Ted Cruz 'apology', back from Cancun on SNL | USA TODAY

SNL's Britney Spears demands apologies from mock Ted Cruz, Gov Cuomo, Gina Carano
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"Saturday Night Live" wants apologies from Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and actor Gina Carano.
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  1. Atheist Conservative

    Atheist ConservativeDay ago

    SNL hasn't been funny since the mid 80's

  2. stargate905

    stargate9052 days ago

    What happened to SNL it’s not funny anymore. Total sinking ship

  3. suraj 2020

    suraj 20202 days ago

    It was funny before enacting political themes. It's not as funny now. But little

  4. Spencer Mattias

    Spencer Mattias2 days ago

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  5. Atheist Conservative

    Atheist ConservativeDay ago


  6. M. Romagnoli

    M. Romagnoli4 days ago

    Cruz 💩 💩

  7. C wo

    C wo5 days ago

    Leave brittany ALONE !!!!!

  8. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace5 days ago

    This is a very old and annoying show. It isn't funny.

  9. Graham

    GrahamDay ago

    then why does it keep making money?

  10. sugarmilk28

    sugarmilk285 days ago

    Rep ....we want a wall....also republicans....go to mexico for vacation

  11. Brad Bunnell

    Brad Bunnell5 days ago

    SNL hasn't been funny as since Ferrell left.

  12. Jim Shreve

    Jim Shreve5 days ago

    Everybody lets send ted some FROZEN "Texas Toast"

  13. N N

    N N5 days ago

    Love this 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Iam Good

    Iam Good5 days ago

    lying Cancun Corona Cruz and family importing covid variants to Texas. Doing their part to get the body count up

  15. tom my

    tom my6 days ago

    Calling Ted a 'slimy politician' is insulting to slimy politicians.

  16. Maureen Metcalfe

    Maureen Metcalfe6 days ago

    Heidi Cruz "Lets go to Cancun", Ted Cruz "Hell yeah. Do we have to bring the kids and dog?"

  17. kome360

    kome3606 days ago

    Oh god USAToday why did you even think posting this was a good idea

  18. S Q

    S Q6 days ago

    This dude accidentally passed as a lizard during his airport security check in.

  19. Christopher Tocke

    Christopher Tocke6 days ago


  20. Todd LP

    Todd LP6 days ago

    Where’s the skit from Austin’s mayor or California’s mayor or Pelosis hair appointment?

  21. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    I missed the one about their own governor too,

  22. valar

    valar6 days ago

    I like these ultra-conservative Republican politicians being played by women.

  23. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr

    Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr6 days ago


  24. Rich

    Rich6 days ago

    SNL died decades ago.

  25. Chuck Chesser

    Chuck Chesser6 days ago

    I can see this being funny but the the Cruz story is the most over reported story so far this year. Cuomo story about the right amount.

  26. Joshua Mohler

    Joshua Mohler6 days ago

    Bullshit video. Deceptive title, attempting to steal SNL clips and providing no real contact. This video should be removed!

  27. Z Serbs

    Z Serbs6 days ago

    SNL has only stayed relevant for the last 5 years for political commentary based sketches. Change my mind.


    NCZIOOX6 days ago

    Uhhh theyve been doing political stuff their whole existence. they were even doing Reagan and Nixon skits nearly 30-40 years ago

  29. Chacha Anderson

    Chacha Anderson6 days ago

    A lot of the right are saying what could he have done ?? I’ll tell yeah ..organize sum relief for those poor Texans who are out in the cold ..republicans are the scum of the earth and would rather profit then help anybody

  30. Diego Emilio

    Diego Emilio6 days ago

    ...... Welcome to Cancún Senator Ted Fraudbert Cruz! At the hotel lobby here in Cancún a gentleman by the name Fascisto Scumbud is expecting you. He's with a very large Q-Anus group from the Houston chapter.

  31. Yolanda72

    Yolanda726 days ago

    Please stop being so hard on Ted Cruz. He felt like his family was in danger. So, he fled to Mexico.........like a refugee.

