I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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  1. Omar Urrea

    Omar Urrea3 minutes ago

    Yoo bro I had one of Those bro and I was like 8 or 10 when I was into Pokémon and looking back now to see how rare they are is so crazy

  2. Max Hine

    Max Hine6 minutes ago

    i feel like i just watch an anime

  3. MysticalGodz

    MysticalGodz34 minutes ago


  4. Mr Bonny

    Mr Bonny53 minutes ago

    Alguém br??

  5. Myles Gaming Poppie :D

    Myles Gaming Poppie :D59 minutes ago

    I reespect Pokémon cards

  6. Evan_the_dark bomber

    Evan_the_dark bomberHour ago

    Wait if you are a og from smosh they got one

  7. Peter Irwin

    Peter IrwinHour ago

    1:04 yeah I still can't take an L from the ksi fight

  8. loghead 911

    loghead 911Hour ago

    Bruh this man dont care bout no cards he was on pawnstars trying to sell these for half a mil lmao

  9. Fish_Nite

    Fish_NiteHour ago


  10. Jasmine riesch

    Jasmine rieschHour ago

    Hew do u think is more funny George or Mike smash a like if u think both

  11. BASKETBALL l3monHead

    BASKETBALL l3monHeadHour ago

    i love logan so much



    Garry definitely hit that day🤣

  13. Samuel Horenkamp

    Samuel Horenkamp2 hours ago

    Fight KSI

  14. 6xG

    6xG2 hours ago

    I feel like it was a lot of pressure on Garry as there was cameras on him, and he had a lot on him. As he’s been offered way more than what Logan has but there wasn’t any cameras on him during those offers.

  15. Blossom

    Blossom2 hours ago

    pokemon needs more hype, but don't have logan paul ruin it's name

  16. Cosbyslide

    Cosbyslide2 hours ago

    Aight bois whos goin to la wit me 💰💰🔫🔫

  17. X S-23

    X S-232 hours ago

    Kaiba with the briefcase

  18. Marlo The Sauce God

    Marlo The Sauce God3 hours ago

    Didn’t KSI dropped you in a boxing match🤔😂

  19. willow ames

    willow ames3 hours ago

    the thing is i have a card thats almost totally like that one sooooo can i have half a milloin dollars just joking but i do have almost the exact same card

  20. 1100

    11003 hours ago

    Ramo Ya salame

  21. TheElaineRocks

    TheElaineRocks3 hours ago

    Logan I have a mega charizard and idk wat to do with it so I don't think u have not completed the Pokemon cards yet

  22. tennis time

    tennis time3 hours ago

    Ligan is making his. Ard worth more.

  23. Jv Nr

    Jv Nr3 hours ago

    Kaitlyn Bennett owned your stupid dumb ass 🤣🤣

  24. mazz squad

    mazz squad3 hours ago

    who else came from funny mike video?

  25. Kyle Zeoli

    Kyle Zeoli3 hours ago

    I miss ginger

  26. Nikolaj Willadsen

    Nikolaj Willadsen3 hours ago

    Kinda getting the wolf of wallstreet vibe from the way he explained the story

  27. Diavolo

    Diavolo3 hours ago

    omg even logan paul is at las vegas i live there too nice to meet you!- NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE

  28. Abrilplayzroblox YT

    Abrilplayzroblox YT4 hours ago

    Last year I went to his channel He had 22.21 subscribers Now he has some


    DREW COWLEY4 hours ago

    Can you please make more Pokémon video

  30. Drippy_Zerry

    Drippy_Zerry4 hours ago

    Who’s here form funnymike

  31. Paul McKillop

    Paul McKillop4 hours ago

    I’m selling a Pokémon card for 2. 500 dollars

  32. Filip 2345

    Filip 23454 hours ago

    That's so sick

  33. vega

    vega4 hours ago

    and lana roahdes?

