Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It (Official Video)- REACTION w/ LIL YACHTY

This is our reaction to Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It Video
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  1. ZIAS!

    ZIAS!10 days ago

    BOW!!! Bonus video on 2nd channel-

  2. Mikha-eel Chengan

    Mikha-eel Chengan16 hours ago


  3. ItsGh plays

    ItsGh plays2 days ago

    React to 69

  4. Tobias Edwards

    Tobias Edwards3 days ago


  5. KKCallofDuty

    KKCallofDuty4 days ago

    yachty goated. dropped a remix in my page. run up hit bout it baby they deserve the success no kizzy

  6. Gregory Williams

    Gregory Williams4 days ago

    they forget when Kodak first came out that nigga was skinny bro lol smh bunch of new band wagon fans

  7. mjbDaBeast

    mjbDaBeastHour ago

    They just getting free features πŸ˜‚

  8. Binooo_Wreklezz

    Binooo_WreklezzHour ago

    Woahhhhhhh est gee from my city Louisville he ain’t from Detroit

  9. FluidFlow

    FluidFlow3 hours ago

    those guys in the reflection of the window just there like

  10. Father Begone

    Father Begone3 hours ago

    His hair make him look buffer

  11. ALEX

    ALEX10 hours ago


  12. Anthony vasquez

    Anthony vasquez12 hours ago

    Do NF music

  13. Surcora Sharp

    Surcora Sharp12 hours ago

    React to big 4l Eli ft rio da Yung og

  14. Jason Garcia

    Jason Garcia13 hours ago

    yo bro i been a fan since ode long ago ill appreciate if u can do a reaction to nito nb rise and tan please bro

  15. Yabsira Aberra

    Yabsira Aberra13 hours ago

    I don’t know part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  16. adam king

    adam king18 hours ago

    3:21 hardest part of the video 🀣🀣πŸ”₯

  17. Joanna Quiles

    Joanna Quiles19 hours ago

    Zia's react to blast off treppi redd and jucie wrld

  18. Wayne1k

    Wayne1k21 hour ago

    Yachty disrespectful ain’t say nun about Lucki after dropping a song with em mentioning Detriot rapper

  19. TheKingNazz

    TheKingNazz22 hours ago


  20. Tommy Tester

    Tommy TesterDay ago

    Y’all gotta react to Ja Morant by Montana of 300πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  21. Layyin-_-

    Layyin-_-Day ago

    I don’t really listn to yachty but i just waned to say boat da goat

  22. Juice Wrld

    Juice WrldDay ago

    hey yachty and zΔ±as look they look like brothers

  23. RED TRIX

    RED TRIXDay ago

    5:14 When you finally get the word in discussion but you forgot what you wanted to say.

  24. Luh Demon

    Luh DemonDay ago

    We need y’all to react to ZAZA by 6ix9ine

  25. Tony Fraire2187

    Tony Fraire2187Day ago

    This channel not as good as it used to be 😞

  26. CosmicJosh

    CosmicJoshDay ago

    Zias looking like a old man

  27. MickWiddd

    MickWidddDay ago

    12:28 yachty broke the sound barrier with that laugh lmaoo

  28. Jasper Castellanos

    Jasper CastellanosDay ago

    Yo do a reaction on the Westside Story by The Game

  29. ZeddVines

    ZeddVinesDay ago

    lol you got that tiny boat there? Damn he’s the worst rapper of ALL TIME

  30. Fullyloaded KD

    Fullyloaded KDDay ago

    What’s the first instrumental ?

  31. Manny Jaafar

    Manny JaafarDay ago

    React to digga d - bluuwuu

  32. Peter Brodigan

    Peter BrodiganDay ago

    React to 86 ink plugged in Irish drill ☘️🌢

  33. clout master

    clout masterDay ago

    We ain’t kill em but we left em wit a couple stitches πŸ”₯

  34. Devinn.4k

    Devinn.4kDay ago

    Does anyone know the first instrumental

  35. Chris Goodwin

    Chris Goodwin2 days ago

    React to jorja smith on my mind

  36. Saucy Dae

    Saucy Dae2 days ago

    what is the first instrumental called??