  32. Yolanda72

    Yolanda726 days ago

    @fastd63 yes! He made a stupid choice! But, he made it even worse by blaming his daughters! I see why he let Trump talk crap about his wife, didn’t do a thing about it, and then started kissing his behind! But, the more concerning thing you should be interested in, is that he’s not the only Texas Republican official that lied that week. Governor Don Quijote (Greg Abbott) got caught lying about windmills. Lt. governor Dan Patrick got caught doing the same thing. He got mad at the host for trying to correct his lie. That grown man, and high ranking public official, then proceeded to have a temper tantrum on tv! I’m sitting there yelling at him to go stand in the corner and go take a time out! Then, he had the nerve to go on tv today, and roll out the most ridiculous plan to fix our state. He should be rarely seen and never heard. It just makes appear like he’s an imbecile.

  33. Yolanda72

    Yolanda726 days ago

    @fastd63 which part of what I said was untrue? Seems like you’re the one’s that need your medication!

  34. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @Yolanda72 Should we contact someone, you seem to have gone off your meds.

  35. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @Yolanda72 My comment makes it clear I think what he did was stupid.

  36. Yolanda72

    Yolanda726 days ago

    @fastd63 #4. And, this is the hardest one for you to swallow. I’m sorry to tell you, but Trump lost the election. Let’s assume (why the heck not!) there was election fraud. The thing we need to focus on is the electoral college. In 2016, Trump lost the popular vote, but won the electoral college vote. So, he became president. In 2020, Trump may or may not have won the popular vote, but he lost the electoral college vote. He lived by the electoral college vote and he lost by the electoral college vote. Take some time to recover and heal. And then, let’s move forward! We need to make sure there is never any doubt of voting fraud or voter suppression ever again! None of y’all argue about Trump slowing down the post office or trying to bully people for votes.

  37. Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea6 days ago

    I'd request a skit of Biden's townhall, but really it was a skit within itself. SNL used to be funny. The Hillary at the piano skit after the 2016 election was cringe AF. Funny how conservative media outlets have been reporting on Cuomo for months now, but SNL ignored it. They only go after who their left-wing overloads approve. There's plenty on the left that SNL could make fun of but they don't have the balls. Politicians like Biden, Nadler, Pelosi. SNL is a bunch of gutless Democrat shills. Oh and Gina Carano rocks. A real strong woman to look up to.

  38. Jaco Lucas

    Jaco Lucas6 days ago

    SNL just sucks now.

  39. AlternateKek

    AlternateKek7 days ago

    Whats funny at all about this? Also Ted Cruz did nothing wrong Texas had a light snow. Anyone who cant handle it should weed themselves out.

  40. john park

    john park5 days ago

    another Qanon pushing us away from Ted lol

  41. k8ne0456YT

    k8ne0456YT6 days ago

    You're saying that a "light snow" caused millions of busted pipes and no electricity? Yeah ok

  42. Jason Harris

    Jason Harris6 days ago

    Cool story bro!

  43. Aaron Boudreau

    Aaron Boudreau7 days ago

    She’s actually way fatter than Cruz... boohoo snl sucks so bad.. why would Gina be portrayed in that skit.. not funny at all.

  44. mike solen

    mike solen7 days ago

    bad bunny? 😳

  45. Another High

    Another High7 days ago

    SNL has half the country watching it. The anti-semitic side I'm guessing

  46. Chef Dc

    Chef Dc7 days ago

    As a representative to the government, Ted Cruz taught his kids how to abandon the job duty, how to use others' money for their own benefits, how to make an excuse, while those "other people" are suffering from, not only the natural disaster but also his betrayal of their faith.

  47. Benjamin

    Benjamin6 days ago

    Do you really care? Doubtful.

  48. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    We call that being an average American politician, you could probably count the ones who want to help on one hand. When, not if, you get rich in congress it wasn't for serving the public.

  49. Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea6 days ago

    No one will remember in a month.

  50. Michael

    Michael7 days ago


  51. Armando Munoz

    Armando Munoz7 days ago

    See how they make fun of both Republicans and Democrats and Republicans are the only ones complaining and saying they’re getting picked on 😂

  52. Wessex Repub

    Wessex Repub7 days ago

    Ted should simply have said he went to Cancun to investigate Climaaat Change. Like John Kerry flying a private jet to Iceland to accept his Climaaat Change trophy.

  53. Steve Knight

    Steve Knight7 days ago

    why is this news?

