Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie9 days ago

    Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!

  2. Sayf Rahman

    Sayf Rahman8 days ago


  3. The Truth

    The Truth9 days ago


  4. Mackinley J. Rattey

    Mackinley J. Rattey9 days ago


  5. Elizeth Mendez

    Elizeth Mendez9 days ago


  6. Elizeth Mendez

    Elizeth Mendez9 days ago


  7. its Fishday

    its Fishday56 seconds ago


  8. Micah McDonald

    Micah McDonaldMinute ago

    McDonalds: Hello? Matt: Sup McDonalds: Oh no... Matt: I would like... McDonalds: JUST TAKE IT ALL DEAR GOD NO!O!!O!O!O!OOO!!!!!

  9. Soop Soop

    Soop Soop8 minutes ago

    I call them uwu happy meals

  10. ya wang

    ya wang16 minutes ago


  11. Lukas Skog

    Lukas Skog34 minutes ago

    I subed

  12. Chef Lucas

    Chef LucasHour ago


  13. Uwase eline

    Uwase elineHour ago

    It's not even about how much food it is if I ate that one common dish a in very large quantity I would never eat the same dish eveeer again in my life

  14. Bret Goley

    Bret GoleyHour ago

    4:50 Dude stop the cap. That onion turtle

  15. Kujo Jotaro

    Kujo JotaroHour ago

    12:17 we like dem apples

  16. Alice S

    Alice S2 hours ago

    Litten is my second-favorite

  17. Alice S

    Alice S2 hours ago

    Charizard is my favorite

  18. ItS me JULIAN!!

    ItS me JULIAN!!2 hours ago


  19. Eshaan Skywalker

    Eshaan Skywalker3 hours ago

    I have noticed matt only wears black shirts

  20. kev

    kev3 hours ago

    Charzard my fav pokemon hopefully i win the giveaway

  21. KudosK

    KudosK3 hours ago

    Raycon has some bad earphones. WHY THEM????

  22. shereen.

    shereen.3 hours ago

    my fav pokemon is eevee

  23. Your Name

    Your Name4 hours ago


  24. Isaiah Cruz

    Isaiah Cruz4 hours ago

    You gotta try a challenge with their new spicy chicken burger please

  25. Isaiah Cruz

    Isaiah Cruz4 hours ago

    Yo you gotta try there new spicy chicken burger

  26. Yaprak Polat

    Yaprak Polat4 hours ago

    To toblerone challenge

  27. comic.

    comic.5 hours ago


  28. Akshay Sharan

    Akshay Sharan5 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate that he never clickbait us !!!

  29. The joker factory

    The joker factory6 hours ago

    Some people have a naturally low BMI due to physical characteristics that run in their family. A high metabolism. If a person has a high metabolism, they may not gain much weight even when eating high-energy foods. Frequent physical activity.

  30. Jon trbojevic

    Jon trbojevic6 hours ago


  31. K1rankk GAMING!

    K1rankk GAMING!6 hours ago

    You are a legend matt keep going! Plus may i pls have a pikachu normal or shiny if possible thanks man!

  32. war Sans

    war Sans7 hours ago

    hey matt, there is a place in houston texas if you havent tried yet, its called the ninja ramen, they have an 8 pound ramen thats apparently UNDEFEATED, so if you could make a video and bring someone with, i love it when you bring someone and they cant finish it as fast as you, or even finish it at all.

  33. Cod Bot

    Cod Bot7 hours ago

    My birthday is on the 27th AKA tmr can u make my day and post a video ? That would be the best way to end someone’s day after celebrating no 🧢

  34. AspectBG

    AspectBG7 hours ago

    With this guy living no fast food restaurant will ever bankrupt

  35. Zachary Strickland

    Zachary Strickland7 hours ago

    Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon

  36. Marinated Fungus • 2 years ago

    Marinated Fungus • 2 years ago8 hours ago

    My favourite Pokémon is Kommo-o

  37. 2Many Clipz

    2Many Clipz8 hours ago

    All of the pringles can flavors for next challenge

  38. Morva Andrews

    Morva Andrews8 hours ago

    Are the happy meals still on today Pls tell me 🥺🥺

  39. Custom BMX

    Custom BMX8 hours ago

    You should do the lowest calorie you’ve ever done but with 30 meals

  40. Brody Wakefield

    Brody Wakefield8 hours ago

    18 and 20? its 18 and 19

  41. Timelim

    Timelim8 hours ago


  42. Jasmine C

    Jasmine C8 hours ago


  43. Aarti Srivastava

    Aarti Srivastava9 hours ago

    There's a black hole in his stomach..I can see that

  44. Muhammad Nasir Rao

    Muhammad Nasir Rao9 hours ago

    stoniemons my fav

  45. Friday Night Funkin: Week 2

    Friday Night Funkin: Week 29 hours ago

    Pika Pika!

