Jordan Davis - Almost Maybes (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Jordan Davis’s “Almost Maybes” 👊🏻
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  1. Gabe Welsh

    Gabe Welsh12 hours ago

    Mr. STEALYOGIRL there at the end. XD

  2. Joshua R Music

    Joshua R MusicDay ago

    how did you do that with your #beard that grow quick from begging of videio

  3. Harrison Hightower

    Harrison HightowerDay ago

    I like the full beard 🧔🎅

  4. Kait Lovelady

    Kait Lovelady2 days ago


  5. Joy Crusio

    Joy Crusio3 days ago

    Love the song, and huge fan of Hannah Brown ❤

  6. RC of Wichita Falls

    RC of Wichita Falls3 days ago

    Darius Rucker - Beers and Sunshine ✔ Luke Bryan - Down to One ✔ Blake Shelton - Minimum Wage ✔ Jordan Davis - Almost Maybes ✔ Kenny Chesney - Happy Does Justin Moore - We Didn't Have Much

  7. Surprise K

    Surprise K3 days ago

    How is this country??????

  8. Huckleberry Winn

    Huckleberry Winn4 days ago

    this is awful. wtf

  9. ellie o

    ellie o4 days ago

    Ahhh shiiiii they did our boi Adam so dirty 😂 not what I was expecting

  10. G C

    G C5 days ago

    Honestly, I'm just speechless.

  11. Nurse13

    Nurse135 days ago

    So proud of Hannah! Sending big love!

  12. Jen’s Violin Worship

    Jen’s Violin Worship6 days ago

    Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you♥️ Never give up on your life! 🙏

  13. Jay Weekes

    Jay Weekes6 days ago

    beat a bit bassy...missing that country twang

  14. Sxrypt

    Sxrypt6 days ago


  15. Rémi C

    Rémi C6 days ago

    Where is your beard ?

  16. Pamela Peters

    Pamela Peters6 days ago

    I love Hannah and this song.

  17. Love Kpop

    Love Kpop6 days ago

    I love love it! ❤️

  18. Mariane Rizzuto

    Mariane Rizzuto6 days ago

    Is the guy on the couch with the guitar a reference to Jed?😂😂😂

  19. M S

    M S6 days ago

    Authentic sweet Hannah Brown ❤️

  20. Camelia Bumbulici

    Camelia Bumbulici6 days ago

    Excelenta melodie ,superba voce .Pupici din România. ROXI .

  21. Vicky Moks

    Vicky Moks7 days ago

    This song will always remind me of spring time quarantine of 2020. Good times, stuck at home, drinking wine & listening to some good music 👍

  22. L DS

    L DS7 days ago

    Had to see Hannah, now have a new favorite song!

  23. Heather Relph

    Heather Relph7 days ago

    Soon many bachelor peoplebwill be in the country world

  24. Nanosh

    Nanosh7 days ago

    Everyone saying they're here for Hanna Brown.. as much as I like her but I'm listening to the song cuz Jorda Davis is my fav country singer.... He did it again, a beautiful song ❤🥰❤🥰

  25. Jean Sanders

    Jean Sanders7 days ago

    I am IN LOVE with that song, and Hannah B just makes it better, SO happy for you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Ariana Centeno Vlogs

    Ariana Centeno Vlogs7 days ago

    Hannah is literally the queen

  27. Paulyne Nguyen

    Paulyne Nguyen7 days ago

    This made me love this song even more!!! Yes Hannah Brown 🙌🏻

  28. Sarah Cervenak

    Sarah Cervenak7 days ago

    This song is great and Hannah was perfect for this video!! ❤️

  29. Sharie Bartholomew

    Sharie Bartholomew8 days ago

    Absolutely love the new song, my first marriage was a disaster but if not for that I would not have met my husband Daniel who is the love of my life and the one who remembers that daisy's are my favorite flowers and treats me like a queen keep up the great work your songs are great and really loved meeting you at the Clair county fair ❣

  30. Tara Spaid

    Tara Spaid8 days ago

    Oh my goodness, love his music, loved the song, and then Hannah Brown in the video! PERFECTION!

  31. Nokutenda 2

    Nokutenda 28 days ago

    I'M HERE!!!

  32. Veronica G

    Veronica G8 days ago

    Hannah is the cutest! Such a cute song, she was perfect for this video!

  33. Melina Lopez

    Melina Lopez8 days ago

    Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. You go girl

  34. Melina Lopez

    Melina Lopez8 days ago

    I'm here because of Hannah

  35. Amanda Frew

    Amanda Frew8 days ago

    Y’all come for HB I came for JD 😎

  36. Joshua R Music

    Joshua R Music8 days ago

    love this song

  37. R. Yang

    R. Yang8 days ago

    What a cute music video! ❤️

  38. Anggie M

    Anggie M8 days ago

    To be honest, watching that MV was because of Hannah, but the song is on repeat now and it's stuck in my head 🤣🤣🤣 that song and that MV. I'm a new Jordan Davis fan now 😉 & start listening to and following some of your songs ☺ - ps. I also love most of Hillary Lindsey's songs for Carrie Underwood

  39. Peyt Byrd

    Peyt Byrd6 days ago

    Jordan Davis is fantastic love his new Almost Maybe song n video Congratulations you are a Country Hit

  40. TipsyTom1242

    TipsyTom12428 days ago

    Why are the country singers with beards the best, Jordan Davis and Luke combs.

