My Apology Video..


  1. Ryan Upchurch

    Ryan Upchurch11 days ago

    Look at the like to dislike ratio.. COUNTRY MUSIC HAS SPOKE 🤘🏼🇺🇸

  2. Benny McKeon

    Benny McKeonDay ago

    Taylor made 832 fake gmail's to dislike and it wasn't enough for anyone to care💩

  3. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole4 days ago

    Hey Ryan upchurch what about my buddy chandler Roberts y’all still hanging out and vibing

  4. BUGZ

    BUGZ6 days ago

    @Taylor Cronin trollin that hard with your government name out there like that? Yea real smart. And yes, that’s your name. You want to get trolled by a real troll with real trolling tools? Be safe.

  5. VIVANOFF беге

    VIVANOFF беге6 days ago

    Lol, I wont listen to Luke Combs anymore. What a pos. Dude needs to go and comb his beard. And the thing about the Dixie Chicks, that was hilarious, man. Greetings from Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Stay strong, brother

  6. chase creech

    chase creech7 days ago

    Your awesome Ryan love it

  7. Sully Omalley

    Sully Omalley31 minute ago

    Bro! Preach it! ✊🏻😎 This is why I like and respect you good sir! You're a realist! 💯!!!

  8. Sully Omalley

    Sully Omalley40 minutes ago

    Lmfao the opening.. "you thought this was an apology video, wicked chuckle, that's cute 😈" YES!!! 💯🤣😂🤘🏻😎💚

  9. billy williams

    billy williams2 hours ago


  10. Imari Saga

    Imari Saga2 hours ago

    If gaslighting was a person 😭😭😭

  11. Birdman_0811

    Birdman_08113 hours ago

    And this is why I hate country music!

  12. Julie Bowman

    Julie Bowman5 hours ago

    I don't understand is now it's suddenly a problem. something that happened in 2000 it suddenly a problem 21 years later like get over it it happened 21 years later why is everyone in such a big deal about the past it's in the past let it go. This happened in 2015 it wasn't a problem then. Let it go. like this cancer culture BS is trying to take all the bad stuff all the so-called racist stuff that happened in our past and in our history and tried to erase it like it never happened and that's the cure for unity and that's a cure for racism that it doesn't work like that.

  13. SPACEBOY86

    SPACEBOY867 hours ago

    Was raised in Tennessee til i was 12. Moved to Michigan been here ever since. Man i miss TN. Be proud of where tf u come from. Fuck what the rest have to say. Fuck wit a fellow TN mufukka!

  14. SPACEBOY86

    SPACEBOY867 hours ago


  15. Jeff Ritenour Jr

    Jeff Ritenour Jr8 hours ago

    Hell yeah.. Heritage not hate. The past is the past. Part of history. At least someone in the spot light says it so it might get recognized. Keep that shit up

  16. Mandy Megehee

    Mandy Megehee10 hours ago

    I love your honesty

  17. Wojciech Omiotek

    Wojciech Omiotek11 hours ago


  18. Jessica Helmick

    Jessica Helmick11 hours ago

    Always be yourself and if they like you good but if they dont who gives a shit cause you wasnt trying to impress noone but your real folks!

  19. Kat Hall

    Kat Hall12 hours ago

    Truth hurts people, thank you for this. Please stay safe, healthy, kind, strong and happy everyone, peace and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.

  20. Shorty YT

    Shorty YT13 hours ago

    Upchurch is the real 1

  21. Chopped Cheese

    Chopped Cheese14 hours ago

    I guess you're telling us you're a bad person? Big step of growing up for you, never expected this much from a snowflake. Also country music is just dumbed down and stolen blues music 🤣 maybe learn the short history of the genre before speaking like you know what it's about

  22. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith15 hours ago

    Preach it brotha!!!

  23. Cope Reynolds

    Cope Reynolds15 hours ago

    You're not the last one left, brother. You keep standing for your core beliefs. I'm proud of you and I'll stand right there with you. My friend, LaVoy Finicum, would damned sure approve!

  24. William Colmer

    William Colmer16 hours ago

    I fucking love this video. Stand up brother.

  25. Gwen Gwen

    Gwen Gwen16 hours ago


  26. Josh Wilson

    Josh Wilson16 hours ago

    Good for you brother ! Never afraid to say what needs to be said! I've been a fan of yours litterally since the beginning. I love that you are dedicated to being true and staying you. Keep up the good work man. RHEC

  27. Amanda Ahumada

    Amanda Ahumada19 hours ago

    Words of wisdom!!! Everyone needs to hear this!!! ::Shared in my fb profile PUBLICLY::

  28. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams20 hours ago

    ah yes, wrap yourself in that warm, nostalgic blanket built *quite literally* on hate and oppression. SO glad you didnt have to face what others had to growing up. I feel sorry for you because you obviously don’t understand. (not that anyone expected much from you)

  29. Josh Rich

    Josh Rich22 hours ago

    Awesome fucking video bro! Well said man

  30. Jessica Mickel

    Jessica MickelDay ago

    I saw the title and was like wtf he apologizing for, that ain’t Upchurch lol, gut feeling was right

  31. Frank Payne, Esq.

    Frank Payne, Esq.Day ago

    Tyler Childers needs to watch this.

