First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.


  1. xXReaperDevilGod

    xXReaperDevilGod6 minutes ago


  2. xdTixz 69

    xdTixz 6945 minutes ago

    Imagine if you can share your screen in a party

  3. Ben Crighton

    Ben CrightonHour ago

    Will the PS4 get this interface

  4. leza p

    leza pHour ago

    Can we still play modern warfare

  5. TheRealEst

    TheRealEstHour ago

    gunna find my comment here years from now when the ps8 is out hello future

  6. Fabian

    FabianHour ago

    Graphics seem not too impressive, not different to PS4.

  7. Snow Nova

    Snow Nova2 hours ago


  8. supergunshot games

    supergunshot games2 hours ago

    This is sick

  9. kieran gamez

    kieran gamez3 hours ago

    They're trying to sell me PlayStation plus by locking hints behind it. I won't fall for it PlayStation. I won't you money hungry people. I will buy the PS5 later though so you have that.

  10. TXWEX تويكس

    TXWEX تويكس3 hours ago

    الصراحه توقعت افضل من كذا

  11. Originalz Watercolors By Joe Ziolkowski

    Originalz Watercolors By Joe Ziolkowski3 hours ago

    Hey! Is the psp (PlayStation portable) the only game handheld that plays discs.

  12. Yn_lawson

    Yn_lawson4 hours ago

    So are PlayStation party’s back to normal or.....

  13. Digiphoenix

    Digiphoenix4 hours ago

    For the people who got reccomended this in the next EON howdy :D

  14. Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis4 hours ago

    Waiting for them to add a camera into the controller so you can stream your nostrils to twitch

  15. bobby boucher

    bobby boucher4 hours ago


  16. bobby boucher

    bobby boucher4 hours ago


  17. bobby boucher

    bobby boucher4 hours ago

    AH no! the ps store is not just a app anymore :( very bad choice!!! we dont care about digital content its pure cancer

  18. Brand91

    Brand914 hours ago

    8:25 ladies and gentlemen I bring you the ps5 UI!

  19. bobby boucher

    bobby boucher4 hours ago

    hahahaha destruction allstar is 70$ hahahahahahahaha a trash game that is not complete lol hahahahahahah

  20. Benito Camelo

    Benito Camelo4 hours ago

    Playstation es kk

  21. Benito Camelo

    Benito Camelo4 hours ago

    Playstation es kk

  22. Tommy m

    Tommy m4 hours ago

    Lame. Wallpapers

  23. Sebastian Lund

    Sebastian Lund5 hours ago

    This design looks more like the ps3 than the ps4. Crazy

  24. Retro man S

    Retro man S5 hours ago


  25. saz

    saz5 hours ago

    Please, sony. Bring PlayStation Now to BRAZIL!

  26. Fiomin Bibi

    Fiomin Bibi5 hours ago


  27. S ภยςɭєคгRespect

    S ภยςɭєคгRespect6 hours ago

    The real question is will PlayStation communities make a return for the phone app?

  28. S ภยςɭєคгRespect

    S ภยςɭєคгRespect6 hours ago

    So no more mics or what? Does the controller have a built in one? Or can u still buy a mic for the controller?

  29. AlphaDog297

    AlphaDog2976 hours ago

    Atleast make it easier to see your friends parties and to make one. Why make it so complicated. U guys could have just added a feature where previous parties are saved or u can choose to save them and make favorites. I shouldnt have to go through an obstacle course to make a party. PLUS community parties are non existent now

  30. ησ σηε

    ησ σηε6 hours ago

    Ayooo me in 7 years hope you still alive and well

  31. Heykall YT

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  32. Jason

    Jason7 hours ago

    hi people from the future

  33. Musgame Updates

    Musgame Updates7 hours ago

    Who's here after PS7 Reveal??

  34. Thunderbolt Calgary

    Thunderbolt Calgary7 hours ago

    Cant Wait... Yeah...

  35. KoolKxng

    KoolKxng7 hours ago

    this is more of a video game walkthrough

  36. Retro Boy

    Retro Boy8 hours ago

    5:25 You think you are just gonna put Sly Cooper as a pfp and nobody notice? But seriously, Sly 4 please.