  34. 100k without no vidéo

    100k without no vidéo4 hours ago

    Let make a challenge if my channel 100k i will give a 1'000 dollar 🤑

  35. 100k without no vidéo

    100k without no vidéo4 hours ago

    S abonné

  36. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke4 hours ago

    People still watch Logan Paul?😂😂

  37. kabir vivanco

    kabir vivanco4 hours ago


  38. UnKnown_JK

    UnKnown_JK5 hours ago

    They shaked hands while the world is being destroyed by a virus 🦠🦠

  39. OMGitsAliA9900

    OMGitsAliA99005 hours ago

    Remember you Santa diss track

  40. Marius

    Marius5 hours ago

    Lana just sitting there

  41. xxslump _2hard

    xxslump _2hard5 hours ago

    Wait u said that that cost 115,00 ???? I had one of those in elementary the exact one and now I don’t have it ..... I’m bouta cry I just missed out on $115,000

  42. xxslump _2hard

    xxslump _2hard5 hours ago

    And if u think I’m lying I swear on my life and everyone I love

  43. Tomorah Clark

    Tomorah Clark5 hours ago

    Guys get THE MERCH its amazing lol and also Jake is ugly sorry itsjust that his face looks burnt so ya Logan is better

  44. Jeezz Zess

    Jeezz Zess5 hours ago

    I have something to show u with my pokemon card

  45. jstar 6666

    jstar 66665 hours ago





  47. عقرب geming

    عقرب geming5 hours ago

    مين جاي من انسايد

  48. Karol Młynarski

    Karol Młynarski6 hours ago

    Why you cant do Daily?

  49. lyndy101

    lyndy1016 hours ago

    Bro why you show him pull out the stack of cards...dumb.

  50. James Burten

    James Burten6 hours ago

    But it's a gx

  51. James Burten

    James Burten6 hours ago

    I got a charzard

  52. Cute Kiki

    Cute Kiki6 hours ago

    Hi I'm Kiki I'm 2 years old, I'm new to youtube can you help me cross 1000 subcribers?❤❤❤❤

  53. XolarWtf

    XolarWtf6 hours ago

    Who else came here from funnymike

  54. alex francis

    alex francis6 hours ago

    Yoo hiii man be a M

  55. Ryan Waters

    Ryan Waters6 hours ago

    He got scammed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Jazzy. Johal.

    Jazzy. Johal.6 hours ago

    Logan’s about to get robbed 😂

  57. Harold Zaford

    Harold Zaford6 hours ago


  58. Gamemaster99

    Gamemaster997 hours ago

    I prefer Logan with the beard

  59. Christopher Medina

    Christopher Medina7 hours ago

    Hahahah i just watch pure greatness !!!

  60. BouBou Claw

    BouBou Claw7 hours ago

    Logan plz make Choch tales

  61. Monkey Magic

    Monkey Magic7 hours ago

    What a Penis!....

  62. Tom Kavanagh

    Tom Kavanagh8 hours ago

    Hi, I'm currently selling my collection of Dr Who related merchandise and action figures. If anyone is interested please leave me a reply below. Thank You 🙂

  63. Andy Sanchez

    Andy Sanchez8 hours ago

    The fact that he is actually passionate about the cards and isn’t just the street value of it is just amazing.

  64. Mahna 222

    Mahna 2228 hours ago

    where is baby

  65. Johnny Rodriguez

    Johnny Rodriguez9 hours ago

    Pokémon resellers, investors, and exhibitors for profit make me really sad it makes it really hard for real Pokémon lovers and collectors I’ve cried seeing how high Pokémon card prices have gone up I grew up so poor couldn’t afford to buy Pokémon packs (I’ve never opened a booster pack in my life) as I got older and had to drop out of school to work to help with bills for my sick mom Pokémon was the only thing that reminded me of my childhood I loved Pokémon so much my mom would trade her foodstamps in the neighborhood to other moms for some of there kids doubles that’s the only kind of money we had my mom had no job she had postpartum depression and couldn’t work so when I became an adult and now work for minimum wage at Starbucks I vowed I’d collect all the cards I’ve always wanted and never could have as a kid and now prices have gone sky high I definitely can’t afford them now; It makes me cry cuz Pokémon reminds me of when I was a kid back when my mom was alive...

