NEW Classified GFUEL Flavor Review!

Today, we try out the new Classified GFUEL flavor! VERY interesting. VERY light/sweet. What do you guys think about it?
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  1. Hayden Fester

    Hayden Fester8 days ago

    i think c:fireeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Autumn Brake

    Autumn Brake11 days ago

    pink starburst \

  3. Colette LeClair

    Colette LeClair19 days ago


  4. Colette LeClair

    Colette LeClair19 days ago

    that intro was so good

  5. Colette LeClair

    Colette LeClair19 days ago

    you are hot

  6. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX Josefsen29 days ago

    He says 147 E

  7. ScourgeYT

    ScourgeYTMonth ago

    ... nah man it tastes like cantaloupe.

  8. Ryan Herders

    Ryan HerdersMonth ago

    Great video tho thank you

  9. Ryan Herders

    Ryan HerdersMonth ago

    I bought Gfuel for the first time about a week ago just came in about 30 mins ago. I got watermelon and Classified and I'm pre ashamed I bought classified, its not that good especially if you dislike the taste of fake cotton candy. If your thinking about purchasing it only get it if you like cotton candy, you will be sad you wasted $40+ on it

  10. Yuuzy

    YuuzyMonth ago

    How do you guys afford gfuel I just watch videos on them otherwise I’d be spending £50 for a powered drink

  11. Simply Twiisted

    Simply TwiistedMonth ago

    Should I put this flavor in milk?

  12. Nelson Garman

    Nelson GarmanMonth ago

    I got mine an watched this video almost reminds me of watermelon jolly rancher or sweet tarts

  13. Arush Nooli

    Arush NooliMonth ago


  14. Cole O'Brien

    Cole O'BrienMonth ago

    It’s basically pink starburst

  15. hogan alexander

    hogan alexanderMonth ago

    is he thinking of dreamsicle

  16. like_a_rick

    like_a_rick2 months ago


  17. XChromEmo666X

    XChromEmo666X2 months ago

    Fun factmystery AirHeads are a combination of every last flavor that they have that they cannot make into an entire batch that they did not color I wonder and I really can't help but to believe this is the same process

  18. Mikey Bomb Boy

    Mikey Bomb Boy2 months ago

    It’s bubble gum

  19. ThatOneGuyJames

    ThatOneGuyJames2 months ago

    try in milk it’s soooogood

  20. DerZugucker

    DerZugucker2 months ago

    Hony Melone

  21. PersonNotFound

    PersonNotFound2 months ago

    Pog champ

  22. Who The Hell

    Who The Hell2 months ago

    Hello, your videos kinda got me interested into Gfuel. Where do you think is the most cost efficient way to buy them? On Amazon, gfuel website, or the gfuel app? I notice different prices depending on where it’s from.

  23. SnowLeper

    SnowLeper2 months ago

    If you noticed different prices then pick the cheapest and buy that lol. I've only bought mine when the Gfuel website has a BOGO sale and I've been satisfied, I don't know if they're on a schedule with that though.

  24. Baby nut

    Baby nut2 months ago

    Is this guy gay

  25. StoneyXO

    StoneyXO2 months ago

    Bro this is straight up pink starburst.


    XBL JETvSET2 months ago

    Intro was sensational my guy

  27. Stephen Lallen

    Stephen Lallen2 months ago

    hey just got my tub of classified in today and i have to say it tasted almost exactly like a strawberry starburst. no joke, duk im a huge fan too keep it coming with the good content lol

  28. Michael Queen

    Michael Queen2 months ago

    I’m drinking it right now and I was definitely getting Starburst as well

  29. dan kane

    dan kane2 months ago

    I got two tubs , it’s 100% cotton candy

  30. Echo

    Echo2 months ago

    My suspicions of you being a band director went up

  31. MeshalF1

    MeshalF12 months ago

    Honestly I just started watching your videos today and I can’t stop watching just want to say your doing a great job and good luck

  32. MeshalF1

    MeshalF12 months ago

    @Dukaja No problem

  33. Dukaja

    Dukaja2 months ago

    (: youre awesome, thanks so much

  34. Not Really

    Not Really2 months ago

    I say either trumpet or fire but Trumpet

  35. Luke Nelson

    Luke Nelson2 months ago

    duk you should do another ranking of every single flavor with all the recent ones and do a digital tier list aswell so you don't have to shuffle them around on your desk lol

