First Take | Stephen A. Goes Crazy after LeBron says 'Time for me to adjust again' with AD out

First Take | Stephen A. Goes Crazy after LeBron says 'Time for me to adjust again' with AD out


  1. Tank Boss

    Tank BossDay ago

    Adjust to these ass whoopings cause the jazz put one on the Lakers keep losing and the playoffs are just dreams for lakers this year 😂

  2. Paolo Ortega

    Paolo Ortega2 days ago

    Excuses fake goat

  3. Alex

    Alex2 days ago

    Playoff mode activated 😂😂😂 thought he was mvp clearly ad is the mvp on the lakers period

  4. HR Pickinstuff

    HR Pickinstuff3 days ago

    "Ming" James Emperor of the Chinese Marxist NBA.

  5. Jonathan lugo

    Jonathan lugo3 days ago

    To me putting all the stats aside that what sets Jordan apart mj would do what it takes to win that's y comparing him to mj is an unfair comparison IMO

  6. murder orgy

    murder orgy3 days ago

    The only reason Lebron James is in the mvp race is because the media put him there

  7. Trieu Tu Dong

    Trieu Tu Dong3 days ago

    The unnatural chicory unlikely stitch because owner collaterally pop next a boundless discussion. watery, many bite

  8. Tree House 2021

    Tree House 20213 days ago

    "I've always been a winner.." he telling the reporters that or himself? Lol smh

  9. M Boyd

    M Boyd3 days ago

    Get rid of Gasol....

  10. Aaron hampton

    Aaron hampton3 days ago

    So turning the ball over so much and We good 8 turnovers is way too much

  11. Troy Hines

    Troy Hines3 days ago

    No Stephen A., he doesn’t need to do more , his teammates need to! He needs to do things differently! He can not sit out there on the perimeter and jack up 10 ugly contested 3s , get in the paint and bang and do the dirty work that’s missing ! He’s a matchup nightmare down low because of his strength but he refuses to do that , because it takes away from his stats or his shine as the man! Max said his efficiency isn’t there like it has been or how it needs to be on this team!

  12. bokim rain

    bokim rain3 days ago

    Yeah adjust to having a consistent mid range jump shot to shoot over all the short guys that you overwhelmingly have the size advantage against at point guard position that's what this team needs they need that from the best player instead of these empty calorie points assists and rebounds that is padding his all-time stats with but not being effective

  13. cecil sarfo

    cecil sarfo4 days ago

    Everything is about lebron When he wins is lebron When he's loses it's his team mate He whines too much He acts like he's the only player to be in a loosing team

  14. Brother Rich

    Brother Rich4 days ago

    Always been a winner? 4-10 don’t sound like winning to me but hey, I’m nobody.

  15. sirsaracenknight

    sirsaracenknight4 days ago

    LeBron needs to put on his GM hat and trade Marc Gasol for Tristan Thompson

  16. Sean Khumalo

    Sean Khumalo4 days ago

    They reached the conference finals last year I would be patient this team is one player away from perfect

  17. Sean Khumalo

    Sean Khumalo4 days ago

    Lol ryt now Lebron knows how Harden felt in the Rockets kikiki

  18. Cartell Phillips

    Cartell Phillips4 days ago

    Lefraud is so funny😂😂😂 He’s always been a winner 😂😂😂 4-6

  19. Fher 23

    Fher 234 days ago

    Yes he can do. For instance maybe make your fucking free throws on clutch time? Or maybe do not throw bricks to tie the game on OT? Lol

  20. Hammeryourmomma 100times

    Hammeryourmomma 100times4 days ago

    Max said no one has ever done this before....haaaaaa....lmao. 25 ppg.....sagging defensive rebounds......and passing.....of course deduct the turnovers from the assists. How much is this dick getting paid by team lebum.

  21. Hammeryourmomma 100times

    Hammeryourmomma 100times4 days ago

    He could play defense.

  22. Faizan Ahmed

    Faizan Ahmed4 days ago

    By adjusting he means more steroids

  23. Soulandbone

    Soulandbone4 days ago

    Dennis Schredder and Zakk Wylde

  24. Yeetboy8497 cortez

    Yeetboy8497 cortez4 days ago

    Time to adjust means,By By Kuzma.I need.more help.