  54. Holland Mapper

    Holland Mapper5 days ago

    liberals think its an outrage

  55. Burgers

    Burgers7 days ago


  56. john G.Sprague

    john G.Sprague7 days ago

    Lame jokes and leftist propaganda. SNL used to be funny a long, long time ago.

  57. Andy Anthony

    Andy Anthony7 days ago

    So making fun of and calling out Andrew Cuomo(Left Wing) for the hiding the bodies is leftist propaganda? That’s their Governor in NY and they called him out. How is that leftist propaganda. By the way it was very funny.

  58. CL

    CL7 days ago

    At last we know the true intent of the border wall - to stop Texans fleeing to a better life in Mexico.

  59. Blank Ette

    Blank EtteDay ago

    @AlternateKek hardly anyone had power... some homes were literally below freezing. Your comment is full of ignorance.

  60. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams5 days ago

    youre so silly texas was once apar of mexico so thats not gonna happen

  61. Dom mmm

    Dom mmm5 days ago

    @AlternateKek it’s not “sweater weather” when there’s snow on the ground

  62. AlternateKek

    AlternateKek7 days ago

    Mexico got hit by the light snow flurry too, also you are exaggerating the events in your head no one worth anything suffered in Texas. 20 F is sweater weather.

  63. SkrAp

    SkrAp7 days ago

    The USA is really a toxic country. 🤮

  64. Aztecka muerte

    Aztecka muerte7 days ago

    Fled cruz

  65. TXup92 G

    TXup92 G7 days ago

    Haha funny, now do an Andrew Cuomo one! It would be hilarious!

  66. Andy Anthony

    Andy Anthony7 days ago

    They did

  67. Vincent Augustin

    Vincent Augustin7 days ago

    Not funny

  68. McKinley Webb

    McKinley Webb7 days ago

    Cruz was spot on...LOL

  69. reg5381

    reg53817 days ago

    Ted Cruz,another Trump flunky that will have his resume ready when tossed back into the general population.

  70. reg5381

    reg53816 days ago

    @34thstreetman There is nothing cool about Ted Cruz he is in it for himself.

  71. reg5381

    reg53816 days ago

    @Burgers Drama Queen.

  72. 34thstreetman

    34thstreetman7 days ago

    Cruz isn't all talk. We should be so lucky to have him as Pres.

  73. Burgers

    Burgers7 days ago

    Good news America Biden 🇺🇸 has reinstated obamacare tax penalty 👏👍😀 go get your high priced insurance now or get Obamacare 😀 the Healthcare that covers nothing and for you poor people that can't even afford Obamacare see you at tax season 😉

  74. Thukim Tran

    Thukim Tran7 days ago

    Ted Cruz ! We who are fathers , mothers understand and sympathise you . This is a lesson for us and you . Courage , courage . Who are they ? The guys are servants want to destroy the freedom , liberal regime , the guys under the cloak of the freedom , liberal lovers but they against it . When these guys are destroyed then the freedom , liberal countries will be lived in peace and happiness..they always create to conflict to get their ambitiousness .

  75. Cynthia Jones

    Cynthia Jones7 days ago

    USA Today watchers here is something just for you. If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, hated, used God's name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God's law, you're guilty, your headed for hell, ignorance will not be an excuse... But wait, God loves you, he made a way out for you, God's son Jesus died paying for your sin. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16 God is warning the world. End Time prophesies are jumping off the pages of the Bible, satan is ruling with his plagues, violence, idol worship, scoffers, and government control... The earth is experiencing birth pains like never before, earthquakes, fires, floods. People now are lovers of themselves, money, lovers of pleasure rather than God, we see sexual immorality running rampant like adultery, fornication, homosexuality, sexual abuse rape... the ultimate in child abuse mommies killing their babies in selfish child sacrifice (abortion), and religious persecution against Christians only (they will hate you because of me, Jesus (Matthew 10:22). The world leaders are prepping for a,"One-World order," a "Great Reset," (please don’t take a number on your forehead or right hand, read Revelation a number means no heaven, and there's only one alternative, eternity in darkness, suffering in a lake of fire) Soon the believers in Christ/Christians will be taken up, away with God, the world will be in turmoil, then the antichrist will come and fix everything, everyone will love him, he will deceive many with his worldwide lies... then the tribulation will start, you will be forced to worship the beast and take his number. Life on earth will be horrific. Today if you hear God whispering to your heart please respond before it's too late. Say a humble prayer, pour your heart out to God, receive Jesus as your savior, believe God raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 10:9), and repent of your sins, you are now saved by grace! Ephesians 4:8-9(NOT BY WORKS)