  37. Chris Harmon

    Chris Harmon8 hours ago

    This is absolutely PHENOMENAL! And voice dictation...what!?!?!!! Wow!

  38. Savage Civilian

    Savage Civilian8 hours ago

    The fan is probably sounding like a jet rn

  39. ToshuaJolley

    ToshuaJolley8 hours ago

    Over ten million views in just over a week. Wow. Excitement for the PS5 is real!!

  40. im not lazy

    im not lazy8 hours ago


  41. Mr.Default 2.0

    Mr.Default 2.08 hours ago

    i might just buy the controller for my pc

  42. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre8 hours ago

    PlayStation assuming I have enough friends to make any real use of these features

  43. Ibrahim Mahmod

    Ibrahim Mahmod8 hours ago

    Hello i am from 2027 and it is very cool covid is cured and ps6 is coming after one week and they created a time machine which is the reason i am in 2020 now

  44. NotHare

    NotHare9 hours ago


  45. Mohammed yunus

    Mohammed yunus9 hours ago

    I’m here in 2020 just saying a big hello to those who get this recommended in the coming years -Chunky boi

  46. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre8 hours ago

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HI

  47. Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz10 hours ago

    As an xbox player I can say this I'm definitely switching to ps5

  48. Eddie Harvey

    Eddie Harvey10 hours ago

    I think you should make the home scree apps bigger, kind if like ps4 but I love everything else

  49. okokok oh yeah yeah

    okokok oh yeah yeah11 hours ago

    This is just a xbox

  50. Soul Forz

    Soul Forz11 hours ago

    Who's here after PS6 launch?

  51. bouzid mohamed

    bouzid mohamed11 hours ago



    TOM RIDDLE11 hours ago

    Playstation 3 owners the like button is here 👇

  53. anthony Franco

    anthony Franco11 hours ago



    TOM RIDDLE11 hours ago

    Salute to those guys who had been uploaded the full PS5 console experience before this official video 😅😅😅😅😅

  55. Evan shupak

    Evan shupak11 hours ago

    Fix the party’s on PS4 or I won’t be bothering with the PS5

  56. Pvykie

    Pvykie11 hours ago

    Looks like PS4 what an upgrade🤣🤣

  57. Zach McMillan

    Zach McMillan12 hours ago

    lobbies are gonna be so annoying

  58. Marcellofp

    Marcellofp12 hours ago

    How much a kidney worths?

  59. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly12 hours ago

    5:35 does this mean i can talk to my friends if I am on a ps4 and their on a ps5?

  60. Silentbydeadly

    Silentbydeadly12 hours ago

    Sounds great but how user friendly is the PS5. Specially for, and when there are tournaments taking place.

  61. bruh

    bruh12 hours ago

    When you bought a ps4 one year ago and now ps5 with the same price comes out

  62. Faze Dilraj sidhu

    Faze Dilraj sidhu12 hours ago

    im buying this sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HI

  63. Kono

    Kono12 hours ago

    Voy a estar aquí en 4 años

  64. Kono

    Kono8 hours ago

    @Ibrahim Mahmod i will be here in 4 years

  65. Ibrahim Mahmod

    Ibrahim Mahmod8 hours ago

    Ahha waht???? English please

  66. M Dottz

    M Dottz13 hours ago

    Hello me in 7 years

  67. leeamate

    leeamate13 hours ago

    Hey me in 8 years lol

  68. Oomp !

    Oomp !13 hours ago

    Can't wait for ps6 240 fps😀

  69. Jan Kasaew

    Jan Kasaew13 hours ago

    These features are useless for people like me who don't have any friends.

  70. Man Chi Lai

    Man Chi Lai14 hours ago

    Then where is the console. I can't even pre-order everywhere…

  71. EZ Time

    EZ Time14 hours ago

    Everyone is arguing about the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but doesn’t anyone realise how relaxing both of these intros are? This is a sign. A sign saying that the war shall end Let’s be true Gamers, Let’s welcome the new consoles with smiles.

  72. Aaaa

    Aaaa4 hours ago

    Best speech dude

  73. The Can2 Boyz

    The Can2 Boyz6 hours ago

    Said nobody ever! (Jk I agree dude/girl)

  74. Blitzkrieg Bryce

    Blitzkrieg Bryce14 hours ago

    Neat but all the crazy user agreement bs will keep me far away.