  36. Noe Macias

    Noe Macias2 months ago

    hey dukaja if you have a q and a I have a question every tie you order g fuel how long does it take for it to get to your home I order g fuel it took 3 week :(

  37. Nullify

    Nullify2 months ago

    Get this man a -Shield- Gfuel shaker

  38. Alisha Smith

    Alisha Smith2 months ago

    Rumor has it Dukaja is now branching off into acting 🤩

  39. xd Football

    xd Football2 months ago

    i will say that the flavors taste is immaculate

  40. Jesse Palmateer

    Jesse Palmateer2 months ago

    That into is just like this flavor, fan-fricken-tastic. It’s so good! I really think it’s like a creamy strawberry or something, but I do get watermelon and cotton candy

  41. Mega Rudya

    Mega Rudya2 months ago

    Totally agree. Watermelon and Cotton Candy fusion. Smells like a candy store in an amusement park.

  42. It’sDanimal

    It’sDanimal2 months ago


  43. Pering Loakî

    Pering Loakî3 months ago

    i need help what good g fuel flavor should i try

  44. EatUrSocks

    EatUrSocks3 months ago

    I love that the villain handed Duk a suitcase lol

  45. Nicholas Murray

    Nicholas Murray3 months ago

    you should do a video mixing random flavours, assign a number to a flavour and get a random number generator

  46. Joseph Mahon

    Joseph Mahon3 months ago


  47. MKX1088

    MKX10883 months ago


  48. andrej sučević

    andrej sučević3 months ago

    Ernegy monster is better

  49. Van Stultz

    Van Stultz3 months ago

    i was your 1000 like

  50. jimmy 14

    jimmy 143 months ago


  51. Voltz

    Voltz3 months ago


  52. ThicknehZ

    ThicknehZ3 months ago

    Try the new control

  53. Shannon

    Shannon3 months ago

    abusing those gfuel tubs in the beginning huh

  54. Veyr0n

    Veyr0n3 months ago

    Does the gfuel website sent to the uk cause I live in the uk and I want some or is there some other place were I can get it

  55. mansour k

    mansour k3 months ago


  56. Chewdus

    Chewdus3 months ago

    I just used code Duk on cyber punch and I’m hyped

  57. ricky 050737

    ricky 0507373 months ago

    dang i need to try it

  58. Cherry_Dad

    Cherry_Dad3 months ago

    Hey dukaja I got my fist two flavors of gfuel for Christmas the flavors are hype sauce and ragin gummy fish are they good starters

  59. Shalin Chowdhury

    Shalin Chowdhury3 months ago

    not saying it’s a bad thing but this channel is just an advertisement for gfuel lol

  60. Dray’s Podcast

    Dray’s Podcast3 months ago


  61. C Leves

    C Leves3 months ago

    Look at the ingredients list, it has every flavor

  62. Ziytex

    Ziytex3 months ago

    Really solid video my friend! I loved the intro at the beginning!! 🔥🙌

  63. Ricecakes

    Ricecakes3 months ago

    Yo Dukaja, I actually play the trombone right now in my freshman year of high school, did you have any unique experiences playing your trumpet?

  64. Cold Knight

    Cold Knight3 months ago


  65. DerLauchige Lurch

    DerLauchige Lurch3 months ago

    Can you do a ranking of every Gfuel flavor with milk?

  66. deadlyFN

    deadlyFN3 months ago

    How long does gfuel take to deliver

  67. YinMajora

    YinMajora3 months ago

    I...don't understand the appeal of this. "Yes I would like to buy your product to consume. While having no idea what this product will taste like or if I will even like it." Imagine if restaurants functioned like that. You go in, you sit down, but you don't get a menu and instead you're told to pick a number from 1-10 and whatever it is will be your meal. Like... ???? It's a loot box. It's a real life loot box. It doesn't give you a different item every time but you're essentially paying and praying to the RNG gods when you open it. You don't know what you're going to get and you just get it anyways. Cuz FOMO I guess?

  68. deceased dog

    deceased dog3 months ago

    dude you are so underrated it’s not even funny

  69. Dukaja

    Dukaja3 months ago

    (: share the vids around yo! Let’s grow together!

  70. PumkinAu

    PumkinAu3 months ago

    I bought gfuel from the buy one get one free thing for Black Friday and I haven’t got an up date on it yet how long does it take for it to arrive?!