  25. lxl KHARMA lxl

    lxl KHARMA lxl4 days ago

    Lebron "Im not tired" James

  26. Antrell Jones

    Antrell Jones4 days ago

    Molly sexy self.

  27. SShaBazzz

    SShaBazzz4 days ago

    Lakers are going to be fine once AD gets back. They arent losing by much in these loses except to Brooklyn. They dont need to worry, they just need to make the playoffs. As for the Celtics, they need to get Andre Deummond on the team. That's the piece they are missing. I think the Nets will get Drummond, but either the Nets or the Celtics are the perfect spots for Drummond to land but Celtics need him the most.

  28. Aunthrone

    Aunthrone4 days ago

    Its easier to guard Lebron right now xD Who else in the Lakers team you need to pay more defensive attention to?

  29. Martin Murphy

    Martin Murphy4 days ago

    Don’t know what more Lebron can do? The media really cracks me up. The man is leading the league in turnovers ffs, awful 3pt shooter and below average free throw shooter. Improve these basic, beginner improvements is something the greatest player of all time 😂 honestly it’s laughable.

  30. Thumbing through Stacks Daily

    Thumbing through Stacks Daily4 days ago

    No free ring this year.🤣

  31. Thumbing through Stacks Daily

    Thumbing through Stacks Daily4 days ago

    His meaning of adjustment is ... time to trade a few people and get some more player's he wants. Same old story with this guy.

  32. Thumbing through Stacks Daily

    Thumbing through Stacks Daily4 days ago

    Of course he needs to more he's the so called best player in the league and the wanna be goat and he says he makes everybody on his team better. Well show it. Bradley Beal was looking like a real MVP out there tonight, and the leading scorer in the league.

  33. Chukwuma Akaenyi

    Chukwuma Akaenyi4 days ago


  34. Nashon Liberty

    Nashon Liberty4 days ago

    This why I watch fs1 with skip and Shannon more because they are way more respectful to each other. These dudes been yelling at each other for years.

  35. Grace Goc-ong

    Grace Goc-ong4 days ago

    Yeah, Lebron without ad and schroeder is struggling to win coz d remaining teammates could not play well enough like ad and schroeder do. Even the best shooter curry could not carry his team without thompson and kd. Look at their team standing. Don't blame lebron, he's doing everything 4 his team.

  36. Stang Lion786

    Stang Lion7864 days ago

    Wonder why they let go of Rhondo??

  37. RealHood Image's

    RealHood Image's4 days ago

    Who got logged out of their account 😂

  38. Al-Ghuraba

    Al-Ghuraba4 days ago

    In fact he is saying, yo guys wake up and take action instead of waiting on me all the time to carry yo ...*pieppp*! #SmartTalk

  39. Se 2333

    Se 23334 days ago

    is this like “playoff mode activated”?

  40. Salvador Perez

    Salvador Perez4 days ago

    I always been a winner? 4-6 sounds more like a loser

  41. Eastside tone 313

    Eastside tone 3134 days ago

    Wtf u want LBJ to have 55.25.15. PRA...I'M 36.💯

  42. Naurato Sing

    Naurato Sing4 days ago

    He was not always a winner How arrogant can you be I never met a more conceited basketball player or more entitled than LeBron James Modern day baby goat LMAO

  43. Ricardo Bernal

    Ricardo Bernal4 days ago

    Prove me wrong....🤔

  44. Eric Ford

    Eric Ford4 days ago

    Is the East a stronger conference than the West this season?

  45. NBA 2K21

    NBA 2K214 days ago

    I don’t know why they are so worried about Lebron minutes this man is not worn down yet.

  46. Freedom Fighter

    Freedom Fighter4 days ago

    LeBron can't be carried anymore. Watch him cry now.

  47. William Robison

    William Robison4 days ago

    Lbj is in 18th season He can't play point guard the whole game he need someone to take pressure off him can't until thing come back and players need to make they shots when they have open looks. We need lebron for playoffs forget where we rank for playoffs. I wouldn't risk lbj health because if he go down we not making it to western conference

  48. Jamarcus Robinson

    Jamarcus Robinson4 days ago

    Lakers gotta make a move!!!

  49. Jamarcus Robinson

    Jamarcus Robinson4 days ago

    Rod pelinka need to go get a free agent or something! Damn bro!

