NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2021 (New, February)

Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
0:05 - THE VAULT (2021) Freddie Highmore
2:01 - BOSS LEVEL (2021) Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson
4:21 - SON (2021) Thriller Movie
6:09 - TIDES (2021) Sci-Fi Movie
8:09 - SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2: TAILS (2022) Announcement Trailer
8:18 - THEN CAME YOU (2021) Romantic Comedy
11:52 - A WRITER’S ODYSSEY (2021) Fantasy Movie
13:22 - COME TRUE (2021) Thriller
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    MovieGasm.com18 days ago

    Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video: 0:05 - THE VAULT (2021) Freddie Highmore 2:01 - BOSS LEVEL (2021) Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson 4:21 - SON (2021) Thriller Movie 6:09 - TIDES (2021) Sci-Fi Movie 8:09 - SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2: TAILS (2022) Announcement Trailer 8:18 - THEN CAME YOU (2021) Romantic Comedy 10:34 - JUSTICE LEAGUE THE SNYDER CUT (2021) Teaser 11:52 - A WRITER’S ODYSSEY (2021) Fantasy Movie 13:22 - COME TRUE (2021) Thriller

  2. Erika Westbrooks

    Erika WestbrooksDay ago

    Ohh shit!!! Boss Level! I must watch!!

  3. Doge Playz

    Doge Playz2 days ago

    @TLG Design that’s a trailer for a different trailer for justice leageu

  4. TLG Design

    TLG Design4 days ago

    Which video is the thumbnail in?

  5. Dallas May

    Dallas May6 days ago

    0:16 The events after Uncharted 1 Drakes fortune

  6. Kel49588

    Kel4958810 days ago

    @Tony Vera his in the new Justice League movie

  7. Rico

    Rico16 hours ago

    My mermaid crushhhhhhhh!( The Vault)

  8. Rico

    Rico16 hours ago

    unusually sexy! (Astrid Berges)

  9. Sergey Bielecki

    Sergey BieleckiDay ago

    It's every guys dream to fire a minigun....right?

  10. Accountant InTraining

    Accountant InTrainingDay ago

    I clicked when joker popped on the thumbnail. Thumbs could have chosen a photo from the other movies that were uploaded.

  11. Martin cervantes

    Martin cervantesDay ago

    Another shitty joker?

  12. Neil Sangte

    Neil SangteDay ago

    dint know junior Lionel Messi as an actor

  13. TriL TV

    TriL TVDay ago

    Boss Level is soooo dope, It's been out for a grip online.... and what happened to Sonic 2 lol?

  14. Logan Dorr

    Logan DorrDay ago

    11:27 help me

  15. David Urdahl

    David UrdahlDay ago

    Wow.. you suck at this...

  16. john T

    john T2 days ago


  17. DatingSeiteOnline com

    DatingSeiteOnline com2 days ago

    Are you looking for hot dates in your neighbourhood?

  18. Alexander Aldrich

    Alexander Aldrich2 days ago

    Joker be looking lit.

  19. Malik Light

    Malik Light3 days ago

    These are moviegasms.

  20. I-YELL- A-LOT

    I-YELL- A-LOT3 days ago


  21. Temple Daniel

    Temple Daniel3 days ago

    The abject addition preliminarily dress because jumbo perceptually slip atop a lethal goldfish. disgusting, sordid bracket

  22. A L I E N : A W A K E N I N G

    A L I E N : A W A K E N I N G3 days ago

    Hey guys did you know that we live in a society?


    SCOTTOCASTER '663 days ago

    Boss Level: "Take this to the next level" Scottocaster: "Ok, I'm Out, next!!" Director hires Katana as a sword guru, please.

  24. Hollie Rice

    Hollie Rice3 days ago

    Ughhh. I love Jared leto in 30stm but as the joker.... Shit. Totally shit. Joaquin phoenix was amazing as the Joker. Should have put him in justice league instead.


    MANSQUITO3 days ago

    All total shit

  26. Gathas of Persia

    Gathas of Persia3 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Hollywood................... pure wokeness.

  27. GOOD1 GOod One

    GOOD1 GOod One3 days ago

    the accent make me feel i am stepping on a mellow candy🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥

  28. Right Left

    Right Left3 days ago

    I smelled popcorn watching this

  29. Dvine Lovin

    Dvine Lovin4 days ago


  30. Doctor Jones

    Doctor Jones4 days ago

    ... So this is the sequel where Charlie Bucket leaves behind his Chocolate Factory in order to headman a huge bank-heist?