  32. Todd Jackson

    Todd JacksonDay ago

    I feel that this country is heading in a direction of removing everything that is deemed "offensive" and start having everything in American culture put in bubble wrap and baby proof. That is when, in time, people are going to forget what it means to be truly offended and I don't see how that outcome can be anything but detrimental. There are aspects of this guy's views I don't agree with 100% but I definitely agree with his no holds barred, shoot from the hip, this is what I believe, either love me or leave me alone attitude and pushing back against cancel culture. It's a rarity among most people these days. Be you. Don't conform. It's admirable whether you hate to hear him, don't agree with everything he says, or you love him. Like I said, becoming increasingly difficult and looked down upon for speaking your mind, respect or don't pay attention while they are getting rid of Dr. Seuss books.

  33. Ryan H

    Ryan HDay ago

    I guess lil Jon and the east sideboyz are racists too. Yall remember that fire throw yo hood up... check that album cover if you don’t. 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Knawt Woak

    Knawt WoakDay ago

    Preach it!

  35. Tiff Ro

    Tiff RoDay ago

    Honestly my life would be complete if you said you were gunna wear black, tell the record label you were playing at Folsom Prison, and sung Folsom Prison Blues. If literally die❤️

  36. Thor Gomez :]

    Thor Gomez :]Day ago

    U are the man bro!

  37. Sykoz vibing

    Sykoz vibingDay ago


  38. Caleb Robirds

    Caleb RobirdsDay ago

    If there ever was a man who talked more about his fame than upchurch. This is the only man if he was canceled I would just go along with it so

  39. Brett Landon

    Brett LandonDay ago

    As a Southern man myself I couldn't agree more brother! Ppl are fuckin stupid 😂😂

  40. pancho friesen

    pancho friesenDay ago

    You’re not country music........

  41. Mark Fanning

    Mark FanningDay ago

    Pancho go clean some toilets!

  42. Jon Venzuela

    Jon VenzuelaDay ago

    Nobody needs the forgiveness of the woke fascists. Keep standing up for freedom!

  43. Pstol Cat

    Pstol CatDay ago

    Subscribed because of this video. Love the honesty. I'm born and bread country and I love the stars and bars. Not racist for me its heritage

  44. Todd Jackson

    Todd JacksonDay ago

    I am a Black man and I don't really listen to country (modern at least) someone told me about dude. He nailed it with the whole "Black people aren't weak" thing. I dont fuck with BLM because it's no longer our movement. Dude is saying a lot from his heart and I don't hear any hate and I've seen hate. What's some of his best songs I can check out?

  45. Ethan Foster

    Ethan FosterDay ago

    Never cave to the woke socialists. You’re all we have left. Luke Combs is a spineless coward. Apologizing for the Confederate flag. It’s a symbol of pride for the South. Never back down.

  46. Lark Mcgee

    Lark McgeeDay ago

    Enjoyed the apology video.

  47. Richard Broyles aka KAMOTT

    Richard Broyles aka KAMOTTDay ago

    Take'em to Church

  48. Have courage and Be kind

    Have courage and Be kindDay ago

    Bullies hurt people more than a piece of cloth yet I have never seen anyone attack a bully like this!

  49. Tiffany Holmes

    Tiffany HolmesDay ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It sucks when people that aren't from the south think that the Confederate flag ONLY represents racism... its a way of life down here, not saying we hate POC. Thank you for always keeping it real... thats why we all ♥️ you. #CreekSquadForLife

  50. Nora Yiayia

    Nora YiayiaDay ago

    Hey Ryan Upchurch, keep on keeping on. Glad to see some real attitude without giving up.

  51. Joseph Williams

    Joseph WilliamsDay ago

    You just made a fan!! Wish I could like this a thousand times!

  52. Charles McHaley

    Charles McHaleyDay ago

    You and Tom Macdonald are the only ones.

  53. Jacob Gyurica

    Jacob GyuricaDay ago

    Nothing but love for you bro!!!

  54. Jimmy Hammond

    Jimmy HammondDay ago

    Hey Church, you ever thought about flipping the script on cancel culture and re-do Outlaw with a real outlaw musician. Even one much like you outside the scene but established nor controlled by the industry.

  55. Murr Rockstroh

    Murr RockstrohDay ago

    Jericho Green sent me here. Great video.

