West Ham v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/21/2021 | NBC Sports

Tottenham came close to mounting a two-goal comeback, but West Ham ultimately hung on to all three points at the London Stadium. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #WestHam #Tottenham
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West Ham v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/21/2021 | NBC Sports


  1. rgonzalezjr1994

    rgonzalezjr199411 hours ago

    Did no one catch the squeal @3:24!? LOL

  2. Creative Person

    Creative Person12 hours ago

    West Ham is surprising me this year, they are absolutely tearing it up in the league! I hope they continue there run!

  3. Gered Lodi

    Gered Lodi12 hours ago

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  4. Michael Derry

    Michael Derry21 hour ago

    Respect to west ham if they finish in a EL spot that is great for them if its CL even better

  5. Alex García

    Alex GarcíaDay ago

    why jose dont start bale song and kane thats talent right there instead of struggling

  6. OofyVibez

    OofyVibezDay ago


  7. Jabrani Jovonovich

    Jabrani JovonovichDay ago

    Kane is in a really bad patch of a form now, denied Son of two clear goalscoring chances.

  8. Aldanecr7 fifa

    Aldanecr7 fifa2 days ago

    Bale was fantastic

  9. Darius Groves

    Darius Groves2 days ago

    Anyone else hear that weird scream at 3:24?😂

  10. Johnnyy

    Johnnyy2 days ago

    One goal, two celebrations, thats a fucking new meta.

  11. Peace FC

    Peace FC2 days ago

    7:36 the celebrations are just brilliant looks like Lingard loving his time at West Ham and so are his teammates ♥️💪🏾

  12. Milkias K

    Milkias K2 days ago

    I’m not a fan but i hope they 🤔🤭🤣🤫

  13. Anirudh Iyer

    Anirudh Iyer2 days ago

    remember when them spurs fans thought they were winning the league? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭trophies just arent meant for that club

  14. V E N O M

    V E N O M2 days ago

    I am Man U fan but happy for west ham what they’ve done

  15. DeeJayJaMzZ

    DeeJayJaMzZ2 days ago

    When you try to disallow lord lingard's goal.. lord lingard double celebrates 🤣👍

  16. Gabe S

    Gabe S2 days ago

    Is that lingardinho lmao

  17. JBWKZ_JOSE01

    JBWKZ_JOSE012 days ago


  18. Tope Babs

    Tope Babs2 days ago

    Former Man Utd managers battled for London

  19. Kyung Kim

    Kyung Kim2 days ago

    What is going on, Lamela over Bale??? Come jose

  20. hughess004

    hughess0042 days ago

    After Fernandez and Rashford is there a better Man U player this season than Jessie Lingard?

  21. Preston Nikolaus

    Preston Nikolaus2 days ago

    It just shows how Man U flattens someone’s individual form 😂😂

  22. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray2 days ago

    Mourinho forgot how to smile?

  23. Vicente MARIÑO

    Vicente MARIÑO2 days ago

    tottenham got lingarded

  24. Gianpaolo Pazzini

    Gianpaolo Pazzini2 days ago

    Mourinho will be sacked soon

  25. Austen Hernandez

    Austen Hernandez3 days ago

    Wether you like it or not, Lingard is shining right now

  26. SoccerBROS 86

    SoccerBROS 863 days ago

    I’m a United fan and I am so glad that lingard is scoring and thriving at west ham

  27. Angel Lezay

    Angel Lezay3 days ago

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  28. AnyLastNames InputHere

    AnyLastNames InputHere3 days ago


  29. shameir nembhard

    shameir nembhard3 days ago

    Seeing the 10 point gap between city and united disgusts me, seeing that united are now forced to battle it out for top 4 is disheartening

  30. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ

    ᄒᄒᄒᄒ3 days ago

    One goal = 2x celebration lolol

  31. iHateMondays

    iHateMondays3 days ago

    So so happy for Lingard. Spurs are a mess until Bale comes on, Jose is out of his mind for keeping him on the bench/out of the squad all the time.