  37. Jeremiah Tucker

    Jeremiah Tucker2 days ago

    Zias play song pop smoke AP

  38. Carlo Rossi

    Carlo Rossi2 days ago

    @ZIAS! we are waiting for the reaction of ZAZA BRO

  39. MoneyManVagabon Uchiha

    MoneyManVagabon Uchiha2 days ago

    Get Kodak next

  40. β€’Luca β€’

    β€’Luca β€’2 days ago

    U gotta get playboi carti on a video at some point

  41. Omar301

    Omar3012 days ago

    Where BLOU get that top from?!

  42. ItsGh plays

    ItsGh plays2 days ago

    React to 69

  43. Rocket League

    Rocket League2 days ago

    Clone shii is real Kodak litteraly posted a picture when he first got out last time he was in jail and was a completely different person.

  44. Eyad Hassan

    Eyad Hassan2 days ago


  45. Ruster

    Ruster2 days ago

    Yo You Has to listen to Baby Yungun - Soldier you gone be hella surprise mane it gone be a hard as vedio

  46. Kingkai 30

    Kingkai 302 days ago

    Yall need to react to Gordon Ramsay freestyle by remble

  47. Y 2

    Y 22 days ago

    Bruce just chillin in the background πŸ˜‚

  48. Spaceghost420

    Spaceghost4202 days ago

    Bro check NASTY rapper from Nepal πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅he is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯@eyecrown

  49. Kross Mayberry

    Kross Mayberry2 days ago

    Bruh it’s been years and I just got 2 in rolly wad πŸ˜‚

  50. Sauccy D

    Sauccy D2 days ago

    That arrogant tae line different 😧

  51. Meishaa Mercedess

    Meishaa Mercedess2 days ago

    Yesss shout out to my city ❀️❀️❀️ #detroit

  52. RRG Zyro yt

    RRG Zyro yt2 days ago

    The song in the back of the promo

  53. Tracey Stubblefield

    Tracey Stubblefield2 days ago

    Lmao it’s some slow drink right in the background bet no one noticed

  54. Lynn Whylly

    Lynn Whylly2 days ago


  55. Freddy Mathis

    Freddy Mathis2 days ago

    definite meme at the end

  56. Bernard Sampson

    Bernard Sampson2 days ago

    my dingalong was the perfect song for dat

  57. Chris Zefic

    Chris Zefic2 days ago

    I miss the old zias before the fame

  58. Fatmandos

    Fatmandos2 days ago

    Look at brucey Pooh in the window reflectionπŸ₯°

  59. β€’Bad -Vibes β€’

    β€’Bad -Vibes β€’2 days ago


  60. Lazer Lazer

    Lazer Lazer2 days ago

    6:48 your welcome.

  61. Braidboi

    Braidboi2 days ago

    Disrespected big Sean

  62. Don Valdez

    Don Valdez2 days ago

    I like how Lil Uzi doesn't act like he is the best freestyler ever, just has fun and doesn't judge everybody else when they are having fun freestyling and killin it.

  63. Freddy Mathis

    Freddy Mathis3 days ago

    is that johnny dang?

  64. Crzmk _

    Crzmk _3 days ago

    This is how global warming works: Antartica is a cold place it will start getting hot instead of cold, and in florida its hot so instead of it being hot, it will be cold. its basically ring around the rosey

  65. hockey live streams

    hockey live streams3 days ago

    do bruuuh remix!!