  41. Sally Foster

    Sally Foster8 days ago

    So many white people in this video lul

  42. Alice Pahler

    Alice Pahler8 days ago

    I came here for Hannah Brown, and now I am a fan of Jordan Davis...this is a great song! You can check this off your bucket list now, Hannah!

  43. Daniel Montenegro

    Daniel Montenegro8 days ago

    found my new hit!

  44. Jean Sanders

    Jean Sanders8 days ago

    LOVE this and Love your song, it fits perfectly!!!!!

  45. andrew

    andrew8 days ago

    WE LOVE BOGIES! #geauxtigahs

  46. Kristal Roberts

    Kristal Roberts8 days ago

    I already loved this song but with Hannah in the music video, I love it that much more 😬

  47. LeezPgh

    LeezPgh8 days ago

    Sweet song

  48. Katie Anne

    Katie Anne9 days ago

    LIVING FOR THIS!!! 😍😍😍😍 So precious!!! ❤️❤️

  49. Kristen Ellis

    Kristen Ellis9 days ago

    Love the song and love Hannah!

  50. ronnee86

    ronnee869 days ago

    This song is my new fav country song Hannah brown and her bf in the video make me love it more

  51. Lena

    Lena9 days ago

    Hannah brought me here😇

  52. Muhammad Abid

    Muhammad Abid9 days ago

    Real superstar voice. Love you brother from Dubai

  53. Karma S

    Karma S9 days ago

    Love the song! At the 1:00 minute mark he sings ‘Momma loved her more than me’ Tyler Cameron did say his mom loved Hannah and that’s why they connected during quarantine! Great song maybe looking into it too much! 😃

  54. Samarah Meil

    Samarah Meil8 days ago

    Yes, love someone else notice the parallels! Andrea did love HB. 💛

  55. Amy M.

    Amy M.9 days ago

    I agree. I thought maybe Jordan's journey might mirror to Tyler and Hannah... just saying. Love the song now!

  56. Nel Torre

    Nel Torre9 days ago

    This what I watched after seeing Hannah brown IG story😊

  57. chanvi soya

    chanvi soya9 days ago

    Here dor Hannah ❤️

  58. Kay Stamm

    Kay Stamm9 days ago

    SONG ON REPEAT! Love this song so much and my girl Hannah ❤️ Thanks for making her dream come true Jordan!!! Great job!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  59. Jairick Delamasa

    Jairick Delamasa9 days ago

    Hannah brown look so pretty here! 😍

  60. Gina Rivera

    Gina Rivera9 days ago

    Obsessed AND HANNAH

  61. Erika Head

    Erika Head9 days ago

    Love this!

  62. Bella Binoy

    Bella Binoy9 days ago

    Does anyone else think the dude with the guitar on the couch was a jab at Jed or do I have too much free time on my hand? 🤔

  63. Bella Binoy

    Bella Binoy8 days ago

    @Tricia I'm surprised too! This is fun getting to know someone who loves the same thing as me 🤗

  64. Tricia

    Tricia8 days ago

    @Bella Binoy I like them. They saved the season after the Clare & Dale fiasco. Hannah is my favorite tho. It was priceless when she moved the rose podium to get away from Luke. I'm just surprised that all the guys didn't speak up after the show about being duped by Jed. The guys were lied to too!

  65. Bella Binoy

    Bella Binoy8 days ago

    @Tricia I'm loving all these new thoughts! Just curious what do you think about Tayshia and Zac?! I adore Zac so much 💕

  66. Tricia

    Tricia8 days ago

    Maybe it was a reference to Tyler as guy in t-shirt on couch and the guitar represents Jed. A two-fer!!

  67. Kym Richardson

    Kym Richardson8 days ago

    I thought they should've had Jed in there. Would've been a blast, but yes to your observation. :)

  68. mark wilson

    mark wilson9 days ago

    Great song great video listening uk :-)

  69. Melissa

    Melissa9 days ago

    He looks very handsome with the short beard.

  70. Lee James

    Lee James9 days ago

    Bat sh*t crazy was left in! Amazing! 😍😍🤠

  71. R Casas

    R Casas9 days ago

    My life story lol, the crazy maybes ;)

  72. Denise Stepaniak

    Denise Stepaniak9 days ago

    Love the song, video and Miss Hannah Brown!

  73. Dovakin 46

    Dovakin 469 days ago

    Hannah dear is here....

  74. Chrissy Luna

    Chrissy Luna9 days ago

    Love this song.❤

  75. Israel Assefa

    Israel Assefa9 days ago

    huge fan of HB. I loved the song and I loved the video. Good job.

  76. digipunk

    digipunk9 days ago

    This sounds just like what market research has determined that I like. Kind of country and a little r&b … I just wish there was more product placement so that I know where to throw my money.

