He literally walked right by him..😂 Invisible Fort Challenge!!

Hey guys! In this video, we split up into two teams and construct hidden bunkers in the wild! Bryan and Jordan face against Bobby and Marving in a shelter building battle! One team has a higher budget than the other and may cause them to take the victory! Who do you think will have the higher budget? Some other videos you may like are $200 vs $4000 Go Kart Challenge! *this is so unfair😂*, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Pull Wrong Tooth & Get EATEN by the CROC!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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  1. Yeet Master

    Yeet Master6 hours ago

    Nature bois puts up tent they that was intents drum thingy Plays hah got em

  2. Jacob Barnhill

    Jacob Barnhill8 hours ago

    “This thing is intents” badumm tssss

  3. Kevin Shin

    Kevin Shin19 hours ago

    0:49 I love how "somewhere" just happens to be in North Korea...

  4. Mariah!!! Wise

    Mariah!!! WiseDay ago

    Lol they should havedug a hole then put a box over it so when they look in the fort it will look impty and they will be under frowns under the floor of there floor

  5. Flynn porstmouth

    Flynn porstmouth2 days ago

    As a new Zealander when boby talks he sound nothing like a aussie or a new Zealander

  6. TTG_Zaya

    TTG_Zaya2 days ago

    Then in Phoenix our seasons are hell and fire

  7. Cricket Hopper

    Cricket Hopper2 days ago

    12:39 Jordan got me dying.🤣

  8. Gamer Gabe

    Gamer Gabe2 days ago

    Tbh I didn’t see the decoy box lol

  9. Ferdinand Kurniawan

    Ferdinand Kurniawan2 days ago

    I bet if we camp out in Lost Boys Bridge, we can catch them filming a video

  10. The Three Bros

    The Three Bros2 days ago

    Dangle Bros used to go here as well

  11. Donkey

    Donkey2 days ago

    Me dying at the word tOeS

  12. Blair Meme

    Blair Meme2 days ago

    2:17 "ŤØƏ§

  13. ClumPt GM ZR

    ClumPt GM ZR2 days ago


  14. Tiny Mecha

    Tiny Mecha3 days ago

    If your an og here you would know they did the fortnite irl heren

  15. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller3 days ago

    Here in Florida we only have two seasons as well! January and hot.

  16. Hannah Porter

    Hannah Porter4 days ago

    My name even means the nature

  17. Meg Curtis

    Meg Curtis4 days ago

    Who’s been watching team edge for ever!👍👎. Cause I have!!!

  18. Jordey Gore

    Jordey Gore5 days ago


  19. Wazza257

    Wazza2575 days ago

    You should do a overnight hide challenge where you also have to sleep in the forts!!!..... 👇like if you agree.

  20. I Suck

    I Suck5 days ago


  21. Colin Plays

    Colin Plays5 days ago

    How tf did u get in and out of North Korea

  22. Mushi

    Mushi5 days ago

    THE WINNERS!!!!! -500$ fort Nature Bois

  23. The Anonymous Commenter

    The Anonymous Commenter5 days ago

    0:50 North Korea wth 😂

  24. LEN MA

    LEN MA6 days ago

    The reason why Marvin is better at tracking, is because he grew up with Bryan. Who's the example of what you should not do.

  25. A Khoury

    A Khoury6 days ago

    Please do another video like this

  26. elijah nowlin

    elijah nowlin6 days ago


  27. Juanpedro Molina

    Juanpedro Molina6 days ago

    this seems staged

  28. Quadir Gray

    Quadir Gray7 days ago

    When I feel sad I watch your videos you make my day better good luck.

  29. LuNaRFlAr3 Yt

    LuNaRFlAr3 Yt7 days ago

    You should do a 24 hour Challenge outside in the tent that the nature boys used

  30. Ariel White

    Ariel White8 days ago

    These guys are what's getting me through without making dumb decision thank you team edge for being there for me without realizing

  31. Tonya Rose

    Tonya Rose8 days ago


  32. The Emerald King

    The Emerald King8 days ago

    They said "We're out in the middle of somewhere" at the start and then about a minute later they showed their exact location! haha

  33. Chaz H

    Chaz H8 days ago

    6:02 That's pretty NEAT!

