From Tomboy into Girly Girl / How to Become a Real Lady?

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If My Mom Runs the Restaurant / Funny Situations:
To make a girly girl out of a tomboy is clearly not an easy task. But our teachers don't give up so easily. Whether it will turn out to turn Kaya into an elegant lady, watch our new video.
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  1. Antoinette Harvey

    Antoinette Harvey4 hours ago

    I’m a tomboy this is very offensive.

  2. ariana grande

    ariana grande5 hours ago

    Well am tomboy but am not so bad lol

  3. Sahil Wazir

    Sahil Wazir7 hours ago

    Bully girl

  4. Tessa Bayer

    Tessa Bayer11 hours ago

    I am really affended like girls don’t have to be girly girls I’m a ✨tomboy ✨ and if you don’t accept that well fine

  5. Rahel zerihun

    Rahel zerihun14 hours ago

    so fun

  6. akshara bohara

    akshara bohara14 hours ago

    Wth I can be whoever I want you don't tell me how become a lady soo just because I'm a tomboy dos3nt mean I'm mean and a bully do shut up I can't eat whatever I want whenever I want however I want

  7. rajomolla rajopalla 01914599313

    rajomolla rajopalla 0191459931315 hours ago

    Nise 👑 🏩💄

  8. Cristobal Garcia

    Cristobal Garcia18 hours ago

    I like the tomboy

  9. Vishwanath Dambal

    Vishwanath Dambal18 hours ago

    It would be my pleasure to go to a wonderful school 🎒❤️

  10. • Pfft ok •

    • Pfft ok •21 hour ago

    Wait so your saying girls who are rude are tomboys? Wow great way to treat tomboys and not all girls gotta be polite girlish and be a “Lady”

  11. Ayoka Elie-Charles

    Ayoka Elie-CharlesDay ago

    Pls let me study here plsss

  12. •lisahillgamingroblox•

    •lisahillgamingroblox•Day ago

    Not every girl has to be a "princess" so why make this if it will affect some people? I know because Everything y'all do either has makeup,dolls and etc. But y'all want girls to be " princesses" just stop!

  13. Brisc'Lynn Felder

    Brisc'Lynn FelderDay ago

    Wow that could have been my sister I'm an alpha

  14. LPS Gaby

    LPS GabyDay ago

    Girls can be anything they want

  15. Lamar Yasser

    Lamar YasserDay ago

    I am very nice

  16. Sri Devi

    Sri DeviDay ago

    Yes love

  17. Hailey Sanclaria

    Hailey SanclariaDay ago


  18. Asha Kohli

    Asha KohliDay ago


  19. Rumiya Mohammad

    Rumiya MohammadDay ago

    There are showing off why they did that

  20. Rumiya Mohammad

    Rumiya MohammadDay ago

    They èeeee

  21. Arham Zaheer

    Arham ZaheerDay ago

    a tomboy doesn't mean your mean, rude, dumb, and a bully. It just means your traits are more masculine then feminine.

  22. Grace Rito

    Grace RitoDay ago

    Hey are you a pilipina?

  23. joann tagalo

    joann tagaloDay ago

    Sa Amo Kay Tomboy!

  24. gauravi Singh

    gauravi SinghDay ago

    So, they are trying to say that tomboys are weird.... Like c'mon why don't people understand tomboys doesn't means weird or unmanered Tomboys means a girl with a bit boyish behaviour. Also the one who don't like make up ,heels , dresses etc.....😒

  25. Negrita Zaplluzhani

    Negrita ZaplluzhaniDay ago

    I will love too for my sis she fight with boys andbut not like Kaja

  26. Sindhu Gopakumar

    Sindhu GopakumarDay ago

    I like this school

  27. Julia Pe

    Julia PeDay ago


  28. Natalie Novak

    Natalie NovakDay ago

    6:47 is he a freaking robot

  29. Ridhisha Keisam

    Ridhisha Keisam11 hours ago


  30. sumeja aliu

    sumeja aliu2 days ago

    Real lady is not a brat so shush

  31. kawaii potato

    kawaii potato2 days ago

    every lady is a real lady. and everyone is different and you NEED to understand that because this is being rude to me and many others. >:(

  32. Artsy Builder

    Artsy Builder2 days ago

    The intro though, not all tomboys are horrible! This is very stupid be honest. I have a tomboy sister and she's not horrible

  33. Joey Parker

    Joey Parker2 days ago

    I am a girly girl 😊

  34. Clara Plays

    Clara Plays2 days ago

    7:38 what the heck did I just see omg I am scared

  35. kibble

    kibble27 minutes ago


  36. Rufash Thapa

    Rufash Thapa2 days ago

    Tomboy is better it is 2021 bro . But I am a tomboy not bully but a little rude a little nice .

