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Ep 181: Boruto and Naruto face off to make up for the chunin exams! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll:
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  1. Коста Гаћина

    Коста Гаћина54 minutes ago

    Seems like Boruto still hasn't surpassed kid Naruto, after all kid Naruto managed to beat Hiruzen with sexy jutsu...

  2. Seth

    SethHour ago

    When did Naruto learn an Earth Style jutsu?

  3. Saints Flot

    Saints FlotHour ago

    лол анимации хуже чем в наруто 2002 года

  4. lediamant rouge

    lediamant rougeHour ago


  5. Sanel Bilalovic

    Sanel BilalovicHour ago

    It would be cool if Naruto had as many nin jutsu as orochimaru on it or even more then it would be a cool Boruto movie

  6. Red

    RedHour ago

    When did naruto learn earth style????

  7. Okan Yılmaz

    Okan YılmazHour ago

    kakashi looks to naruto: First time ?

  8. Eric Savala

    Eric SavalaHour ago

    No offense but sarada vs Sakura won the sibling vs parent battles for me. Sakura did her thing in that episode I'm more proud of her than Sarada 😆

  9. Дмитрий Сметанин

    Дмитрий СметанинHour ago

    What song is playing during the fight? Does anyone know?

  10. Daniel Clarke

    Daniel ClarkeHour ago

    0:55 my boy naruto throwing up 6paths gang signs! The 6 is real! Lol

  11. Monica cortez frança

    Monica cortez françaHour ago

    Que fan service do carambaaaa eles estão lutando na arena do exame chunin 🤩

  12. Df Braylon

    Df BraylonHour ago

    Thats not naruto bru

  13. Ian Onrust

    Ian Onrust2 hours ago

    Naruto be like “man I went from killing literal gods to sparring with a prepubescent hormonal child...”

  14. captaintorch123

    captaintorch1232 hours ago

    Not gonna lie it's impressive boruto can do lightning which I think is his main nature, wind and water already

  15. devin7136

    devin71362 hours ago

    1:01 "I'm going to put some dirt in your eye."

  16. Cannagy Bro

    Cannagy Bro2 hours ago

    Bruh Naruto the avatars

  17. Prestigehunter 97

    Prestigehunter 972 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the name of that music in the background

  18. Adrian Odendaal

    Adrian Odendaal2 hours ago

    What episode

  19. SzYmOn

    SzYmOn2 hours ago

    Excuse me. How in the hell was Naruto able to absorb technique? 1. His chakra element isn't water and 2. He doesn't have a Rinnegan. What a stupid plot.

  20. Demarious Clark

    Demarious Clark2 hours ago

    I aint trying to be that guy but....why the animation lacking af?

  21. Hussein bulehlib

    Hussein bulehlib2 hours ago

    Weird , naruto's personality became too similar to itachi's

  22. Hussein bulehlib

    Hussein bulehlib2 hours ago

    Weird , naruto's personality became too similar to itachi's

  23. Amir M

    Amir M2 hours ago

    so when you're hokage, you don't need to scream your jutso

  24. Saif Uddin

    Saif Uddin2 hours ago

    roses are red violets are blue the only reason you watch boruto is because yo mama told you to

  25. Luchita Bogdan

    Luchita Bogdan3 hours ago

    Since when Can Naruto use Earth style


    FELIPE GAMES3 hours ago

    Tá Top

  27. Hector Saldaña

    Hector Saldaña3 hours ago

    how could he absorb jutsus without a rinnegan?

  28. LocalDavs

    LocalDavs3 hours ago

    this guy really kicked his son in the chest lol

  29. Ryan 1024

    Ryan 10243 hours ago

    Naruto can absord chakra???? Did I miss something????

  30. Silver Hetch

    Silver Hetch3 hours ago

    why cant they animate the rasengan tho It looks like its frozen

  31. Sezen Remzi

    Sezen Remzi4 hours ago

    Seeing the comments make me proud of this Naruto community ❤️😂❤️

  32. Juan Avila

    Juan Avila4 hours ago

    Naruto finally using his brain cells

  33. Gugarts Animations

    Gugarts Animations4 hours ago

    It would have been incredibly satisfying to hear him say "doton doryuuheki"

  34. John Areece

    John Areece4 hours ago

    i want the and

  35. Ratna Putri

    Ratna Putri4 hours ago

    Does hashirama's cell wood style smh split between Boruto and Naruto 😶

  36. Reza Nurmohamed

    Reza Nurmohamed5 hours ago

    did that idiot tried kage bushin no jutsu on.... naruto??? xD the fool

  37. Mani Ramirez

    Mani Ramirez5 hours ago


  38. Black

    Black5 hours ago

    All we need is the hokage dattebayo jutsu and talk no jutsu

  39. ShiftyShank

    ShiftyShank5 hours ago

    Nobody gonna talk about the fact that Naruto can absorb all jutsu with his new arm?