  76. Mahrude

    Mahrude7 days ago

    SNL is just garbage now cancel it already. Its pure propaganda and not even funny propaganda any more

  77. Dittzx

    Dittzx7 days ago

    @* Yeah, and one accidentally tasered himself in the balls..😂🤣

  78. *

    *7 days ago

    Did you see the lady who got trampled to death at the Capitol Building by Trump supporters? ..She was carrying a 'Don't Tread On Me' flag. You can't make these things up.

  79. Viscount England

    Viscount England7 days ago


  80. Zigzag

    Zigzag7 days ago

    Terrible video . F ..u USA Today

  81. Justin Rosebush

    Justin Rosebush7 days ago

    I don't get why we didnt make a spoof about Gov Gretchin Whitmer and her husband when she shut the entire lower peninsula down and took her family to traverse city so they could celebrate her daughters graduation. And her husband tried to getvhis boat out first before anybody else for "being the governors husband" . Oh no thats right. America only makes fun of people who love freedom and help the country. WHOOPS

  82. Nick 0liver

    Nick 0liver7 days ago

    Its almost like they are equating cruz trying to escape a winter storm to Cuomo killing thousands of elderly by forcing nursing homes to accept covid patients. All while Trump sent a battle ship basically for use. And even then they have Cuomo apologize for under counting the number of deaths and not for killing the elderly. The mainstream media is full of very sick twisted selfish people

  83. McKinley Webb

    McKinley Webb6 days ago

    @Lady Amalthea - You people are so funny and are never satisfied...Trump makes up one of the Biggest Lies in U.S. History and helped incite violence at the U.S. Capitol causing several deaths including those of a couple of police officers and you claim it is a witch hunt when the evidence is overwhelming and right before you and then on the other hand you complain that conservatives have been reporting about Cuomo for months...Hopefully, you understand that reporting is not the same as investigating or indicting someone through legal channels, right? If Cuomo has committed something illegal or unethical and there are legal consequences, then there should be no problem with that...He should be held accountable...It's just this hypocritical nonsense that comes from people like you that rankles people...it's very hypocritical...so many of you are living in denial regarding a real criminal like Trump and are willing to look away and not hold him accountable for everything (EVER) that he has done that has lead to people losing their lives and hurting the country...And you get upset at comedy and satire which has been around for centuries...Why is that?

  84. Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea6 days ago

    They only went after Cuomo once the Democrats were going after him. They will only go after who the left-wing media goes after. This is proof. Conservative media has been reporting on Cuomo for months. SNL has to make sure who they go after is OK with their left-wing overlords. If SNL had guts and weren't part of the Democrat propaganda shill factory they'd went after him long before now.

  85. McKinley Webb

    McKinley Webb7 days ago

    It's very serious what happened in NY, but that's not the point here in the skit...

  86. John Browne

    John Browne7 days ago

    It's been a month. Where are the skits on Biden and his administration? Gutless leftists.

  87. Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea6 days ago

    I'd love one on the townhall, but honestly it was a skit within itself. SNL won't go after anyone that the left-wing media doesn't go after.

  88. Frank Franks

    Frank Franks7 days ago

    I'm very surprised it snowed in Texas , because a great man who knows more about climate change then the scientists said climate change is just a plain old hoax by the Chinese. Where these people in Texas paid actors , I wonder.

  89. 123mvsmith

    123mvsmith7 days ago

    Let me know when Ted Cruz sleeps with a Chinese spy or kills 15,000 nursing home residence- Now that's funny...

  90. Linsey McKoy

    Linsey McKoy7 days ago

    Seriously, Nobody's Laughing...

  91. Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea6 days ago

    They're acting like Cruz killed thousands of people in nursing homes or something then hid it. Seems their outrage is misplaced.

  92. Big AL

    Big AL7 days ago

    Everybody is laughing at Ted Cruz

  93. EdChoongTF

    EdChoongTF7 days ago

    I'm surprised that the trumpdogs Ted was not quarantine on arrival from Cancun. If he's infected.. Voilà !!! An Asian Observer since the days of Ronald Reagan.

