Cheap Turbo Civic build (1 year in 20 Minutes)

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  1. 79th Productions

    79th ProductionsYear ago

    If you would like to help support the channel you can pick up merchandise at

  2. NeighborhdTechGeek

    NeighborhdTechGeek2 months ago

    Any good decent/cheap pistons you would recommend or that you went with for a b16a2 that is being rebuilt?

  3. Itachi261092

    Itachi2610925 months ago

    turbo civic for noobs. true guys use VTEC without turbo. lol

  4. Uzi CarVilla

    Uzi CarVilla5 months ago

    @Cosmic check my ek

  5. Uzi CarVilla

    Uzi CarVilla5 months ago

    @DevilG check my ek

  6. Uzi CarVilla

    Uzi CarVilla5 months ago

    @Brooks Yeager check my ek

  7. DepthSeek

    DepthSeek2 days ago

    Dang i would've really liked to see b20 vtec w turbo but in all really great video

  8. paul Rexlan

    paul Rexlan2 days ago

    1 year doesnt seem that much considering the state you got it in and work put into it. How much of the labor did you put in yourself and how much do you think you saved in labor?

  9. Dub Step

    Dub Step3 days ago

    More like 20 mph in 1 year



    hey you think you could do a budget build on my honda i got all the cash i just need some help

  11. Patryk Proscinski

    Patryk Proscinski4 days ago

    what year model is this car?

  12. Mike

    Mike5 days ago

    What year is this I always wanted one of these cars, not really into horsepower but a clean stock civic is very nice borat approved

  13. Godzilla Gtr32

    Godzilla Gtr325 days ago

    What type of civic is that and what year

  14. Bersepahbangsatkafir Sultanbabipartybabibangsat

    Bersepahbangsatkafir Sultanbabipartybabibangsat7 days ago


  15. luv chop

    luv chop9 days ago

    What is the red front grill Honda logo for

  16. Kha Buxks

    Kha Buxks9 days ago

    You mind if I copy your build? Cause I plan on getting a Honda Civic but I don’t want to buy expensive parts and I like how you made it a sleeper

  17. Mario Angelides

    Mario Angelides9 days ago

    What a transformation, superb. As someone who has no mechanical knowledge, I found this fascinating to watch and appreciate the expertise that went into this build.

  18. Jake Sorenson

    Jake Sorenson10 days ago

    gorgeous! nice job

  19. ort619

    ort61912 days ago

    She sure is purrrdy. 🤙🏻 love it. Looks great bro. Awesome job. The love u put into it definitely shows. 🍀

  20. Arwin Soriano

    Arwin Soriano12 days ago

    Wew! This an inspiration! Thank you boss! This civic is dope! You are an amazing car builder sir!

  21. Swolly / SXPW

    Swolly / SXPW14 days ago

    where did you buy the b20b from??

  22. David Grace

    David Grace16 days ago

    Its crazy to see this is the same build I've been planning for my civic its great to have all your videos to help me through the process

  23. yvngjuju116

    yvngjuju11616 days ago

    Mann where you located Imma need you to fix sum up for me lol

  24. Excellent171

    Excellent17119 days ago

    I would love to know what exactly the make and model is.

  25. Mopwater

    Mopwater20 days ago

    Nice build brotha.

  26. CBlaizeIt

    CBlaizeIt20 days ago

    Anyone else watch this vid 10+ times, lol I just can't find any other content as good as this! Please do another build!! 💘

  27. Zach Panganiban

    Zach Panganiban21 day ago

    277hp??..not bad at all.😊

  28. Alan Matthew

    Alan Matthew25 days ago

    God bless you 🙏🏼

  29. Genesis Rockwell

    Genesis Rockwell25 days ago

    Hey bro, sick car! I was wondering what shade of blue that is?

  30. TristanBoosts

    TristanBoosts26 days ago

    inspiring honestly one of the cleanest civics ive ever seen

  31. Filipino Fiend

    Filipino Fiend26 days ago

    Ok sell it to me

  32. Levi Bartel

    Levi Bartel28 days ago

    oh my goodness that induction noise is beautiful

  33. CasualFan

    CasualFan28 days ago

    That music fucking ruins this video man.

