The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 655: Bryan Callen

Wrinks is back! The guys catch up on life and talk conspiracy theories, web sleuths, Bryan running for governor, Jon Jones at heavyweight, Tim Kennedy, Sam Tripoli, Steve Byrne, adderall, boxing, Dana White/Gina Carano controversy, Bryan's shark attack sighting and much more!
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  1. Hemperbud

    Hemperbud5 hours ago

    After watching bryan on steven crowders podcast I've lost all interest in him lol don't support grifters.

  2. Joel Knapp

    Joel Knapp7 hours ago

    Man it feels good to see the kid back on TFATK.

  3. Kyle Areson

    Kyle Areson8 hours ago

    On todays episode of Bryan's show.

  4. MrCutthroatish

    MrCutthroatish10 hours ago

    fire schaub, keep the black dudes and callen

  5. Cayla Short

    Cayla Short10 hours ago

    Man dragon down

  6. Flashkoch

    Flashkoch10 hours ago

    Can't watch it more then a few minutes , it feels weird and strange Bryan coming back to his own show as a guest. I need something real now, thank god for TigerBelly and Bad Friends.

  7. Tom Serious

    Tom Serious14 hours ago

    the lack of education in that room is amazing

  8. enradso1

    enradso119 hours ago

    Omg!! I first time I’ve watched this in a year! What a moment

  9. Cash Canelo

    Cash Canelo20 hours ago

    Brendan needing ratings.... Who the fk is his demo

  10. Phil Haight

    Phil Haight20 hours ago

    Can't wait till they drop the 2 new guys and bring back Callen. Trade out Brenda for Theo or Santino too.

  11. dre k

    dre kDay ago

    Lol this show is so cringe down to the intro without callen. This show is nothing without him

  12. Boombaclyde Deez

    Boombaclyde DeezDay ago

    Only watching bc Bryan is on

  13. Jon Jones On gas station dick pills

    Jon Jones On gas station dick pillsDay ago

    One and gone for me, see you if Callen comes back

  14. Juan Leyva

    Juan LeyvaDay ago

    Honestly fuck that cab driver. So he has time to fight but can’t do his job cause he’s not done with his cigarette.

  15. IffySquishy

    IffySquishyDay ago

    Listened on Spotify at work when this came out but had to come to USlikes and watch this one. Missed Bryan!

  16. as10076

    as10076Day ago

    First time back. It looks like I’m not the only one. Viewer numbers skyrocketed.

  17. Ciro Di Marzio

    Ciro Di MarzioDay ago

    LOL Callen saying he's "never wrong about talent" then refers to Schaub!!!! Might be his best joke ever

  18. B1acken3d

    B1acken3dDay ago

    Brendan pops a snus pouch...."I dip now" fuck outta here 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Jroq22

    Jroq22Day ago

    Lets get rid of the kidz now please.

  20. Adriana Bernal

    Adriana BernalDay ago

    Bryan ❤️ yay we missed you!

  21. WazWut

    WazWutDay ago

    Who even watches this without Bryan. Must be just bots.

  22. Cody Scarborough

    Cody ScarboroughDay ago

    yo shout out to the guy who needs cosmetic surgery in his 50s

  23. lirpasauce

    lirpasauce2 days ago

    Having Bryan back makes a difference. Good ep

  24. Jethro Gibbs

    Jethro Gibbs2 days ago

    While the comment section is simply undeniable, we all do really miss B-ry, I do want to make sure we all know that he does have his own separate channel and a new podcast that everybody on here could be supporting. Things change, things get better. I for one really like Malik and the other guy. Brendan, love you too, but I can't beat you in a fight. Bryan... Id miss you, were you not such a glaring fire hazard. Peace and love all of you Edit: spells

  25. Cameron Bontrager

    Cameron Bontrager2 days ago


  26. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez2 days ago

    I'm glad that people are winning some of these cancel culture ish. 21 years ago really and to hold someone about a tweet it has to be a year old tops.... Rape with evidence then that's different like Cosby or Weinstein but what happened to Callen it's similar to the Kevin Hart tweet scandel it's crazy. Kevin was less serious but it had the same effect like Brian...

  27. Jess G.

    Jess G.2 days ago

    The MAN DRAGON IS BAAAACK 🙌🏼 Thank the COMEDY GODS Bryan callen makes an appearance on his own show

  28. MegadethTillDeth

    MegadethTillDeth3 days ago

    "Fans" are so fuckin' fake lol. Do you understand that by still watching the show you're supporting Bryan still? He's part owner you idiots lol. So by "not watching til bryan is back" you're taking money out of the person you "support". Goofy

  29. Katie Mae

    Katie Mae3 days ago

    Glad to see Bryan back ♥️

  30. Paul Manning

    Paul Manning3 days ago

    This was good.

  31. Mcleod1198

    Mcleod11983 days ago

    It was nice to see someone who doesnt fake laugh at brendans shitty joke

  32. Lemon Rain

    Lemon Rain3 days ago

    The views quadrupled for some reason.