  46. Videeth Vagyanor

    Videeth Vagyanor9 hours ago

    Dislikers are Pokemon fans😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂

  47. MikuLover Gaming

    MikuLover Gaming9 hours ago

    My favorite Pokemon is pikachu

  48. Santosak40 I

    Santosak40 I9 hours ago

    My favorite pokemon is Charmander and love ur videos

  49. YoungOtaku!

    YoungOtaku!10 hours ago


  50. Ty Spencer

    Ty Spencer10 hours ago

    Impressive, now do this until you collect all 25 holographic versions. (If they made all 25 cards have a holographic version)

  51. Arii& Marii

    Arii& Marii10 hours ago

    My favorite Pokémon is Pikachu

  52. Huinga Kerr

    Huinga Kerr10 hours ago

    His toilet be like 😡

  53. Warriotroop Gaming

    Warriotroop Gaming11 hours ago

    Calories are afraid of him Fun fact: he poops out fat that's why he doesn't get fat eating this 😂

  54. Tahraji King

    Tahraji King11 hours ago

    And also I want a score bunny

  55. Tahraji King

    Tahraji King11 hours ago

    I want a Froakie please

  56. Tahraji King

    Tahraji King11 hours ago

    A Greninja

  57. Charles Faggett

    Charles Faggett11 hours ago


  58. brendan davies

    brendan davies11 hours ago

    my fav pokemon is pikachu

  59. Ariana Villazana

    Ariana Villazana11 hours ago

    Are you ok Dud

  60. Ariana Villazana

    Ariana Villazana11 hours ago

    You can do this

  61. Ariana Villazana

    Ariana Villazana11 hours ago

    I subscribe to your videos look

  62. Ariana Villazana

    Ariana Villazana11 hours ago

    I have a lot of Pokémon’s cords

  63. Mark Steven

    Mark Steven11 hours ago

    Stonie preeses the mini french fry The mini French fry:*squeak* Me:AWWWWWWWWW

  64. Mark Steven

    Mark Steven11 hours ago

    Comment a country's capital and I'll make a joke out of it!

  65. Tia Newton

    Tia Newton11 hours ago

    Hey tia newton pokeman

  66. The cat snail thing

    The cat snail thing12 hours ago

    how are you not morbidly obese and on the floor rn?

  67. Pati Garcia

    Pati Garcia12 hours ago


  68. Doris Castro

    Doris Castro12 hours ago


  69. Green Salad

    Green Salad12 hours ago

    My favorite Pokémon is charmander!!

  70. Froylan Martinez

    Froylan Martinez12 hours ago

    bruh best is greninga

  71. Josh the feesh

    Josh the feesh12 hours ago


  72. HarveyGames

    HarveyGames12 hours ago

    I just had McDonald’s for lunch today, and when I watched this video.. I WANT MORE

  73. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen12 hours ago

    I’m lucky I got a ex charzaird because My uncle work their

  74. Imalittlehero Vlogs

    Imalittlehero Vlogs12 hours ago

    To catch them you you got to eat them all

  75. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen12 hours ago

    I ate the same thing I got fat lol JK

  76. Tommy Pham

    Tommy Pham12 hours ago

    You're so skinny. How could you each this much? I'm so lazy at eating. I would be full at 2 of those meals.

  77. MADD T

    MADD T12 hours ago

    The real questions is... Can you get a ex by these by accident?

  78. Dajam Meseg

    Dajam Meseg12 hours ago

    Y en mi ciudad que no hay Mcdonald's, yo quería una cajita :'v y si me saliera ese Oshawott holográfico uffff xd mi Pokémon favorito

  79. Kamilah Lowe

    Kamilah Lowe12 hours ago


  80. Rubie ASMR

    Rubie ASMR12 hours ago

    Nobody: The cheese army in comments: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  81. sore痛み

    sore痛み13 hours ago

    roses are red, violets are blue. the top comment spoiled it, you wish it wasn’t true.

  82. eFohh

    eFohh13 hours ago

    Imagine all the kids that went to that mcdonalds that day and theres no more happy meals 😂


    RICK CHAVEZ13 hours ago


  84. noahzak hebert

    noahzak hebert14 hours ago

    my fav pokemon is snorlax

  85. Jonathan Fernando

    Jonathan Fernando14 hours ago

    Can you do filipino food challange pls

  86. TurtleSZN

    TurtleSZN14 hours ago


  87. Colin Redpath

    Colin Redpath14 hours ago

    I think you should do a video with meatloaf

  88. Bongos

    Bongos14 hours ago

    Matt stonie Vs Duck Challenge: eating peas

  89. Rezolve.Cosmos

    Rezolve.Cosmos14 hours ago


  90. Carlton Witherell

    Carlton Witherell14 hours ago

    Try a Jelly Belly BeanBoozled challenge.

  91. SkolNation84

    SkolNation8414 hours ago

    Matt, you’re not gonna wanna hear this, but my son got a happy meal tonight and got TWO Chimchars in the same pack. One being a holo 👀👀👀

  92. Giovanni Arvizu

    Giovanni Arvizu14 hours ago

    try phaal curry

  93. no name

    no name14 hours ago

    Now get the master set lol all 50 cards!

  94. Hdog Gaming

    Hdog Gaming15 hours ago

    My favorite is DedenneGX Pokémon hope I win

  95. Stacey Boyd

    Stacey Boyd15 hours ago

    i like pikachu O_O so rahr

  96. Stryker 2325

    Stryker 232515 hours ago

    How does he stay so skinny when he eats all of this food and how does he eat so much

  97. thewayofthechill is my Roblox username

    thewayofthechill is my Roblox username15 hours ago


  98. Adam Mangru

    Adam Mangru15 hours ago

    Buy more than 🤑🤑

  99. Adam Mangru

    Adam Mangru16 hours ago

    Is there anything that you don’t like

  100. Adam Mangru

    Adam Mangru16 hours ago

    Pikachu is my favorite

  101. bean Sperry

    bean Sperry16 hours ago


  102. Daniel D

    Daniel D16 hours ago

    Honda Sivy

  103. Michael Owens

    Michael Owens16 hours ago


  104. Joseph Tam

    Joseph Tam16 hours ago


  105. Allianna Montague

    Allianna Montague16 hours ago

    I LIKE PICKACHU! Spelt that wrong prob idk but Idc lol

  106. Lxve Lxfe

    Lxve Lxfe17 hours ago

    so i was thinking about buying raycon and then realized I already have them lmfao thanks matt