British Guy Reacts to 25 U.S. Animals You Won't Find Anywhere Else

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  1. Conan Edogawa

    Conan Edogawa29 minutes ago

    Chipmunks are around 1/4 the size of a squirrel, and they also have another adaptation of being able to expand their cheeks in order to store a large number of nuts. I actually fed a chipmunk almonds once. It packed around 6 almonds into it's mouth, which totaled up to almost the size of it's entire head.

  2. paige harrison

    paige harrison2 hours ago

    Bald Eagles live in all North American countries.

  3. Rusty Reese

    Rusty Reese7 hours ago

    That was an alligator snapping turtle that guy was holding. And we still haven't figured out what their life span is. A lot of these turtles have been found with musket balls in their shells dating from the revolutionary War. It's crazy to think that they can live over two centuries.

  4. im_a_ muffin

    im_a_ muffin8 hours ago

    I moved into a new apartment and my 3rd day here a hawk decided to kamikaze itself into my upstairs window! My daughter is now terrified of birds.. American birds just don't give a crap

  5. Okiekan

    Okiekan12 hours ago

    They have alligators are across the south, even as far as Texas. A chipmunk is basically a ground squirrel.

  6. Papa Gaming

    Papa Gaming21 hour ago

    I was like is he trying to say squirrels ???

  7. I_KPOP_Fan

    I_KPOP_Fan23 hours ago

    Luka sweetie, the deer don’t run and knock people out. They run in front of vehicles. The majority of American roads or highways don’t have a wall, guardrail or fence next to them, so wild animals (or domestic ones even if they get loose) can just run in front of vehicles. At night especially, or in hunting season it is particularly bad. They can dart out of a field or from behind something and you never have time to stop. The only time you’ll see state or federally placed fences, walls or guardrails are when there is a dangerous drop-off that a car could go down (and those aren’t guaranteed. Road maintenance is pretty damn poor in the US.)

  8. Gabrielle Molinaro

    Gabrielle MolinaroDay ago

    The alligator turtle or whatever makes me think it’d be found in the Avatar: the Last Airbender universe.

  9. BoilerBloodline

    BoilerBloodlineDay ago

    Fun fact: When I was a kid the Bald Eagle was on the verge of extinction. After an extensive conservation effort I now see them quite often. It was officially removed from the endanger species list in 2007.

  10. Stud Lord

    Stud LordDay ago

    Moose have derailed freight trains.

  11. SinginHigh

    SinginHighDay ago

    The Bald Eagle is classed as a fish eagle. Fish eagles are found all over the world. According to the Birds of Prey Preserve in Idaho they all have white heads.

  12. Wes Schofield

    Wes SchofieldDay ago

    I had a chipmunk go right up my pant leg looking for nuts!

  13. mplwy

    mplwyDay ago

    Ok, I'm not trying to be rude but please go watch some nature shows, preferably those from the '60s through the '90s. New Animal World even helped me through Science class (stuff I'd watched in the early '80s helped me in the late '80s/early '90s). Old Discovery Channel stuff, even old Disney nature shows will show you, not everything (of course, I'm still seeing "new" stuff today), but a lot of stuff you apparently and unfortunately, haven't seen. 😊 And not just American animals. ❤

  14. mplwy

    mplwyDay ago

    Platypus?! 🤨🧐

  15. Chris Schmidt

    Chris SchmidtDay ago

    Bro, I would love to hang out with you, smoke some kind buds and talk.

  16. Knowledge Girl

    Knowledge Girl2 days ago

    You might expand it to North American animals; we have all sorts of cuddly critters like the alligator snapping turtle you saw (I have a lake in my back yard and we have the occasional alligator snapper) and raccoons.

  17. rlhrock

    rlhrock2 days ago

    Can’t hear the narrative, cause you run your month!!