  31. Karen Stark

    Karen Stark4 hours ago

    it’s research for the next candy invention: The Everlasting Gobstopper Bank Robber.

  32. It Ain’t Easy

    It Ain’t Easy4 days ago

    Did joker never shower or does paint not dry off in prison?

  33. Time to Believe

    Time to Believe9 hours ago

    Applying makeup in prison may lead to unwanted attention..?

  34. Ricky Ekenlöw

    Ricky Ekenlöw20 hours ago

    he is probably applying new makeup everyday, made out of some of the calk from the walls mixed with water, and maybe the green is peas from the kitchen mixed with water :) just a guess

  35. Dimitrios F

    Dimitrios F4 days ago

    Jesus Christ, Elizabeth Hurley looks even younger than when she played in that movie years back called Austin Powers!

  36. Gathas of Persia

    Gathas of Persia3 days ago

    MAkeup, camera CGI, Face lifts............................ya baby, Don't forget your mojo.

  37. Xuxh

    Xuxh4 days ago

    Bruh money heist is better then the first trailer

  38. JTD Gaming

    JTD Gaming4 days ago


  39. Fuqin,Hill, Harry,Ass!

    Fuqin,Hill, Harry,Ass!4 days ago

    You guys know the Joker isnt Batmans only villain right?

  40. S R

    S R4 days ago

    In reality, you just need to recruit The LockPickingLawyer. All he need is 105 seconds, not 105 minutes.

  41. Arianne

    Arianne4 days ago

    Joker is so ugly wtf

  42. Darth Snow

    Darth Snow4 days ago

    first movie feels like a 2016 Movie, I Am Right?

  43. robotpanda77

    robotpanda775 days ago

    Are attractive women banned in hollywood now?????

  44. Widji Santoso

    Widji Santoso5 days ago

    One question. Why joker coloring his long hair while the world is in chaos??

  45. Widji Santoso

    Widji Santoso3 days ago

    Lol 😅

  46. Christopher Harley

    Christopher Harley3 days ago

    Because you have to go out in style.

  47. shawd thompson

    shawd thompson5 days ago

    Boss Level. Why would anybody bring a racist into their movie? Because they don't care about unity or equality.

  48. shawd thompson

    shawd thompson4 days ago

    @Chris Therk Google his racism or catch it here on youtube. hard to miss

  49. Chris Therk

    Chris Therk4 days ago

    How is he a racist?

  50. Blaze Marillier

    Blaze Marillier5 days ago

    i made it 9k like don't know if any of u care but why not

  51. STILL

    STILL5 days ago

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔺

  52. R Sanchez

    R Sanchez5 days ago

    Omfg, its jareds joker again. 🤮

  53. Juan Pedro Robotop

    Juan Pedro Robotop5 days ago

    Morbious First

  54. Okeanos Okeanos

    Okeanos Okeanos5 days ago

    That joker laugh is just painful.

  55. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football Houston6 days ago

    This guy is crazy good too in his role

  56. RL K

    RL K6 days ago

    The Script A Mafia Story! Read The Movie For Your Mind...

  57. Takudzwa Mudoti

    Takudzwa Mudoti6 days ago

    Good doctor role has sleeved off yet

  58. WhiteTiger Productions

    WhiteTiger Productions6 days ago

    I heard Francis drake and thought it was going to be an uncharted movie, but no they missed that shot 😒

  59. skwcw2001

    skwcw20016 days ago


  60. Kissing Booth

    Kissing Booth6 days ago

    where is the kissing booth,tom&Jerry and wolverine? check out mine

  61. Jennifer Cook

    Jennifer Cook6 days ago

    Omg not another stupid "I'm reliving the same day over again" movie!🤢🤮

  62. Troma 333

    Troma 3332 days ago

    And the President is a duck!?

  63. Gathas of Persia

    Gathas of Persia3 days ago

    Jenny ......................... please stop................................... IT'S GROUNDHOG DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL

  64. NegativeBurn

    NegativeBurn7 days ago

    I can only hope COVID kills the cinema before this slouch hits theaters

  65. midnight

    midnight7 days ago

    freddy highmoore would make eaither a really good riddler or joker or robin tell me what you think!