  32. Hamilton Arraou

    Hamilton Arraou3 days ago

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  33. Joe

    Joe3 days ago

    Pretty sure I know what Bale said after pinging the woodwork. Any other guesses? 🤣🤣🤣

  34. soultion

    soultion3 days ago

    fucking lamela , he dont know pass , zzzzzzzzzzz fucking player !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. DEVGRU13

    DEVGRU133 days ago

    Still kneeling? The wokeness is strong in the premier league

  36. Sisa Jwacu

    Sisa Jwacu3 days ago

    Jose should be creating a dynasty of Son, Kane, Bale, upfront and Ndombele, Hojbjerg, and Lamela in the middle. Lucas as Sub or starter for any of the three.

  37. James Puffer

    James Puffer3 days ago

    That noise at 3:23...😁

  38. nYx

    nYx3 days ago

    Wowsers, Lingard unleashed.

  39. jacob m

    jacob m3 days ago

    The second bale comes in they score a goal, when will they learn bale isnt a sub lmao this man should be starting if they wanna win.

  40. Jordan Moir

    Jordan Moir3 days ago

    Cheers jesse

  41. goldified 07

    goldified 073 days ago

    We must all root for lingard he’s been struggling so much

  42. Armando Salazar

    Armando Salazar3 days ago

    I heard Mario at 3:24🤣


    ViBE FEED DeSIGNS3 days ago

    Watch Poch win Champions league with PSG. Justice.

  44. Bile Diblawe

    Bile Diblawe3 days ago

    Let’s be honest here we are here cuz of the goat lingardninho

  45. Ryan McCarthy

    Ryan McCarthy3 days ago

    Jose dgaf 😂😂😂 he like my Legacy is already set

  46. Angel Carrillo

    Angel Carrillo3 days ago

    Lloris has been bad these bast four weeks.

  47. Samuel Pearlman

    Samuel Pearlman3 days ago

    Lingard is bigger than Godzilla vs. Kong, go go go!

  48. Axel

    Axel3 days ago

    Ik Rice tryna be the drummer but he looks like he’s stuck in 2012 still trying to learn the Gangnam style 😂😂😂

  49. Ace_x

    Ace_x3 days ago

    Yessir lingard scored again I want him to be win the title and be the top score of west ham

  50. Wehliye Scekomar

    Wehliye Scekomar3 days ago

    Why doesn’t Jose start bale alii lol

  51. McFlyGamingInc

    McFlyGamingInc3 days ago


  52. downbeatxxtwo

    downbeatxxtwo4 days ago

    Lingardinho strikes again

  53. Joey L

    Joey L4 days ago

    Liverpool and Tottenham are essentially the same team right now

  54. Abraham Facundo

    Abraham Facundo4 days ago

    how did Lucas win and score a header

  55. Trent Raffaelli

    Trent Raffaelli4 days ago

    Lingard happy= me happy

  56. Joshua Nierle

    Joshua Nierle4 days ago

    It is now a requirement that VAR take up at least 35% of every highlight.


    BAOQIANG Li4 days ago

    The interesting growth laterally strengthen because lock gergely guess out a puny teaching. tremendous, merciful germany

  58. Terrell Johnson

    Terrell Johnson4 days ago

    How long until people Realize it’s not the managers fault players are PLAYING poorly.....players play....managers are at fault for tactics and starting XI and subs that’s it

  59. Robert Pavard

    Robert Pavard4 days ago

    I’ll see y’all next yr Spurs fans

  60. George Tashjian

    George Tashjian4 days ago

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  61. Frank Champion

    Frank Champion4 days ago

    Mourinho groupies having a very tough two months

  62. Nelson Castanon

    Nelson Castanon4 days ago

    That was funny 🤣, that last play where the west ham defender hit the ball against Son & then without wanting to it hit the post, 😂 I thought it was over there, and what a goalkeeper to let down his guard to let down his guard 😄

  63. Nelson Castanon

    Nelson Castanon4 days ago

    I like J. Lingard, I think he is a good player, but just like James Rodrigues, I think Lingard is in a team of his level unless if he tries hard to improve then maybe he can go to a higher level club

  64. Urbannx

    Urbannx4 days ago

    Imagine if bale played more min in the game after coming off a goal in Europa league

  65. Oury Traore

    Oury Traore4 days ago

    Why play Eric dier

  66. Vcescyoga

    Vcescyoga4 days ago

    omg 7:34 is very funny LOL come worship the GOAT lingard

  67. Genesis Carrillo

    Genesis Carrillo4 days ago

    Gareth bale is slowly showing his love for the game, been playing well lately

  68. hari ramesh

    hari ramesh4 days ago

    With Dier in defense Spurs defense is dire

  69. Nishant

    Nishant4 days ago

    8:45 “mother-lover” 😂

  70. vanillasnowx

    vanillasnowx4 days ago

    the state of VAR. originally called for offside, albeit wrongly however they went on to scrutinize every part of the play to see if there is anything they could catch

  71. vanillasnowx

    vanillasnowx4 days ago

    players now falling in any challenge to look for the foul. #3 spurs at the first goal. looks directly at the ref before getting up

  72. WildwoodClaire1

    WildwoodClaire14 days ago

    I'm astonished to see West Ham near the top of the table and Arsenal well down. Not sad about it, mind you, just astonished.

