STORY TIME • Why I wasn't into him...

Blame it on the alcohol... and my refined taste in men. Thanks for watching babes. See you again so soon.
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  1. Liza Koshy Too

    Liza Koshy Too8 days ago

    To those who are keeping up with the Koshy, thank you. You’ve been watching me creep back into a USlikes groove for the past few months (AKA I upload monthly on each of my channels now: LizaKoshy and LizaKoshyToo). And a thicc thanks goes to my creative family at @westbrook who’s helping me whip up this wizardry more consistently! Much more is in store, and girl, I know it’s different than it was before... but I’m truly just proud to share more of my creations, experiences and stories with you. I'll see you very soon.

  2. UUMMM

    UUMMMDay ago

    Honestly uploading every mouth ain't a problem for me because your videos are worth the wait also this video made me laugh thank you

  3. TkSharma

    TkSharmaDay ago


  4. peachy maddi

    peachy maddi3 days ago

    Liza i like your singing

  5. lelo rose

    lelo rose4 days ago


  6. InfiniteGamingHD

    InfiniteGamingHD4 days ago

    @Esme Lushi because people love to hate, however when it comes to hate liza is bulletproof.

  7. Guinea-pigs Luna! Paloma! Cookie!

    Guinea-pigs Luna! Paloma! Cookie!Hour ago

    She changed :/

  8. Evelyn Toland

    Evelyn Toland2 hours ago

    liza I think you are amazing you are my favorite youtuber and i think if i met you, you would be my best friendddd love youuuuuu

  9. mm la

    mm la4 hours ago


  10. Laurie

    Laurie7 hours ago

    "SiR! dO i LoOk LiKe A lIqUiD?!?!?"

  11. Grishma

    Grishma11 hours ago

    i love this it was so chill

  12. David Spedden

    David Spedden15 hours ago

    I love me some Lizy !!! LOL She is too cute.

  13. E123

    E12318 hours ago

    SOLD OUTTTT LOL she’s so fuckin LAMee

  14. Alyssa

    Alyssa18 hours ago

    I wouldn’t date someone either who has MULTIPLE accusations ON TAPE PROOF of sexual assault either Liza 😬

  15. trillary

    trillary20 hours ago

    did it rub anyone else the wrong way when she started talking about profit margins...

  16. Stuff & Places

    Stuff & Places20 hours ago

    u r awesome

  17. Leenea Suah

    Leenea Suah21 hour ago

    I know this is random...... why does she have such clear skin.

  18. cindy valencia

    cindy valencia21 hour ago

    liza has the best personality

  19. Rahaf Alkahtani

    Rahaf AlkahtaniDay ago

    So who was it about?

  20. Yourmajesty127

    Yourmajesty127Day ago

    5 words. one question What. Mascara. Do. You. Use??

  21. kai cuul

    kai cuulDay ago

    Liza I hope ur reading ur comments and listening to ur fans They’re unhappy bc you’ve become disingenuous. We love u, plz change

  22. Molly Terraciano

    Molly TerracianoDay ago

    wait these comments are mean liza is so happy and fun rn can y'all not

  23. GeeksMilanymous

    GeeksMilanymousDay ago

    I respect the hustle. Honestly, I was hoping for more on the title topic, but the humor more than made up for it. Good stuff!

  24. Wei Wuxian

    Wei WuxianDay ago

    It’s not even my relationship and I’m still sad that David and her ARENT together and your probably like “oMg gEt oVeR iT” bitch I cant

  25. koalapaws aj

    koalapaws aj22 hours ago


  26. Rachel

    RachelDay ago

    This is just one long Ad?

  27. Maxx

    MaxxDay ago

    I can actually tell that she's Indian in this video, for once.

  28. Sarah Bou Reslan

    Sarah Bou ReslanDay ago

    Ily girl!

  29. Enhance With Milly

    Enhance With MillyDay ago


  30. Jet Grey

    Jet GreyDay ago

    Liza , I f*cking love you! 🤣❤️ your amazing

  31. Talitha Warren

    Talitha WarrenDay ago

    Lol that storytime

  32. Talitha Warren

    Talitha WarrenDay ago

    Great funny video

  33. Brae A.

    Brae A.Day ago

    The first 5 seconds is why I love you 🤣🤣😂😂♥️♥️

  34. TkSharma

    TkSharmaDay ago

    4:26 that sucks dont do that ever again

  35. queenrs1431

    queenrs14312 days ago

    why u drinking liza is she a boba!?