  37. leon thomas

    leon thomas2 days ago

    The. Girl you are

  38. leon thomas

    leon thomas2 days ago

    This. Girl is a boy😷🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. leon thomas

    leon thomas2 days ago

    This girl are is a lot of work

  40. Cupcake Ray

    Cupcake Ray2 days ago

    I am a tomboy and I am not rude but just saying don't FORCE PEOPLE TO CHANGE

  41. Lona Raspotnik

    Lona Raspotnik2 days ago

    I wish there such a thing

  42. Maqsood ahmed

    Maqsood ahmed2 days ago

    I am a girl

  43. Maqsood ahmed

    Maqsood ahmed2 days ago

    Yes i will love to study in that school but i am not a tom boy

  44. Hans Yu

    Hans Yu2 days ago

    I’m a morden girl Descriptions: XD nothing

  45. Fatima Britto

    Fatima Britto2 days ago


  46. Herla Marta

    Herla Marta2 days ago

    Mae cesto WhatsApp chao bye

  47. Jane Sqack

    Jane Sqack2 days ago


  48. jadonique mcintosh

    jadonique mcintosh3 days ago

    Yes I would love to go

  49. Kiyoomi Sakusa

    Kiyoomi Sakusa3 days ago

    Are you saying a tomboy is a mean bully ewww go cleanse your soul troom troom Also girls don’t have to be girly

  50. •lisahillgamingroblox•

    •lisahillgamingroblox•Day ago


  51. Charvielle King

    Charvielle King3 days ago


  52. Rayhana gazri

    Rayhana gazri3 days ago


  53. conrado manabat

    conrado manabat3 days ago


  54. Emma Austin - BTS FOREVER ARMY!!!

    Emma Austin - BTS FOREVER ARMY!!!3 days ago

    This is disgusting most tomboys just wear what they want and don’t show interest in “feminine things” 🙄 but they are sill ladies I’m not that proper in “feminine things” but I don’t label myself because I am my own person

  55. Kate Kerwood

    Kate Kerwood3 days ago

    Yes I would

  56. Iwa Tabaczuk

    Iwa Tabaczuk3 days ago


  57. Rea M

    Rea M3 days ago


  58. Anna Smallacombe

    Anna Smallacombe3 days ago

    Why is she acting like she is five and it’s not the 18th century anymore, it’s the 21st century also who gives a crap about being a real lady. Also the teachers are acting like idiots

  59. Chloemagenta 99

    Chloemagenta 993 days ago

    I love girly girl

  60. Purnima Mahapatra

    Purnima Mahapatra3 days ago

    Me 10 yrs old , me:- i am a tomboy

  61. Charlie Pham

    Charlie Pham3 days ago

    The girl when she looked like princess she was so pretty like my idol

  62. Edwina Chan

    Edwina Chan3 days ago

    Leve her alon

  63. Laidis Mendez salazar

    Laidis Mendez salazar3 days ago

    I would love to

  64. the Ark

    the Ark3 days ago

    I am a tomboy from but deep inside I am a true girl

  65. R.K shrestha

    R.K shrestha3 days ago

    I also want to be tomboy but mom alway day wear frock my cupboard is full of frock

  66. Paisley Hinchley

    Paisley Hinchley4 days ago

    This video shouldn’t exist

  67. Paisley Hinchley

    Paisley Hinchley4 days ago

    It is ok to de a tomdoy

  68. Mandy W.

    Mandy W.2 days ago



    TSANG GWYNETH SHERISE 1810264 days ago


  70. Victoria PlxyzRobloxYT

    Victoria PlxyzRobloxYT4 days ago

    Why do hey think tomboys are like this-

  71. Lily kit kat

    Lily kit kat4 days ago

    I need to know how to change a girly girl into a tomboy UwU

  72. Mandy W.

    Mandy W.2 days ago


  73. JESICA Cuiza

    JESICA Cuiza3 days ago


  74. Izhar Khan

    Izhar Khan3 days ago

    Ya so true because troom troom always makes video like this video but I think they should try the opposite of this tooo