  75. Leveltype

    Leveltype15 hours ago

    If anyone ever been to Ralph’s in SoCal, the PS5 intro sounds like the radio alert

  76. The Zeon5

    The Zeon515 hours ago

    It’s gonna be a busy holiday for those people who want a PS5! (including me)

  77. Felix Andrade

    Felix Andrade15 hours ago

    Not is cool ammm me love in ps4 really

  78. Görkem Balci

    Görkem Balci16 hours ago

    play fortnite

  79. discofrisko

    discofrisko16 hours ago

    Those activities sure take the fun out of gaming... Looks more like a chore list to me.

  80. Kirkies2 And avatar

    Kirkies2 And avatar16 hours ago

    Can u log into ur ps4 ackont?

  81. EisTee4you

    EisTee4you17 hours ago

    Pls bring Back the old Party Settings in ps4 the new update is so awful

  82. satürn - Vālisi

    satürn - Vālisi17 hours ago

    Turkiye için bir şeyler yapın fiyat konusunda da alalim aga bizde

  83. satürn - Vālisi

    satürn - Vālisi5 hours ago

    @Ibrahim Mahmod Onlar turkçe konuşsun olum müşteri olan benim. Ben gavurlara fiyat teklifi verdiğimde gavurca veriyorum çunkü onlar müşteri ayiktin ?

  84. Ibrahim Mahmod

    Ibrahim Mahmod8 hours ago


  85. Alex Pawlowski

    Alex Pawlowski17 hours ago

    "Finally" indeed.


    xDELTAKILLx18 hours ago

    I’m still waiting after launch date idk if the console might have problems like the PS3 did back in 2006!

  87. xxAwesomeboixx

    xxAwesomeboixx18 hours ago

    Please people from the ps6 launch we know your here you dont need to comment asking whos here

  88. puffman06

    puffman0618 hours ago

    dear sony, please fix your overbroad ToS

  89. ice age

    ice age18 hours ago

    No cpu socket , reballing GPU chip !

  90. AniqPlayz

    AniqPlayz18 hours ago

    I just got recommended b r u v

  91. Gewoon Alex

    Gewoon Alex19 hours ago


  92. Keno Antonio Sy

    Keno Antonio Sy20 hours ago

    pls said how much is the price

  93. Lizard eyed Gamer

    Lizard eyed Gamer20 hours ago

    Make persona 6 a launch Tittle and I will buy this

  94. Connor_the_fag

    Connor_the_fag20 hours ago

    Why is this in our reccomendations 4 years after the ps5 release? -2020 Connor

  95. Alpha Woods

    Alpha Woods20 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the ps9000😎

  96. Selu Is trash

    Selu Is trash20 hours ago

    Lol I actually wanna play sack boi

  97. Lil Adolf Drip

    Lil Adolf Drip20 hours ago

    You guys just made the Xbox GUI that everyone hated

  98. Yoda Says Bend Over

    Yoda Says Bend Over20 hours ago

    Say what you want, PS3’s XMB was the slickest one out of them all...

  99. KeaHM

    KeaHM21 hour ago

    Here before it gets recomended in 2029

  100. kEpPLoTHEpLUG

    kEpPLoTHEpLUG21 hour ago

    took an L with that update


    FSHYGOLD21 hour ago

    I can’t wait to get it :)

  102. Ricky

    Ricky21 hour ago

    Wow, i love it

  103. usmile

    usmile22 hours ago

    I'mma be honest with you, I'm a big playstation fan, but this design is worse than ps4. just my opinion.

  104. Ahsaria Allen

    Ahsaria Allen22 hours ago

    linkin park

  105. Max4Million

    Max4Million22 hours ago

    Dude the personality they made for the pink cat is amazing! How do they even do that?????

  106. YaBoiKev 03

    YaBoiKev 0322 hours ago

    Seems complicated

  107. Alex G

    Alex G22 hours ago

    I’m so excited for this and i wish ps5 the best of luck on launch :)

  108. Zekoide

    Zekoide22 hours ago

    Sony me regalas una ps5 por favor no tengo dinero para comprarla