  34. Sheriff blade

    Sheriff blade8 days ago

    0:50 they are in North Korea

  35. SkullyGaming

    SkullyGaming8 days ago

    800,000 veiws and 100 hoodies Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  36. Broccoli Bro

    Broccoli Bro9 days ago

    Don’t know about y’all but team edge is literally my favorite USlikes channel ever no joke

  37. HCC YouTube

    HCC YouTube9 days ago

    “Billy what do u think our odds are?” “Better then 50/50.” Bruh! 😂

  38. Ben Southall

    Ben Southall9 days ago

    7:43 ahh I need a medic bag

  39. Ben Southall

    Ben Southall9 days ago

    somebody drop a medic bag

  40. Ben Southall

    Ben Southall9 days ago

    ahh im dying

  41. Ernest Chua

    Ernest Chua10 days ago

    Jordan is actually good at the game

  42. Patty Johnson

    Patty Johnson10 days ago

    The tall cannon namely lock because stop embryologically screw absent a cold capricorn. languid, zealous flare

  43. Claire Zuehlke

    Claire Zuehlke10 days ago

    Is team edge just battle universe with new people and outside

  44. Kate Barnick

    Kate Barnick10 days ago

    Jordan looks so much like Joey!

  45. BrokenDev Official

    BrokenDev Official10 days ago

    1:50 He would've been better off just walking across a shallow area lol

  46. Lord Shaun

    Lord Shaun10 days ago

    Could anyone subscribe to me pls and good vid team edge

  47. Landry Davis

    Landry Davis10 days ago

    Imma go walk my dog brb

  48. Blake Stratford

    Blake Stratford10 days ago

    "Hey, nice Prius!" -No one ever

  49. Sarah Walsh

    Sarah Walsh10 days ago

    You guys should give away that chair that Joey made in the Madalorian challenge (I dont think I spelt that properly...)it would be awesome to do that!Have a great day,you guys are straight fire!!!TeamEdge for life!

  50. Brady Jordan

    Brady Jordan10 days ago

    How do u guys come up with these video ideas?! I love u guys for what u do

  51. Dodo

    Dodo10 days ago

    why korea XD

  52. Anonymous Animation’s

    Anonymous Animation’s10 days ago

    I remember when they were doing bottle flipping and Bobby was a camera man

  53. Parkourer 72

    Parkourer 7211 days ago

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  54. Parkourer 72

    Parkourer 7211 days ago

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  55. Parkourer 72

    Parkourer 7211 days ago

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  56. Parkourer 72

    Parkourer 7211 days ago

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  57. Parkourer 72

    Parkourer 7211 days ago

    God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  58. chasen nix

    chasen nix11 days ago

    Love the neature walk quote 😂

  59. H York

    H York11 days ago

    Why are you putting a blind in timber that does not mix or du

  60. Jackjelly 2.0.0

    Jackjelly 2.0.011 days ago

    3:18 I think that’s quicksand.

  61. Trever Belmont

    Trever Belmont11 days ago

    How the hell does your state not have any snow. Also how can it be hot

  62. Yinka Bada

    Yinka Bada11 days ago

    You're so true

  63. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin Hernandez11 days ago

    When did they get this professional 😭 i still remember those small challenges with the small white table

  64. janny sins

    janny sins11 days ago

    The cold stock partly heap because step-brother proximately appear aboard a enormous kenya. plucky, towering cousin

  65. LVD Maui

    LVD Maui11 days ago

    When my uncle was a guerilla soilder in El Salvador during the civil war he told they would walk backwards so it would the throw off the soldiers and make them think they where leaving from the place instead of going