  34. Jacob Maag

    Jacob MaagMonth ago

    I wish I knew how to do all this stuff

  35. TupliX

    TupliXMonth ago

    sun civic on vitun ruma

  36. Jared Breash

    Jared BreashMonth ago

    The unknown leo pathophysiologically wander because bottom summatively yell sans a ill wilderness. past, mighty tenor

  37. BupeSoup

    BupeSoupMonth ago

    Congratulations mate! That's an amazing project you should super proud of what you've accomplished with this civic! +1 Sub

  38. ᴄɢ Green

    ᴄɢ GreenMonth ago

    awesome car man makes me want to give the sedan over the hatch lol

  39. ᴄɢ Green

    ᴄɢ GreenMonth ago


  40. Montay King

    Montay KingMonth ago

    I need that engine where can I get it

  41. liluzifloof

    liluzifloofMonth ago

    so much respect is due to this guy.. i love your project man, keep it up.

  42. Raphty

    RaphtyMonth ago

    This looks great! What model is this civic?

  43. Tidey Pods

    Tidey PodsMonth ago

    I don't know much about car engines and parts but I am a huge fan of JDM cars and such and I really wanna build my own car one day is this possible without any knowledge or does it come on the way? Any believers?? :D

  44. Lockon Stratos

    Lockon StratosMonth ago

    I love this car it’s not doing too much but it’s fly like having a pinky ring

  45. Josh From westside

    Josh From westsideMonth ago

    What motor did u use bro or is it stick ?

  46. Willem Gijs

    Willem GijsMonth ago

    In Holland if your car sounds like this you get a fine for noise disturbance.

  47. ClipZ

    ClipZMonth ago

    you think you could link the turbo you used ?

  48. neil cruz

    neil cruzMonth ago


  49. F.B.I *

    F.B.I *Month ago

    One of this Civic costs something about 15k here in Brazil

  50. Hunter Smith

    Hunter SmithMonth ago

    cant make it past the food smacking in the intro

  51. allahu akbaros

    allahu akbarosMonth ago


  52. yovanni.1

    yovanni.1Month ago

    Beautiful simply beautiful. And respected outro

  53. boricuacutta

    boricuacuttaMonth ago

    Amazing work man, PROPS TO YOU!!!!

  54. Francisco Quesada

    Francisco QuesadaMonth ago

    that's why i need a civic

  55. Colin Briggeman

    Colin BriggemanMonth ago

    Or as we all know it...the “Sultan”

  56. Riot.Virtual

    Riot.VirtualMonth ago

    Yo your cars sick bro. I just turned 16 and have been saving about 3k. I also live in colorado so a lot of snow. Do you think this would be a good car for me to start on and a good project car for the summer.

  57. Mike Marino

    Mike MarinoMonth ago

    Damn that is a nice job man👍

  58. Ígor Leite

    Ígor LeiteMonth ago

    Would you be able to say how much you spent? Would you also put the link where you bought the pieces from?

  59. Hypothics

    HypothicsMonth ago

    what car vers?

  60. Aria Power

    Aria PowerMonth ago

    this is one of the best budget builds iv seen

  61. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    1.5 playback speed though!

  62. Randy

    RandyMonth ago

    Dammmmmmm this is incredible

  63. Jackson DeFord

    Jackson DeFordMonth ago

    9:53 its rumored that pair of scissors is still somewhere in the engine bay

  64. sirlock194

    sirlock194Month ago

    that's mad impressive be lucky that you live in the USA so you can drive that car haha greetings from Germany

  65. Blake Mcphillip

    Blake McphillipMonth ago

    Bad ass bro !

  66. Gran Gran

    Gran GranMonth ago

    this build is just waiting to blow bc of that shitty turbo.

  67. sarah sari

    sarah sariMonth ago

    Awesome ❤️

  68. Mathias Ignacio Guerra Lagos

    Mathias Ignacio Guerra LagosMonth ago

    Que auto es ??

  69. Zane Williams

    Zane WilliamsMonth ago

    On stock motor??

  70. SouthProduct74

    SouthProduct74Month ago

    what clutch did you use

  71. Datboii JoJoTv

    Datboii JoJoTvMonth ago

    What color paint is that?

  72. Aek_Nerd

    Aek_NerdMonth ago

    Respect on them skills

  73. Your Bap

    Your BapMonth ago

    Text me @ 7867738139 tell me how I can get a Honda for cheap

  74. Keji Aka Prut

    Keji Aka PrutMonth ago

    I absolutely adore the car you've made

  75. Alex Babtan

    Alex Babtan2 months ago

    how reliable is it after the turbo? i wanna buy a 1.6 vtec 160hp that has now over 250 with a turbo, are those bad for the engine? how less reliable is the car after turbocharging it?