  18. Heather V

    Heather V2 days ago

    Alligator snapping turtles can reach their neck out about a foot and can reach halfway across their shell. They can also take off your fingers- or your hand if it’s big enough. I remember canoeing in a lake once and a 2 foot long one stuck it’s head up right beside the boat and then rammed it. Man it was scary lol didn’t tip me over but not for lack of trying

  19. Cindy Matthews, Arrowdale Art Studios

    Cindy Matthews, Arrowdale Art Studios2 days ago

    There are stats on how many drivers in Pennsylvania have hit a deer -- and it's ridiculously high. Crazy. Most have done it more than once. They are a menace.

  20. Spencer VanOchten

    Spencer VanOchten2 days ago

    15:15 clip that sound

  21. Ferret Potato

    Ferret Potato2 days ago

    the lowest population of the black-footed ferret was eighteen and was thought to be extinct at one point until the eighteen were found together.

  22. Robby Anderson

    Robby Anderson2 days ago

    Alligator snapping turtles are absolutely massive animals. Search up pictures of the biggest ones.

  23. rh1507

    rh15072 days ago

    I remember going to South Carolina when my brother was stationed in Charleston, SC. He and his wife and I with my former went to an old plantation. On the way out you could walk through this trail and gators were all over the place. It was kind of cool.

  24. erin hutchins

    erin hutchins2 days ago

    Chipmunks are are tiny compared to squirrels. Also, I love it when you say "squirrels"

  25. Jason Lough

    Jason Lough2 days ago

    Dude look up alligator gar fish :-) They have those in the midwest.

  26. Daniel Fronc

    Daniel Fronc3 days ago

    SHUT THE F*CK UP SO WE CAN HEAR THE BIOLOGIST/ZOOLOGIST'S INFORMATION Aw hell, after just under 6 minutes I'm leaving. We don't need to know how ignorant of these animals you are! Thumbs down!

  27. Daniel Fronc

    Daniel Fronc3 days ago

    Dude, shit up so we can hear the information and NOT your lack of knowledge of the simplest of things!

  28. Daniel Fronc

    Daniel Fronc3 days ago

    It's the Bald Headed Eagle for chrissakes. Quite talking and get to it!

  29. 900PingRS

    900PingRS3 days ago

    somebody send this guy to the US already he clearly crying for help

  30. Eugene Ward

    Eugene Ward3 days ago

    Benjamin Franklin wanted the national animal to be the turkey lol

  31. Lizzy Rae

    Lizzy Rae3 days ago

    Stand your mic on a chair or stool. It echoes every time you touch the table.

  32. Lucas Ahumada

    Lucas Ahumada3 days ago

    Casually forgets the word squirrel

  33. DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!3 days ago

    Watch the Cat 🐈 Vs Alligator 🐊 for once the cat Wins 😆

  34. DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!3 days ago

    Lol 😂 you couldn’t tell the difference between a chipmunk 🐿 and a Squirrel 🐿 😆 but seriously we have both 🤷‍♂️ they are adorable

  35. DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!

    DEF Mistwalker Eevee Nation Gaming!3 days ago

    So the alligators 🐊 and crocodiles 🐊 they mentioned here being about 4-15 feet is kinda true but the biggest living one has his own secluded cage at the Alligator farm in South Florida, I actually met it once, it’s just over 19feet long in 2007 and it’s mother was stuffed and mounted in a display room next to him, she was I think 21-27 feet long I can’t remember but it was about 7 to 9 meters long. Not the last of the giants but close too it.

  36. it'sBernadette

    it'sBernadette3 days ago

    petition to crowdfund for Luka to tour through the US when stuff opens back up lol- We NEED to see videos of you experiencing the US firsthand. Especially the animals and national parks.

  37. SingDanceKC

    SingDanceKC3 days ago

    When you are ready for your trip to the United States you should start a Go Fund Me account for your 143K subscribers to contribute to the cost of your trip. A lot of small amounts could add up to a lot. In return you could do a lot of videos of things you saw and experienced on your trip.