  66. Nazeef Mamode

    Nazeef Mamode9 hours ago

    Are you trying to be morgz

  67. DARKSKIES 69

    DARKSKIES 699 hours ago

    .... didn’t logic do this

  68. Tyler Guy

    Tyler Guy9 hours ago

    Josh brueckner said he want to fight u

  69. Thatboy Cracked

    Thatboy Cracked9 hours ago

    Imagine someone robs him for that and gets locked up for life definitely don’t feel like doing that.......🙃

  70. Kaya Blouin

    Kaya Blouin9 hours ago


  71. Alex Anic

    Alex Anic9 hours ago

    Another DAB in the book

  72. Ahmed Gaming Master

    Ahmed Gaming Master9 hours ago

    Kong we’ll be remembered

  73. Ahmed Gaming Master

    Ahmed Gaming Master9 hours ago

    Rip Kong

  74. Ahmed Gaming Master

    Ahmed Gaming Master9 hours ago

    Rip kong I’m going to put this in the chat for every vid you make Logan

  75. This Guy

    This Guy10 hours ago

    How the fuck does your brother have the same amount of subscribers as you? He puts out dogshit content.

  76. Nomadic Mind

    Nomadic Mind10 hours ago

    Come on logan !! Upload more , we are all waiting

  77. Marcus Cisneros

    Marcus Cisneros10 hours ago

    To bad it was jus a sticker

  78. Malia Campbell

    Malia Campbell10 hours ago

    I had that pokemon card

  79. Chayah Clarke

    Chayah Clarke10 hours ago


  80. Charlotte Charles

    Charlotte Charles10 hours ago

    On the road to 💯 subs. Get me to 💯 by the end of 2020 And share my channel with anyone and everyone you know

  81. Fuzec C

    Fuzec C10 hours ago

    You should let Ryan Garcia fight ksi

  82. Tuco The Gamer

    Tuco The Gamer10 hours ago

    Logan is stupid ksi is better.

  83. Leon Roberts

    Leon Roberts10 hours ago

    This is how much peapol wont gary and logan to team up with pokemon cards 👇

  84. Emsonism

    Emsonism10 hours ago

    Why are you recommended.

  85. Cathal � N�ill

    Cathal � N�ill11 hours ago

    Quit youtube already lmao

  86. Austin N Friends

    Austin N Friends11 hours ago

    And your makeing a old man give up his most prized posation

  87. Austin N Friends

    Austin N Friends11 hours ago

    I'm sure your 9 year old audience loves pawn stars

  88. B l e s s e d K o o l a I d [ A N I M E ]

    B l e s s e d K o o l a I d [ A N I M E ]11 hours ago

    You could’ve used that money to get a life

  89. Lxcid ZyRoZ

    Lxcid ZyRoZ11 hours ago

    Bruh you can’t afford that broke boi click bait lucky person Sike he’s rich lol

  90. Travis Scott

    Travis Scott10 hours ago

    👉😐 that shit was so funnny

  91. Arttu Huotari

    Arttu Huotari11 hours ago

    I Wonder what the kid thoughts when lana walkes In his house😂

  92. trezo 2.0

    trezo 2.011 hours ago

    I need to get into Pokémon cards cause ik a lot of people who cared for them 💯

  93. My Lyf

    My Lyf11 hours ago


  94. Reese Richards

    Reese Richards11 hours ago

    youre a fucking loser you maverick prick

  95. Dee O’Neill

    Dee O’Neill10 hours ago

    Wow some ones angry

  96. santi

    santi11 hours ago

    why do you still have a platform😔 its been expired since 3 years ago babe 😻😘 pack it up mr. p*ul😚😍

  97. felicia luke

    felicia luke11 hours ago

    Pls respawn can you still do the splits

  98. Rishabh Shukla

    Rishabh Shukla11 hours ago

    They look all the same to me

  99. Valv Retro

    Valv Retro11 hours ago

    Who will offer a 1000$ 2016 Pikachu

  100. Wyatt Vance

    Wyatt Vance11 hours ago

    Hey so I have a charzard that looks like one of those but never thought anything of it. What should I do?

  101. Nick's the coolest

    Nick's the coolest11 hours ago

    Check to see if it’s real I guess


    GO_CRAZY_MODD11 hours ago

    He said the N word

  103. Hibo Jolie

    Hibo Jolie12 hours ago


  104. Suvrat Salwan

    Suvrat Salwan12 hours ago

    for me its worth nothing. not even a penny.