  66. Just Meechie

    Just Meechie7 days ago

    When is the Avatar going to hit theaters? We've been waiting for eons.

  67. Jay J

    Jay J7 days ago

    Groundhog Day on testosterone.

  68. Avery Wade

    Avery Wade7 days ago

    boss level already exists. its called re zero.

  69. Patrick Romanowski

    Patrick Romanowski8 days ago

    So “The Vault” basically just basically ripped off the second season of Money Heist??

  70. Dimitrios F

    Dimitrios F4 days ago

    They should call it (OCEAN'S 4352342435345435)

  71. Maped M

    Maped M4 days ago

    Nah. It is extremely original.

  72. OverShadow S6

    OverShadow S65 days ago

    they got shawn from the good doctor

  73. Dallas May

    Dallas May6 days ago

    i was gonna suggest The events after Uncharted 1 Drakes fortune

  74. M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^333

    M4ri4n4sG4t3k33p3r^*^3337 days ago

    That’s one of the worst shows i’ve ever attempted to watch.

  75. Addi Favz

    Addi Favz8 days ago

    6:09 Tides reminds me of the Netflix series {The 100}

  76. Tony Vera

    Tony Vera8 days ago

    Lame 😒 wasted my precious Call of Duty playing time watching this shit looking for the Joker who cares about anything else in this Garbage previews, well MK is dope besides that nothing worthy

  77. Jackson Wright

    Jackson Wright8 days ago

    So excited for Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Back to the Olive Garden

  78. N Flores

    N Flores8 days ago

    Boss level: Kenny's future after south park and the hoody.

  79. Dru Anubis

    Dru Anubis8 days ago

    Boss Level, awesome, but the ending makes you wonder will there be a sequel.

  80. Sum guy Onabike

    Sum guy Onabike8 days ago

    Prob a couple dlcs first 😂

  81. Nøt gøød?

    Nøt gøød?8 days ago

    2021 is going to be the best movie year

  82. Peter Vanna

    Peter Vanna8 days ago

    So the Vault is basically Money Heist

  83. magical unicorn

    magical unicorn8 days ago

    The good doctor

  84. James Mckay-Mount

    James Mckay-Mount8 days ago

    Bloody love Frank Grillo

  85. Mathew John

    Mathew John8 days ago

    If you are looking for the screen clip of Joker, that may have drawn you in.. @10:35 in for Snyders' Justice League, but nothing clear like the picture. Surprisingly the movie with Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee looks good; i usually can't stand her; but it's got Elizabeth Hurley who still looks amazing!!

  86. notYourRage

    notYourRage8 days ago

    I just tried to watch Boss Level but it isnt even out yet 🤦‍♂️😂

  87. Brendan Woerner

    Brendan Woerner9 days ago

    No joker = bait

  88. sabbottart

    sabbottart9 days ago

    Poor selection. Is this the best Hollywood can do?

  89. neenjaaa

    neenjaaa9 days ago

    Judging by the thumbnail alone... when can we just leave the Joker be... why do we need a new joker every 2 years ? Is nothing sacred? CAN WE STOP RUINING THINGS??? Ugh

  90. Ullmans9

    Ullmans99 days ago

    This looks like a good movie. Alot of different genres in one movie, very original

  91. petrvalnych

    petrvalnych8 days ago


  92. Farmer 123

    Farmer 1239 days ago

    There different movies

  93. Wade Tolbert

    Wade Tolbert9 days ago

    Cant go outside in LA, but you can be on set lol.

  94. veteran navy

    veteran navy9 days ago

    First movie is BS because the most secure vault is in the vatican library

  95. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us9 days ago

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  96. Hosh

    Hosh9 days ago

    all of these movies are shite

  97. Sam Cruise

    Sam Cruise9 days ago

    Son movie was giving me the feeling of the exorcist

  98. peaceon earth

    peaceon earth9 days ago

    I'd love to see more resurrected batman movies

  99. Alexei Romanov

    Alexei Romanov9 days ago

    THE VAULT 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  100. aaron lawrence

    aaron lawrence9 days ago

    The peaceful rubber disconcertingly drag because market rahilly improve round a stupid syria. undesirable, absurd architecture

  101. ImoogiYangofLight

    ImoogiYangofLight10 days ago

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  102. Bradley Handicappuccino

    Bradley Handicappuccino10 days ago

    For those who are interested in the movie "Tides", search for "Haven: Above Sky" (it's alternate name) instead. More info popped up when searching for the alternate name than when searching for "Tides".