  38. Denise Johnson

    Denise Johnson3 days ago

    Yes man we live with Dinosaurs. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the unique animals in the Us.

  39. Pamela Johnstone

    Pamela Johnstone3 days ago

    Hi Lav,I really like your videos and the topics but I need to ask you something why do you talk so much,you are always talking instead of listening.

  40. Queen Elizabeth III

    Queen Elizabeth III3 days ago

    Yo yo I enjoy your videos yo super kool. I hip, I with it yo Question: What creature category does Donald Trump fall under?

  41. Jeri Deaube

    Jeri Deaube4 days ago

    Its a Bald Eagle its the USA'S NATIONAL BIRD

  42. iFrxstbite

    iFrxstbite4 days ago

    Yes, the woodpecker actually makes it's own holes in trees, the flexible skull and special beak make sure it doesn't hurt its brain

  43. chrisc covington

    chrisc covington4 days ago

    Also, they missed the kaibab squirrel, which is what a nightmare made of squirrels would look like.

  44. chrisc covington

    chrisc covington4 days ago

    The Florida cougar is generically identical to the American cougar, also known as the mountain lion or panther. Which is also found in Canada and Mexico. This one was off.

  45. Natalya Robertson

    Natalya Robertson4 days ago

    Swimming with alligators is really fun

  46. BW Estacado

    BW Estacado4 days ago

    Anyone else see the video of the dude elbow dropping a gator to save his friend? That dude hordes all the big dick energy

  47. BW Estacado

    BW Estacado4 days ago

    Alligator Snapping Turtles make noodling fun

  48. BW Estacado

    BW Estacado4 days ago

    Chipmunks are like tiny squirrels

  49. BW Estacado

    BW Estacado4 days ago

    Duuuude the garter snake is something I spent my childhood catching here in Northern California lol. Non venomous of course

  50. BW Estacado

    BW Estacado4 days ago

    People hear herbivore and immediately think farm cow. No animal is docile unless domesticated. As someone that grew up in the sticks, it'll keep you out of harm if you treat everything as dangerous

  51. Megan Luke

    Megan Luke4 days ago

    The Utah Prairie Dogs are a huge pain. They are everywhere and eat farmer’s crops. Them being protected puts farmers in a position where they are unable to protect their livelihood. When I lived down there the farmers weren’t even allowed to smoke them off their land and they over run the property making it unusable.

  52. Luckdragon's Lair

    Luckdragon's Lair4 days ago

    I can attest that woodpeckers do peck. For about 6 months, there was a woodpecker at my house that pecked at the gutters every morning.

  53. Mmmdonuts

    Mmmdonuts4 days ago

    Bald Eagle 🦅 is found in USA 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦.

  54. Brookarella Style

    Brookarella Style4 days ago

    Deer cause the most deaths because they are in so many states, and they run out in front of your car and commit suicide. Just like kangaroo’s do in Australia!!!

  55. Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis4 days ago

    We have the golden eagle here too they're two of the biggest birds in in the world

  56. gary simon

    gary simon4 days ago

    Why was the little chipmunk #1?......the voting system was rigged!

  57. Stephen Kunst

    Stephen Kunst4 days ago

    I thought they would have featured the Hell-bender salamander of MD or the Goeyduck clam

  58. J M

    J M4 days ago

    Speaking from experience, it's pretty terrifying to run into a rattlesnake as a human too!

  59. Greg Finkelberg

    Greg Finkelberg4 days ago

    Wildlife biologist here! Yes, we have a TON of endangered species, which can mostly be attributed to 5 things. Habitat loss/fragmentation, invasive species, over hunting/bycatch, pet trades, and climate change. There are other factors as well, but most endangered species in the US have some combination of these 5 driving their declines.

