the rest of the truth

this video means to clear everything up so we can all move on from that situation.
again sorry for my english i hope everything's can be understood well.


  1. Kayson Wright

    Kayson Wright12 minutes ago

    Is you and benji getting back together

  2. Daniel Ruttledge

    Daniel Ruttledge8 minutes ago


  3. Amalija

    Amalija38 minutes ago

    It’s okay jeyjey we’re so sorry about how ruthlessly you got cancelled cancel cancel-culture

  4. Stéphanie Choron

    Stéphanie ChoronHour ago

    Jorge... Me gustaría que volvieras con Tik Tok, pero primero quiero que estés bien 😉

  5. samzn

    samznHour ago

    Didnt see the video yet but yall treat minors like they brainless.... they can think by themselves they know right from wrong, but the difference is that they dont think of the consequences as much and that comes with maturity. However they are still responsible with the choices they make

  6. penkunn :3

    penkunn :32 hours ago

    LMAO some of you guys are acting like the hero here as if you didnt hate on him before

  7. Kye

    Kye4 hours ago

    I hate the internet...

  8. Jane Yuson

    Jane Yuson5 hours ago

    Its okay Jorge :)) Nobody's Perfect everyone

  9. Itz Lala

    Itz Lala6 hours ago


  10. Ashleigh kershaw

    Ashleigh kershaw7 hours ago

    we need to leave everyone in this situation alone except for the guy but both benji and jeyjey were lied to

  11. vkook Isshook

    vkook Isshook8 hours ago

    LMFAO STOP not some of y’all switching up all of a sudden 💀

  12. Dijotul

    Dijotul8 hours ago

    Lol you guys cancel the Lopez brothers but will turn a blind eye to this

  13. Kake Rice

    Kake Rice10 hours ago

    Gracias por disculparte Jey, estamos aquí:(

  14. Migs

    Migs10 hours ago

    I actually feel bad

  15. Kake Rice

    Kake Rice10 hours ago

    This is why we should not idolize people because it is what they are, we all have mistakes and they should also know that not because Benji has uploaded his part of the story before does not make it less guilty Please stop idolizing people, each one decides the moment in which they feel safe and can speak in the same way, both have apologized and must understand that it is a process deconstruction nobody is perfect. Es por esto que no debemos idolatrar personas porque es lo que son, todos tenemos errores y también deberían saber que no porque Benji haya subido su parte de la historia antes no lo hace menos culpable, por favor dejen de idolatrar personas, cada quien decide el momento en el que se sienta seguro y poder hablar u.u de igual forma los dos se han disculpado y deben de entender que es un proceso de deconstrucción, nadie es perfecto okei😡

  16. Salami !

    Salami !12 hours ago

    the accent makes this wholesome ngl

  17. Salami !

    Salami !12 hours ago

    wait they remind me of sangwoo and yoonbum but why (benji and jeyjey)

  18. Valentina Rose

    Valentina Rose12 hours ago

    I honestly forgive him. I feel he is truly sorry. I can hear the pain in his voice and he sound worried. So Jeyjey I forgive you☺️

  19. Syed Zaidi

    Syed Zaidi14 hours ago


  20. Danny DeViToes

    Danny DeViToes14 hours ago

    I think we also owe you an apology Jeyjey.Sorry for believing the first thing we see.Sorry you got manipulated.Thank you for coming out and explaining.I hope you are doing well and i hope your mental health is stable. Edit was a spelling mistake.

  21. Adrianna Salgado

    Adrianna Salgado15 hours ago

    yall hear something?

  22. poor

    poor10 hours ago


  23. Ali

    Ali15 hours ago


  24. JoJo Kun

    JoJo Kun15 hours ago

    you are young but you learned from this, sadly at the bad way. take all the time you need to heal up from this and everything you went through, i can imagine it must have been so much.

  25. xXSadBoiCamiXx

    xXSadBoiCamiXx15 hours ago

    People in the comments are delusional yes apologies are for the person giving them it’s not for the other person to accept however there is a difference between apologizing and atonement you can say sorry 700 times and I won’t care unless you atone say I punch you in your nose and break it your nose is now broken if I say sorry that makes me feel better about hitting you but it doesn’t fix your broken nose does it however if I pay for the surgery to fix it as well as help the pain go away the I have atoned the pain is gone and the situation has been reversed JeyJey has apologized to ease his consciousness he hasn’t atoned yet learn the difference.

