Photoshopping Lil Peep's face tattoos off...

Lil Peep without face tattoos. Today we gave Lil Peep a full makeover in photoshop. Talk to me in Discord!
Let me know which version you like better, and who I should photoshop next!
Gustav Elijah Åhr, known professionally as Lil Peep, was an American rapper, singer, songwriter and model. He was a member of the emo rap collective GothBoiClique. #lilpeep #photoshop #tattoos
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  1. Greg Prosser

    Greg Prosser18 days ago

    Subscribe for more :) Talk to me in Discord!

  2. mihai adrian bagaian

    mihai adrian bagaian2 days ago

    CAN you do I am sanna next

  3. Troytheboss 178

    Troytheboss 1787 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. shelayna_animations

    shelayna_animations7 days ago

    Could you do Oli Sykes or Ronnie Radke without face tattoos please

  5. Makinsie

    Makinsie11 days ago

    Billie Eillish with 69 tattoos..

  6. Gh0st Face

    Gh0st Face12 days ago

    Can you tell me what editor thing u use?

  7. Stetson Price

    Stetson Price3 hours ago

    James Charlie’s head omg Bryce halls body

  8. Raya Rishe

    Raya Rishe12 hours ago

    Um... y’all do realize you can search it up right

  9. marissa moore duh !

    marissa moore duh !16 hours ago

    do james charles with his face tats plz

  10. Oatmeal

    Oatmeal18 hours ago

    Ngl face tattoos don’t make you look cool or scary they make you look like a 2 year old that just found a sharpie

  11. ItS KilLEd MeH

    ItS KilLEd MeH18 hours ago

    Image barney with face tats 😂

  12. iforgotmyusername

    iforgotmyusernameDay ago

    That guy is weird af

  13. Among Us

    Among UsDay ago

    Lil peep not lidle peep BTW rip Lil peep

  14. Jonathan Madrigal

    Jonathan Madrigal2 days ago

    Mike Tyson with an afro

  15. lylacatfunee

    lylacatfunee2 days ago


  16. Knyder Beats

    Knyder Beats2 days ago

    This Pic of Peep Makes me Feel Assaulted internally

  17. Oliboi 847

    Oliboi 8472 days ago

    He is still uguly😂😂

  18. The Unholy Crusader

    The Unholy Crusader3 days ago

    I don't know if that's cursed or amazing

  19. T-DOG snoop dog

    T-DOG snoop dog3 days ago


  20. Sonja Saar

    Sonja Saar3 days ago

    did he just say- little peep??

  21. Malik Mailloux

    Malik Mailloux3 days ago

    Do travis scott

  22. ESC Lance

    ESC Lance4 days ago

    Plss do Alan Walker bald 🥺

  23. lil war996

    lil war9964 days ago

    Ynw melly without face tattoos

  24. Kurtis Daniels

    Kurtis Daniels4 days ago

    R.i.p peep ❤

  25. twizxbot

    twizxbot4 days ago

    Peep without tats looks like Gus, but with tats looks like Peep

  26. WeebWeeb

    WeebWeeb5 days ago

    I miss lil peep 😭😢

  27. Patricia Horne

    Patricia Horne5 days ago


  28. Lilly And Dylan

    Lilly And Dylan5 days ago

    Who the heck is lil peep

  29. Eduardo Torres

    Eduardo Torres5 days ago

    Post malone withou tattoos

  30. Donovan Gabriel

    Donovan Gabriel5 days ago

    Xxxtentacion plz

  31. Rolligue

    Rolligue6 days ago

    Wiz khalifa 🔥 please

  32. cloudzy k

    cloudzy k6 days ago

    I like it wish tattoos better but I also think you should have kept the crybaby tattoo.


    PSYKIC JC CRAZY6 days ago


  34. snoopy Spurgeon

    snoopy Spurgeon6 days ago


  35. gnarly bastard

    gnarly bastard6 days ago

    No stop. Why would you do this , unnecessary.

  36. Little Dove

    Little Dove6 days ago

    Face tattoos just means your never going to make a job interview

  37. Eli Courtney

    Eli Courtney6 days ago

    Do lil uzi

  38. Horzon_ fortnite

    Horzon_ fortnite6 days ago

    My dude said "little peep"

  39. Gabriele Calvanese

    Gabriele Calvanese6 days ago

    Little peep

  40. Saloua SABAH

    Saloua SABAH6 days ago

    No one: Greg:LITTLE PEEP

  41. foxy n friends

    foxy n friends7 days ago

    Dude lookin like a reman

  42. Thot Police

    Thot Police7 days ago

    Ah yes my favourite raper. Little peep

  43. Troytheboss 178

    Troytheboss 1787 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. 9Flex.9

    9Flex.97 days ago


  45. O11Y G4M3R

    O11Y G4M3R7 days ago

    Mr fresh without spots

  46. Rosa Englund

    Rosa Englund7 days ago


  47. Ellie M

    Ellie M7 days ago

    Kim kardashion with purple hair

  48. Lucas LaForm

    Lucas LaForm7 days ago

    Every one sayin lil peep is underrated, but honestly he’s overrated. Take that as u will.