  60. Brent Sealy

    Brent Sealy4 days ago

    You need to start selling t-shirts with the outline of that snapping turtle mouth you clicked on, with the caption "that ain't no fuckin' tur-le". LMFAO 😂

  61. jj nix

    jj nix4 days ago


  62. Kitt Beesley

    Kitt Beesley4 days ago

    you should look up how big a fully grown alligator snapping turtle is

  63. Anna BoBana

    Anna BoBana4 days ago

    Does it get boring when you only react to US stuff?

  64. Jerk Ass

    Jerk Ass4 days ago

    Does England even have any natural wildlife left? What do they have a handful of deer...some rodents, birds.. maybe two fox on the whole island? I curious. Does England have wildlife? Seriously honest question.

  65. Customer Service

    Customer Service5 days ago

    Why does nobody ever talk about the Gila Monster?

  66. Robin Beddingfield

    Robin Beddingfield5 days ago

    And to think you Brits think we are uneducated. You use Google like most people use porn...

  67. Therese A. Judith Izzo-Davis

    Therese A. Judith Izzo-Davis5 days ago

    React to the different species of snakes in America.

  68. Therese A. Judith Izzo-Davis

    Therese A. Judith Izzo-Davis5 days ago

    The Bald Eagle is the symbol of the US.

  69. Caitlin Elizabeth Cushing

    Caitlin Elizabeth Cushing5 days ago

    You should react to a video of the biggest snakes in the US

  70. seeing8spots

    seeing8spots5 days ago

    I jsut want you to react to the fishing sport called "noodling" it's only legal in a few usa states but its certainly something lol

  71. Mari ZenSoul

    Mari ZenSoul5 days ago

    I thinks there are several different animals that look like prairie dogs. theres like 5 different of anmimals that look like them.

  72. Mari ZenSoul

    Mari ZenSoul5 days ago

    chipmonks are a lot smaller than squirrels and have 3 black strips running down their backs.

  73. EmeraldCountry

    EmeraldCountry5 days ago

    deer cause deaths cause they run onto the road and get hit, almost hit one on my way to school a few months ago

  74. Frieda Corley

    Frieda Corley5 days ago

    There are a lot more animals, which are not on this list, that are only found in America. The alligator snapping turtle is one of them. You definitely don't want to put your hands in front of it's mouth.

  75. Frieda Corley

    Frieda Corley5 days ago

    That particular species of prairie dog in Utah may be endangered, but regular prairie dogs are not. The saying "breed like rabbits" is very fitting. Alligators can be found throughout the states that lie along the Gulf of Mexico - southeastern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The United States founding fathers chose the bald eagle as our symbol, but it can also be found in Canada and northern Mexico.

  76. Frieda Corley

    Frieda Corley5 days ago

    Wood peckers really do peck holes in woods - either to make itself a a nest in the hollowed out hole, or to find insects that are crawling in the wood. They do NOT eat the wood.

  77. Vandalay Industries

    Vandalay Industries5 days ago

    Went from too loud to too low.

  78. Karl Harvy Marx

    Karl Harvy Marx5 days ago

    When taking trash to the dump (tip) I spotted a bookcase or two full of National Geographic magazines. I jumped up on a clothes dryer to get to them and landed among several well fed diamondback rattlesnakes sunning themselves. I made it out with the first Nat Geo ever published and every issue until the mid-1980's. Diamondbacks are(were?) common in Florida. They're venomous and get about 2 meters long and every now and then too big to get your hands around. There worst snake there though, IMO, is the Cottonmouth. I've never been sure if they're just easily confused or hyper aggressive but they are the only snake I know of that will chase you if accidentally disturbed.

  79. Laura Harrison

    Laura Harrison5 days ago

    The founding fathers were choosing a national bird and argued over the eagle the turkey and the dove. Eagle won. Also a chipmunk is like 1/5th the size of a squirrel

  80. David Raymond

    David Raymond5 days ago

    Platypus is a mammal not a fish

  81. Nicholas Vaters

    Nicholas Vaters5 days ago

    NL Canada here bald eagles around here too, they nest here near salmon cove sands. Flying south for winter, big birds for here. also Peregrine falcon, crows/ravens, sea gulls, blue jays, robins, and a few more.

