Why NOBODY Bought These

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Just because a car is great doesn't mean it sells well. Unfortunately, some of the best cars ever were complete failures from a marketing standpoint! We put together 9 of the coolest cars that flopped in the market. RIP, this is the D-List.
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  1. Joey Parnell

    Joey Parnell8 days ago

    I had my first kiss in a contour svt ☺️

  2. Adrian Johnson

    Adrian Johnson5 hours ago

    In the uk that's a mondeo st24 common as dog shit but quite quick....

  3. PatricioDLG

    PatricioDLG17 hours ago

    And then a Mondeo ST, that was on another level

  4. PatricioDLG

    PatricioDLG18 hours ago

    I had one Contur SVT, awesome car

  5. Vapletrichs Gne

    Vapletrichs Gne22 hours ago

    @Juice Loosener hahaha

  6. chente2vg

    chente2vgDay ago

    F***ing legend

  7. Mal Adam

    Mal Adam6 minutes ago

    Mostly advertising.

  8. gusgiesel

    gusgieselHour ago

    Every time I hear the topic of great cars that nobody buys, I think of the new Camaros. They are perhaps the best performance value ever, and still, sales have completely tanked. Maybe American muscle cars are falling out of favor among enthusiasts, or maybe something about the styling and overall design. But the performance value cannot be denied. (Clarification: earlier years of Camaro sold well but in the later / more recent years, that is when the sales tanked.) And thanks for mentioning the SS, same story there. Basically, the Camaro was a detuned Corvette with back seats and the SS was a detuned Corvette with 4 doors. Yet they did not sell. I don't understand. Thanks for the fun video.

  9. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou2 hours ago

    The vipers death was the saddest thing to ever happen to dodge Rest In Peace GOAT

  10. Adam K

    Adam K2 hours ago

    Every year more and more people are realizing how impressive the Lexus LFA is.

  11. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou2 hours ago

    Thumbs down for promoting bullshit soap. Unless they found a tree that grew this "natural" soap it's a chemical concoction that's been artificial processed. Unlike a modern

  12. Richard Brown

    Richard Brown2 hours ago

    The Contour SVT had another name: _Enjoy my taillights_

  13. Backup Account

    Backup Account3 hours ago

    do all cars go to hell 😢

  14. adam cz

    adam cz3 hours ago

    I swear chevy is dumb as shit. The SS should have been a Impala SS with a 65 impala inspired curvy body with 6 taillights...hotcakes.

  15. LJ Moreira

    LJ Moreira3 hours ago

    Out of them all isn’t the RS still made overseas we just don’t get them here

  16. Charles Curran

    Charles Curran5 hours ago

    I didn’t even know they made the Chevy SS until it was almost out of production.

  17. Shashank Shukla

    Shashank Shukla8 hours ago

    Contour looks like a Mondeo....the only car that Clarkson Hammond May like .

  18. Basement

    Basement8 hours ago


  19. jerry Smith

    jerry Smith9 hours ago

    I wish I had a focus rs

  20. pauljtwu

    pauljtwu10 hours ago

    Chevy didn't make them. They were imports from the land down under and re-badge for the US market.

  21. towman72gmc

    towman72gmc12 hours ago

    You missed the Superbird and Daytona. Those things languished on dealer lots for years.

  22. Fosi94

    Fosi9413 hours ago

    6:09 LMAAOOOO

  23. XO Gold J.G.S.

    XO Gold J.G.S.13 hours ago

    trucc.... cuz

  24. Leo

    Leo13 hours ago


  25. Dylan Troutman

    Dylan Troutman13 hours ago

    The viper seems out of place on that list...

  26. Miguel Avila

    Miguel Avila14 hours ago

    Guy sounds and looks drunk

  27. doug perry

    doug perry14 hours ago

    use ivory soap......fuck that stinky ass chemical stench

  28. Ineffable

    Ineffable14 hours ago

    Thumbs down for promoting bullshit soap. Unless they found a tree that grew this "natural" soap it's a chemical concoction that's been artificial processed. Unlike a modern soap it just doesn't work nearly as well and like all bar soaps, leave behind soap scum. Something no one using a modern body wash has to deal with cleaning. Also if you want to learn about hell read Dante's Inferno because that's pretty much were it came it's not in the bible...

  29. [REDACTED]

    [REDACTED]14 hours ago

    why do i hear the theme song for Chuck? or is it just me missing the show?

  30. bandito350

    bandito35015 hours ago

    Your chevy ss was our vf commodore ss in Australia, super popular, heaps of power and well built. Shame they never took off over there, you guys would have loved them

  31. Therealjceverything

    Therealjceverything15 hours ago

    Turned it into a TRUUUUUUCK

  32. james mcknight

    james mcknight17 hours ago

    I would never own a four door,they gotta stop making the crap.