  33. Straight Hustlers

    Straight Hustlers3 days ago

    Bring Bryan back the show is lost without him. Not fun without Bryan.

  34. retrom

    retrom3 days ago

    Can't wait till its only the original crew on the podcast

  35. Ultra Unity

    Ultra Unity3 days ago

    10min in, Even though I know everything, What's been going on, Just glad to see you back, Everyone enjoying each other. Yeah, that's it.

  36. Hey Zeus hoards

    Hey Zeus hoards3 days ago

    So glad Bryan's back. At least for one episode until the allegation crap is over. I like the dinner kinda look but prefer the old set. Also, the intro theme is pretty generic but that's what sells.

  37. 18thsfsquadron

    18thsfsquadron3 days ago

    I’m ONLY here for Callen.

  38. Nathaniel Day

    Nathaniel Day4 days ago


  39. Alex Stubbings

    Alex Stubbings4 days ago

    If Callen is not back for good, why bother watching this nonsense.

  40. Brandon Gomez

    Brandon Gomez4 days ago

    Feels like Schawb hired these dudes to laugh at his jokes

  41. Paputsa

    Paputsa4 days ago

    Callen is back!? I can watch the show again now! 🙌

  42. Fyrecide

    Fyrecide4 days ago

    Break the fucking internet and have Callen & D‘Elia on an episode. Soon.

  43. Nova

    Nova4 days ago

    1:23:00 "wtf chapel" hahahaha

  44. Angel Marquez

    Angel Marquez4 days ago

    You created an entire new intro. Went through how many guest hosts & now here you are where you never should have left. But I can’t even watch after that ice breaker in the first 3 minutes. Yeah the shows entirely different and I’m glad he’s on but I can’t even watch because of Brendan, he’s so fake.

  45. Will Abbottsmith

    Will Abbottsmith4 days ago

    4:44 are the "Kidz" not used to the gay undertones of this show??? thats like the cornerstone of the comedy of this show, or used to be lol

  46. Theater of the Absurd

    Theater of the Absurd4 days ago

    "Its different now" cd

  47. Tim Jespersen

    Tim Jespersen4 days ago

    You and Delia talk everyday too, right? When you say how your good at spotting talent was classic too.

  48. Mark Stevens

    Mark Stevens4 days ago

    Why is Bryan Callen not a host? This is very strange, you need to bring back Bryan.

  49. Rogues 13

    Rogues 134 days ago


  50. Aydin Sayar

    Aydin Sayar4 days ago

    This show is nothing without the ol' man dragon

  51. Brian Kimball

    Brian Kimball4 days ago

    Brenda “auhvusslly” Schaub has a worse jab than Lamar Odom. Fuhgeddabouit 🤌🏼

  52. Tone J

    Tone J4 days ago

    Like for Callen 👍🏼

  53. Robert Beecher

    Robert Beecher4 days ago

    Everyone noes Bryan is the show with out Bryan there's no tfatk

  54. Dreadful Truth

    Dreadful Truth4 days ago

    That guy, I’ve seriously forgotten his name, has a moosh mouth without dip. 10 minutes later I remembered Brendan

  55. Bianca blast

    Bianca blast5 days ago

    Bring Bryan back!!

  56. Adam Craig

    Adam Craig5 days ago

    What happened this show? Wtf is with the music? Who are the 2 blsck guys? Lol bryans gone for a few months and Brendan has already buried it.


    JVCKPOT5 days ago


  58. SoEMPTY

    SoEMPTY5 days ago

    Brendan is uh Lil unrated ngl, like people love to hate on him bu he be funny😭🙌🏽.

  59. TheTeekayes

    TheTeekayes5 days ago

    Brian had to go get on a show with someone even dumber so that his phony intellectual act could play.

  60. Ryan Corr

    Ryan Corr5 days ago

    I like all the guys hanging, they all bring something to the table.

  61. Brian Kimball

    Brian Kimball4 days ago

    Yes....a brain and a half between the 4 of them 🤌🏼

  62. Ryan Corr

    Ryan Corr5 days ago

    I hands down think Brian is so fucking good. Any show he is on, I'm watching. Bucket list, meeting that guy.

  63. Lazar Yahuda

    Lazar Yahuda5 days ago

    SOOOOOO bad bring Brian back please

  64. Victory Bowl Gaming

    Victory Bowl Gaming5 days ago

    Missed you Bryan

  65. Matt Hudson

    Matt Hudson5 days ago

    I’m sorry but damn Brendon just rubs me the wrong way he acts like he’s better than everyone else.

  66. Ninja panda Pro

    Ninja panda Pro5 days ago

    Welcome back callen

  67. Droopy Beagle

    Droopy Beagle5 days ago

    Damn i missed Bryan! Glad to see him back!

  68. Eric Walsh

    Eric Walsh5 days ago

    Callen for guest of the year

  69. TheBreadGuy

    TheBreadGuy5 days ago

    This is the only episode I watched since Bryan left.