  56. dreamlandshetlands2

    dreamlandshetlands2Day ago

    Best video. I share this with all my friends. Never apologize for pride in our country and for being from the south. We love you cause you don’t use a filter you just keep it real from the heart.

  57. sword slashers

    sword slashersDay ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm so dead rn I just waked n baked lmao and I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥

  58. sword slashers

    sword slashersDay ago

    Awe snap we rocked them bishes in high school lmao I ain't seen a dixi outfitters shirt in years 🤣🤣 I fuggin love you

  59. Mariah Paynter

    Mariah PaynterDay ago

    Same! I honestly still have my Dixie Outfitters shirts from high school. Lol. They are a little over 10 years old & have seen some better days. But I could never get rid of them!😂

  60. ATN gaming & Outdoors

    ATN gaming & OutdoorsDay ago


  61. Eternal Grey

    Eternal GreyDay ago

    What Ryan is saying is The Outlaws, Rebels and any other badass of the old never folded because someone told them too, or Never folded to begin with Now Every Outlaw, Rebel and any other bad ass is folding because someone else got in trouble not even them or around them If that don't seem off to you, you might want to see a doctor

  62. Artifactsofmars

    ArtifactsofmarsDay ago

    While you make some good political points, your music is another thing. This is not country music. I sampled three different videos; all three got tossed from my computer in under 30 seconds. One got tossed in under 5 seconds, which is a personal record for me. . Hank Williams is crying in his grave.

  63. RJZII

    RJZIIDay ago

    Not a fan of illegal immigration, and our tax money paying for them to live here. come in legally and pay taxes.

  64. Liz Klein

    Liz KleinDay ago

    I have a hard time listening to modern country, upchurch said it himself “ country is on its knees “, upchurch is the definition of country, he has never changed

  65. Operation 660

    Operation 660Day ago

    I like how this (Apology) Video went to 1 million quick fast and in a hurry 🤣 🤣

  66. Nicholas Hagman

    Nicholas HagmanDay ago

    [TRUMP] IS MY PRESIDENT#1048460 lets put some red white and blue tracers in some heads hit me up!!

  67. Maria Palladino

    Maria Palladino2 days ago

    I’m not a country fan, but I am now. This guy right here!!! We’re over this “woke” culture.

  68. Sivart Nildem

    Sivart Nildem20 hours ago


  69. All Armour Coatings

    All Armour Coatings2 days ago

    Whoever disliked this video, really need to take a good look at themselves. You are the problem!! Church spoke nothing but truth!!

  70. SunTanNose&SandyToes My kids took over my acount

    SunTanNose&SandyToes My kids took over my acount2 days ago

    Amen! 🙏 the reble flag has Never ever meant anything other to me then just being in the south...eastern NC to be exact...its a way of living! The dirt road i lived fires in my back yard...sweet home Alabama on the speakers lighnen bugs in a coals on the grill...good beer good friend's great time's! ....yeah, thats what it means to me! No more no less!! 🤷‍♀️

  71. The Englins

    The Englins2 days ago

    Church speaks truth and backs it up with facts....RHEC, Creeksquad respond with continual listening of great Upchurch music.

  72. bill kamel

    bill kamel2 days ago

    U my boy Church

  73. BrocNerd

    BrocNerd2 days ago

    Not a huge country fan, but this makes me like it more.

  74. Robbie Atterbury

    Robbie Atterbury2 days ago

    Upchurch ur the man your music is awesome keep it up

  75. Wes Mikel

    Wes Mikel2 days ago

    No American should ever apologize for being who they are and true to where they come from. Stay humble and most importantly stay true to yourself. If you do that, you can’t ever go wrong. Fuck the haters, let the haters motivate you to reach greatness. BTW Luke Combs is a pussy. Keep it Country and stay away from that Luke Bryan pop country crap.

  76. 真真善美

    真真善美2 days ago


  77. TheLonewolfottawa

    TheLonewolfottawa2 days ago

    this canadian is digging out his dead fathers pre 70s silk rebel flag spray-painting upchurch on it and hanging it up

  78. MaineBorn Redneck

    MaineBorn Redneck2 days ago

    Freaking love this, you and I are cut from the same cloth would be awesome to Shoot the bull with you sometime

  79. Kristi J Seifert

    Kristi J Seifert2 days ago

    "Who is marren morris" LOL

  80. Bruin

    Bruin2 days ago

    The South will and shall rise up again!

  81. Bruin

    Bruin2 days ago

    The Dixie flag is not a racist symbol and never will be.

  82. Milton Bonilla

    Milton Bonilla2 days ago

    Any Tour Dates ?

  83. Milton Bonilla

    Milton Bonilla2 days ago

    The Boss Spoke..

  84. Charlie.B

    Charlie.B2 days ago

    This is most passive aggressive thing ever

  85. Jenna Strange

    Jenna Strange2 days ago

    You are fantastic Upchurch! Call em out man!!