  94. Pattie Salyards

    Pattie Salyards7 days ago

    Now Cruz is saying he checked the weather forecast before he left ....

  95. AlternateKek

    AlternateKek7 days ago

    20 F is sweater weather. There is absolutely no reason Ted should feel bad about the trip.

  96. Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee7 days ago

    Why won’t SNL do a skit about AOC? Or Bumbling Joe Biden? Or sharting Larry Nadler? Or ice cream eating Nancy Pelosi? Or Nursing home Cuomo?

  97. Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea6 days ago

    Because they're gutless Democrat shills.

  98. *

    *7 days ago

    @Maroon Horizon "It's just around the corner." LOL

  99. Maroon Horizon

    Maroon Horizon7 days ago

    Samuel Lee it’s coming.....be patient

  100. John Browne

    John Browne7 days ago

    Because SNL worships Democrats.

  101. paul kenneally

    paul kenneally7 days ago

    Why not write one yourself and put it on YT?

  102. Polina frangela

    Polina frangela7 days ago

    As if anything from SNL is funny anymore

  103. Dittzx

    Dittzx7 days ago

    Polina frangela

  104. Sunny 2

    Sunny 27 days ago

    😂 Damn I love y’all! You nailed it! 💥

  105. ahmed amzad

    ahmed amzad7 days ago

    رسوم متحركة

  106. Othniel Plata

    Othniel Plata7 days ago

    And were it's the apologies of Mario Coumo?

  107. Private Private

    Private Private7 days ago

    Rafael Cancun Cruz is a coward

  108. Reef Will

    Reef Will8 days ago


  109. ctwatcher

    ctwatcher8 days ago

    Governor's are responsible for states, not Senator's. I would have left too instead of suffering. How stupid those people are in not even having a candle to stay warm. No foods in the house? Well then, call Hillary. She'll come take your kids.

  110. Michael Spaulding

    Michael Spaulding7 days ago

    Not too bright, are ya?

  111. Cynthia Scott

    Cynthia Scott8 days ago

    Abbott and Costello Cruz need to resign! While Cancun Cruz is unpacking his vacation luggage and blaming his daughters for their bad idea, Beto is in the streets again doing community organizing to connect hurting Texans with essential services.I met Beto at a Ft. Worth event during his campaign for the Senate. I told him it felt like he was bringing Texans together as one big neighborhood. His campaign felt like one big block party, where neighbor finally comes out to meet neighbor, maybe for the first time. He said he was glad that I saw that, because that was what he was trying to do. Beto is back, leading the way for another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Beto's livestreams bring my heart back online during these dark times.

  112. Alec Dwyer

    Alec Dwyer8 days ago

    With the Gina Carano thing... Are we supposed to pretend that the left hasn’t been comparing their political opponents to nazis for 4 years straight? Now all of the sudden nazi comparisons are disrespectful to holocaust victims?? Is there a single thing the left hasn’t completely contradicted themselves on? Lol

  113. Om Shrestha

    Om Shrestha5 days ago

    @Jayna Callahan Hello … u are still in delusion .. read the tweet by urself and try to understand instead of judging by media narrative. She is ignorant doesnt mean She doesnt care about other live. She is hard for bullies.

  114. chloe p

    chloe p6 days ago

    @fastd63 ok if ur gonna ignore literal evidence of her doing everything i said i won’t argue with u, keep defending her (:

  115. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @Jayna Callahan And if anybody has seen her talk they know you are lying trash.

  116. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @chloe p Amazing nothing you just said is true. Found the Corporate astrotuffer.

  117. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @Alec Dwyer I'm sure they only read from the Approved Texts. Truth and facts have no place in the SJW books of dogma.

  118. ?

    ?8 days ago

    Ted se ve mas viejo 👎

  119. Roberto Macri

    Roberto Macri8 days ago

    Cruz looks Extremely Obese in that shirt.

  120. Jose Vigil

    Jose Vigil7 days ago

    He loves pig meat.

  121. myruskin1

    myruskin18 days ago

    Pete did Cuomo very well.

  122. P L

    P L8 days ago


  123. R

    R8 days ago

    Associating Cruz with Cuomos murderous rampage is hilarious in itself.