  40. The Epic Enderman

    The Epic Enderman5 hours ago

    Cnn: breaking news president naruto abuses son in public

  41. Tony Stark • Unlimited

    Tony Stark • Unlimited5 hours ago

    How is Naruto able to absorb jutsu? That is bs

  42. Goonz

    Goonz5 hours ago

    I didn’t know naruto had kamui in his hands 😳

  43. Cesar Veas

    Cesar Veas6 hours ago

    Im not watching or reading Boruto but, didnt he cheated?

  44. Cesar Veas

    Cesar VeasHour ago

    @farkick2.0 thanks bro.

  45. farkick2.0

    farkick2.02 hours ago

    @Cesar Veas yeah that happened 3 years ago

  46. Cesar Veas

    Cesar Veas4 hours ago

    @Œuf so it was before? Like, in the movie?

  47. Œuf

    Œuf4 hours ago


  48. André Luiz Pinto

    André Luiz Pinto6 hours ago

    How tf did Naruto absorb that jutsu??

  49. Random Guy

    Random Guy6 hours ago

    André Luiz Pinto naruto has a ninja science tool that will be important to the plot in the upcoming episode

  50. Abraham Popa

    Abraham Popa6 hours ago

    If Naruto can do mud wall what other justu he can do

  51. Dreamie Potato

    Dreamie Potato6 hours ago

    It’s safe to say everyone is shook-eth af after seeing our boy Naruto use something other than shadow clones or different types of rasengan variants. Got us like: 👁👄👁 ➖👄➖ 👁👄👁

  52. ewald human

    ewald human6 hours ago

    Watched this at 1.25 speed. Still feels slow.

  53. J T

    J T6 hours ago

    How is no one commenting on Naruto absorbing jutsu?! That’s a Rinnegan ability!

  54. Jake Willson

    Jake Willson6 hours ago

    No It’s his new Science tool arm

  55. nearzero12

    nearzero126 hours ago

    But what was the match for? Why were they fighting. Is the episode something to watch?

  56. ErosLikesGames

    ErosLikesGames6 hours ago

    They just had a sparring match so Naruto could test out a new ninja tool

  57. Mercy Austin

    Mercy Austin6 hours ago

    How has sarada not put two and two together as to why her dad and Naruto have only one arm and that they were rivals?

  58. El Gato Cheshire

    El Gato Cheshire6 hours ago

    U know.... That actually how water physics and fluids doesn't work... As soon as the electrified wave crashed to the dirt wall it must have gone back to boruto.... But then next scene Naruto absorbs it.... Oh well...

  59. David brooks

    David brooks6 hours ago

    Could Naruto always absorb jutsu or is that a new thing, i thought that was a rinnegan ability.

  60. David brooks

    David brooks6 hours ago

    @ErosLikesGames oh these ninja tools are insane then damn lol

  61. ErosLikesGames

    ErosLikesGames6 hours ago

    He can only do it because he is using a ninja tool. That's the whole point of this episode

  62. Weebo

    Weebo6 hours ago

    I wish Naruto flexed more

  63. Alvin D.F. Vasay

    Alvin D.F. Vasay6 hours ago

    This is the first time I've seen naruto used handseal

  64. Jake Willson

    Jake Willson6 hours ago

    It’s a science tool

  65. AG_ gutta

    AG_ gutta7 hours ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Narutos shadow clown with under 10% of his power

  66. Omaewamooshindeiru

    Omaewamooshindeiru7 hours ago

    2:02 Naruto Otsutsuki

  67. tyrisanders

    tyrisanders7 hours ago

    Didn’t Sasuke beat him the same way with that kick 🤣

  68. ytolixer

    ytolixer7 hours ago

    quien diria que naruto sabia el estilo de tierra xd

  69. Yumylp

    Yumylp7 hours ago


  70. derrick maye

    derrick maye8 hours ago

    Has this show gotten any good yet?

  71. reverse rekso

    reverse rekso8 hours ago

    Hope naruto accidently kills boruto

  72. movies central

    movies central8 hours ago

    Wait so boruto can use 3 nature types? And naruto suddenly knows earth style? What the hell did I miss ?

  73. ErosLikesGames

    ErosLikesGames6 hours ago

    Naruto actually knows a lot of Jutsus and how to use multiple chakra nature's now but they never show it

  74. Combo Breaker

    Combo Breaker8 hours ago

    Remember when using 2 or even 3 natures Was special? Boruto did ruin everything. To be fair I Lost interest when Madara got one shotted by black zetsu

  75. Dragon Samurai

    Dragon Samurai8 hours ago

    Naruto is trash 🤢🤮

  76. Alan Gonçalves

    Alan Gonçalves3 hours ago


  77. Delta Dev

    Delta Dev8 hours ago

    hahahah cry

  78. Alucrid

    Alucrid8 hours ago

    Wow Naruto actually knows other jutsu?

  79. Scedricjr

    Scedricjr8 hours ago

    When did naruto learn other justu besides rasengan and shadow clone?