  76. jakehannaby101

    jakehannaby1012 months ago

    Love the transformation. Such a sick car!!!

  77. HeadShot Heroes

    HeadShot Heroes2 months ago

    That's Effin' Awesome!!!

  78. Alex Babtan

    Alex Babtan2 months ago

    how reliable is it after turbocharging it? I wanna buy one that has 270hp on a 1.6 vtec, same as yours i guess, Civic Coupe, but the one I wanna buy does not have any turbo on it.

  79. Lil P

    Lil P2 months ago

    what year is this car

  80. Jaybruhh

    Jaybruhh2 months ago

    *_Respect for building a sick whip!_*

  81. ElectricForks Hobbes

    ElectricForks Hobbes2 months ago

    The crazy part it it’s a civic build that sounds good

  82. MrNightOwlz ovo

    MrNightOwlz ovo2 months ago

    God its so beautiful 😍

  83. CallMeDisshonored

    CallMeDisshonored2 months ago

    What’s the parts that were used on this car?

  84. ClassicNitro

    ClassicNitro2 months ago

    I was scared to take apart my car because I wouldn't know how to put it back together. This video motifivated me to actually work on my car and trust in the process. Thank you :)

  85. Cicakpet

    Cicakpet2 months ago

    The paint of the car look like it has asthma

  86. Osan Shouo

    Osan Shouo2 months ago

    those cheap azz manifolds usually crack where all four runnera connect. *good starting build

  87. idioticAtion

    idioticAtion2 months ago

    How many horsepower?

  88. Hayden Shilling

    Hayden Shilling2 months ago

    15:51, Thats Where The Dyno Is

  89. Martin Rempel

    Martin Rempel2 months ago

    Never thought I’d like one of these since all the riced ones I’ve seen and poorly done ones but this one I actually really like

  90. Maykel Sach

    Maykel Sach2 months ago

    Since anyone can buy a muscle cars now they are the new loud mofos ricers.

  91. sora

    sora2 months ago

    i'm in love

  92. Luis Ynayan

    Luis Ynayan2 months ago

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  93. Noah Da Silva

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  94. Filmmaking and Stuff

    Filmmaking and Stuff2 months ago

    bruh just the rims look like theyd go for $300

  95. Christian Rendon

    Christian Rendon2 months ago

    This video makes me want to buy a Honda Civic project so badass lol good job 👍

  96. EXToXiC Productions

    EXToXiC Productions2 months ago

    Great car with a awsome built. Respect!

  97. 8Lives

    8Lives2 months ago

    Just crashed my recently purchased project car can’t wait to get it back and fix it

  98. Elsewhere brand

    Elsewhere brand2 months ago

    great video, nice car.

  99. luke G

    luke G2 months ago

    i love civics im stoopoid

  100. Koeit

    Koeit2 months ago

    someone please tell me the exact model and year of this civic. and the engine. I dont fr know alot about cars but i do know this is what i want!

  101. Koeit

    Koeit2 months ago

    @StacyGamingPro how much did the whole build cost

  102. StacyGamingPro

    StacyGamingPro2 months ago

    @Koeit either the 1.6l Inline 4

  103. Koeit

    Koeit2 months ago

    @StacyGamingPro no shit what’s the enigine and what’s in it

  104. StacyGamingPro

    StacyGamingPro2 months ago

    1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe

  105. adf286

    adf2862 months ago

    That was amazing bro! Beautiful car, But please replace that crusty ass steering wheel!

  106. The Admiral

    The Admiral2 months ago

    this is better than Hector running those Spoon Engines and Motec

  107. 『GR9』・StreaXメ

    『GR9』・StreaXメ2 months ago

    TUrbo kit in there are more cheap, in here $3000 for turbo kit

  108. carter swink

    carter swink2 months ago

    idk what it is but this guy seems tobe one of the most lovable guys on earth, so humble, so talented- Congrats on this beautiful build my friend enjoy the masterpiece💯💯

  109. carter swink

    carter swink2 months ago

    Anybody know what year this car was?

  110. nisa manda

    nisa manda2 months ago

    nice car build, regreat from civic lover

  111. WildBolts

    WildBolts2 months ago

    Any way you can put the turbo kit in bio?