part about it

  32. Liquid Axtro

    Liquid Axtro10 days ago

    YO!! Squishy ain’t playin

  33. bbg Jen

    bbg Jen11 days ago

    I’m downloading plink

  34. Griffins vibing

    Griffins vibing11 days ago

    You have your own flag

  35. Specter x

    Specter x11 days ago

    shee eshh

  36. Zolvez

    Zolvez12 days ago

    I have been wondering for a while-where us Chicago from? I'm thinking Springfield.

  37. Stuff King

    Stuff King12 days ago

    Wait, what are friends?

  38. Eviana Vazquez

    Eviana Vazquez12 days ago

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  39. Night Lie

    Night Lie12 days ago

    I must say to only do most oy flick for two games

  40. Nico Caputo

    Nico Caputo12 days ago

    And I subbed

  41. Nico Caputo

    Nico Caputo12 days ago

    I did that can I join the giveaway

  42. Everardo Medina

    Everardo Medina13 days ago

    im just watching this now wow. im gonna unsubscribe from garrett because thats messed up.

  43. breezzy_jordan

    breezzy_jordan13 days ago

    They say I need elite tho

  44. JonnyBoy2004

    JonnyBoy200415 days ago

    Plink isn't free guys !!!


    SOLAR CLAN15 days ago

    Musty I have vid idea Where u have Diamond 1,2, and three but people have to guess what rank they are (I have been subbed since I first got rocket luegue with was a year ago I love you vids😇

  46. WokenFinerz Yt

    WokenFinerz Yt16 days ago

    hey musty can u teach me how to get good cos imm rlly bad

  47. outkast925

    outkast92517 days ago

    i bot your mrch

  48. 11 Enrique Rafael Cruz

    11 Enrique Rafael Cruz17 days ago

    Hi Musty! I just subbed a few weeks back and I wondering... "Do you have the Peregrine TT Car in Rocket League?". I love your vids btw.

  49. Retro Uni

    Retro Uni17 days ago

    can i play with you

  50. LandonMtb

    LandonMtb19 days ago

    Player: Drives. Not Boost. No Nothing Them: Oh yeah totally Jknaps Driving style

  51. Tyler Cooke

    Tyler Cooke19 days ago

    Hey 1v1 me

  52. Mr Nurwar

    Mr Nurwar19 days ago

    Musty a scardy cat

  53. Mr Nurwar

    Mr Nurwar19 days ago

    Sorry i keant musty

  54. Mr Nurwar

    Mr Nurwar19 days ago

    Ill clap you kustu

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  57. Dairy Dill

    Dairy Dill19 days ago

    Musty is the best!


    {LEGENDARY}19 days ago

    Musty pls me subcribe

  59. Viktor Rasmussen

    Viktor Rasmussen20 days ago

    Try to do Horse with Sewer.RL

  60. Ballistic

    Ballistic20 days ago

    7:52 lol didn't even need to see the other two already knew the answers 😂

  61. Cody Stubbs

    Cody Stubbs20 days ago

    Can you do 3 supersonic legends with no boost vs bronze or silver

  62. CouD

    CouD20 days ago

    I think i am the only one who just looked the gemaplay and dont hear themm 😂😂😂😂

  63. Denise Baker

    Denise Baker21 day ago

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  64. Billy Malec

    Billy Malec22 days ago


  65. Andre Kavaldjian

    Andre Kavaldjian22 days ago

    so musty i saw you on charli d amileos acc like you good

  66. GLT pro gamers

    GLT pro gamers23 days ago

    hey agodmusty plzzz can u enter in ti my rl club at least from an another acc???

  67. Ej ansell

    Ej ansell23 days ago


  68. VFX creator

    VFX creator23 days ago


  69. Julian Lachin

    Julian Lachin23 days ago

    Yeah Chicago was right the only one who uses vented is rizzo and the rest octane

  70. Brandt Pratt

    Brandt Pratt23 days ago

    I am supporting @amustycow on rocket league! Best thing I ever did!