  80. Luc03 2000

    Luc03 20009 hours ago

    hey hey a fight between the father and the brilliant son on the other hand I do not remember that Naruto could suck the jutsus it is however that with the Rinnegan that one can do it 🤔 and Boruto can use the Suiton now !

  81. kurotanamanju

    kurotanamanju9 hours ago

    What episode is this!!???

  82. Jake Willson

    Jake Willson6 hours ago


  83. Rafaela Vicente Milan

    Rafaela Vicente Milan9 hours ago

    Desde quando Naruto tem outros Justus?

  84. Mr. Stealy

    Mr. Stealy9 hours ago

    This fight was honestly very underwhelming

  85. ch georgios

    ch georgios10 hours ago

    He really thought he had a chance

  86. Armando Comin

    Armando Comin10 hours ago

    Que nos enseña naruto en boruto? Que patear a tu hijo esta bien (lel)

  87. Hyuokei

    Hyuokei10 hours ago

    It’s so crazy how much they hoe naruto just to make boruto stronger like Jesus, naruto could obviously tell that was a shadow clown

  88. Vctor M.F.

    Vctor M.F.10 hours ago

    Yup ... Boruto is stronger than Naruto at his age ... only Naruto had more chakra and more resistance than Boruto.

  89. Noel Estrom

    Noel Estrom10 hours ago

    Naruto: Boi you my son

  90. Nasem Amoah

    Nasem Amoah10 hours ago

    Naruto was able to use earth style because of hashiramas cells

  91. Michael Abarca

    Michael Abarca11 hours ago

    The mud wall contains shadow clones within, just like colossal titans.

  92. Gonzoo

    Gonzoo11 hours ago

    Can we all agree that Boruto would clap everyone in Naruto classics easily? Even Neji and Lee i think.

  93. farkick2.0

    farkick2.02 hours ago

    You have no idea this nothing compared to how op boruto becomes over the next few arc

  94. The Carushow

    The Carushow11 hours ago

    Naruto be like Oh no water what could I possibly do against this jutsu

  95. Samuel Joseph

    Samuel Joseph11 hours ago

    "do 'em dirty in front of their squad"-Rock Lee, art of war

  96. Steven

    Steven11 hours ago

    This was kind of boring. And when has Naruto ever used an earth style jutsu? Ok, there was that one time during the Chunin exam, but still.

  97. valerie marshall

    valerie marshall11 hours ago

    i really want to see shikamaru vs shikadai 😌

  98. Kenneth Ngai

    Kenneth Ngai11 hours ago

    It was quite inspiring seeing this fight while watching the episode!


    ΣXPIЯΣD11 hours ago

    cmon Naruto that was cheap :/

  100. Luis Expert

    Luis Expert12 hours ago

    Boruto sempre ruim

  101. John Harper

    John Harper12 hours ago

    HOLD UP, what did I just watch????

  102. Eduardo VG

    Eduardo VG13 hours ago

    Alguien que qble español¿?

  103. JULL

    JULL13 hours ago

    terribly animated, but still a good fight.

  104. Alan Juarez

    Alan Juarez13 hours ago


  105. Leonardo Daniel

    Leonardo Daniel13 hours ago

    Naruto does a Doton's Jutsu Me: What kind of Rasengan is that?

  106. Terrohn Jackson

    Terrohn Jackson13 hours ago

    When tf did Naruto start absorbing jutsu😂 shippuden been over and they still giving this dude power

  107. rin ray

    rin ray10 hours ago

    Ninja tech tool arm not his own power

  108. Elite Rollo

    Elite Rollo13 hours ago

    Ok So We not go talk about How Naruto Know Earth Style?

  109. CJ69

    CJ6914 hours ago

    As someone that doesn't watch Boruto, so sue me, Naruto absorbing jutsu now? 👀

  110. rin ray

    rin ray10 hours ago

    Ninja tech tool arm not his own power

  111. xsolitaryx

    xsolitaryx14 hours ago

    This made me resume watching boruto😂🤩

  112. SylOh

    SylOh14 hours ago

    i love how the writer for boruto completely dodge the fact that Naruto got a artificial arm using hashirama cells, not a Prosthetic arm lel

  113. RaiseAsato

    RaiseAsato14 hours ago

    I honestly think the pose Naruto takes before he punches the wall looks cool as hell.

  114. Jdp_ 1597

    Jdp_ 159715 hours ago

    FINALLY!! no spamming raseagan and shadow clones! Borutos gonna be a problem as he ages

  115. Monse m Lois

    Monse m Lois15 hours ago

    Eso fue increíble ♥️💞❤️🖤♥️❤️🎊🎉🎉🎉🎊🎉🎉

  116. DOOG Apostle [Alex Howard 2nd Apostle of 12]

    DOOG Apostle [Alex Howard 2nd Apostle of 12]15 hours ago

    1:17 Sarada: oh shi-

  117. axel gonzalez

    axel gonzalez15 hours ago

    Medio aburridas las peleas