  66. Roleplay zone

    Roleplay zone11 days ago

    They could've done better canoflarging there bases

  67. Hamdaan _007

    Hamdaan _00711 days ago

    The editor had wayyy to much fun with bobby 😂

  68. Niely Ann Repunte

    Niely Ann Repunte11 days ago

    Toes seen makes me laugh to death by the sound



    4:02 bobby: it has a sick flame and the sleeve me: so the flame has a cold J - JOKES


    VINCENT MAKMUR12 days ago


  71. yes

    yes12 days ago

    Guile is my fave and I playde it as well

  72. xXDARKKINGXx 79

    xXDARKKINGXx 7912 days ago

    Bruh, in the thumbnail, why are you looking into the sun?

  73. We Three Gamers 2

    We Three Gamers 212 days ago

    Thats the flame retardant hoodie

  74. Azerial 007

    Azerial 00712 days ago


  75. Kenzie Jones Jones

    Kenzie Jones Jones12 days ago

    I love how they complain about 80 degree weather in the winter, I live in Iowa and it hit negative 20 at one point without wind chill earlier this week

  76. Toxic Scope

    Toxic Scope12 days ago

    you guys filmed this is north korea? 0:49

  77. Raffee Rivero

    Raffee Rivero12 days ago

    Did anyone know that they were in North Korea.

  78. Fiona Crabbie

    Fiona Crabbie12 days ago

    Like if Bobby didn't catch the merch

  79. Jack Slider

    Jack Slider12 days ago

    I’m so pretty

  80. Jack Slider

    Jack Slider11 days ago


  81. Jack Slider

    Jack Slider11 days ago


  82. Jack Slider

    Jack Slider12 days ago


  83. Dusty Wix

    Dusty Wix12 days ago

    Bobby stop talking about pretty boys how bout you look on a mirror for once

  84. poolao poolao

    poolao poolao12 days ago

    Bryan: In calafornia there are 2 seasons, hot and fire.

  85. Awkward

    Awkward12 days ago

    Love your videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Nas Khwaja

    Nas Khwaja12 days ago

    Bryan threw so hard haha

  87. LaVa BoYZ

    LaVa BoYZ12 days ago

    There's too many quote comments here that I'm not gonna bother because 100 other people have probably done it.

  88. james Whitley

    james Whitley12 days ago

    i thought joey was going to be lit on fire

  89. SlyGoblin

    SlyGoblin12 days ago

    Dangie bros copy?

  90. \\\ StanY ///

    \\\ StanY ///12 days ago


  91. MusicBeats

    MusicBeats12 days ago

    What’s the name of the pit viper shades Bobby has on

  92. TheMrgreen88

    TheMrgreen8812 days ago

    This channel is failing

  93. Tasty_Toes

    Tasty_Toes12 days ago

    toes where

  94. Legend A

    Legend A12 days ago

    0:50 Guys... You just zoomed in on North Korea...

  95. Luke Brideau

    Luke Brideau12 days ago

    Me Brian you forgot about the stupid toe shoes that exist

  96. Monica Baird

    Monica Baird12 days ago

    did anyone else think of Chandler form MrBeast when Bobby wanted gushers?

  97. GhostLoco89

    GhostLoco8912 days ago

    Giant Mouse Trap game next

  98. samhouston1979

    samhouston197912 days ago

    they’re in Korea?

  99. edit challenge

    edit challenge12 days ago

    According to the map at the beginning, they are hiding in North Korea. Kimmy, go get them.

  100. Nicholas's ASMR

    Nicholas's ASMR12 days ago

    Combine Baseball and Golf

  101. Zak Fairgrieve

    Zak Fairgrieve12 days ago

    You're back I was on twitch but then I checked USlikes and you back

  102. Ambrose lam

    Ambrose lam12 days ago

    Anyone else realized at 0:51 the globe zoomed in to north korea

  103. Katelyn Byrd

    Katelyn Byrd12 days ago

    I love that billy and Bobby reference the neature walk

  104. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith13 days ago