  86. Tyler Dennis

    Tyler Dennis2 days ago

    Just linked this video under a post on Facebook post about burning a rebel flags

  87. Donnie Wake

    Donnie Wake2 days ago

    Wish I could love this!!!

  88. Joel Farley

    Joel Farley2 days ago

    Luke is just the industry’s puppet...

  89. Pąřådox S.O.B

    Pąřådox S.O.B2 days ago

    Honestly man this type of shit is why I follow you. Like so many artists don't feel like people. Because teams tell them how to feel think or what to say. I respect you because you have some commen sense and keeping it real.

  90. Tyler Baker

    Tyler Baker2 days ago

    Speak it to existence and let them know what it means ole son!

  91. Mark Dickinson

    Mark Dickinson2 days ago

    I’m with ya brother!👍🏻🤛🏻

  92. tanya Mason

    tanya Mason2 days ago

    Luke combs Sellout !!

  93. tanya Mason

    tanya Mason2 days ago

    I just love Ryan !!

  94. MakeNSaves

    MakeNSaves2 days ago

    With my last name being Combs I feel disgraced. This is pure insanity

  95. j Allman

    j Allman2 days ago

    I'm proud to be from the south creek squad

  96. Scott Robertson

    Scott Robertson2 days ago

    I agree with up church why should we have to say sorry for anything like I fly the rebel flag everyday I do t hate anyonr but I am not going to take my flag down just to make someone else feel happy

  97. Popa Funk

    Popa Funk2 days ago

    Dude what happened to those old shirts? Wish my old ones from high school still fit! Dixie outfitters was the shit!

  98. Spaz Smoke

    Spaz Smoke3 days ago

    The Confederate flag is anti-American as it gets. Today many people in the South still fly the Confederate flag to proudly represent their history and honor the past. These same people proudly fly the American flag next to the Confederate flag. Yet these two symbols directly oppose each other. The Confederate flag is a symbol of violence, oppression, and treason and should not be honored. From 1861-65, the Civil War raged on. With over 800,000 dead, it was by far the bloodiest war in all of America’s history. The South wanted to secede from the North and would stop at nothing. It wasn’t until 1865 that they finally surrendered with much of the South burned to the ground. Though the Confederacy was never declared treason in court, it is the very definition of treason defined in Article Three of the Constitution. It’s one thing to remember the past; honoring it is an entirely different story. The South wanted to secede for many reasons, mainly concerning slavery and states’ rights. However, even states’ rights were linked to slavery. They wanted to own slaves while the North did not, meaning the conflict over slavery mainly caused the Civil War. Slavery was a horrible institution. Not only was it incredibly brutal and harmful to people, cultures, and nations, but it was also racist. The Confederate flag represents that racism. The racist values of the Confederacy go against the principles of the Constitution as “all men should be created equal.” Even despite the Constitutional Convention compromises such as the Three-Fifths Compromise, the Electoral College, and slavery allowed in southern territories, the South was still displeased. The Confederate States refused to adapt to a changing world that was rapidly eliminating slavery. Even after the Civil War, the US made compromises to the South during Reconstruction resulting in Jim Crow laws and the tolerance of the KKK, which was started months after the Civil War ended. Not until 1965, with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, did we finally end these racist laws.

  99. Charles O

    Charles O2 days ago

    Spaz is a good name for you

  100. Alex CK

    Alex CK3 days ago

    "Who's Maren Morris?" That was savage af upchurch!!!! 🤣💀



    LoL .... love these videos.

  102. Cool Colt50

    Cool Colt503 days ago

    Bruh the confederacy didn’t they free the slaves but the union wanted to keep them😂😭👌👍

  103. Cool Colt50

    Cool Colt5014 hours ago

    @OniiChan if you would pick up a history book u would know tbh😂👌

  104. OniiChan

    OniiChan23 hours ago


  105. Daryl Mingone

    Daryl Mingone3 days ago

    I’m a recently new fan of yours Ryan. I agree with this whole video. The part where you said “if you are a good person people will know it and if you are a piece of shit people will know it” is 100% facts! Keep up the good fight. You have another loyal fan right here.



    Bro you got my vote for President👍. Love it! Keep it up! Never back down from these fake ass little bitches!

  107. A2343

    A23433 days ago

  108. Kevin K

    Kevin K3 days ago

    Bro you’ve changed my perspective towards newer generation of music I relate to your music

  109. Joey King

    Joey King3 days ago

    Dude! Combs sold out. I think you should re-record and release the song and video with me singing in his place! Hit me up, I’ll do it for free!

  110. Blake Border

    Blake Border3 days ago

    Everything he just said is 100% spot on I'm country and I never once thought about race until this past year with the nonsense going on now

  111. Baby Girl

    Baby Girl3 days ago