  33. Jason Bolin

    Jason Bolin17 hours ago

    I still want a Baja

  34. mr.JR1981

    mr.JR198118 hours ago

    I would buy one

  35. J Money

    J Money18 hours ago

    As a kid, the Viper use to be my dream car back in the 90s. Can't believe it turned into a flop! Never would've predicted that! Please don't flop my current dream car........BMW Alpina B7

  36. Mafia Camo

    Mafia Camo18 hours ago

    RIP Viper

  37. Nathan Dunn

    Nathan Dunn18 hours ago

    We grew to watch Holden evolve to what we know as the VF Commodore rebadged Chevy SS. We went from carbureted 6cyl etc the EFI V8 all designed here,Inc rb30 from Nissan castings for VL and Nissan r31. We saw your SS come from an Aussie design point

  38. Cecilia Gibson

    Cecilia Gibson19 hours ago

    The lopsided bestseller antenatally confess because afghanistan arespectively look into a overjoyed backbone. evanescent, alluring nylon

  39. Landon Harris

    Landon Harris19 hours ago

    No Ford Edsel?

  40. Critical Event

    Critical Event19 hours ago

    "Who in their right mind would buy a car without driving it?" Looking at you, Tesla buyers.

  41. 240TechGuy

    240TechGuy20 hours ago

    Dealerships are the reason I do not want to buy a new car. FRS, Focus RS, '16 WRX....like I wanna impulse buy, but the having markup on top of MSRP drove me away. Imagine having MFR advertise an MSRP you like and then dealerships slap on $4000+ on shit you do not want. So I did the next best thing, buy a house to hold my older cars...or a Telsa so I do not need to be shit on by dealers.

  42. VCG Construction

    VCG Construction20 hours ago

    Pretty impressed that the Ford Contour SVT was part of a list that also included the Dodge Viper!

  43. W G

    W G5 hours ago

    it was basically the ford mondeo st200 for American

  44. Ender

    Ender20 hours ago

    Information I'm interested in, presented so stupidly I can't watch.

  45. Joshua Shepherd

    Joshua Shepherd20 hours ago

    First, and last, time seeing this channel. Ironically, I don't have the patience for the look! shiny! adhd production approach. Just spit it out without all the visual/theatrical nonsense.

  46. Suterudo

    Suterudo21 hour ago

    Hell of collectors items... someday.

  47. Clarkson Zhang

    Clarkson Zhang21 hour ago

    Didn't realize the focus RS was killed.

  48. Nick Hilditch

    Nick Hilditch23 hours ago

    “now it’s in hell”😂😂

  49. Carlito1988

    Carlito198823 hours ago

    One person's loss is my gain- Bought a beautiful Saab 9-7x four years ago for $3900 with the Chevy 4.2 engine. Bought it with 100k miles, but in beautful shape, inside and under the hood, very reliable. People still can't believe the car looks so nice with the mileage. Actually, the Swedish engineers were able to improve the ride quality many times over the Blazer, but the one to get is the 9-7x Aero version, which shares the Blazer SS engine, with a better ride. That 9-7x, like the SS, will be a high $$ vehicle in the future!

  50. InTheZone

    InTheZone23 hours ago

    One day I'll own a Viper, some other day I might own 2.

  51. Brett Spaulding

    Brett SpauldingDay ago

    The 9-7 x is a great vehicle but, getting trim parts is difficult.my parents owned one. It hauled butt.

  52. butlerproman

    butlerpromanDay ago

    This video must be what the world looks like to a person on LSD.

  53. butlerproman

    butlerpromanDay ago

    All the odd editing and effects are really annoying. Stop trying to be clever and just deliver your content.

  54. Waltham1892

    Waltham1892Day ago

    "Your skin is your largest organ..." Not my a long shot my friend. Not by a long shot...

  55. pmoney 582

    pmoney 582Day ago

    You called the Contour a midsize sedan, then a minute later you say it was more expensive than any other American subcompact sedan. Thats probably cuz it wasnt a subcompact. Not even close.

  56. Kyle Spillman

    Kyle SpillmanDay ago

    My first car was a 98 Contour SVT, it was amazing!

  57. KLIPP3R

    KLIPP3RDay ago

    I have a baja and daylily it 👹👹👹👹

  58. Jason W.

    Jason W.Day ago

    Nice list. But you're not funny. Stop trying

  59. Dantton Rose

    Dantton RoseDay ago

    The Viper, Focus RS and Chevy SS cases really make sad. Damn the market would be way better with them being produced.

  60. James N

    James NDay ago

    Ford contour was my driver's Ed car in 1999 damn that just made me feel old

  61. Shift -Z

    Shift -ZDay ago

    Viper Production was limited to 5-600 cars a year, and they sold every one of them... it was as successful as the company allowed it to be. Hand made cars are slow to build

  62. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown UnknownDay ago

    what (uslikes.info/house/Z6SI2rBxu5FrYdA/video.html) a wa it us .