  103. Russel Lariza vlogs

    Russel Lariza vlogs10 days ago

    I love this coming movie thank you permission can i get your video for my vlog thanks.. God bless

  104. Croscar Mellose

    Croscar Mellose10 days ago

    So sick of everyone trying to make the next big horror/thriller and they ALL look the same. The action ones didn’t look bad, but the horror ones are always to do with possession or ghosts/demons. Been done to death!

  105. The House of Milan

    The House of Milan10 days ago

    So its going to be hard seeing these Game of Thrones people in my movies going on..🤷🏿

  106. Jessa

    Jessa10 days ago

    A Writer's Odyssey

  107. Arno Vandaele

    Arno Vandaele10 days ago

    you cane just watch le casa de papel

  108. HASSAN Awdi

    HASSAN Awdi10 days ago

    That door opening I really thought it was resident evil reboot

  109. BETMARKonTube

    BETMARKonTube10 days ago

    *The Vault* is the classic... EVERYTHING OCEAN ELEVEN ALIKE EVER MADE. Be prepared for the plot twist betray at the end everyone'll see coming.

  110. CMC

    CMC10 days ago

    Not much diversity

  111. Saddest Maybe

    Saddest Maybe10 days ago

    Jared Leto = WORST JOKER EVER. Hate him

  112. N

    N10 days ago

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  113. whutzat

    whutzat3 days ago


  114. sateanjing

    sateanjing10 days ago

    ser davos finally plan to rob the iron banks

  115. Mizo Mint

    Mizo Mint10 days ago

    Oh Jesus, another over exaggerated climate change movie. -.- God damn people can't stop slowly reprograming society with ur delusions to achieve your goal of riches and control.

  116. Mizo Mint

    Mizo Mint7 days ago

    @Sum guy Onabike Learn to read... or don't. I couldn't care less.

  117. Sum guy Onabike

    Sum guy Onabike8 days ago

    R u seriously suggesting you think climate change is a hoax?? Keep up at least the rest of the hoax crew have given up getting debunked and stick to picking on the likes of greta 😂😂😂

  118. Psych86

    Psych8610 days ago

    So no joker movie 🤔

  119. Cape

    Cape10 days ago

    Boss level!!!

  120. clyde collins

    clyde collins10 days ago

    After seeing 100+ heist films, I don't need another. (the vault) How many copies of Groundhog Day do we need? (boss level) Another movie about possession? (son) Why? Of the next six...ah, screw it.

  121. Nek_ Neck

    Nek_ Neck10 days ago

    Wwe Sting?

  122. zzzjoeb

    zzzjoeb10 days ago

    What the fuck is guy from Game of thrones doing there. How is he still alive after all these years. He fought with the queen of dragons

  123. Jonathan Jordan

    Jonathan Jordan10 days ago

    Wow they had all of 2020 on lockdown and they managed to come out with nothing but shit for 2021. None of these movies look good at all

  124. somerandomhuman

    somerandomhuman10 days ago

    Am I the only one that clicked cause of the joker?

  125. Rubber Mannequin

    Rubber Mannequin2 days ago

    Yes. Because nobody but you liked that movie. You are unique. Probably. It's not like it earned a billion dollars of box office and two oscars, FFS.

  126. Carragh McInnes

    Carragh McInnes4 days ago

    His joker was different, but I wouldn't say he ruined the joker,warner brother cut a lot of Jared out the proper version of suicide squad

  127. Magnus Julius

    Magnus Julius4 days ago

    trying to do his weak ass heath ledger pose. dude ruined the joker.

  128. Carragh McInnes

    Carragh McInnes5 days ago

    Yeah I clicked because of joker.

  129. Dallas May

    Dallas May6 days ago

    same i call this FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

  130. Christopher Jerome Seel

    Christopher Jerome Seel10 days ago

    you know you love it..

  131. Jeff Garbarek

    Jeff Garbarek10 days ago

    How about this..... Stop giving Hollywood your money.

  132. Larry Bobarry

    Larry Bobarry10 days ago

    the vault is so by the book. I have seen this movie 100 times