  26. aeobiie

    aeobiie15 hours ago

    benji forgave him and benji is the only person he’s apologizing to and needs to apologize to, we don’t have a place to forgive him and the only reason we hated on him was to defend benji, and benji’s basically begging us to stop being like this to jorge, so yeah stop

  27. sickbxtchh

    sickbxtchh16 hours ago

    just take care. we understand, I hope you get better

  28. Ryo Asuka

    Ryo Asuka17 hours ago

    Thank you I'm glad you took time and got better thank you for explaining xox


    GABI LEIDERMAN18 hours ago

    this make SOO much more sense.

  30. Stanley Thin

    Stanley Thin18 hours ago

    I remember he would talk about his declining mental health leading up to the situation and how he wasn’t really feeling himself right before that happened and after that it just ruined it so yeah I’m not surprised it took him this long to address his side of the story

  31. BC Crew

    BC Crew18 hours ago

    Good for you for making this video

  32. blobby fish

    blobby fish20 hours ago

    I saw a comment like this but notice he isn’t cry like the many manyyyy other Influencers when saying sorry. Idk I agree with that comment so I wanted to comment the same thing

  33. wee wee

    wee wee20 hours ago "instgrammer" and i spoke to eachother i mean not SPOKE spoke but we replied to eacheothers stories couple of times in 2019 i-??????? (Like when I saw the screenshots I was like that's familiar and I remembered..I WAS CHECKING MY OLD DMS AND FOUND THEM 3 HOURS AGO??!.)

  34. marie idk

    marie idk20 hours ago

    'this came so late, its been like a year' omg does he like owe y'all an apology or sumn? the only person he owes an apology is benji. point blank. period.

  35. Samantha Duff I love u

    Samantha Duff I love u20 hours ago

    They broke up 😕😕

  36. Jacob B

    Jacob B22 hours ago

    Just because the consent in Spain is 16 doesn’t mean you’re allowed to receive or give nudes to someone who is 16. It is illegal to receive nudes and to give to nudes to someone who is under 18 even if you are both minors. It’s a worldwide law that posting nudes when you’re under 18 is CP. receiving nudes from someone under 18 is CP.

  37. Jacob B

    Jacob B22 hours ago

    I don’t understand why my generation fails to understand this. You should not be taking or giving nudes if you’re a minor. You and the person you’re giving the nudes to can face jail time because it is CP.

  38. Samantha Ross

    Samantha Ross22 hours ago

    Bless him 🥺

  39. Zoe Monserrat cruz

    Zoe Monserrat cruz23 hours ago


  40. jellie Candies

    jellie CandiesDay ago

    Did y’all hear something

  41. poor

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  42. JustMark

    JustMarkDay ago

    Took this long wow

  43. JJLikesToDraw 。

    JJLikesToDraw 。18 hours ago

    @Basic.Jacob • I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to make an excuse for what he has done, I was just simply trying to imply the he was most likely in a bad mental state at the time this all started and wasn’t ready to make an apology video.

  44. Basic.Jacob •

    Basic.Jacob •19 hours ago

    @JJLikesToDraw 。 it’s toxic when it effects people you support. Also it’s still illegal to send stuff to minors even if you don’t know they’re a minor. It’s literally a minor getting sent nudes from an adult. Stop making excuses it’s gross

  45. Masdoe

    MasdoeDay ago

    They should’ve been held accountable as well as much as it’s your fault it’s theirs too and benjis

  46. rene

    reneDay ago

    i love u 💗🤲🏻

  47. Coke Robloxi

    Coke RobloxiDay ago

    Can somebody summarise this I cant be bothered to watch it

  48. Team uwu Chocolate

    Team uwu ChocolateDay ago

    Ya lo tradujeron xd?

  49. im rory

    im roryDay ago

    bruh everyone will try to cancel ppl without even knowing their side of the story yet smh, and do not tell me that it took him a yr to speak abt it, he was obviously not ready and was still healing.

  50. _ fokova

    _ fokovaDay ago


  51. James Herrera

    James HerreraDay ago

    I believe you and I believe in your truth because you were missing from being able to finish this. Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes and get up ✌🏼

  52. emma aaa

    emma aaaDay ago


  53. disgosting uboob

    disgosting uboobDay ago


  54. Edgar De La Rosa

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  55. D B

    D BDay ago

    Can someone please explain this to me I have no clue who he is and it keeps popping up on my home screen

  56. Sapir Benlulu

    Sapir BenluluDay ago

    I hope he still post

  57. Sapir Benlulu

    Sapir BenluluDay ago

    I was about to cry 😭

  58. Nbabyy

    NbabyyDay ago

    shut up

  59. Sophie Gill

    Sophie GillDay ago

    And where was you when you left benji at the hospital? I do belive you manipulated benji especially when getting him todo ft stuff. But the grooming is definitely is fake. But at the end of the day you knew he was underage and honestly. It’s fine just please use common sense when noticing the signs. Especially when somones speaking like that’s about you bf to you. I hope you grow as a person x