  70. TheBreadGuy

    TheBreadGuy5 days ago

    This is the only episode I watched since Bryan left.

  71. Russ12Buss

    Russ12Buss5 days ago

    Great to see Callen on! Let’s Fucking Go Baby!!!!!!!

  72. Perparim Kaja

    Perparim Kaja5 days ago

    Callen is a fake ass dude he lost all respect whe. He went around saying him and Chris dlia were never friends wen theres loads of videos proving otherwise. Also the show didn’t suck cuz he was gone it sucked cuz they replaced him with the 2 least funniest dudes they could find. Seriously though dudes were the absolute worst.

  73. wisterV

    wisterV5 days ago

    Callen looks less rapey with his latest plastic surgery, burning shrub in good shape but not funny.

  74. Pixto_22

    Pixto_225 days ago

    the song bangs

  75. Marcus Acevedo.

    Marcus Acevedo.5 days ago

    Brendan acts like he runs the show. It’s comedy. Way to disrespect the guys who have been brought on to help you carry it. Callen definitely deserves the right to validate himself w zero evidence but the way Brendan backs Chris is crazy. There’s proof on that. I don’t care if he put a finger in them, he knew what he was doing. Big fucking difference. Yet, he condones it

  76. Googleplus Isterrible

    Googleplus Isterrible5 days ago

    Only here for B. This set looks like a place black guys aren't allowed.

  77. Dana White Top Team

    Dana White Top Team5 days ago

    Finally some quality MMA talk with Wrinks

  78. Rick Harding

    Rick Harding5 days ago

    Why is everybody only liking this episode because of Bryan? Why is everybody afraid of seeing this show now? Ohhh, whats different? Now because there are two black guys in the show you dont want to give it a chance?

  79. Tim-GlassPodcast

    Tim-GlassPodcast5 days ago

    Fuck the bullshit. Bring back the Kid. #WrinksForeva

  80. Jmils1

    Jmils15 days ago

    1st episode i've watched since Callen left WTF is the kidz bullshit, get those schmucks the fuck outta here

  81. John Kuckian

    John Kuckian5 days ago

    So nice to have brian back fuck the sponsors.

  82. pin head

    pin head5 days ago

    The more I look at Cat the more she looks like sid from ice age..

  83. Derrick Chacon

    Derrick Chacon5 days ago

    Uh maybe listen to what he fucking said on Pats show! You guys sound fucking embarrassing! Especially Brendan!

  84. Cam

    Cam5 days ago

    Get his ass back on the show

  85. Mjhavok

    Mjhavok5 days ago

    First show back and Wrinks is talking about the Holocaust? Bold.

  86. dtown902

    dtown9025 days ago

    It’s been nothing but bad choices since Bryan got cancelled. Conspiracy show with Sam Tripoli. He’s not helping his image by going Steven Crowder’s show.

  87. bemy guest

    bemy guest5 days ago

    This podcast should be titled something else. Fighter and the kid lost its purpose when Bryan left. Why not make a new name for it

  88. WildVisions

    WildVisions6 days ago

    He likes...... bla wmmnnnn..... wait what.... i mean he... like blaaaaaa wmmnnnnn

  89. Jayren Witherington

    Jayren Witherington6 days ago

    This is officially my new favorite episode.. I'm in tears made my week

  90. Tren 213

    Tren 2136 days ago

    They need to bring yo boi back

  91. dingy dang

    dingy dang6 days ago

    I hate when brendan tries to control bryan on the show. Notice how the views shot up and all the comments are about how much they like or miss bryan. Brendan still hasn't learned how to conversate instead of topic talking. Just let things flow and not every sentence or word has to be funny

  92. JCD Repair Loop

    JCD Repair Loop6 days ago

    Carano is garbage

  93. Adam P

    Adam P6 days ago

    Talked to bryan Saturday on the red egg podcast check it out

  94. Josh B.

    Josh B.6 days ago

    Callen needs to leave Brendan in the past and start a show with Delia

  95. Josh B.

    Josh B.6 days ago

    It’s obvious that Callen carried this show. Schaub is only funny when he has his groupies laughing at him (errr...At his jokes) or when Theo is carrying the load.

  96. Ryevin

    Ryevin6 days ago

    600k views, 150k average w/o Callen. Maybe, just maybe, they should bring him back...

  97. knogface

    knogface6 days ago

    Bring back that old man, he’s quite funny

  98. Zach Brown

    Zach Brown6 days ago

    Brenda still sucks

  99. David Jordan

    David Jordan6 days ago

    Fucking missed you Callen! Keep Callen on guys! Have not watched or listened since he left. Fuck Callen made this podcast.

  100. andrewjacksonbr

    andrewjacksonbr6 days ago

    Why is Bryan a guest on HIS SHOW?

  101. joe mo

    joe mo6 days ago

    god i missed that old gay guy