  50. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson4 days ago

    These guys act like Lebron suppose to win championships every year! Sometimes your best isn't good enough!! If you lose just go home!!!!

  51. keytrixz

    keytrixz4 days ago

    I can honestly say, and yes I watched MJ in his prime, that the NBA today is way more talented competition wise than the 90's MJ played in...These high offence gsw, bkn caliber team didn't exist during MJ's era to go against him...

  52. jason flinch

    jason flinch4 days ago

    That’s wasn’t your statement. You talked about high volume offenses. Reasoning their is high offense is because their is no defense in today’s game. Kd wouldn’t make it in the 90s because he would have to play in a system where you had to play on both sides of the ball. These players don’t do that today. I don’t blame them I blame coaching. It’s no longer emphasized and the rules of today’s game doesn’t even allow it. So imagine if MJ played in these conditions

  53. keytrixz

    keytrixz4 days ago

    @jason flinch KD is KD in any era defense. Closest 90's player MJ played against in the playoffs similar to KD was Reggie Miller in 98' ECF and Reggie Miller is not even close to KD talent wise. Reggie Miller didn't even have Harden and Irving as team mates...Or Steph and Klay as team mates and he took MJ to game 7 eastern conference finals in 98'... 🤔

  54. jason flinch

    jason flinch4 days ago

    That’s because teams played defense

  55. Keon Smith

    Keon Smith4 days ago

    Steven A he is doing everything shut up .max take the mic!

  56. Colby Martinez

    Colby Martinez4 days ago

    Playoff mode ACTIVATED!

  57. Shaun Harrison

    Shaun Harrison4 days ago

    Click baiting

  58. Ilias M

    Ilias M4 days ago

    Lebron continues to make excuses

  59. Rico Devante

    Rico Devante4 days ago

    Always been a winner? Um no

  60. Amery Walker

    Amery Walker4 days ago

    All about the lakers and Labron every show radios shows etccccccc he need help etcccc there's other teams in the league you guys should and can talk about. Then think ya know it all didn't you guys get enough talking about Tom Brady being too old to play, and not win a superbowl championship? Ooooooooppppsssssss

  61. Ellis Gill

    Ellis Gill4 days ago

    No, the rest of the team needs to step tf up. That man old lol its miraculous that he's still THIS efficient. The rest of the team needs to earn their money plain and simple.

  62. TruSoulja Of Alabama

    TruSoulja Of Alabama4 days ago

    His highlights was walking back and forth lol

  63. Raw Footage Records

    Raw Footage Records4 days ago

    LeBron James uncle right here! #unclejames

  64. Knuckles Aukuso

    Knuckles Aukuso4 days ago

    Should of ran it back with the same Championship Team from last year smmfh

  65. Marvin Barnes

    Marvin Barnes4 days ago

    Stephen A had a reverse Skip Bayless moment. Lebron can't do everything. It's never enough for them.

  66. Damien Pulliam

    Damien Pulliam4 days ago

    No one care about the lakers or labron

  67. eh yo

    eh yo5 days ago

    How about instead of asking Lebron to do more, we ask the other players to step. Maybe make a few more shots..Gasol, either lose some weight or do some pilates to improve your lateral movement. Caruso, learn to hit an open shot. KCP, you too. Wesley Mathews..My goodness, can you make a shot..I dont mean hit 4 in one game and then we dont see you for 10 games..Like come on. Everyone is asking the guy averaging over 25 a game with 8 asts and 8rebs a game, leading the offense, doing it on both ends to do it all..Not right

  68. Slimbo Slice

    Slimbo Slice5 days ago

    Boy yall act like lebron is god sheeeesh the man team is falling apart around him

  69. Shaun McClendon

    Shaun McClendon5 days ago

    This is on Coach Vogel - he needs to play Talen, Quinn, and McKinnie more. Tune for Kostas to go and what the hell are they doing with Cacok?!!

  70. Jay Williams

    Jay Williams3 days ago


  71. Cartell Phillips

    Cartell Phillips4 days ago

    Bullshit! This is on lefraud head! He’s getting ready to make some trades for other stars

  72. Telrenaur

    Telrenaur5 days ago

    James is putting in more than his fair share. His teammates just keep putting up bricks like Danny Green in the playoffs last season.