  82. Sprizys

    Sprizys5 days ago

    I'm American and I've never seen or heard of half of these

  83. Jam3s Barry

    Jam3s Barry5 days ago

    Cool Reaction !! I enjoyed the last video one too... the deadliest u.s. animals or whatever it was called. I live in Florida so we have Most of the Deadly animals here lol !! Bears, snakes, poisonous spiders, alligators, and even panthers. It's enough to turn you off of the idea to go camping in the woods !! Lol !!

  84. Craig 22

    Craig 225 days ago

    They didn't include the rare forktoed snipe.You don't want to tangle with one of those things.Also America has the last remaining dinosaur.They listen to folk music,are all female,drive Ford probes,have short hair cuts and are really, really mean.Of course I am speaking of the lickalottapuss.

  85. Spaceman Duke

    Spaceman Duke5 days ago

    Here's a fun story about 12:33 the Yellow-billed Magpie. I grew up in the California Central Valley and these were the only magpies I saw, black-billed don't live in the valley. Then one day there was a window cleaning commercial with a couple Black-billed Magpies. I told my dad that the black-billed must be pretty rare cause I have never seen them before. He said No, it is actually the yellow-billed that's rare, we just happen to live in the only place they do. Eventually, I moved to Idaho and lo and behold, I got to see my first Black-billed magpie.

  86. Spaceman Duke

    Spaceman Duke5 days ago

    "If you were a mouse and you saw a rattlesnake, you would be just done for." Well, not necessarily. Mice are not easy to catch. It varies by species, but the average predator only has a 10% successful hunt rate. Which means, the mouse gets away 9 times out of 10.

  87. Blake Leary

    Blake Leary5 days ago

    The nazis used the golden eagle😂😂

  88. Pink-Perfection

    Pink-Perfection5 days ago

    Don't worry about garter snakes; they're both harmless and good-natured!

  89. kate lin

    kate lin5 days ago

    Every year rattle snakes come into my yard, i feel bad for them tho cause my dad always kills them, but i get why. Also i loveeee magpies they are so pretty i love to hear them. Also the bald eagle is also found in Canada, and Eurasia

  90. Lawrence Dickinson

    Lawrence Dickinson5 days ago

    I just like to watch your reactions to these videos you watch. Awesome mate!

  91. Ally Johnson

    Ally Johnson6 days ago


  92. PerthTowne

    PerthTowne6 days ago

    Most animals in the US are not found JUST in the US. For example, animals in North America don't respect national boundaries. So many animals in the northern part of the US would also be found in Canada, and animals in the desert Southwest are often found in Mexico, too. Many birds and aquatic animals migrate long distances. So...

  93. Dale Martin

    Dale Martin6 days ago

    Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as our national bird Congress instead made it the bald eagle.

  94. TigStripe

    TigStripe6 days ago

    Bald eagles are found in southern Canada and NW US. Falcons are the diving predators you were thinking of when talking about hawks.

  95. daniel riordan

    daniel riordan6 days ago

    You talk tooooo much during the video, why not react after the video is over.

  96. Nigel Hobbs

    Nigel Hobbs6 days ago

    Oh my god, don't ever explore the question 'what is a platypus', it will take you down a wild rabbit hole.

  97. HarryManI3ack

    HarryManI3ack6 days ago

    With deer, most of the deaths caused are from traffic accidents not attacks by the animal.

  98. Aaron Jaspersen

    Aaron Jaspersen6 days ago

    Deer also have a lot of deaths from stupid hunters shooting each other

  99. Tim Pierce

    Tim Pierce6 days ago

    alligator snapping turtles: check out dirty jobs

  100. The Kek! Bomb

    The Kek! Bomb6 days ago

    Wolves will eat your dog in Georgia.