  60. Abigail Richter

    Abigail RichterDay ago


  61. axeriia

    axeriiaDay ago

    I like benji until saw this video sorry 😢

  62. Ali

    Ali15 hours ago

    @axeriia why

  63. axeriia

    axeriiaDay ago

    @Abigail Richter no

  64. Abigail Richter

    Abigail RichterDay ago

    i still believe benji

  65. Willow Frazer

    Willow FrazerDay ago

    Omg after watching this I feel so bad for jeyjey he loved him so much🥺🥺and now I dont see Benji the same😳😭

  66. ela

    elaDay ago

    an apology is an apology, even if it’s 5 months late. jeyjey had to take his time too, i can’t even imagine the things he’s been through?? like just the THOUGHT of being called a “groomer” when YOU KNOW you didn’t do anything wrong

  67. María Espinoza

    María EspinozaDay ago

    I'm so happy that you're okay, no matter how it's gone, we'll always be supporting your real fans❤️

  68. Skye Lopez

    Skye LopezDay ago

    He really sounds so sad

  69. nothing special just sam lolz

    nothing special just sam lolzDay ago

    wtf. Benji has some explaining. I'm so sorry we didn't hear your story then we started to think that you groomed someone.

  70. Jenna M

    Jenna MDay ago

    He did explain in his own vid

  71. Aliciasucks :3

    Aliciasucks :3Day ago

    He sounds rlly hurt ,I lokey feel bad he dosnt look happy , I think this is affecting him ,with everyone saying ‘to late’ and shit like that , he’s trying his best with English and play he needed a brake with everything that’s why he didn’t make it sooner

  72. Roblox Serbia

    Roblox SerbiaDay ago

    im crying.

  73. Gabbie H.

    Gabbie H.Day ago

    Yes, he may have took a while to post this but he needed to recover. This isn’t something that creators make a drama vid on and continue with their career the day after. This is involved and hurt people and I really appreciate them both making videos and giving a chance to both of them to explain their sides.

  74. Eleanor Percival

    Eleanor PercivalDay ago

    i feel like he can't win in this situation. after what happened, people begged and pestered him to address it. he needed space, and they didn't respect that. after he posted it, they refuse to watch it or hear his point of view. they can't really make judgements without hearing both sides of the story. they can't say address it then ignore it when he does. what do they want from him? there's nothing he can do now except from improve as a person, which is what i think he's aiming to do.

  75. Aslan Lynxx

    Aslan LynxxDay ago

    Remember we aren’t the one forgiving him benji was the one suppose to forgive him and he already did.

  76. ɪ sɪᴍᴘ ғᴏʀ hanako

    ɪ sɪᴍᴘ ғᴏʀ hanakoDay ago

    I will forgive you but what u did tp benji wasn't cool I might join ur fandom again thank even those it a bit late

  77. Valerie C

    Valerie CDay ago

    i’m not saying that i’m on his side or whatever but the boy who said that he was “groomed” needs to be held accountable.

  78. IamYoonmin’s Princess

    IamYoonmin’s PrincessDay ago

    Not y’all acting like it’s up to u guys to say who’s guilty and who’s not, or which apology is fake or not, or who lying and not🤦🏾‍♀️can u guys just stay in ur place and mind ur business they’ll figure it out and maybe get better, it’s up to them. it has nothing to do with us. And don’t show hate towards anyone, we are all humans and make mistakes all the time that is part of our nature. We learn to grow and move on from the past😊...all the best❤️

  79. Tanya Nawani

    Tanya NawaniDay ago

    Why cant yall just appreciate how he literally made a video in englsih when its not his first language...even if he isnt late he obviosuly would need a break..

  80. lol Hi

    lol HiDay ago

    stop saying “wow it took long enough” it’s clear he was going through a rough time and he needed some time and courage to post this.

  81. Malena Piñero

    Malena PiñeroDay ago

    Stop saying in comments that human do things wrong, he literally was with a minor and tried to acuse a minor, if I really doesn't want to see his nudes he should block him, and he could spouse him as a weirdo, but he didn't, I don't believe him not because he tock a long time, I don't believe him because he is causing a minor for just being stupid, is a minor, and you know that people can destroy others on internet. And is so easy to make a fake screen like that. I hate that people only talk about him missing Benji and not about the actual reason of the video. (Sorry for my English, is not my first lenguaje)

  82. Andrew Ascencio

    Andrew AscencioDay ago

    I understand where he’s coming from I’ve been in a similar situation as him before

  83. Regan Welsh

    Regan WelshDay ago


  84. ra1nhq

    ra1nhqDay ago


  85. ray morow

    ray morowDay ago

    I really appreciate this apology. I could tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into structuring your explanation in a mature way. I am sorry for the shit you had to go through after all of this information came out. Everything now makes a lot more sense, knowing your side of the story.