  124. mochalite10

    mochalite106 days ago

    @fastd63 Why do y'all continue to do this?? Here is an excerpt from an article in The Guardian from April 2020: "But military and bureaucratic hurdles have prevented the Comfort from accepting most patients. Strict rules are preventing people infected with the virus from coming on board. The navy is also refusing to treat a host of other conditions. Guidelines sent to hospitals included a list of 49 medical conditions that would exclude a patient from admittance to the ship."

  125. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @mochalite10 Trump literally set a Navy Hospital ship and Cuomo refused to use it. Most damming of all he gave the corporations that owned the hospitals blanket immunity from prosecution.

  126. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @mochalite10 Hell he even got an Emmy for it.

  127. 34thstreetman

    34thstreetman7 days ago

    We should be so lucky to have Cruz as Pres.

  128. 34thstreetman

    34thstreetman7 days ago

    Jacob Javits center and naval ship Trump sent. Do your research next time.

  129. USA Dating African Men & Culture

    USA Dating African Men & Culture8 days ago


  130. Holden Fartan

    Holden Fartan8 days ago

    You should of had a cold opening of Anderson Cooper's townhall with Biden. They could have joked about the softball questions he was given.

  131. Alec Dwyer

    Alec Dwyer5 days ago

    @Holden Fartan I don't know what I've said to give you the impression that I'm a libtard that believes everything the news tells me but I'm not

  132. Holden Fartan

    Holden Fartan5 days ago

    @Alec Dwyer You really don't know what facts are. CNN, MSNBC, CBS and other libtard news outlets do not give facts. Talking to you sheep is like talking to brainwashed cult members. All I can say is, "If they had you kool aid don't drink it"

  133. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    @Alec Dwyer I love that the pro open boarder groups kept their mouth's shut while Biden was releasing them into Texas in the middle of a power outage and water crisis. That tells you how much the really care about illegals.

  134. Alec Dwyer

    Alec Dwyer7 days ago

    @Possum Crotch I'm not saying you did. You're allowed to feel the way you do, that's what's great about this country.

  135. Possum Crotch

    Possum Crotch7 days ago

    @Alec Dwyer I handed you about three pages of facts about trump and his administration. Also, just FYI, I was a republican for a lot of years. I didn’t just blindly pick a side.

  136. Carltina Johnson

    Carltina Johnson8 days ago

    No going back on this Cruz

  137. 34thstreetman

    34thstreetman7 days ago

    We should be si lucky to have Cruz as Pres.

  138. Stephen Webb

    Stephen Webb8 days ago

    Cuomo killed people. Then did it on purpose. But we won't talk about that.

  139. McKinley Webb

    McKinley Webb7 days ago

    I wouldn't go that far...now if you really want to talk about someone being responsible for deaths...a lot of deaths, it should start with Donald J. Trump

  140. Danny Garcia

    Danny Garcia8 days ago

    He took his wife,and family,to Mexico,for a better life,,hmmm,,where did I hear that before??

  141. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    The difference is he did it legally.

  142. Skills LIFE KH

    Skills LIFE KH8 days ago


  143. maitai maitai

    maitai maitai8 days ago

    Bad bunny - what a joke.

  144. SM

    SM8 days ago

    SNL....aka deep state comedy operation...deflecting from real issue, namely, the failure of green energy solutions to energy crisis. We now have two of our biggest and richest states running out if energy in times of crisis, Texas and California....huge natural resource and oil states. Truly this is a disgrace.

  145. Randers81

    Randers818 days ago

    Green energy in Texas accounts for 12% of the energy supply. Gas lines froze, that's why you have no heat or eletricity. If the deeply ignorant state of Texas understood climate change, this wouldn't have happened. lol

  146. Marcy42

    Marcy428 days ago

    So basically screw the climate for energy? Do you realize climate change is whats causing all this rare weather conditions. Then you get a 200mph hurricane, and you are wondering why

  147. The Shield

    The Shield8 days ago

    Mexico has a beautiful weather and also has a better weather than the U.S. Beautiful culture, very good food ,clear crystal ocean water. You could survive with 1,000 dollars a month living in Mexico.

  148. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith7 days ago

    @Marathon Girl27 Can one survive on $1,000 a month in Jamaica?