  63. st sars

    st sarsDay ago

    love me an lfa

  64. Ramla Kader

    Ramla KaderDay ago

    Tell me where all the cars are right now I have a trillion dollars to spend

  65. Isaac Ocasio

    Isaac OcasioDay ago

    A car that belongs on this list is the Pontiac G8. Before the comments start flowing, the SS was trying to revive the G8. But the G8 GXP. I’ve driven it and can tell you it was an American M5 (when the M5 was worth talking about).

  66. Joe D

    Joe DDay ago

    SS looks like a sleeper

  67. Sumo On Ice

    Sumo On IceDay ago

    My Ford Focus ST just resulted in engine failure a few months ago. Which I found out isn't that uncommon of a problem with them, I've been waiting since January 3rd to get it replaced. Luckily they said two more weeks and the engine replacement will be free. I still recommend one definitely if you can find one with low enough mileage to be covered under warranty. Due to how many were overproduced they're cheap for what you get.

  68. Sumo On Ice

    Sumo On IceDay ago

    @afaintecho instagram

  69. Tate Oh

    Tate OhDay ago

    The uppity shirt markedly fax because captain preclinically excite inside a sick smoke. sordid, shallow carp

  70. Sheepdog Outdoors

    Sheepdog OutdoorsDay ago

    Did anyone else hear a blow off valve at 11:40?

  71. دزي

    دزيDay ago

    i got a notification for this video rn for some reason?!?!?!?!?!?

  72. 5610winston

    5610winstonDay ago

    So where is the 2005-2006 SAAB 9-2X? GM had partially owned Fuji Heavy Industries install an IKEA interior and true Euro handling and ride in an Impreza, and unlike most such badge-engineered projects, the 9-2X truly brought the best of both worlds, SAAB refinement and WRX performance, including 0.86g skidpad cornering. SAAB only sold about 10,500 units including Linear, 2.5i, and Aero trim levels. They are now less expensive than the corresponding Subaru models, a fine investment in cheap wheels.

  73. Chaman Kudmarbettu

    Chaman KudmarbettuDay ago

    The viper was a monster tho

  74. Will Pucovski

    Will PucovskiDay ago

    11:10 It’s not a truck it’s a 4 door Ute

  75. Will Pucovski

    Will PucovskiDay ago

    3:50 typical American bias, was the best bloody car GM ever had on their hands I’m an Aussie so I know just how good a V8 Commodore was

  76. Patriotic Indus

    Patriotic IndusDay ago

    Make Up-to-speed on SSC Tuatara Please bring back Up-to-speed When I saw James saying Experimental and he didn't did that Haiyaaaa...I got sad

  77. Winson KLM

    Winson KLMDay ago

    Called up a dealer back then trying to place an order when the SS was about to come out, the salesperson didnt even know what I was talking about, no one called me back even after it came out

  78. Thoticcus Prime

    Thoticcus PrimeDay ago


  79. 1Einsamer W0lf

    1Einsamer W0lfDay ago

    We in germany have the Ford RS not many but it's a sick car.

  80. Kipperbob Sam

    Kipperbob SamDay ago

    FORD, you need to be a mechanic to keep them running.

  81. Jonas H

    Jonas HDay ago

    The first thing in my mind as soon as ive seen the title: so these car´s are cheap right? :D

  82. Gah Bah

    Gah Bah43 minutes ago


  83. Mike Blodgett

    Mike BlodgettDay ago

    I'd love to see the opposite of this list, cars that were junk that sold well. Great video btw.

  84. Taddy J

    Taddy JDay ago

    Commodore SS's are like blowflies here in Australia! 🤣

  85. PyRx Tv

    PyRx TvDay ago

    The svt was awesome I had the 24 valve and a svt right when the fast and the furious came out. It was great already had a body kit was black with black leather interior. I threw some rims and a wing on her and was riced up ready to go. I thought I was the shit back when I was 17. Drove the 24 valve during the week and the svt when I wanted to get fast and furious in the Walmart parking lot at the week end car meets every Saturday. They were the good ol days. That first car they showed was bad ass and the as would make a perfect sleeper.

  86. Stifleristic

    StifleristicDay ago

    8:36 Stradman😄

  87. Richard Edwards

    Richard EdwardsDay ago

    Is the contour svt not a model st220? Looks the same

  88. Zeladon Proto

    Zeladon ProtoDay ago

    The Viper Is My favorite car ever

  89. cd5sircoupe

    cd5sircoupeDay ago

    I thought I was going to make the whole list but the Airflow was a curve ball. Aside from the Airflow and the Avante I've seen at least one of each of the rest somewhere in my travels over the years, hell I saw a 9-7 Aero this afternoon on my commute. I gotta say though, seeing a yellow LFA in person and hearing that V10 ripping was probably the highlight from the list cars here.