  86. Kacey May

    Kacey MayDay ago

    Wait I literally have no idea what is happening can someone explain?

  87. Kash

    KashDay ago

    he and his ex boyfriend were accused of being predators towards a minor, u can get a better view about it in this video

  88. Aleksandra

    AleksandraDay ago

    i support you

  89. Nadhifah R. A

    Nadhifah R. A2 days ago

    I'm really sorry for what happened to you and benji and the hate you got. I hope you're doing a lot better.

  90. Mrs StealYoMan

    Mrs StealYoMan2 days ago


  91. claudia astarita

    claudia astarita2 days ago

    Te echaba de menos jayjay :(

  92. Tashvi ramgoolam

    Tashvi ramgoolam2 days ago

    i forgive you, i hope you’re feeling ok

  93. ezel

    ezel2 days ago

    i really do think his apology was true and that he meant it, yes, he should've adressed it earlier but as he said, he was healing. i dont even know what i would do in this situation. stop sending him death threats, youre not being a human at all when u do that.

  94. Conor Byers

    Conor Byers2 days ago

    This is not good enough. A 7 minute long apology. Benji's was a lot longer. Do better

  95. poor

    poor10 hours ago


  96. mayapants

    mayapants2 days ago

    you did a great job on your english jeyjey :)

  97. leaf. jpg

    leaf. jpg2 days ago

    Fuckk man I am so sorry. Cancel culture is so wack and I'm so sorry I took part in it.

  98. Thumbeni Kikon

    Thumbeni Kikon2 days ago

    He's human and all human beings makes mistakes damn it. Benji already forgave him so people need to move the fuck on.

  99. Katya Natalia

    Katya Natalia2 days ago

    Do not worry everything will be fine jorge and everything will improve I love you:'3

  100. Kloi Milliken

    Kloi Milliken2 days ago

    this is so sad :(

  101. Twilight_Tai

    Twilight_Tai2 days ago

    I’m so sorry this had happened to you

  102. liv and soph are awesome

    liv and soph are awesome2 days ago

    i dont want to hate on him, but it jst seems like he wants to get back to tiktok... Not hating.

  103. -FLO-

    -FLO-2 days ago

    A while before y’all accused him of everything and now that he come back and make an apology video suddenly everyone is like « omg this cancel culture is so toxic » like wtf

  104. disgosting uboob

    disgosting uboobDay ago

    I was thinking the same shit

  105. Kizzle Ky

    Kizzle KyDay ago

    Literally and some people are even blaming the minor !!!!!!!

  106. Bruno Toledo

    Bruno Toledo2 days ago

    I wont believe anything about the part that tried to tell everyone it was fake to silence a minor, the only reason theyre doing this is bc they got catched, yall forget things so fast

  107. creepy camp

    creepy camp2 days ago

    yall switched up HELLA fast i ain’t forget

  108. 지루한지루한

    지루한지루한2 days ago

    yall he seems genuinely sorry just forgive and forget

  109. Bean Bean18

    Bean Bean182 days ago

    Came into this video just to dislike but ended up liking bc he seems so sincere

  110. .

    .2 days ago

    you know what, i actually totally forgive jorge. i think he’s handled this well, maybe not as well as he could but he now knows that. him and benji have dealt with this well and i’m glad they’re getting better each day

  111. Kizzle Ky

    Kizzle KyDay ago

    how are u forgiving someone for an apology that is not meant for you ma😫😫

  112. Molly Evans

    Molly Evans2 days ago

    Good on you for speaking your side 👍

  113. Ava Garza

    Ava Garza2 days ago

    Im sorry , but i dont forgive you.

  114. poor

    poor10 hours ago

    Im sorry , but the apology isnt for u.

  115. Kylie carpenter

    Kylie carpenter2 days ago

    I am actually sad 😔

  116. TheSassyUnixorn

    TheSassyUnixorn2 days ago

    Is this comment section moderated

  117. isabel

    isabel2 days ago

    i honestly admire this so much, it takes courage to address a scandal like this with such genuine maturity when his life has been ruined for it; he’s not perfect but he never deserved the hatred he received before ever explaining his side and i value the fact that he took his time so that everything can be addressed with the insight displayed here♥️

  118. Lara Hoinka

    Lara Hoinka2 days ago

    I don’t understand why ppl unlike this everybody make mistakes and he is a apologizing and as u can see he is very sad abt it and I think it cost him a lot of confidence and strength to post that.