Playing Among Us In Real Life 2!

HI SISTERS! I played Among Us In Real Life with Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Nas X, Vinnie Hacker, Larray, Lil Huddy, Quen Blackwell, Nailea, & Mario! Watch as we competed to see if we could figure out who the impostors were among us. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Lil Nas X

    Lil Nas X4 months ago

    that was fun lol

  2. Gamerboy_Ea

    Gamerboy_Ea2 days ago

    Lil Nas X can make a good song

  3. Jakob Kraft

    Jakob Kraft5 days ago


  4. Crazyself

    Crazyself10 days ago

    wish more popular people would take time out to do it too

  5. Gael Leonardo L R

    Gael Leonardo L R26 days ago

    Omg my cousin is your biggest fan

  6. Franco

    Franco27 days ago


  7. Kayla Ongkor

    Kayla Ongkor45 minutes ago

    bro he asked should we make out dixie was like NOOOOOO

  8. Jordan Sasser

    Jordan SasserHour ago

    Turns out James was the real impostor

  9. mia

    mia2 hours ago

    RTVE ver abrió un un uní

  10. Amelia Fisher

    Amelia Fisher2 hours ago

    Please do a part 3 James!! It’s so fun watching you guys

  11. Abnash kaur Khalsa

    Abnash kaur Khalsa7 hours ago

    lill nas X

  12. Valentina Pulecio

    Valentina Pulecio8 hours ago

    Noah- should we make out? Dixie- “laughs” Noah- I am not kidding 😂 lmao

  13. Email•Is•My•Name

    Email•Is•My•Name10 hours ago

    。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . •

  14. dai.ondpainting

    dai.ondpainting12 hours ago

    Pls part 3pls

  15. Sophia Lopez

    Sophia Lopez14 hours ago

    8:30, the camera man was shook too

  16. Adriana Malave Ortega

    Adriana Malave Ortega14 hours ago

    james charles i love ya im you friend

  17. Hbomb TX

    Hbomb TX16 hours ago

    there is no kill cooldown sus

  18. Alex Tamás

    Alex Tamás16 hours ago

    Welcome to trash channel

  19. Alisa H0948

    Alisa H094816 hours ago

    me just seeing lil nas X in the backround

  20. Mirem Yasar

    Mirem Yasar22 hours ago

    Хей Актриса уг. Ух кфк

  21. el mundo de Sofia

    el mundo de SofiaDay ago

    Me arepiento de llamarte idolo

  22. pastel clouds

    pastel cloudsDay ago

    21:01 yall it’s twitching again 💀💀

  23. Ian k

    Ian kDay ago

    SUS in real life

  24. Alisa Brown

    Alisa BrownDay ago

    Part 3

  25. Jamie Conger

    Jamie CongerDay ago

    can u guys PLS PLS do a art 3

  26. BaeMaejor

    BaeMaejorDay ago

    5:59 Larray and Dixie keep posing for their cameras when there's a fight going on lmao

  27. BaeMaejor

    BaeMaejorDay ago

    2:03 Dixie stabbing herself in the eye is a mood

  28. PYRO WM1

    PYRO WM1Day ago

    When SUS

  29. King Fryday

    King FrydayDay ago

    looks fun

  30. Bella Torres

    Bella TorresDay ago

    I need moreeeee this is amazing

  31. Rsn Yousif

    Rsn YousifDay ago

    People who are here after montero

  32. Georgetta Muncy

    Georgetta MuncyDay ago

    Charlie is a savage chase says hi Charlie goes don’t talk to me I’m on a Mission

  33. angela jaber

    angela jaberDay ago

    that whas so fun😁

  34. Gamerboy_Ea

    Gamerboy_Ea2 days ago

    Lil Nas X can make a good song

  35. • Among Uś Girl •

    • Among Uś Girl •2 days ago

    I love this! This is the best thing every! Everyone did so good 😊

  36. trettery

    trettery2 days ago

    among us

  37. leviscleansword

    leviscleansword2 days ago


  38. Dolly SOS

    Dolly SOS2 days ago

    DO A 3RD!!!! PLS!!