  75. Emerson

    Emerson4 days ago

    I would love to go to the school

  76. casandra smith

    casandra smith4 days ago

    Ewww kaya

  77. IIIZThunder

    IIIZThunder4 days ago

    One word -Bruh

  78. Heidi Ibarra

    Heidi Ibarra4 days ago

    Am a tomboy

  79. Heidi Ibarra

    Heidi Ibarra4 days ago


  80. no skin lover Bürgin

    no skin lover Bürgin4 days ago

    Im both aka and a lil a softie


    SHARDA BAJAJ4 days ago

    I hate this video Tomboy is best I am a tomboy

  82. Kenia Brizuela

    Kenia BrizuelaDay ago

    Eww you fake being depressed

  83. What’s Up

    What’s Up4 days ago

    Mate not all tomboys are bully’s. Some girly girls are bully’s.

  84. Grace Hansen

    Grace Hansen4 days ago

    SOOOOO stupid!

  85. kruschenka du toit

    kruschenka du toit4 days ago

    Yes I would love to be at that school because it's all about

  86. Rose Rosey

    Rose Rosey4 days ago

    I want to be my gurls gurl

  87. Cassandre Rimpel

    Cassandre Rimpel4 days ago

    I love it 🐰🐼🦄

  88. Roxie Hands

    Roxie Hands4 days ago

    You are haliose

  89. Ephphatha McQueen

    Ephphatha McQueen4 days ago


  90. Raisa isara. keris Tel sikeret

    Raisa isara. keris Tel sikeret4 days ago


  91. Mc Bualteng

    Mc Bualteng4 days ago

    Im tomboy but smart and manly and im popular at school 😎😎😎😎😎

  92. Kerwin Amber

    Kerwin Amber4 days ago


  93. Biswanath Ghosh

    Biswanath Ghosh4 days ago

    Tomboys are cool

  94. NithinKrishnan Kodiath

    NithinKrishnan Kodiath4 days ago

    I really love the way I am,like I'm neither a tomboy nor a lady

  95. Izhar Khan

    Izhar Khan3 days ago

    So are you a man ?🤔🤣

  96. Annemette Vadsbach Jakobsen

    Annemette Vadsbach Jakobsen4 days ago


  97. XxThe wolf squadXx

    XxThe wolf squadXx4 days ago

    i love to be a tomboy but I don't wanna ACT like a tomboy

  98. What’s Up

    What’s Up4 days ago


  99. Tania Ramirez

    Tania Ramirez4 days ago

    Yes I would to study there

  100. Christina Coffey

    Christina Coffey5 days ago


  101. Charlie’s Toy and Roblox Room

    Charlie’s Toy and Roblox Room5 days ago

    This is so stupid you can be whoever you want not just a girly girl I am a tomboy

  102. Holly L

    Holly L5 days ago

    7:38 what the heck did I just witness?🤯😲

  103. Pastel Wolf Triplets

    Pastel Wolf Triplets9 hours ago

    That's kinda ew

  104. the Ark

    the Ark3 days ago

    Well that was akward

  105. IIIZThunder

    IIIZThunder4 days ago

    Ew I just saw that

  106. Jake Reed

    Jake Reed5 days ago

    stop talking about the tomboy i am a girly girl and it seems quite odd to have no maners

  107. Mandy Currie

    Mandy Currie5 days ago


  108. Seoyeon Lee

    Seoyeon Lee5 days ago

    wait so if you are a tomboy you are a boy?

  109. Maha Alajati

    Maha Alajati5 days ago

    Amazing 🥲

  110. Arika Ramos

    Arika Ramos5 days ago

    i though that tomboy is just in phillipines and is other countries is having different words now i know

  111. روز الغامدي

    روز الغامدي5 days ago


  112. Geana Tungup

    Geana Tungup5 days ago

    For me tomboy also a women but their are true women. I think maybe a tomboy will save their friend went their friend in danger. I also like tomboy sometime when i at my home. 😄😊

  113. Virgilia Mangosing

    Virgilia Mangosing5 days ago