  49. Colin does stuff

    Colin does stuff7 days ago

    With tats is better

  50. Rickzy

    Rickzy7 days ago

    Damn that actually looks like him before tatts

  51. dripboi ulisse

    dripboi ulisse7 days ago

    Lil xan next

  52. Zian Guerrero

    Zian Guerrero7 days ago

    Mj without plastic surgery's

  53. iiYxxmy

    iiYxxmy7 days ago

    Peep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop peePeep paap poop pee

  54. BlxrAustin 24

    BlxrAustin 247 days ago

    Do trippe Red

  55. Wrath

    Wrath7 days ago


  56. Baby yoda Rosas

    Baby yoda Rosas8 days ago

    Can you do juice wrld or x

  57. Ainara Herrera

    Ainara Herrera8 days ago

    Can you do Ariana with tattoos on her face

  58. # TheGrumpiestGamer

    # TheGrumpiestGamer8 days ago

    Next one give him normal teeth

  59. willy wally

    willy wally8 days ago

    Why does him with the tattoos look like hes a criminal but without he looks like that creepy kid in school

  60. NarutoSasuke

    NarutoSasuke8 days ago


  61. Hayleigh Curvelo

    Hayleigh Curvelo8 days ago

    Better without all the stuff. He looks better

  62. Big noob

    Big noob8 days ago

    Now add cyberpunk 2077 in the background

  63. 999WRLD

    999WRLD9 days ago

    rip legend

  64. h1ghkd

    h1ghkd9 days ago

    RIP lil peep

  65. Miles Rogers

    Miles Rogers9 days ago

    I was like ew put them back on 😂😂😂

  66. Spicy Kimchi

    Spicy Kimchi9 days ago

    With tats because they were meaningful to him

  67. Skye Norwood

    Skye Norwood9 days ago

    peep was one of those people where the face tattoos made him unique and fit his personality

  68. Paislee Rhoades

    Paislee Rhoades9 days ago

    He looks creepy without

  69. skooter kids

    skooter kids9 days ago

    Bro do XXXTentacion with no face tattoos #rip

  70. cooldark PW

    cooldark PW9 days ago

    Ewww how he look

  71. Willem van Campen

    Willem van Campen9 days ago


  72. Vincent Lujan

    Vincent Lujan9 days ago

    With the tattoo

  73. MightyTytee

    MightyTytee9 days ago

    Do RDJ

  74. Mar - Chan

    Mar - Chan9 days ago

    Bootleg Eminem

  75. ItsDxzzy

    ItsDxzzy9 days ago

    Without face tats peep looks like he kills baby’s

  76. Dripy Donkey

    Dripy Donkey10 days ago

    normal peep

  77. ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ɴ ᴛᴇᴀ

    ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ɴ ᴛᴇᴀ10 days ago

    Put them back 👁👄👁

  78. Jackson Deering

    Jackson Deering10 days ago

    He looks like Lil Peep without tattoos. You can thank me later

  79. вunnч вαввч

    вunnч вαввч10 days ago

    He still looks bad

  80. Jordyn Vonwaldner

    Jordyn Vonwaldner10 days ago

    Post Malone with Lil Peeps tattoos.

  81. Theo Kalitozee

    Theo Kalitozee10 days ago

    Can u do 6ix9ine please,take away the tattoos,then a decent hair cut Thank you


    PUPPETSOFWORLD10 days ago

    69 with lil peeps face tats

  83. Landon Platt

    Landon Platt10 days ago

    The real fans know what he looks like already.

  84. dank_meme_lordd_247

    dank_meme_lordd_24710 days ago

    Do juice wrld

  85. JoeFrankman

    JoeFrankman10 days ago

    Ngl, I kinda like the face tattoos version better, but he still looks pretty good without them.

  86. Luke Purcell

    Luke Purcell10 days ago

    He still looks the same somehow

  87. Betul Kartalkanat

    Betul Kartalkanat10 days ago

    Pls do charlie dimalio

  88. Mir kook

    Mir kook10 days ago


  89. Yujiro Hanama

    Yujiro Hanama10 days ago

    Lil peep is incomplete with tats sorry bro....

  90. The Weeknd

    The Weeknd10 days ago

    He looks gay

  91. • Dat one YouTuber •

    • Dat one YouTuber •11 days ago

    He looks better without the tatoos

  92. Animeshun

    Animeshun11 days ago

    Rip goth baby :(

  93. Polxr Cide

    Polxr Cide11 days ago

    Ig it's little peep buts it so damn funny

  94. Wiley Nifong

    Wiley Nifong11 days ago

    DanTDM with purple hair and Adrianna Grade's hair style

  95. Jayden Hoopaugh

    Jayden Hoopaugh11 days ago

    Little it’s lil

  96. M O C

    M O C11 days ago

    Why he saying "Little Peep"

  97. William Hernandez

    William Hernandez11 days ago

    I like it

  98. maleka boyd

    maleka boyd11 days ago

    Trippie Redd

  99. WoofyDoggie

    WoofyDoggie11 days ago

    Make the results longer

  100. turdbunz

    turdbunz11 days ago

    You should photoshop lil skies, a bald version.

  101. Teresa Oeste

    Teresa Oeste11 days ago

    looks ok?

  102. Nathanplays Xboxone

    Nathanplays Xboxone11 days ago

    Everyone looks better without these weird tattoos

  103. Muna White

    Muna White11 days ago

    I’ve watched a bunch of these vids and he never ever says who asked! 😫 can someone help?

  104. Limitless.

    Limitless.11 days ago


  105. Zachary Farrow

    Zachary Farrow11 days ago

    Post malon no face tattoos

  106. Alex rxspect

    Alex rxspect11 days ago

    Logan Paul with lil peep’s tattoos