  73. Itos LaBlanc

    Itos LaBlanc4 days ago

    Lingard best youth player in the premier league 😤

  74. Sohil Sheth

    Sohil Sheth4 days ago

    Bale needs to start

  75. Patrick McGowan

    Patrick McGowan4 days ago

    It’s amazing. Once you take off that Man U Jersey, you no longer suck and actually end up on a much better team. Good for Lingard and Lukaku.

  76. grandchamp12345

    grandchamp123454 days ago

    well there's the environment there, its just quite an aggressive one

  77. Colin Cha

    Colin Cha4 days ago

    Make the fucking 6-10 yard effort and limit all chances 손 뭐하니....

  78. Nathan Fordham

    Nathan Fordham4 days ago


  79. Jason Gr

    Jason Gr4 days ago

    cry Jose

  80. Armatige.23

    Armatige.234 days ago

    Lingardinho undoutedly god of football. more goals in the prem this season that Messi maradona and pele combined!!!!! sad to see United wasted so many years of his masterclass they’ll regret it when he scores a hat trick in the ucl against them next year and lifts the trophy

  81. a b

    a b4 days ago

    I'm happy good job!

  82. 승빈

    승빈4 days ago

    As a Spurs fan, ngl, I now just laugh while watching Spurs games. They're just such comedies😂

  83. Christopher Navarro

    Christopher Navarro4 days ago

    Is it me or dose that field look kinda small

  84. Ashton Yarlett

    Ashton Yarlett4 days ago

    VAR ruining the game yet again sucking the joy out of Lingards goal. What a shame.

  85. westcoast1axxx

    westcoast1axxx4 days ago

    Why does Mourinho keep playing Dier? He is a horrible defender...

  86. Susan Chase

    Susan Chase4 days ago

    The voracious restaurant appropriately dance because russia explicitly form save a psychedelic fuel. sloppy, nosy bag

  87. Ryan Schram

    Ryan Schram4 days ago

    For the first time I can honestly say, I am so happy for the VAR. Because that was my favorite celebration I've ever seen 😙🥁🎸🤣

  88. Kevyn Montenegro

    Kevyn Montenegro4 days ago

    Lingardinho 🐐

  89. Chance Long

    Chance Long4 days ago

    Poch beating Barca in the Champs League while we're busy losing to West Ham. Love it

  90. La vida Bonita

    La vida Bonita4 days ago

    Since bale join Tottenham son’s performance has been really bad...

  91. eatsleeppk RS

    eatsleeppk RS4 days ago

    I can literally feel lingard’s frustration and happiness now

  92. Sean Finnegan

    Sean Finnegan4 days ago

    Feels weird to see celebrations like that 5 minutes after the goal was scored. VAR definitely ruins the energy of scoring a glorious goal

  93. iggy bibby

    iggy bibby4 days ago

    Why are spurs not using bale

  94. Van Lian

    Van Lian4 days ago

    1thhxx what is Boondocks play Heidi Heidi

  95. obi fortune

    obi fortune4 days ago

    Antonio may not be a world class player but dude is definitely a nightmare to defenders.

  96. Jermaine Johnson

    Jermaine Johnson4 days ago

    Happy 4 Jesse man. Ole literally buried him alive and now he is shining. Ole buring Bailey, Tuanzebe and Donny Van Da Beek as well.

  97. Sloan Graham

    Sloan Graham4 days ago

    What was this noise 3:24

  98. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez4 days ago

    The second celebration with rice fornals and lingard should be added to fifa 22

  99. Lauro Vids

    Lauro Vids4 days ago

    10:07 no way 🤣🤣

  100. Terry Tuite

    Terry Tuite4 days ago

    Glad to see VAR get the call right.