  66. Zachery Middleton

    Zachery Middleton3 days ago

    Anyone see Bruce in the back πŸ˜‚

  67. Prl Jaykashi

    Prl Jaykashi3 days ago

    Rip yachty

  68. anime hof AMVS

    anime hof AMVS3 days ago

    Nahh that song wack bro, c'mon πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  69. Delano JoSeph

    Delano JoSeph3 days ago

    Do Dababy beatbox

  70. yrn REZ

    yrn REZ3 days ago


  71. DeLaney Williams III

    DeLaney Williams III3 days ago

    Look at brucie in the reflection❀️

  72. Amiin cali

    Amiin cali3 days ago

    Middle man look like ksi

  73. Jayden Hoff

    Jayden Hoff3 days ago

    Scoot over

  74. Dee Ix

    Dee Ix3 days ago

    Here from DEO

  75. fathir al

    fathir al3 days ago

    invite rich chigga

  76. Cade K

    Cade K3 days ago

    Yachty was getting real specific with that global warming shit then just said fuck it lmao

  77. Zakaria Emad

    Zakaria Emad3 days ago

    I just realized that they never made a reaction to ski mask the slump God

  78. Zaddy

    Zaddy3 days ago

    React to up by cardi b

  79. certifiedhoodclassic

    certifiedhoodclassic3 days ago


  80. certifiedhoodclassic

    certifiedhoodclassic3 days ago


  81. certifiedhoodclassic

    certifiedhoodclassic3 days ago


  82. Zenridon

    Zenridon3 days ago

    Y'all gotta get kodak in this bih

  83. Fat Kid

    Fat Kid3 days ago

    I just told lil yachty to scoot over lemme drive the boat

  84. Zach Carrier

    Zach Carrier3 days ago

    They didn’t even do Kodak’s verse Hardley 🀣🀣

  85. omgryann

    omgryann3 days ago

    Where my DEO niggas at

  86. Trey Sanders

    Trey Sanders3 days ago


  87. Myles Brown

    Myles Brown3 days ago


  88. El Lotero

    El Lotero3 days ago

    Back in blood 🩸 by pooshiesty

  89. Matthias2k5

    Matthias2k53 days ago

    this freestyle was one of ur guys’s best

  90. MCE DJAY

    MCE DJAY3 days ago


  91. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu3 days ago

    Can’t believe ya’ll missed the chance to react to ZAZA - 6ix9ine. Would have been hilarious

  92. 1Kvse

    1Kvse3 days ago

    boat always welcome in the D we gon always treat him like family

  93. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu3 days ago


  94. Tyson

    Tyson3 days ago

    Zias be acting higher than he really is or is it just me

  95. Kool-Aid Ken

    Kool-Aid Ken3 days ago

    Y’all should react to Lil gnar missles ft. Trippie redd


    SLIMBEATZ3 days ago

    Bruh hatchet you should be spittin hard what happened to comfortable now

  97. AMasian FaMiLy

    AMasian FaMiLy3 days ago

    Lil boat just told exposed he has ghost writer from Detroit πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.. cause his freestyle was ass!!

  98. SENTRY

    SENTRY3 days ago

    Def heard better freestyle from Yachty but that don’t mean he can’t freestyle

  99. Bliss_ndgamerjr1

    Bliss_ndgamerjr13 days ago

    aye react to Tee Grizzly Red light , Robbery or the smartest intro . you choose .

  100. yMozzie

    yMozzie3 days ago

    React To Nba youngboy

  101. DJavonE

    DJavonE3 days ago

    1:00 y’all see DEO?😁

  102. Trevor Wawrzyniak

    Trevor Wawrzyniak4 days ago

    He ain’t even put Cashkidd on 😭😭

  103. Jay Hollywood

    Jay Hollywood4 days ago

    If ya don’t hurry up and react to 6ix9ine video

  104. Gherbo White

    Gherbo White4 days ago

    All 3 of em boping da heads lmaooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  105. J

    J4 days ago

    I hate when they react with the artist there... Zias try act too cool and uninterested then it becomes boring. Blou still Blou lol but he aint got zias energy to bounce off of.

  106. Nicholas Collins

    Nicholas Collins4 days ago

    The freestyles at the beginning always be so funny

  107. Devinn.4k

    Devinn.4kDay ago

    Do you know the beat

  108. Capone 35TH

    Capone 35TH4 days ago

    6:48 Yatchy lookin suspicious asl when they asked that question πŸ˜‚ he look nervous & fidgeting way to much over something that β€œaint true” πŸ˜‚

  109. Richard The

    Richard TheDay ago

    He's just high