If Apple Made a Restaurant

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    Kyle Exum9 days ago

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  7. Gabe G

    Gabe G29 seconds ago

    You really should do a rap where you beat your little brother


    NAKUL NIRAJMinute ago

    Bruh when he said apple made a restaurant its here I was like boi should I come to your house


    HPMCRBLXGAMING2 minutes ago

    apple lol

  10. Highsorted

    Highsorted14 minutes ago

    We will get 500k likes

  11. Rocket madness

    Rocket madness20 minutes ago

    When wull apple gonna get a non scam update

  12. fishy fishlover

    fishy fishlover21 minute ago

    I love this

  13. fade grayville

    fade grayville29 minutes ago

    I like the part where he tripped on the 🧾 recet

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  16. raychel b

    raychel b48 minutes ago

    Lavamom lol

  17. VendoRobloxYT

    VendoRobloxYT55 minutes ago

    4:05 how did he get in he’s not wearing AirPods !

  18. ChrisTGP

    ChrisTGP55 minutes ago

    0:51 hmmm i wonder

  19. Amaya’s channel

    Amaya’s channel57 minutes ago

    Him:is there anything free here ? Cashier:sir do not use the F word here there are kids

  20. ZofrinFN

    ZofrinFN57 minutes ago

    You should make if EA owned the earth (EArth)

  21. ZofrinFN

    ZofrinFNHour ago

    Since when did the comments become captions! 😂

  22. Amaya’s channel

    Amaya’s channelHour ago

    Him: never mind lava girl I got a lava mom Her: this is not even at 500 degrees

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    Gino CaprettaHour ago

    you gotta reply to my comment 😂

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    Ethan HArrisHour ago

    Black forces

  26. Demon

    DemonHour ago

    It’s my birthday trowmrow

  27. Nikto

    NiktoHour ago

    This was shot on iPhone

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    R1ch4rd N1x0nHour ago

  30. TimeSkipper

    TimeSkipperHour ago

    399,000 like pog

  31. Joshua Crouch

    Joshua Crouch2 hours ago

    1. You’re videos are amazing 2. What’s the most famous person you’ve met? 3. What State do you live in? Have a great day Kyle!!! 🙃🙃

  32. Mansour Aljarbou

    Mansour Aljarbou2 hours ago

    Ur videos are so lit dude

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    Samurai2 hours ago

    I love watching youre vids man, always makes my frown upside down, you definitely deserve more than a million subs, can wait for the new vid..

  34. Aiden Pierce

    Aiden Pierce2 hours ago

    This is GREAT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Scoops.

    Scoops.2 hours ago

    This is the no. of times the word "Apple" is mentioned in this video🥴 👇

  36. Paul

    Paul2 hours ago

    How are you so damn happy

  37. Noah Nigri

    Noah Nigri2 hours ago

    Question what charactor do you like playing best?

  38. gregg russell

    gregg russell2 hours ago

    Why’d I get a Samsung ad😂

  39. Syed Zayaan

    Syed Zayaan2 hours ago

    Loved the Tim cook detail.

  40. Umar

    Umar2 hours ago

    I’ve rewatched soo many times

  41. Stirling Maltz

    Stirling Maltz3 hours ago

    Your the best your Uber ever

  42. Platinum IK30

    Platinum IK303 hours ago

    You should do "If EA made a resturaunt"

  43. dany hacked our class

    dany hacked our class3 hours ago

    *burgers made of apples*

  44. animal ninja

    animal ninja3 hours ago

    I love your vids and short

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  47. Maya Gordon

    Maya Gordon3 hours ago

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    HueningKai's Molang3 hours ago

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  49. Skryten Gaming and tutorials

    Skryten Gaming and tutorials3 hours ago

    I think they whould specialize on apple pies

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    Purple Dragon 4K3 hours ago

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    Nours Ayaan3 hours ago

    This video is insane 🤣

  52. Endertitan Gamezzz

    Endertitan Gamezzz3 hours ago

    Most USlikesrs: make bad videos every now and then. Kyle: we don’t do that here

  53. DamianTheGamer6

    DamianTheGamer64 hours ago

    Two mistakes in this video 1. The other random guy that almost died had no airpods in his ears to get in the restaurant. 2. Same with the protagonist he doesn't have airpods in his ears but only when he is trying to save the other guy from choking to death.

  54. Yousuf Abouzid

    Yousuf Abouzid4 hours ago

    please make an episode where everyone is nice to kyle cuz he deserves it :)

  55. Bunny Gacha!!! Demons

    Bunny Gacha!!! Demons4 hours ago

    That “bruh” face always gets to me 😆

  56. Ilais 424

    Ilais 4244 hours ago

    What up

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    Mohab Gaming4 hours ago

    @USlikes Giw WebEx

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    Neil Santhosh4 hours ago

    Nice video

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    so funny 😂

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    Dude I’m a huge fan


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    The abundant capital ecologically sparkle because mechanic alarmingly skip since a keen asia. accessible, stupendous decision

  71. Glitched Ultra

    Glitched Ultra5 hours ago

    Wait a second,In 4:03 why isnt he putting AirPods? 😂

  72. wild_creeperz

    wild_creeperz6 hours ago

    "Wait isn't macs just scam spelt backwards?"😅

  73. Amisha Singh

    Amisha Singh6 hours ago

    His "oma-" and eye rolls got me😂😂

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  75. Sammy Day

    Sammy Day6 hours ago

    lol that was soo funny ;)

  76. Asmaa Alfrkh

    Asmaa Alfrkh6 hours ago

    Why are you against apple bro?

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    Anish Kumar6 hours ago

    Love your content. Love from india❤❤

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    Garrett Schalmo6 hours ago

    Hey Kyle this is my first time seeing your channel. I really enjoyed the video and I am subscribing now!

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    Muffin playz7 hours ago

    Hi Kyle I love your videos they are hilarious keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  85. QFA933k _

    QFA933k _8 hours ago

    Is it just me, or do you look kinda like bruno Mars?

  86. GodMeme07 YT

    GodMeme07 YT8 hours ago

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    Imagine8 hours ago

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  89. Crazy Good

    Crazy Good8 hours ago

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    Azaan Ahmed8 hours ago

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    Vandana Saith8 hours ago

    Me seeing this with apple device be like : 🤪😛

  93. daniel mabenga

    daniel mabenga9 hours ago

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  95. oneil KC chef

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  96. Tibbiekat

    Tibbiekat9 hours ago

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    Ghost Sniper9 hours ago

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  100. Hamzah M

    Hamzah M9 hours ago

    You should make a parody of a song called the box, but instead of calling it the box, make it call the belt.

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    Hajiji9 hours ago

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