  39. XPhsycoPandaX

    XPhsycoPandaX2 days ago

    Y r u gat

  40. Sergio

    Sergio2 days ago

    noah: should we makeout dixie: just plain laughs noah: I wasn’t joking

  41. Loujain Dahia

    Loujain Dahia2 days ago

    not nailea says they N word 😭✋

  42. Space wolf Girl

    Space wolf Girl2 days ago

    When nas and James became imposter I was like COUPLE GOALS bruh WHY ARNT THEY TOGETEHR


    SCARLETT DYSON2 days ago

    Pls pls pls pls can you more of the among us and try some mincraft

  44. L o n e

    L o n e2 days ago

    2:04 ummm Dixie.. are you okay? 😳

  45. Kelvin Ye!!!

    Kelvin Ye!!!3 days ago

    6:03 Charlie: I WAS WATCHING YOU!! Me: 0_0

  46. The Hunt For Neverland

    The Hunt For Neverland3 days ago

    I LOVE YOU lil nas X

  47. The Hunt For Neverland

    The Hunt For Neverland3 days ago

    i love litlNAZX

  48. ayano aishi

    ayano aishi3 days ago

    Did Noah just said the n word?😀

  49. Zelmoon

    Zelmoon3 days ago

    I weep for those who watched this without cringing

  50. Zelmoon

    Zelmoon3 days ago

    Foul never again pls

  51. Jenny Huang

    Jenny Huang3 days ago

    Iil nas x😳

  52. ᑕᗩᒪᒪᗰEᒍᗩYツ

    ᑕᗩᒪᒪᗰEᒍᗩYツ3 days ago

    lil nas is just so funny xd his laugh was so wholesome ✨✨

  53. Li-bat09 .T

    Li-bat09 .T3 days ago


  54. Jason Mack

    Jason Mack3 days ago


  55. Jamier W

    Jamier W3 days ago

    Hey lol

  56. Alixiasa Alix

    Alixiasa Alix3 days ago

    When poor little nas said no

  57. Ola Emilia

    Ola Emilia3 days ago

    Quen Larray and nas carried this PERIOD

  58. micahel laundsan

    micahel laundsan3 days ago

    James why did pull out XXXTentacion I am alive but I am dead sooo disrespectful

  59. shaeem ellis

    shaeem ellis3 days ago

    You are a fish batty man

  60. iPlayGamez4Fun

    iPlayGamez4Fun3 days ago

    I always play among us in school

  61. •ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ʟᴇᴀғ•

    •ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ʟᴇᴀғ•3 days ago

    *James Charles is an impostor...*


    MAITREYI SHARMA3 days ago

    Charli’s laugh is literally everything

  63. reema althomali

    reema althomali3 days ago


  64. Gaming with Rabani

    Gaming with Rabani3 days ago

    Man how did yall edit this??

  65. Eric Mazariegos

    Eric Mazariegos4 days ago

    All y’all suck except James

  66. calfie

    calfie3 days ago


  67. Malayo - Indonesian Mapping

    Malayo - Indonesian Mapping4 days ago

    This is so so great

  68. Emily Paris Chandra

    Emily Paris Chandra4 days ago

    Nailea's face is similar to Avani

  69. Libertad Idrovo

    Libertad Idrovo4 days ago

    charlie usa bots

  70. Sherlyn Benitez

    Sherlyn Benitez4 days ago

    Hey james charli qnd dixie and noah and. Larry i love ur video

  71. Sophia Ebreo

    Sophia Ebreo4 days ago

    I’m playing among us

  72. Sophia Ebreo

    Sophia Ebreo4 days ago

    Charlie is the best

  73. catrecen

    catrecen4 days ago


  74. Anarella YP

    Anarella YP4 days ago

    Part 3 please♥️

  75. Lilly Shams

    Lilly Shams4 days ago

    PLEASE why is vinnie barely even there in most of them. they literally put him while doing a task and thats all