  71. Calvin Christensen

    Calvin Christensen3 months ago

    Awesome video, the intro was epic.

  72. pinglish

    pinglish3 months ago

    If you had your own G-Fuel flavor, what would it be? (Asking Duk)

  73. darksniper143

    darksniper1433 months ago

    Is there a dukaja flavoured g fuel im waiting for it because his been promoting gfuel for a while now

  74. Calen Woodward

    Calen Woodward3 months ago

    Lock you’re door

  75. owen w

    owen w3 months ago

    Are u thinking of the fundip powder

  76. Skypiea _

    Skypiea _3 months ago

    Dope vid man keep it up!

  77. Alec S

    Alec S3 months ago

    Nice skit

  78. Everything With Brandon

    Everything With Brandon3 months ago

    A: Trumpet

  79. Drakin_

    Drakin_3 months ago

    Just ordered fazeberry and hype sauce are they any good?

  80. Xenocritt

    Xenocritt3 months ago

    Bro that intro was GOLD😁

  81. Dukaja

    Dukaja3 months ago

    Thanks yo (;

  82. Nate Strausbaugh

    Nate Strausbaugh3 months ago

    It says pomegranate and pineapple flavor on label

  83. R&S Gaming 908

    R&S Gaming 9083 months ago

    Bruh intro was so good make new intro like this in every vid

  84. Wiz

    Wiz3 months ago

    I ordered gfuel 2 days ago when am I gonna get it I live in the west coast

  85. Kylee Bax

    Kylee Bax3 months ago

    Dang val

  86. MooseWRX

    MooseWRX3 months ago

    i miss the led lights in the backround......WE NEEEED RGBBBB

  87. BushBoy

    BushBoy3 months ago

    I think you will use the orphan to open the box.

  88. Dylan Marquez

    Dylan Marquez3 months ago

    Your so underrated‼️

  89. getting 1k with only 1 Video

    getting 1k with only 1 Video3 months ago

    c c c c c c c C C C

  90. ワイフAnime

    ワイフAnime3 months ago

    I cry every night knowing u have 53.8k subs and not 1mil. If you see this comment sub to DUK. I demand it

  91. CLinde

    CLinde3 months ago


  92. Kylo

    Kylo3 months ago

    The fit is SO perfect

  93. Smoraz

    Smoraz3 months ago

    Luv the dress up bruv

  94. KNG Zyro

    KNG Zyro3 months ago

    Jeez that intro was fire🔥🔥🔥

  95. Mr Scruffles

    Mr Scruffles3 months ago

    The acting skills in this video are better than lava girl and shark boy

  96. Magnificent, Maddie

    Magnificent, Maddie3 months ago


  97. Daniel Perez

    Daniel Perez3 months ago

    I think your trumpet opens it maybe? OMG ON GOD I GOT IT CORRECT

  98. Newbro101

    Newbro1013 months ago

    Classified pog

  99. opanya

    opanya3 months ago

    Bro as you can see GFUEL video's suits you and get hella views have a great day at the moment i'm writing this the next day i have a dutch exam ill edit howmuch i got from it afterwards...

  100. AL Chungy

    AL Chungy3 months ago


  101. Eddy Quezada

    Eddy Quezada3 months ago

    Love your videos

  102. Savxges

    Savxges3 months ago

    According to my secret source inside gfuel, its actually not supposed to be watermelon or bubblegum, and they gave duk incentive to lie to us all to keep us on our toes. My source confirmed with 100% certainty the flavor is [REDACTED]

  103. Hugo Quintana

    Hugo Quintana3 months ago

    Watch him not post anymore because the dude said not to tell me one or he’ll die

  104. Aqrl

    Aqrl3 months ago

    Next vid idea: How to convince your parent by buying GFUEL

  105. Aqrl

    Aqrl3 months ago

    @PH_SPORTCARDS im 15

  106. MxneyMarxo

    MxneyMarxo3 months ago

    @PH_SPORTCARDS too young to have caffeine that’s for sure


    PH_SPORTCARDS3 months ago

    How old r u

  108. Itz IQ

    Itz IQ3 months ago

    The intro 😂

  109. Kickstart

    Kickstart3 months ago

    This video is classified it's only for the best dukaja subs So drop a sublikement