  36. Kim Maurer

    Kim Maurer2 days ago

    Sorry I love her but this was honestly a halfassed video with a click bait title so she could promote her clothing line. If you’re gonna pop up once and awhile just to promote things that’s fine, but just be straight forward about it damn

  37. Isabelle Parrett

    Isabelle Parrett2 days ago

    1:07 cAuGhT mE OfF gAurD

  38. The Real Nique

    The Real Nique2 days ago


  39. T Ramdien

    T Ramdien2 days ago

    Heyyyyy another ad.

  40. Jalisaa Lanaye

    Jalisaa Lanaye2 days ago

    Seriously with the wack ass click bait ? this was an ad, and you know it, there’s no reason you had to click bait people who just want to see you once in a while, your fans will watch you regardless, so there’s no reason to do this bullshit.

  41. WorldEdits

    WorldEdits2 days ago

    "Tell me I'm wrong x2" Your wrong😌😂

  42. John Paps

    John Paps2 days ago

    Wow from semi cute to butt ugly in record time!

  43. Cierra Downing

    Cierra Downing2 days ago

    3:09 giving me big mouth vibes lollll

  44. Cierra Downing

    Cierra Downing2 days ago

    3:28 I've never heard Liza talk about simple stuff like this since- great story Liza

  45. Lacie White

    Lacie White2 days ago

    2:47-2:58-3:00-3:15-3:24 I'm dyeing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. lex chipps

    lex chipps2 days ago

    I miss the dollar store, little brown girl is out, lizza.

  47. Rav3n Victoria

    Rav3n Victoria2 days ago

    I love Liza but one thing I hate the most on USlikes is clickbait 😭😭😭😭😭

  48. Mini Mess

    Mini Mess2 days ago

    I love her she’s never changed I love her personality it’s perfection and just UGHH I LOVE YOU LIZA ! 😩😩♥️♥️

  49. Tuncs Alive369

    Tuncs Alive3692 days ago

    Ha. Sub 😎

  50. Tuncs Alive369

    Tuncs Alive3692 days ago



    EROTIC CONTENT2 days ago


  52. Bgn Corey

    Bgn Corey2 days ago

    She is so funny

  53. Dei Enarne

    Dei Enarne3 days ago

    The kind of person we admire and adore

  54. ayse duman

    ayse duman3 days ago

    "Stick around. You never know what you'll turn into." -Elizabeth Koshy 2021 this is my new life motto

  55. Erica Play’s

    Erica Play’s3 days ago

    Wow she’s more annoying then usual

  56. Erica Play’s

    Erica Play’s3 days ago

    It’s so crazy how people can’t get the fuck over two people who broke tf up four years ago like grow tf up seriously people fall in and out of love every Effin day Christ people will get together say they love eachother in one week and break up the next stfu people seriously lol annoying af


    EMA BOGZA3 days ago

    i just wached the Work It movie i love it


    EMA BOGZA3 days ago

    did i just saw Helga?


    EMA BOGZA3 days ago

    when u said sue me in the video,in my minde,a song came up ,and its Sue me by Sabrina Carpender,and now i cant stop singing it

  60. D. D. Tracy

    D. D. Tracy3 days ago

    I so love you... You definitely won't see this but I'm starting a show and it would be a dream come true to interview you...🥺🙏💗

  61. pida siouy

    pida siouy3 days ago

    i love liza but i hate the fact that everytime she comes up with a new video now its an ad

  62. ava h

    ava h3 days ago

    not this whole generation thinking it’s about david😭😭

  63. pida siouy

    pida siouy3 days ago

    views are low huh

  64. alice_hbg

    alice_hbg3 days ago

    This vid was so confusing

  65. S M

    S M3 days ago

    Liza koshy is just as problematic as david at this point tbh

  66. kai cuul

    kai cuulDay ago

    Very much agree

  67. Pastel Punkin

    Pastel Punkin3 days ago

    Do these come in +sizes? You know, for the bigger to the biggest gurls✨

  68. Katherine Pierce

    Katherine Pierce3 days ago

    Lol you’re crazy and I love it I have missed you. I need an empty laugh from time to time. Thanks


    ZAiN UNEDiTED3 days ago

    “dO i LooK LiKe a LiqUiD?”

  70. Hailey Crawford

    Hailey Crawford3 days ago

    i try to watch her channel but 90% is her promoting something and the rest is a random story. i don’t think people like watching commercials, very disingenuous

  71. Ava Vernon

    Ava Vernon3 days ago

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind.. DAVID oh I mean -

  72. rdm vidz

    rdm vidz3 days ago

    How?why?what?whats going on!!! Literally liza all the time

  73. Lani Kiss

    Lani Kiss3 days ago

    Bruh! 😂 1. That suicide prevention PSA: “Yo growth is so cool! Stick around! You never know what you gon’ turn into.” 2. SIR! I AM A SOLID! HOW ARE YOU GONNA DRINK ME?! I AM CHUNKY *AT BEST* !!! YOU COULDNT SUCK ME THROUGH A BOBA STRAW!!!! 😂

  74. Dana Peich

    Dana Peich3 days ago

    I need serious help I just saw the title and screamed “DAVID!”