  149. Marathon Girl27

    Marathon Girl278 days ago

    I’ve seen murky water while snorkeling near Akumal, Mexico. Now, Jamaica DEFINITELY has Crystal clear water!

  150. Jeff Landry

    Jeff Landry8 days ago

    Where’s your skit on Cuomo killing thousands of elderly people with his policies then covering up the death totals to save face? 🤔

  151. Jeff Landry

    Jeff Landry7 days ago

    @Private Private Oh really? How so? I want to hear your information you got from credible sources.

  152. Private Private

    Private Private7 days ago

    DiaperDon and Ai Pence should be held accountable for all 500,000+ USA citizens covid19 deaths.

  153. natbfunky

    natbfunky8 days ago

    Book your Cancun Mexico getaway at 202-224-5922 and tell them the Texas Senator Ted Cruz sent you.

  154. jon orlando

    jon orlando8 days ago

    Seems SNL has turned into an echo chamber.

  155. fastd63

    fastd636 days ago

    I wasn't a trump fan when he was elected, but after a few weeks of non stop Orange Man Bad I stopped watching all late night shows and after a while even John Oliver when he turned his show into the same thing.

  156. Dittzx

    Dittzx7 days ago

    @Polina frangela Same crap my Grandpa said to my father and then my father to me, and so on.. Things were better back then.. OK Boomer!!!

  157. rezneba101

    rezneba1017 days ago

    @Liquid Eternity Leftist? lol that Qanon reference really hit you under your saggy sack eh? I'm genX pal, and SNL still have some funny skits, especially those mocking t'rump, damn that shit's easy LOL! Oh and leftist tears?? REALLY?? LOL You're the one crying, boy. lmao they lose the senate, house AND presidency because of the incompetence of dr orange and says I'm the one crying? ffs dude, get a reality check!

  158. Liquid Eternity

    Liquid Eternity7 days ago

    @rezneba101 "Boomer."? Real original. I can't wait to see what the next generation calls your ass when you make similar complaints. Until then, keep crying. Leftist tears are delicious.

  159. Matt Millson

    Matt Millson7 days ago

    It is just an echo chamber, the show used to be great when they used to make fun of both sides.

  160. Guy Parkin

    Guy Parkin8 days ago

    Perhaps Mexico should have put Teds kids in cages??? Just saying. How about Ted. Resign

  161. Frank P

    Frank P6 days ago

    You are one of those people that hear the word immigrant and immediately believe its a Mexican dont you?

  162. Kadidlehopper

    Kadidlehopper8 days ago

    Show then fuckin video we all know what we came to see

  163. Dittzx

    Dittzx8 days ago

    Flyin' Cruz "I'm going to Cancun. The rest of you miserable people can rub two sticks together.".🤪

  164. LEGEND HAS IT 0000

    LEGEND HAS IT 00006 days ago


  165. Burgers

    Burgers6 days ago

    @Bout It helping hunter score some crack

  166. Bout It

    Bout It6 days ago

    Where was Joe Biden during all of this?

  167. Burgers

    Burgers7 days ago

    @Lymus Young well at least the Biden administration hasn't bailed out a whale yet like the bushes and barack did at every inaugural must be a pandemic going on where poor people need help what a microscope of a life we live as a president well friends go and get something to wet your beaks with the ppp scams

  168. Lymus Young

    Lymus Young7 days ago

    @Burgers HMMMMMM!!!!.....Love that big beautiful healthcare plan Fuhrer Trump signed into law. OH!!! ...Wait the lying con-man never had a healthcare plan and tried to take healthcare plan of people who had such.

  169. Dead Man Walking 666

    Dead Man Walking 6668 days ago

    This is SNL back in the 80s it was considered funny.

  170. Aziza Maria

    Aziza Maria8 days ago

    Spot on Ted Cruz

  171. 24james

    24james8 days ago

    Did Lorne have a stroke & not tell anyone? Poor SNL, it’s basically become unwatchable💯🤮👎🏽

  172. Extreme Lube

    Extreme Lube8 days ago

    Ted Cruz continues to be a Trailblazer he has become the first Hispanic person to flee FROM Texas TO Mexico because of ICE

  173. McKinley Webb

    McKinley Webb7 days ago

    Underrated joke...way more likes needed! LOL