  76. Thor H

    Thor H4 days ago

    So that was why dixie’s hair looked like a blue nest in Nikita dragons tiktok

  77. Excellent

    Excellent4 days ago

    Lary is too sneaky and queen to

  78. Paula Stein

    Paula Stein4 days ago

    Omg it’s cool👍🥺

  79. Lezzy girl

    Lezzy girl4 days ago

    Hi James Charles i love you 😘

  80. Gaming with Andy

    Gaming with Andy4 days ago

    Noah:hey quen in a dramatic way Quin:hey babe 😀

  81. Vaega Samuelu

    Vaega Samuelu5 days ago

    it was James

  82. just meh

    just meh5 days ago

    Me smiling while watching this haha

  83. Aseel Abdelali

    Aseel Abdelali5 days ago


  84. Jazmine Diaz

    Jazmine Diaz5 days ago

    Nah I saw lil nas and I pressed this shit so fast-

  85. davi5551 davi5551

    davi5551 davi55515 days ago

    Larry and Quinn are literally my favourite lol



    3:48 pa el TikTok

  87. Beaver Esports

    Beaver Esports5 days ago

    alredy liekd video bfe4 even wachin

  88. christos vls

    christos vls5 days ago

    PART 3333333333333333333333333

  89. appleheadtingz

    appleheadtingz5 days ago

    hi sisters

  90. Don’t read About my channel

    Don’t read About my channel5 days ago


  91. ෆ 0 Resin ෆ

    ෆ 0 Resin ෆ5 days ago

    If it's real life then I won't be disturbed by James dying in real life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  92. M4R3CH4L

    M4R3CH4L5 days ago

    Why the f* is lil nas x here

  93. ෆ 0 Resin ෆ

    ෆ 0 Resin ෆ5 days ago

    Lmao PLS

  94. siobahn columbus

    siobahn columbus5 days ago

    im alive but im ded

  95. Shelia Sheard

    Shelia Sheard5 days ago

    James Charles ever you tell me or call you by my name is at his house 200 likes

  96. Trust Joy

    Trust Joy5 days ago

    Nice game wowwwwww!!! Love u guys

  97. ෆ 0 Resin ෆ

    ෆ 0 Resin ෆ5 days ago

    Bruh did you even check his recent video?

  98. Laterrika Felder

    Laterrika Felder6 days ago


  99. Jaida Leiva

    Jaida Leiva6 days ago

    Tell me why I just found out a little nurses ex is in there

  100. Welcome to fidget world with me Lani Lani

    Welcome to fidget world with me Lani Lani6 days ago

    Hi James Charles and had a Millia sorry I don’t know the rest of you guys but I will say hi to you guys hi

  101. Vitória Leonardi

    Vitória Leonardi6 days ago

    nai is always the main character of those videos

  102. peppa pig

    peppa pig5 days ago

    @Vitória Leonardi no

  103. Vitória Leonardi

    Vitória Leonardi5 days ago

    @peppa pig Stfup❤️

  104. peppa pig

    peppa pig5 days ago


  105. Imraan el Yousoufi

    Imraan el Yousoufi6 days ago


  106. Laelah_Marie! !

    Laelah_Marie! !6 days ago


  107. Lucy XD

    Lucy XD6 days ago

    Yeah I love this epic squad!

  108. KNIGHT WINGS 12

    KNIGHT WINGS 126 days ago

    Yall need to stop killing James first there's other targets and I'm saying this cuz hes my favorite and he shown me that i can be different and Im lesbian

  109. popsicle yogurt

    popsicle yogurt6 days ago

    Daddy james

  110. Nathan welzijn

    Nathan welzijn6 days ago

    when lil naz said i would do me i was what the heck and than all of the souden he siad would you do me i was like im 9

  111. Sellax

    Sellax6 days ago

    chase: *blushes and looks charli up and down* heyyy charli 😏 charli: don’t talk to me

  112. Sabrina Trillo

    Sabrina Trillo6 days ago

    Omg hiiiiii