  73. J Mar

    J Mar5 days ago

    Year 18, hey lebron cam u do more than run the offense, score, rebounding, assist , play defense. THANKS BUDDY. smh

  74. Red Patrick Desepida

    Red Patrick Desepida5 days ago

    Time to adjust means its time to trade players again.

  75. Antonio Carrasquillo

    Antonio Carrasquillo3 days ago

    lmao time to trade players lmao

  76. Shelton Armstrong

    Shelton Armstrong3 days ago


  77. Aga Agga33 AKA Cook's up Beats

    Aga Agga33 AKA Cook's up Beats3 days ago

    😂😂😂 it's gone be a whole new team soon he does this every year

  78. Shaun McClendon

    Shaun McClendon5 days ago

    They need to utilize Talen and Wes more in the offense. Set Wes up for more threes. Step up his chemistry with Kìeff, Gasol, and Caruso. I think it’s time to Move on from Kostas (his brother is not leaving Milwaukee). Give McKinnie and Quinn some more playing time I think they can be very effective..

  79. Omar Tahboub

    Omar Tahboub5 days ago

    LoooL !! Love SingIn Dialog Box :) !!!

  80. Paul Cap

    Paul Cap5 days ago

    Lol it's time for me to adjust meaning lebron needs more superstar.

  81. Marcos Ramirez

    Marcos Ramirez5 days ago

    They are gonna get murdered by NJ 🤣

  82. Joel Brown

    Joel Brown5 days ago

    Bron played 60 games in 2019 only won 30 something the excuse was he got hurt and didn’t have enough help lol come on people a player who says he the best ever off of one finals win and could’ve been scoring champion every season and considered best passer of all time with the most turnovers ever he should be able to make everybody on his team elite but he hasn’t so what’s the point of woulda shoulda coulda bull jive talk this is a new year and team have made moves just like the Lakers did their record is based off teams under .500 but horrible against teams above .500 with AD on the floor what were we talking about again gtfoh lol

  83. 7 Logik

    7 Logik5 days ago

    Always been a winner? What that finals record do tho..

  84. kadiri ndip

    kadiri ndip5 days ago

    Hey SAS these dudes are NBA players stop asking Lebron to do everything

  85. Joel Brown

    Joel Brown5 days ago

    Bron wants control of the ball most of the time on the floor but those last two games he been getting his and letting his teammates play on an island he not getting them involved when he does the assists numbers are way up

  86. alex castille

    alex castille5 days ago

    She's gotta a new name... LaRun ! That clown have been running away from clutch shots / game winners his whole career... Talking about the G.O.A.T ! Kobe & MJ.... Lived for that !

  87. Curtis Smith Jr

    Curtis Smith Jr5 days ago

    I agree with Max 100% LeBron should NOT have to do more!

  88. Luis Gallegos

    Luis Gallegos5 days ago

    I'm tired of this idiot always saying he goes crazy. It's just a gimmick to make people want to watch that haven't yet. I think hes an idoit that he keeps on always putting it on every video. I'm really gonna go crazy n find him and beat the crazy out of him for real. Shut the hell up

  89. Kellen Wong

    Kellen Wong5 days ago

    OMG. Now Max is a Laker fan?!!!! This guy.... His cliff theory didn't work on Brady, now Lebron?!!!

  90. Recinese

    Recinese5 days ago

    Cmon..bron is playing those minutes to get the scoring record..lets be real..nothing wrong with it if you keep it 💯💯

  91. Optimistic1 __

    Optimistic1 __5 days ago

    I always been a winner 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  92. derold Johnson

    derold Johnson5 days ago

    LBJ is speaking facts!!!.. I think he means more low post scoring

  93. i saw it first

    i saw it first5 days ago

    The most stupid question to ask...if its fair for the Lakers to expect more.....are you serious!!!...that is the man job...he is making millions of dollars to provide his very best night in and out. With the type of money every NBA player makes, yes the team expect the very best. They act like lebron is picking up extra task at a regular job. This clown show acts like lebron has a regular job. So what this question is implying, is that every NBA player does not provide any team with more. If that is the case ....why a NBA player has to have a certain stander of skills above the rest, to play in the NBA. Ohh my God can we please get these show to talk about sports and leave the nonsense to those shows that are scripted ....geez!!!.