  71. Louis Pavoreal

    Louis Pavoreal23 days ago

    Wow musty you really are beating sunlesskhan. I do feel bad for him cause I watch him for tutorial. :(

  72. Kid Genius

    Kid Genius23 days ago

    Musty copying Mertzy in 2021 WTF!

  73. Kyle Dixon

    Kyle Dixon24 days ago

    Can i trade pls that is my dream pls

  74. Cebo Shabangu

    Cebo Shabangu24 days ago

    Thanks for app

  75. Gxtn pulse

    Gxtn pulse25 days ago

    Love the content I have been watching since the the musty flick was invented

  76. SummerMac 12

    SummerMac 1225 days ago

    HI it’s me summer from the roblox game, my use is like SummerPOPS12 but I don’t bribe it’s rlly you from the game so if it is can I get a hi 🙋‍♀️

  77. o o

    o o25 days ago

    Musty a friend of mine says he can win ez on you can you challenge him

  78. Justin Puchuela

    Justin Puchuela26 days ago


  79. Justin Puchuela

    Justin Puchuela26 days ago

    I want it because my brother likes you as a gamer and he wants to play with you so please

  80. Justin Puchuela

    Justin Puchuela26 days ago

    Hey musty what is your discord code sever

  81. Avalanche

    Avalanche26 days ago

    Musty: “Big thanks to GarretG for clutching up at the end. That saved me a lot of money on this video.”

  82. Renzo Krohn

    Renzo Krohn26 days ago

    I am stressing watching them guess it wrong

  83. Anthony Midkiff

    Anthony Midkiff27 days ago

    Someone banned me from your discord server. I don't know why. X(

  84. Fishybro123

    Fishybro12328 days ago

    Musty I’m such a big fan and when there’s a new vid I’m watch it straight away

  85. PandaGamer

    PandaGamer28 days ago

    Hey guys I’m a gamer and the new nrg decal foro fennec got out ;) go and buy it with a code Musty

  86. YouTube fxrst ツ

    YouTube fxrst ツ28 days ago

    Hey gamer,

  87. Adengamez

    Adengamez28 days ago

    Bro I’m in powder chat

  88. Jacob Long

    Jacob Long28 days ago

    can u train for a video

  89. Shadow_XxX

    Shadow_XxX29 days ago

    My favorite part was when they were guessing the rank

  90. IceCold Peanut

    IceCold Peanut29 days ago

    Musty why did you say you have no friends it’s pretty obvious you have a lot

  91. Denise Baker

    Denise Baker29 days ago

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    HELL HOUNDMonth ago

    damn justin is goo at fortnite adn rocket league

  93. TCG

    TCGMonth ago

    14:19 lmfaooo musty is a troll

  94. Voidz

    VoidzMonth ago

    Musty can you please use purple octane I need it to rise in price

  95. Lama Hijazi

    Lama HijaziMonth ago

    Today I became a veteran in rocket league I’m only 8years old

  96. Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos RuizMonth ago

    imagine winning

  97. Tommy James

    Tommy JamesMonth ago

    Plink is a rip off

  98. Freddy Usher

    Freddy UsherMonth ago

    I have a ps5

  99. Selim Youssef

    Selim YoussefMonth ago

    My brother is in your cmunat

  100. MA Gaming Clips

    MA Gaming ClipsMonth ago

    Bro your so good omg

  101. Bob Merk

    Bob MerkMonth ago

    Do a locker vid plz

  102. name me

    name meMonth ago

    its making me join the musty group for 20 bucks that gay

  103. HypperDoggo

    HypperDoggoMonth ago

    Btw love your work =)

  104. HypperDoggo

    HypperDoggoMonth ago

    Hey musty, i have a challenge for you =)... play rl on keyboard

  105. Rowdy Hathcock

    Rowdy HathcockMonth ago

    Squishy would guess everyone right