  75. Mia Doxtator

    Mia Doxtator3 days ago

    Time that I unsubscribed...Liza isn't the same anymore :(

  76. Ally Cat

    Ally Cat3 days ago

    Let’s be honest David is going to end up marrying his assistant I just know it!

  77. kay

    kayDay ago

    She's with Todd

  78. Alissa McEntyre

    Alissa McEntyre3 days ago

    I am literally so glad that she has started posting again. She has always been an inspiration to me and I am literally SO FRICKING PROUD of how far she has come bro. I literally would simply turn from a solid into liquid on the floor if i met her. I WOULD DIE

  79. DD_ Productions

    DD_ Productions3 days ago

    Liza knew what she was doing, the sad part is that it worked 😕

  80. Artistic Manal

    Artistic Manal3 days ago


  81. madison wisener

    madison wisener3 days ago

    views are low huh

  82. ALJK

    ALJK3 days ago

    *i wasn't interested in the title, I'm interested couz Liza uploaded a video +saves her passwords now.*

  83. jojo clerisier

    jojo clerisier3 days ago

    This was total click bait to promote fabletics I should’ve known she doesn’t post unless it’s to promote something

  84. maryelizabeth

    maryelizabeth3 days ago


  85. maryelizabeth

    maryelizabeth3 days ago


  86. Kristina Anstiss

    Kristina Anstiss3 days ago

    Yes, very cute

  87. Magdelana Thiel

    Magdelana Thiel3 days ago

    Hold on was this click bait to sell her fabletics line lol 😂 I'm here for it tho

  88. Erin Worrall

    Erin Worrall3 days ago

    She looks British in the thumb nail idc why 😂

  89. Antonio Boothe

    Antonio Boothe3 days ago

    Lol liza always put a smile on my face, wish I could have walk into a store and pic a girlfriend like her, I would ask the cashier I want a girlfriend that look like a potato 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Gladys Oshai

    Gladys Oshai3 days ago

    Ahh love all of it

  91. Heaven Valencia

    Heaven Valencia3 days ago

    LOL the editorial posing when she did the missing thumb trick SENT ME. 😂

  92. Neida Ballo

    Neida Ballo3 days ago

    “If you don’t wanna do this, do you,” my new life motto 😌😂

  93. Fiona C. T

    Fiona C. T3 days ago

    Truthfully I love Liza but this content feels like it’s only made for fabletics not actually for entertainment or with any effort behind it 👀

  94. Rob N

    Rob N4 days ago

    Liza you should totally have a drag queen do your make up!

  95. Zeynep Zorlu

    Zeynep Zorlu4 days ago


  96. Zeynep Zorlu

    Zeynep Zorlu4 days ago

    Liza: casually sings 'level up' by Ciara

  97. kristopotamus

    kristopotamus4 days ago

    "Hey guys, it's me Liza coming AD you"

  98. dc

    dc4 days ago

    She dated a supporter of SA 🤢

  99. Luna Lovato

    Luna Lovato4 days ago

    Liza: “OoH.. SIR . Do I LOOK LIKE A LIQUID” Me :* laughs historically* Grandad :*jumps out of his sleep and falls off sofa*

  100. Angelique Norman

    Angelique Norman4 days ago

    Hi Liza thanks for this sit down and share missed these!!! Love from South Africa

  101. doliio volay

    doliio volay4 days ago

    She basically made more money selling phone cases and shirts in high school than the teachers made TEACHING!

  102. Kiwi Baby

    Kiwi Baby4 days ago

    😖 she tries too hard now I used to love her

  103. doliio volay

    doliio volay4 days ago

    Queen of clickbait

  104. gunawan Pratama

    gunawan Pratama4 days ago

    I died when she says " is this DUA LIPA "

  105. Ariell & Lene

    Ariell & Lene4 days ago

    i could honestly just watch u be u for hours. so much entertainment in one body. love it !😂🔥

  106. Its_Raelee__ _

    Its_Raelee__ _4 days ago


  107. S A

    S A4 days ago

    Not me thinking it’s about David from reading the title

  108. Rejoice Ekakitie

    Rejoice Ekakitie4 days ago


  109. Quinntana Wettlin

    Quinntana Wettlin4 days ago

    if i see this in vogue im suing 😂😂😂 omg

  110. Ismahan A

    Ismahan A4 days ago

    It's weird that all the comments are about a relationship that happened 4 years ago, please, speak about it during your therapy session and never again on her page.