  94. Curt-is Soular

    Curt-is Soular5 days ago

    No it's not fair to ask that man to be SUPERMAN.... yet

  95. Bro Gaming

    Bro Gaming5 days ago

    Because Lebron doesn’t make anyone better.

  96. JuNard Amere

    JuNard Amere5 days ago

    The lakers was saving this style of play (Bron at point) for the playoffs. Now we get to see it early. Enjoy.

  97. Jamaal Sims

    Jamaal Sims5 days ago

    After watching Kobe for years you think Lakers fans wanna watch Lebron “PASS” to Elmer Fudd for the game winner.... cmon Max you worked in LA

  98. Jaliel Campbell

    Jaliel Campbell2 days ago

    @BLAZE facts

  99. SupremeFinesse _

    SupremeFinesse _3 days ago

    @BLAZE You're kidding right, you're comparing a guy who brings the ball up and likes to play point guard, to a real small forward?

  100. BLAZE

    BLAZE3 days ago

    @SupremeFinesse _ then why didn’t Carmelo ever average a lot of assist?

  101. SupremeFinesse _

    SupremeFinesse _3 days ago

    @BLAZE Yeh because he HOLDS THE BALL longer than those players. Are you not watching the games or what?

  102. BLAZE

    BLAZE3 days ago

    @SupremeFinesse _ stop it LeBron averages just as many assists if not more than those guys with exception of magic and stockton

  103. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor5 days ago

    There was no question how Jordan would handle this. But hey this is why Lebron is the goat right? Lol

  104. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor5 days ago

    @Jean-Patrice Paluku are you saying they could have won without him? Last time I checked they couldn’t get it done with Jordan. But Lebron picks and chooses who he wants on his team and the reason they are in this predicament is because Lebron wants to initiate the offense. They had Rondo but let him go. Soooo I don’t know who else you would want them to blame

  105. Jean-Patrice Paluku

    Jean-Patrice Paluku5 days ago

    Jordan had a playmaker and rebounder, all he had to worry about was scoring. Weak comparison.

  106. Lanky Lanxx

    Lanky Lanxx5 days ago

    I never thought I’d say Stephen A and Max Kellerman both have made good points...the world’s going crazy

  107. One Truth

    One Truth5 days ago

    Everyone is panicking like the Lakers have slipped to below 500 or something. They still have the 2nd best record in the league. That is the only fact that matters in this sea of opinions.

  108. Michael Carlock

    Michael Carlock5 days ago

    Stfu They missed open shots their professional basketball teams and Bron hitting with good passes and they miss open shots smh

  109. King Smoove

    King Smoove5 days ago

    Trade for Russ and sign boogie! Those stiffs that cant get their own shot gotta go ! Nets or sixers will be there in the end an you have to match up / fire power

  110. Hawtboy 242

    Hawtboy 2425 days ago

    Do more scoring and run the offense? He was taking the most shot attempts and still only avg 25 he can’t do more cause he bin trying

  111. Lenny Beason

    Lenny Beason5 days ago

    Lebron is not going to miss games because he's chasing records. He likes his stats. The Lakers has had the easiest schedule but now they are going to play tougher teams. He won't be able to coast

  112. McfrossXplore ct

    McfrossXplore ct5 days ago

    Don't run away from the last shot lebron! Take it!

  113. lienel lee

    lienel lee5 days ago

    kuzma are you even on the team

  114. Sweet Jones

    Sweet Jones5 days ago

    bruh this a never ending argument, dude out there balling fools still going to ask him to do more, then you dumbasses who thrive off lebron hate to where they want to see him go down.... but if KD or somebody else would be in that position, not a word would be said... it's simple mfers hate greatness, jordan, brady, bron, jeter, etc... mfers just love to hate simple

  115. William John Packer

    William John Packer5 days ago

    Surely Lewoke needs the ball in his hands to win the game?! I understand he can’t do it all but come clutch time, he must be the man to do it. But then again, Lechina is not Jordan.

  116. S1M0N

    S1M0N5 days ago

    When you spend 1.5 million on your body you should not ask if it's fair to Expect more from LeBron, got dam its always Expected for him to do more. Fly, teleport or walk on water 😆 or get your money back 😆