  77. Margaret Taylor Obogeanu

    Margaret Taylor Obogeanu9 days ago

    I loved the song and the video! Congratulations everyone involved.

  78. Amy Carswell Coffey

    Amy Carswell Coffey9 days ago

    Love this song ❤️💛💜 & Of course watching the gorgeous Hannah Brown is a bonus 💜😍🔥🔥

  79. V.T Khairili

    V.T Khairili9 days ago

  80. Ethan Germann

    Ethan Germann9 days ago

    Love everything about this song and music video! 🔥 Go Hannah Brown! Way to represent Bachelor Nation! 🌹 Love this song! 💚

  81. Kevin Mcnamee

    Kevin Mcnamee9 days ago

    Formulaic for the dull minded. If you’re planning on copying what’s out there, copy Sturgill. Otherwise, try to be original and be proud. America!

  82. Desi Fype

    Desi Fype9 days ago

    I loved the song! But I love Hannah Brown more! 🙌🤩

  83. B B

    B B9 days ago

    YASSSSSS BEST CO-STAR CHOICE!!! We love the beast, Hannah Brown!!!!!!

  84. G C

    G C9 days ago

    Oh Wow! Something we can agree on and this song being a positive, uplifting sentiment regarding the future.

  85. kelly staiger

    kelly staiger9 days ago

    Well this is even sweeter cause look who it is with the ring proposal ~ Irony :) Hannah's new bf and maybe someday she won't be walking away from the ring hw may give her :) Great video !

  86. Samarah Meil

    Samarah MeilDay ago

    @kelly staiger Hee bf is Adam Woolard he is a business guy and model. 💛

  87. Ava Guleserian

    Ava Guleserian2 days ago

    @kelly staiger maybe this is off but i think they're all supposed to be actual ppl. like the guy w the guitar could be jed wyatt (the musician from her season on the bachelorette)

  88. kelly staiger

    kelly staiger8 days ago

    @hannahbrown we need a you tube video stat !!! Explain it all to us :)

  89. kelly staiger

    kelly staiger8 days ago

    @Samarah Meil Hi, who is he ? Didn't recognize him.

  90. Samarah Meil

    Samarah Meil9 days ago

    Did you notice the uninterested guy with the guitar? 😄

  91. Puja Kundu

    Puja Kundu9 days ago


  92. Jenelle Lubig

    Jenelle Lubig9 days ago

    What I want to know is, how long did you have to wait between filming for that beard to grow in?? Or did you film the first part after and trimmed it?? So curious! Ha. Love the video and especially HB!

  93. Amanda Baxter

    Amanda Baxter9 days ago

    Love Hannah Brown! Love this video! Perfect 🙌🏻

  94. Robin Lee

    Robin Lee9 days ago

    Love love love ❤️ The guy with the guitar on the couch is definitely a jab at Jed

  95. Robin Lee

    Robin Lee9 days ago

    @Samarah Meil 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  96. Samarah Meil

    Samarah Meil9 days ago

    Exactly 💯 😄

  97. Jennifer Dijames

    Jennifer Dijames9 days ago

    Good job Jordan. I've heard that song. But never seen the video.

  98. Brooke O'Brien

    Brooke O'Brien9 days ago

    Love this song! Hannah is a perfect addition.

  99. Chris Lindsey

    Chris Lindsey9 days ago

    I am thankful for all of my almost maybes that led me to Teisha.

  100. patricia obasanjo

    patricia obasanjo9 days ago

    @kelly johnson its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

  101. flor magallan

    flor magallan9 days ago


  102. emily murphy

    emily murphy9 days ago

    love this song lmfao

  103. Lucio Forte

    Lucio Forte9 days ago


  104. Lindsay Sturkie

    Lindsay Sturkie9 days ago

    Awwww I LOVE this so much!! 💖💖💖

  105. Teresa Chagares

    Teresa Chagares9 days ago

    Super cute. Love the song and Hannah Brown is perfect!

  106. Djallel Bou

    Djallel Bou9 days ago

    guess iam the only algerian who listens to such country songs..damn man country is just a dream

  107. Eva S

    Eva S9 days ago

    This song was made for Hannah 👍

  108. Alli Mac

    Alli Mac9 days ago

    Love this song love all your music ❤️

  109. No name Jane

    No name Jane9 days ago

    Can’t get over Hannah and her bf in this video. So happy she found her happiness!!

  110. Leslie Diana

    Leslie Diana9 days ago

    I love you Hannah!!!

  111. Barchies bach

    Barchies bach9 days ago

    Is the the guy who proposed to HB in this music video the guy she just became social media official with! 🤩 looks like him! Maybe this is how they met?

  112. Kay Stamm

    Kay Stamm9 days ago

    Yes that’s Adam. ❤️ They’re perfect for each other. Met through a mutual friend.

  113. Orlando Kawak

    Orlando Kawak9 days ago

    Very Nice♥️👍♥️👍♥️👍

  114. Lucy Rodlund

    Lucy Rodlund9 days ago

    i love this music video and song so much

  115. bamagirl2319

    bamagirl23199 days ago

    Hannah Brown crushed it. So incredibly beautiful in this video!

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    D-MAK Productions9 days ago

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