  90. Gustavo Gonzalez

    Gustavo GonzalezDay ago

    What about lexus ls 460

  91. Night Driver

    Night DriverDay ago

    Everyone on the internet wants a Viper and admires what it stood for. Real life, however, is a bit different.

  92. Chris Ervin

    Chris ErvinDay ago

    I've been in love with the RS Focus since it was released over seas I've always wanted one I could never afford it but I actually was able to test drive one and scared the guy from the dealership when he let me he said to give it all I have he wasn't to happy when I put it in drift mode

  93. Hate Libtards

    Hate LibtardsDay ago

    I remember a lot of people buying Vipers and crashing them not long after, they were always in the news!

  94. Richard Forhurholes

    Richard ForhurholesDay ago

    I learned how to drive a stick and load cars on trailers in a Subaru brat I missed the first time 😂

  95. Richard Forhurholes

    Richard ForhurholesDay ago

    do the escape one time I was coming up out of a canoe rental and I'm almost all the way up this one lane entrance that's like a 45° Hill and the car just whips in and comes right down the middle so I merely missing by like a freaking inch and then my right wheels are both in the grass in the car starts tipping, my homie dove in the back seat and I was thinking the lord that thing was all wheel drive,

  96. Richard Forhurholes

    Richard ForhurholesDay ago

    So I'm thinking the Chevy guys just wanted to keep the SS offer themselves some of the b******

  97. HustleKings Entertainment

    HustleKings EntertainmentDay ago

    The viper actually might come back as usual every 4 years... theres articles on dodge making new concepts for the Viper

  98. Familia rodriguez

    Familia rodriguezDay ago

    14:52 caught me off guard so hard JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA 😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Bacon Bits

    Bacon BitsDay ago

    lFA was a shock . I saw it at the Javit Center Auto show with custom Gucci luggage in the trunk. Car was like the most beautiful of dreams 😚

  100. Ted Tedness

    Ted TednessDay ago

    You forgot the UPCOMING 2012 Hyundai Kona N. I had money down at a dealership thinking it was AWD, and I had to pull it when finging out it is 2WD. I own a tuned and lowered 1.6T AWD Kona. www.hyundaikonaforum.com/showcase/2018-kona-awd-1-6t-lowered.1162/ (scroll) We found out through people looking under Hyundai Kona N test mules, it is 2WD. About 9 other people I know who were gong to buy it, NOW are not going to buy it because it is a 2WD LIFTED hot hatch. Who wants a LIFTED hot hatch, NOT ME!!!!!!!! Top Gear UK said in a recent article Hyundai decided early on in the Kona N development to nix the AWD. Why, because they are cheapskates. They are said to be listed for more money then a Veloster N and i30 N. Hyundai FAILED FAILED FAILED on this one. A LIFTED overpriced 2WD hot hatch. It COULD of been a nice car for a cheaper Golf R competition.

  101. Andrea Lizarraga

    Andrea LizarragaDay ago

    The enchanting captain certainly race because dad potentially follow like a panicky puma. guiltless, wild armadillo

  102. The Bystander Guy

    The Bystander GuyDay ago

    I want an RS Focus.

  103. DeathRowRecords

    DeathRowRecordsDay ago

    As soon as i saw the ugly ass contour and saab i immediately skipped to the next car

  104. STALIN

    STALINDay ago

    Has james lost weight? he looks a lot slimmer

  105. Cliff Morham

    Cliff MorhamDay ago

    Regarding the Chevy SS you don’t know what you’re talking about. GM restricted the number of LHD units it shipped from the Elizabeth WA Holden factory. It was never intended to be a volume seller. Over the 4 years it actually exceeded its sales targets selling approx 13,000 over its 4 year run. GMs targets were 3000 units per year. The car is a classic and depreciation will be very low as it is so desirable.

  106. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniDay ago

    The Chevy SS will be a high-dollar classic sometime in the future due to the low sales numbers. Especially the 6-speed models.

  107. Ineffable

    Ineffable13 hours ago

    No it wont, people thought the same thing about the final GTO too. Most them have already be scrapped for the LS3 which are highly prized for engine swap and today go for way too close the cost of new crate.

  108. Thor Agust

    Thor AgustDay ago

    "Everything you need to know about formula offroad" will blow people's minds, honor bound to go full throttle at the last gate no matter the angle, that is some valhalla viking motorsport.

  109. Victor Odin

    Victor OdinDay ago

    The Avanti couldn’t go anywhere near 170mph. They also produced them in the late eighties that Einstein forgot to mention. They even made a four door version. That four door was one fugly auto....

  110. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniDay ago

    The SS is a banging car! The Focus RS is also banging!

  111. Alpha Force

    Alpha ForceDay ago

    "Read the Bible"